Caught up on DSC...for maybe a week


Caught up on DSC...for maybe a week

Postby sunnyside » Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:44 am

I haven't wanted to do the CBS all access thing, but instead have been getting myself the DVDs for Christmas. When checking on the series getting renewed I realized season 3 isn't out just yet ( I was worried with all the forced emotion at the end of season 2 that they hadn't gotten picked up again) so I suppose this is my chance to discuss the serious with the rest of you.

Like, well, everybody here it seems, I found it annoying they couldn't just set the series after DS9. However between messing with alternate dimensions and apparently hundreds upon hundreds of time travel incursions I've just settled in with saying that they're quite an alternative version and just let that go.

I actually expected to like it less than I do. I was worried about the series going full Mary Sue with the protagonist. However I appreciated that right out of the gate they had her making some what I would consider genuine serious mistakes.

I also appreciated that they actually came around and made logical sense of a couple things that had me groaning. For example the "one last jump" thing in season one and the whole chair business in season two.

Also they have some of what I consider core Trek elements of having somebody with space Aspergers, raising up engineers, actually seeing a group of professionals behaving professionally, and having a pretty functional if not utopian government they can work with and support. I've come to appreciate how rare those are.
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