Tails of the bleeding obvious (potential spoiler)

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Tails of the bleeding obvious (potential spoiler)

Post by IanKennedy »

So I don't know that this is true but it seems blindingly obvious to me so I've marked it with a potential spoiler alert. So here goes:

In "Choose Your Pain" we meet Tyler for the first time. He and Lorca proceed to escape the Klingon ship and Lorca makes him chief of security. Graham and I immediately said that he is a Klingon spy. It was also pointed out that he has been forced to have sex with L'Rell the female Klingon captain that used to work with T'Kuvma.

Now in "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry" we see L'Rell with Voq, the successor to T'Kuvma, on board the wreck of the USS Shenzhou. There they had a discussion about him visiting the House of Mo'Kai where he would have to give up much in order to gain some future advantage.

The obvious conclusion from this. Tyler is Voq transformed into human form by the House of Mo'Kai. The sex between Tyler and L'Rell is going to turn out to be consensual between two Klingons.
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Re: Tails of the bleeding obvious (potential spoiler)

Post by Sonic Glitch »

I mean, I'm pretty sure that's the general consensus. I think the expectation now isn't so much "Is Tyler a Klingon double/sleeper agent?" BUT "When/how will they show that Tyler is a Klingon double/sleeper agent?" Was there a Lt. Ash Tyler who was captured at the Battle of the Binaries and had his memory engrams encoded onto a surgically altered Voq? (We know Klingons have something called the Mind Sifter). And then, how do things shake out between the Tyler and Voq personalities clashing.
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