Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Postby Varthikes » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:15 am

Coming to a bookseller near you...

Draconia: Forging Trust:

Varthikes, an unusually curious adolescent of the dragon-like Draconians, discovers bipedal creatures have just landed on his world. When, he returns the next day with one of his local leaders, Sage Vethes, the paranoid Commander Shelski, opens fire, wounding Vethes. Shortly after the attack, Shelski, realizing his error, hands himself over to the Draconians, Varthikes meets Audwin, a young officer with a deep interest in Earth's mythical dragons, and who had lost his brother in a war years earlier.

While Varthikes and Audwin forge a close friendship and a desire for their two kinds to coexist in peace, other dragons learn of the attack on Vethes. Athgir, another adolescent dragon, challenges the decision to not kill the offending Human, believing the creature deserves nothing less than death for attacking a Sage. He concludes that the Humans are manipulating the Sages and must be removed from their world.

The Earth Union government learns of the dragons' presence, but certain officials believe the report is false. Representatives come to Draconia and, while they are shown the Draconians' reality, Athgir and his renegade band attack. Varthikes and Audwin, with the help of their Human and Draconian allies, fight to bring a peaceful coexistence between their two kinds.

Who's interested? I'm trying to gauge the amount of interest.
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