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Ferengi-Kazon Imperium Formed from Rubble of Ferengi Alliance
In the aftermath of the Ferengi Civil War the first government has been formed under the new system with a council of 6 ruling the Imperium as a whole and electing a leader between them who will serve as both an Executive Head of State and the legislative tie breaker in the event of a 3 to 3 split on the council.

In a move somewhat surprising to outsiders the first elected leader of the council was a Fernegi Planetary Goveneor from system 196. In his first public address he attempted to explain the situation as it stands.

"Many from the outside view what happened here as a conquest of the Ferengi by the Kazon. However this is inaccurate at best. The Kazon did in fact forcibly engage the former governments fleet above the world they inhabited. But they took no further aggressive action against the other worlds that joined them. Indeed our people had been looking for some time for a way to rid ourselves of the incompetent government we were burdened with. It is simple irony that the means were provided to do so by yet another blunder."

"To describe what happened as a conquest is simply to ignore the fact that 30 million Kazon cannot control nearly 60 billion Ferengi unless they wish to be controlled. This government is simply a continuance of a business arrangement that provides something both sides want, which is stability. The Kazon can help provide for security and in exchange have a place to rebuild their culture. The Ferengi can have stability and security which will let us re-establish our business reputation throughout the region."

Analyst are unsure if this statement really is a true representation of what is going on within the government or is simply a front for the Kazon. The primary contacts to this point have been the above transmission by the new head of state and several business related transmissions by the Minister of Trade.

Klingons Relax Harsh Occupation of former Romulan Worlds

As time has moved away from the end of the Klingon-Romulan War the powers that be within the empire have elected to loosen their once iron grip on their new possessions and have pulled out nearly 90% of the troops sent to bring security to the area.

The Commander of the KDF forces in the region said he expected no trouble from the former Romulan Worlds and that the capacity of the KDF to deal with any uprising was still more than sufficient. It simply was no longer viewed as cost efficient to deploy the millions of troops on occupation duty.

Gorn Explorers Discover Ancient Fleet

A Gorn exploratory vessel stumbled upon an abandoned Promellian Fleet left over from their war with the Menthars. This ships were found in nearly unused condition and as such had tremendous value to the historical communities all over the region. A quick private sale is reported to have raised at least seven figures worth of credits for the Gorn Government.

While declining to speak on the rumor they had bid on at least one of the ships the head of the Vulcan Science Academy did offer the following comment.

"Many of these vessels have complete and intact historical archives within their computer systems. The historical value of such a find is beyond measure and will expand our knowledge of that historical period exponentially."

Most naval analyst believe the ships have little to no practical military value, as they are sufficiently old and outdated that the hulls would likely deform under significant stress.

Tueri Republic Emerges from the Black Cluster

In a region long believed to be uninhabitable a strange looking ship emerged and made first contact with the Breen before broadcasting the following message to all powers in the region.

"The Turei Assembly has sat for centuries observing the major powers in the quadrant, unconcerned and ambivalent to alln we have remained untouched by the outside world, allowing us to decay in our own bureaucracy. Since the homeworld of Ker'mayd suffered a political shake up to install a republic government, we think this is time to change. We woul like to request the major nations to begin diplomatic nations with us in order to secure our position in the coming future."

The ship then turned around and disappeared back into the Black Cluster.

Little else is known about the new race at this time though presumably from their statement they wish to become an active participant in regional politics and trade.
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Federation News Service- 2401

Regional Trade Boom, Economic Growth Reaches Highest Levels in Decades

The opening of new trade partners in the Teuri Assembly and the re-emergence of the FKI as a major player in trade has helped to ballon overall traded volume in the region by nearly 60% over the past year. This has been coupled with internal growth in several major economic powers and has left much of the region awash in cash and business opportunities unseen in recent years.

Credit flows have been opened up by the growth as lending and borrowing between governments has increased throughout the year as well. This has been a key factor in internal improvements for several major powers.

Arms Trade Jumps Drastically

A series of deals revived the once sagging regional trade in weapons and ships.

The highly public and contentious sale of a cloak equipped ship previously in service for the Ferengi Alliance netted the new FKI government 8 million credits and headlined the growth in this sectors.

Behind the scenes analyst report that arms sales region-wide tipped the 10 million credit mark without considering that deal and that contracts were signed this year for nearly 40 million credits total, spread out over a number of years. This also does not consider the FKI program to assist with scrapping cost when figuring the totals.

Starfleet Places into Service its first 10 million ton Ship

The Ignes Class has entered service with the Starfleet as the services new premier long-range exploratory ship. Designed for 10 or more year missions the ship is of unprecendented size. Comparatively light in armament the vessel also lacks the extreme top end speeds of the Pulsar Class but should be able to range further away from the Federations boarders on missions of exploration due to there extreme endurance.

"We feel this fills a vital gap in our capabilities. The regions within 5 years travel time have been well mapped and scouted by our ships over many years. While the Pulsar Class pushes that envelope out further these vessles will allow us to penetrate new regions of space while housing the crews in comfort for the duration of their mission."
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Federation News Service- 2402

Crisis Resolved Sort of

After much backroom dealing, threats and some cooling down a deal has been brokered with the Romulan Star Empire to rectify the wrongs it was accused of by various Non-Proliferation Treaty signers.

What started as a simple dispute on the origin of a cloaking device sold to the Ferengi years ago escalated into a near region wide war with many powers at each other's throats over the issue.

The main issue of contention was between the Federation and the Klingon Empire over the ability of NPT treaty signatories to engage in a war over an issue of non-compliance with the treaty. The Federations position was that the treaty allows for diplomatic and economic sanctions only. The Klingon Empire set about mustering a consensus for war.

The situation was at one point so confused that the Cardassian Union proclaimed itself to be supportive of both sides of the issue before issuing a plan that was largely similar to the Federations in function and had as its primary difference a larger fine to be imposed upon the Romulans. Eventually this solution was adopted, though it was after much bloodletting between the Federation and Klingon Empire, which leaves the status of their relations very much up in the air.

Set almost totally aside in this heated debate was the fact that the Klingon Empire attacked a Romulan flagged ship and attempted to board it as they suspected it was carrying the cloaking device in question. This action was passed off by the Klingon High Command as being a search for illegal items under their law.

This is thought to be a matter of great concern to many of the trading powers in the region, who wish to see neutral space and the rights of nationally flagged ships to make their transits without interference in that space respected. However none of those powers musters a strong enough voice to force this sort of issue to the forefront of international issues.

The investigation that followed the boarding has not made public sufficient information to say that the cloaking device was certain to be Romulan in origin to begin with. Indeed one source within Starfleet confirmed that while that might have been the most likely scenario it certainly would not have held up in a court of law.

Nonetheless the powers that be immediately jumped from the investigatory stage to determining the fate of the Romulan Star Empire with the Klingons banging the drum for war loudly from the outset along with their Breen allies.

The Federation set its feet in the ground on the issue, unwilling to see the Romulan Star Empire crushed underneath the combined might of the Klingon Empire and the Breen. Openly fearing the large-scale humanitarian crisis that would undoubtedly have followed but quietly not welcoming the shift in balance of power that might have occurred from such events.

The political pressure of taking such a stand proved too much for the large, broad issue parties of the Federation to cope with as the two major parties splintered at their extremities. A new election was promptly held and a new government formed, with the same President at its head.

When events look likely to turn to war with Starfleet preparing to move in and disarm the Romulans and secure their border with the Klingons the Cardassian Union issued the most baffling statement of the whole crisis when it declared, out of the blue to everyone but their Chief Executive, that they had agreed with the Klingons and Breen to strike the Romulans but they also agreed with the Federation that this should not happen. This led to major political fallout within the Cardassian Union when this was reported to the legislature there but the resulting confusion seemed to slow the march towards war.

It can only be speculated what turn of events led from this odd declaration to everyone eventually adopting a slightly modified version of the Federations eventual proposal. Most analyst believe that at this point the powers were so confused about who was on which side of the issue that none felt assured enough to push the issue any further, and elected to compromise rather than risk war on uncertain terms.

New Federation Elections

As a result of the NPT crisis a new series of elections were held within the UFP as the government was no longer able to muster a majority when splinter factions left both of the mainstream parties in an effort to better make their voices heard.

The Federalist Party, then the current ruling party, maintained its spot as the largest party but saw its numbers drop to 34% of the overall seats in the legislature. It remains a broad, multi-issue party with a support base drawn from all over the Federation.

The Republic Party is its counterpart as a broad based party that is generally opposed to the Federalist Party. Both parties fundamentally support Democratic government but stand apart on many small issues such as defense spending and security issues, what areas of social improvement should be looked upon and various issues of internal law and order. It drew 29% of the seats.

The Coreward Security League is a regional party that draws strong support from Andoria and Andorian colonies. This party drew 11% of the seats with its call for a more rational security posture for the Federation. The party is led by the former presidential candidate from Andoria.

The Isolationist Party emerged with broad based if weak support for taking the Federation away from the tempest of international diplomacy and focusing its energies internally, leaving other powers to fend for themselves. In light of recent events it managed to draw 9% of the seats in the legislature.

The Green Party is a single-issue party that wishes to vastly downsize Starfleet and place a great many ships in reserve. In general they represent a view to return the Federation to a pre-Borg encounter state. They draw strong support from planets such as Risa and drew 6% of the seats in the legislature.

The Rimward Defense League is a party centered around Bajor and other such colonies located in the extreme Northwestern portion of the Federation. It calls for stronger defenses of borders and a slightly more radical stance against foreign expansionism due to its Bajoran influence. They occupy 5% of the seats in the legislature.

The Industrialist Party is a party centered primarily on Earth, Vulcan and Tellar. It advocates for economic and industrial expansion and an increased military budget. It occupies 5% of the seats in the legislature.

A coalition government was formed comprised of the Federalist, Coreward Security League, Rimward Defense League and the Industrialist Party. The CSL and the RDL occupy several important posts while the Industrialist Party occupies only a few minor ones and is seen as a minor player in this affair.

The majority of the members of the legislature remained the same individual as before with that legislator simply shifting party alignment. For the smaller parties this was considered a preferable arrangement to remaining as factions within their own party structure as this gives them more influence over policy making.

Cardassian Government Fractures, President Censured, Elections Held

In the wake of the stunning revelation that the President had engaged in secret talks with the Klingons and Breen entirely without reference to the legislature let alone seeking their advice the Cardassian political system has seen upheaval on a level not previously seen since the formation of the government.

For nearly 20 years a unified party had dominated the electoral process with its platform of reform, industrial expansion, internal improvements and strong defense. This party was shattered by the revelation from the office of the President.

Under normal procedure the Foreign Affairs committee is kept informed of major diplomatic developments, of which this would certainly have been one. This revelation led to that committee suggesting the censure of the executive to the general body. This censure, for failure to inform and consult with the legislature on critical security matters of the state, passed by a vote of 65-27 with 8 abstentions.

This led to the unified ruling party of the Cardassian Union falling apart and being unable to muster a majority. The government was declared dissolved and new elections were held. The largest single piece remains loyal to the current executive and has styled itself the Unionist Party. The major opposition block is the Populist Party. Both parties support the continuance of democratic government. The breakdown of seats is as follows.

Unionist Party- 27%
Populist Party- 26%

A variety of smaller parties emerged from the chaos clamoring for their concerns to be addressed as well.

The Alliance Party secured 15% of the overall seats on a platform that wishes to see the government maintain close relations with the Federation. It is broadly supported by traders who conduct almost all their trade through the Federation and the defense establishment who gets much equipment and in the past much training from Starfleet.

The Imperial Party is an anti-democratic party that wishes to see the glory of Cardassia restored and to see it stand alone as an independent, non-democratic power looking to expand its territory and power. They secured 9% of the overall seats.

A regional party emerged centered around the Northern most planets near the Breen border demanding more security against what they perceive to be a potential Breen threat. They obtained 8% of the seats.

A party centered mostly around former and active members of the Obsidian Order ran on what can best be described as an anti-Federation platform and obtained 7% of the seats. An offshoot of the Imperial Party it wishes to see Cardassia stand alone and has made explicit its desire to break the defense treaty with the Federation.

A Green Party emerged advocating disarmament, neutrality and peace and obtained 5% of the votes.

Finally an Isolationist Party was created that managed to obtain 3% of the votes.

The task of forming a government from this now falls to the leader of the Unionist Party (the current executive), who must find a way to broker deals with enough parties to obtain a majority of the votes in the legislature.

Federation Officials Quietly Fume over Klingon Claims

The Klingon claim that the Federation threatened them openly with war during the recent crisis has infuriated a great many public officials within the State Department privately even though they outwardly attribute the statement to a misunderstanding between the two allies.

In an effort to clarify the situation the Federation has opened its communication records with the Klingon's directly and with its ambassador to QonoS to review by the Breen, Cardassian Union and Gorn Hegemony while inviting the Klingons to provide the communication in question for their review.

While the three auditors have not yet made a public statement a Federation official with access to the final report indicated that they found nothing to indicate any such message was ever sent through official channels and that absent Klingon cooperation there was no way to prove such a message was every sent. Indeed the Federation quietly denies that such a message ever existed.

Polling experienced diplomats in the region produced a near unanimous opinion that a power would and should never go public with such an accusation unless such a communication were received in an official capacity from a duly accredited ambassador or just announced in a public form by the Chief Executive of another power.

"To run to the public and other powers with such a thing without having a proper and official communiqué on the subject would be a huge breech of protocol and a very risky precedent to set. Nations rely on open and off the record communication to smoothly handle many affairs but such negotiations are not threats of war, it is a discussion of potential threats of war, which is an important distinction in diplomatic affairs. A proper threat can only be delivered by proper means," said the former Gorn ambassador to the Federation who now works as an analyst for the Federation News Service.

"Official communications are not easily faked as extensive security procedures are taken to ensure that they cannot be forged by other parties. If the Klingon's possessed such a document then it would be easy to produce and easy to authenticate."

The official reaction of the Federation to this apparent breach of diplomatic procedure is not yet apparent. The new government is just forming and it is likely to make a policy review of this and many other issues in the new year.

Smaller Powers Take Various Roles in Recent Crisis

The Gorn Hegemony played a highly active role in the recent crisis, eventually emerging as the neutral power of choice to administer the Romulan punishment for however long it is necessary.

Caught in a difficult position sharing borders with both the Federation and Klingons the Gorn Hegemony was highly opposed to any war involving either of the powers and in particular to a war pitting them against one another.

By all reports the Gorn Ambassador handled the situation well, despite their less than optimal situation.

The Ferengi-Kazon Imperium, despite being the starting point for this whole crisis to a certain degree, said nothing at all during the recent round of negotiations. Off the record an official within the Foreign Ministry expressed his feelings that the whole situation had gotten out of hand and they there was no desire to play any active role in the affair at all.

Rumors persist that the FKI made a backroom agreement with the Gorn and Cardassians to mollify their post sale anger over the transfer of a Profit Class Cruiser. That issue appears to have been resolved, as it has not surfaced since the crisis began.

The Teuri Assembly must have found itself shocked to be nearly pulled into a war within a few years of emerging from its isolation. Having signed a mutual defense treaty with the Federation they by all reports stood ready to come to their allies aid if they were attacked.

The Shelliak having just emerged from isolation stayed very quiet during the recent crisis, denying other leaders a chance to gauge their views on various issues
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Federation News Service- 2403

New Federation Government Pulls out of Khitomer Accords

In a move hailed by some and scorned by others within the Federation the council voted 64-36 to pull out of the Khitomer Accords as the Isolationist Party joined the coalition government to push the measure through.

This measure was opposed by Republic Party and the Greens, both of whom viewed the Khitomer Accords as serving to prevent a major conflict between the two powers.

Polls conducted of potential voters showed a broadly similar pattern of support with 55% of likely voters approving of the action and 39% opposed with the remainder having no real opinion. Of the major worlds in the Federation Earth and Vulcan were close significantly closer than the broader opinion with just over 50% supporting the measure and 43% openly opposed.

Andoria went the opposite direction with nearly 63% believing that the time for the Khitomer Accords had passed while Tellar expressed the strongest disapproval of the action with 52% of its likely voters opposed to the leaving the accords.

The measure was broadly supported by border worlds opposite the Klingon Empire though for a variety of reasons. Some viewed the end of the treaty as likely to stabilize relations that even if hostile will not face the pressure of trying to coexist any longer as allies. Others hoped it signalled what they called a more realistic policy approach to the Klingons in the future.

Two Competing Alliance Blocks Emerge

Quickly on the heels of the Federation announcing it would leave the Khitomer Accords the Breen announced they would sign the document and became official and open allies of the Klingon Empire.

Not long after this announcement the Gorn made a stunning announcement that they had agreed to terms with the Federation and Cardassian Union on an alliance of their own, which they styled the Inter-Stellar Alliance (ISA), and ending their long period as a neutral power in most major regional disputes.

Though both announcements were covered in typical flowery prose it was clear to most that the two power blocks came into being with eyes fixed firmly on one another. The exact details of the Breen and Klingon agreement are not made 100% clear by the treaty disclosed to the public and it is assumed there is a greater level of coordination behind their activities under the new arrangement.

The ISA has a more lengthy formational document that covers many different aspects of the cooperation between the three powers and establishes the means for political, economic and military cooperation between the three.

With these announcements the only four truly neutral powers in the region of any consequence are now the Teuri Assembly, the Ferengi-Kazon Imeperium, the Romulan Star Empire and the Shelliak Corporate. Those governments can likely expect heavy courting by the two rival blocks as they seek to improve their position against their rival.

Federation Transfers Wormhole to the Gorn

In a brief official ceremony the Federation transferred control of the Delta Quadrant wormhole to the Gorn. With their improvement of relations the Federation felt that moving the wormhole out of their possession would simplify a great many issues for them as well as be a gesture towards the Gorn during this period of warming relations.

Klingon Population Continues to Boom

Government policies designed to encourage children have continued to push population growth within the Klingon Empire to the highest rate since the Empire achieved faster than light travel. In a peaceful period generally marked by higher population growth the Klingons have been the standard bearers for the region, achieving nearly 8% growth during the most recent census period.

Other powers continue to see more modest population growth as the region has been free of war or major threat for a number of years but have not pushed or encourage rapid population increases through any particular policy.

Romulans Pay Off NPT Members, Complete Removal of Cloaks & Move Aggressively Against the Tal Shiar

The Romulan Star Empire made its final payment to the various NPT powers this year and completed its cloaking device removal program well ahead of many analyst projections.

This has removed the blockade from Romulan space and allowed trade to resume which has proven an economic boon to the empire in the wake of the most recent spat.

At the same time the government has moved aggressively against the Tal Shiar sending troops out to roundup the most senior commanders and start working on the individual cells of the organization. What started as an orderly roundup eventually succumb to some excesses as the military spread its search ever wider for the elusive organization.

Leaks form those close to the high command indicate that many believe that the problem while not solved is on the downward trend.
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Federation News Service 2404

Cardassians, Gorn and Klingons Claim Large Swaths of Territory

In a series of announcements three different powers annexed large regions of space.

The Gorn Hegemony made a claim on space in and around its newly acquired wormhole from the Federation, connecting the wormhole to its present territory. Most analyst agree that this claim was both rational and justified by the ownership of a system near already recognized Gorn space.

The Klingon claim brings with it more controversy as their claim absorbed a small, pre-industrial culture into the Klingon Empire.

However the Cardassian claims has brought the most controversy and outright confusion amongst analyst. In claiming a large region of what was previously neutral space without having any systems to speak of in the are the Cardassians are seen by many to be eliminating neutral space without regard to any defensive or practical needs.

"The obvious problem was pointed out by the FKI who delivered a weakly backed objection to the annexation. If powers just start claiming neutral space it will greatly impact exploration and neutral rights throughout the region. Were it not for the delicate state of a newly reformed alliance one would expect a fairly strenuous objection from the Federation," commented one analyst.

"From a defense perspective this annexation makes little to no sense. The Union has expanded the borders it must secure by nearly 25-30% while giving them no additional resources. You run the risk of losing legitimacy when you engage in this sort of activity as if other powers can demonstrate you can't secure your new borders then they are less likely to respect your old ones," said a defense specialist.

Regardless of the long term implications there seemed to be no short term consensus for opposing any of the annexations. All have been added to international star charts to reflect the fact of ownership, though no formal approvals have been given to any of the annexations.


New Breen Ship Observed by Traders

A ship spotter onboard a trade vessel captured images of a new and previous unseen Breen ship. While no technical details can be inferred from the photos it is suspected that the ship is substantially larger than all previous Breen warships and that it has first class weaponry.


Khitomer Conference Mired in Nothingness, Debauchery

The Khitomer Conference, started with hopes of bringing forth a new era of galactic cooperation has been stalled in opening statements for a period of nearly two years, with some powers still yet to make any statement at all. Those that have have ranged from what effectively amounted to reading from a comparative government book about the history of their people to several statements such as the Shelliak that have done nothing but confuse onlookers even more when trying to understand societies about which they knew little.

Moreover the various delegations and their entourages, left with next to nothing to do for two years, have progressively grown lax about abusing their diplomatic immunity with various powers engaged in all manner of activities from illegal parking, to drug running to one assistant diplomat being suspected of running a brothel of "exotic" species for high end clients.

"At some point there must be an end to diplomatic proceedings such as this. Delegations contain many dozens or hundreds of people and with so little to do they will quickly become bored with staring at one another day after day and look for other avenues to vent their energies into. If you spend two years with nothing to do and in a place where no laws really apply to you then you start to think none of it applies to you anymore," said one diplomat who did not wish to be named.
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Graphic Trade Map (The thicker the line the more trade moving along the route)

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This year's edition contineus an order of battle system that gives the estimated total number of ships and classifies them through our patented universal ratings system, which is detailed as follows. Battleship classes types were revised downwards in terms of mass to reflect the new emphasis on smaller ships by most powers.

Battleship- Into this category would fall the Scimitar, the Dominion Dreadnaught and other such large ships that have exist in small numbers throughout the region. These ships generally are more than twice the mass of a typical battlecruiser (around 5 million tons) and are more comprehensively armed and armoured than their smaller companions. Large enough to make no real compromises they are designed to stand up to and deal great amounts of punishment.

Battle Cruiser-The main heavy forces of most regional naval forces these are heavily armed and armoured and generally quite fast. These ships generally exhibit a bias towards either offensive of defensive action as their size generally inhibits the ability to do everything one would want with them. Still, the most capable of this breed are generally among the most well rounded ships you will find in the region.

Cruisers- Cruisers make up a large component of most naval forces in the region. Composed of ships that generally are well armed but often make trade offs of speed, defensive capability or armament to excel in one particular area. More rounded ships do exist in this area (such as the Ambassador Class which in its time would have been a battlecruiser) but have generally fallen out of favour with most naval forces as they move towards specialist ships like the Akira Class.

Frigates- We have chosen to utilize the traditional age of sail definition of a Frigate to distinguish between Frigates and Destroyers. Both occupy the same general mass ranges. However a Frigates mission is to be a well-rounded and generally speedy ship designed to be the eyes of the fleet and operate independently of other units. Generally lightly armed they are focused much more on range and speed.

Destroyer- Destroyers on the other hand are biased almost 100% towards combat. Heavily armed and generally short legged they operate most often in groups in support of larger ships during battle. Often slower than their Frigate counterparts they tend to be ships that hit above their weight.

Specialist Ships- Ships with a roll outside of the traditional naval force structure. These would include dedicated exploratory vessels, advance cloaked observation vessels, command ships and anything else that does not fall into the above categories.


Government: United Federation of Planets
Headquarters: Earth
Personnel: 26,195,859 (100,000 Army, balance support and Naval personel)
Ships in Commission: 8,797 (aprox. 950 of those in reserve)
Major Installations: 30 or more

General Overview: Starfleet has continued replacing older ships throughout the fleet and has by most reports finished the massive drawdown it undertook over the past eight years. Despite continuing healthy construction rates in excess of 150 ships a year the overall number in commission rose very little over this time period as older ships were phased out.

Construction continues at a sustainable pace of around 190 or so ships a year with the goal of sustaining an overall fleet of around 15,000 ships (10,000 active, 5,000 reserve) with a 50-year average service life for each vessel.

Recent Developments and Operations: The exploratory mission, neglected for a time in light of the Dominion War and the resulting scarce numbers of ships in the post war period, has begun to ramp over the past years. Over 20% of Starfleet's overall tonnage is devoted to scientific and exploration missions as older designs such as the Oberth are phased out for the Nova and Pulsar Class ships. The Etoil class has entered service as an eventual Nova replacement, boasting higher speed on a multi-mission configurable platform. The Ignes Class is among the largest ships in the region and has a role as an extreme long-distance exploration ship.

Recent falling out with the Klingons have likely initiated a re-evaluation of the needs for Starfleet. While no firm conclusions have been drawn it seems unlikely that a return to the more science-oriented approach of the 3rd quarter of the 2300's is in the near future.

Procurement Programs: Starfleet continue to procure the following ships; Sovereign, Prometheus, Akira (Improved), Akron, Etoil, Alliance, Vigil and Ignes Class ships.

Known R&D programs produced one new ship classes for service.

The procurement of Defiant class ships ceased as Starfleet finished replacing horrendous losses suffered by the Centaur, Miranda, New Orleans and Sabre classes which originally numbered over 2,400 ships before recent hostilities reduced their numbers to less than 1,000. A loss rate of 63% in this category was of major concern to Starfleet. Ships in the destroyer category accounted for nearly 80% of Starfleets losses during the Dominion War when cargo and science ships are excluded from the total so upgrading this category of ships was a high priority.

A follow on to the Defiant Class is slated to enter production in the near future. Though few details are known at this time it is assumed the ship will be procured in fairly large numbers, though the timetable is likely to be more extended than Defiant procurement was.

Other Equipment: Starfleet has continued to aggressively retire ships from service as new construction has allowed them to do so. Many ships have been scrapped in exchange for payment from the FKI.

Ships by Class (Number in Service) ((EIS))

Ships are listed by suspected combat ability relative to others in their class.

Battleships (34)

Vigil Class (34) ((2396))

Battlecruisers (1,387)

Sovereign Class (875) ((2372))
Galaxy Class (100) ((2362))
Nebula Class (403) ((2355))

Cruisers (3,537)

Alliance Class (486) ((2380's))
Prometheus Class (1500) ((2375))
Akron Class (450) ((Mid 2380's))
Akira Class (1009) ((2363))
Niagara Class (92) ((2336))

Frigates (755)

Intrepid Class (635) ((2371))
Norway Class (120) ((2360))

Destroyers (2,220)

Defiant Class (2000) ((2367))
New Orleans Class (220) ((2364))

Specialist Ships (872)

Pulsar Class Deep Space Explorer (550) ((2380's))
Etoli Class Science Ship (204) ((2390's))
Nova Class Science Ship (100) ((2369))
Ignes Class Ultra-Deep Space Explorer (18) ((2400's))


Government: Klingon Empire
Headquarters: Qo'Nos
Personnel: 600 Million est. (4 Million Naval, 50 Million Army, balance are support personel)
Ships in Commission: 4,000 est.
Major Installations: 15 est.

General Overview: The KDF has focused on shedding itself of obsolete designs over the course of the past eight years. This has led to a reduction in overall ship numbers at the same time a large increase in combat power has been realized.

The Hos'Hegh class was first sighted during the recent war with the Romulans and though it saw little direct combat action it is clearly a more capable ship than the Vor'Cha class vessels it replaced as the Romulans backed away from direct combat with ships of this class one can assume that it safely outgunned a Norexan Class Warbird.

The ships is believed to be a capable, first line battlecruiser that can stand toe to toe with most major combatant ships in the region. It has the added benefit of being one of the smallest battlecruisers in service, making it efficient to operate.

A major concern for the KDF was the overall age of its lighter combatant ships. The Mogh Class was cloaked in secrecy until an arms sale to the Tueri Assembly allowed enough details to slip for most services to come to an agreement that the ships was a large destroyer, designed to overwhelm opponents with numbers and sheer firepower.

Recent Developments and Operations: None known.

Procurement Programs: More insight was gained into this based on the sale of units to the Tueri Assembly. Known to be in the market for 300-500 first line destroyers the KDF filled that need in a single year not long after the presumed start of production. That would imply a production base capable of at least 300 units per year on the part of the KDF.

The Hos'Hegh class is now the known replacement and upgrade program for the Vor'Cha class. It improves the ships capability greatly achieving an estimated improvement of three to five times in terms of overall combat capability through a total teardown and rebuild of internal systems, as well as several structural additions to the design.

Other Equipment: The KDF only operates three classes of warship that are known at the present time. The Hos'Hegh, the Mogh and the Negh'Var.

Battleships (~25)

Negh'Var Class (~25)

Battlecruisers (~2,250)

Hos'Hegh Class (~2,250)

Destroyers (~1,500)

Mogh Class (~1,500)


Government: Romulan Star Empire
Headquarters: Romulus
Personnel: 100,000,000 est. (9 Million Army, balance are support and naval personnel)
Ships in Commission: 2,800 est.
Major Installations: 12 est.

General Overview: The recent inspections by the Gorn and the portions of those reports that have been made public have greatly clarified the strength of the Romulan Star Navy. Previously suspected to be between 3,500 and 4,000 ships in total strength the force upon inspection numbered right around 2,750 vessels.

In addition many of this number were less than capable science and scout vessels.

Recent Developments and Operations: It is believed that the Norexan underwent an upgrade of some form since the last time the ship saw action. Detailed scans of the weaponry of the ships were not permitted but visual inspections did show some alterations in and around the weapon and shield systems.

The Praetor program is one of great debate for other powers. It performed well during the war but opinion is still divided on if it is a small cruiser or large destroyer type. As a cruiser it would be woefully lacking in firepower. As a destroyer it is likely too big to be cost effective.

Procurement Programs: The Norexan Class was estimated to have been in serial production for some time with estimates on the numbers that have entered the fleet ranging between 700 and 800 ships total eight years ago. A more true number turned out to be closer to 800 after eight years of additional construction.

The Praetor was seen in nearly equal numbers during the recent war. It was suspected that it was being built at a faster pace than the Norexan as it is a newer design. Total numbers were estimated at 800-900 ships eight years ago but it turned out totals were closer to 650 ships of this type, suggesting it was not entirely satisfactory for the Romulans.

Other Equipment: The Romulan Scout and Science ships were pressed into extensive service during the Dominion War and the Romulan-Klingon war, but are considered inadequate combatants at best if faced with a Bird of Prey or even Miranda class ship. Both will continue to serve in large numbers simply to fill out the ranks of a fleet heavily biased towards larger ship designs. They make up nearly 40% of the ships in the Star Navy.

The RSN is in desperate need of a first class destroyer that can compete with the Defiant and other designs in the region that fall into that category as the Praetor is simply too large to fit that roll. Rumors of a program persist but no ships were seen in production.

The D'Deridex class remains a competitive contemporary to the Galaxy and Nebula classes fielded by Starfleet. The major question is just what the overall inventory is. Estimates range from 250 to 300 presently in service.

Battlecruisers (1050)

Norexan Class (800) ((2380's))
D'Deridex Class (250) ((2340's))

Cruisers (650)

Praetor Class (650) ((Late 2380's))

Frigates (1,100)

Romulan Scout (800) ((2350's))
Romulan Science Ship (300) ((2340's))


Government: Cardassian Union
Headquarters: Cardassia Prime
Personnel: 48 Million (3.6 Million Army, balance are support and naval personnel)
Ships in Commission: 1877
Major Installations: 10

General Overview: The Cardassian Navy was gutted during the Dominion War and had all but fallen apart during the lean period afterwards for the Union. The new government and associated economic recovery promises renewed hope for this fleet and the recovery continues at a respectable clip. Overcoming the initial hurdles of restarting production with a dormant industrial base and litte R&D experience for nearly two decades proved a challenge but was offset by a large degree of cooperation with the Unions allies.

The fleet now has a thriving shipbuilding industry to support it and is looking to commission the first truly Cardassian design in years in the Malficar Class.

Recent Developments and Operations: The Cardassian Navy showed its self ably in the operation against the Tzenkethi before being called back for political purposes. The ships in service performed well and have been available in increasing numbers.

Procurement Programs: The rebuilding of the Navy has hit a peak. The Zeutor Class and Keldon Class are the two ships of Cardassian design in the navy and have limited roles at best.

One of the major procurement programs for the Navy is known as the Prefect (formerly Prophet) Class. Believed to be a mix of purchased and developed technology this class is a true first line combatant ship and is being built in ever larger numbers for the Cardassian Navy and was designed in cooperation with the Ferengi and the Gorn.

Additionally the Union has obtained from the Federation plans for producing Akira and Defiant Class ships to bolster their security in the aftermath of the Breen piracy debacle. It is unknown how these ships compare with their Federation counterparts but even if they are cooled down export versions they represent a huge upgrade for the Cadassian Navy.

These ships are all being build in substantial numbers, with nearly 100 Defiants and 80 of the two cruiser types being constructed each year.

Other Equipment: All older ships have been retired from service, including several models bought from the Federation in the interim period of rebuilding.

Battlecruisers (534)

Prefect Class (534) ((Late 2380's))

Cruisers (743)

Akira Class (371) ((2363))
Zeu'Tor Class (187) ((Late 2380's))
Keldon Class (184) ((2360's))
Damar Class (1) ((2390's))

Destroyers (600)

Defiant Class (600) ((2367))


Government: Breen
Headquarters: Breen
Personnel: 100 million est. (unknown composition)
Ships in Commission: 3,000 to 5,000
Major Installations: Unknown

General Overview: The Breen are a near unknown as far as open sources are concerned. Estimates on the size of the forces are based on extrapolation based on territorial extent of the empire and the number of ships committed to the Dominion cause during the war. Since the government is estimated to be something between a military dictatorship and a system of semi-independent clans it is nearly impossible to get a handle on just what resources are actually at the disposal of any one leader at any one time.

Recent Developments and Operations: The Breen allowed, and indeed even seemed to parade a new design openly in front of traders to be photographed. The ship, reportedly referred to as a Battleship by the Breen appears to fall more into the Battlecruiser category when compared to others but appears to be a formidable combatant all the same. It is suspected that the Breen are building these ships in as large of numbers as possible.

Procurement Programs: The newly sighted ship gives more credibility to the idea that the Breen are moving away from the idea of swarming attacks by smaller ships and towards a larger, more traditional naval force.

There is some speculation that Breen have been dissatisfied with the performance of their Frigates in battle and are looking to replace them wholesale. It is unknown to what extent this has been implemented but it is highly unlikely they have been able to replace more than a small number of these vessels with the more capable destroyer design.

Other Equipment: No known outside purchases are known at this time but it is generally accepted that the Breen found a cache of Dominion ships of undermined size and composition. Those numbers are not catalogued here due to a general lack of information.

Battlecruisers (25)

Breen Battleship (25)

Cruisers (500)

Breen BC (750) ((2380's))

Frigates (2,500)

Breen Frigate (2,500) ((2350's))

Destroyers (500)

Breen Destroyer (500) ((2380's))


Government: Gorn/Tholian Hegemony
Headquarters: Gorn
Personnel: 200 million est.
Ships in Commission: ~4,500
Major Installations: 10

General Overview: The integration of the two fleets is now complete. They have been operating jointly for nearly a decade and most major and minor issues between the two forces have been resolved.

Recent Developments and Operations: The recent alliance with the Federation and Cardassian Union likely opens up many avenues for rapid advancement in the Gorn/Tholian Navy, which while large in numbers is somewhat lacking in cutting edge weaponry and technology in many respects.

Procurement Programs: By all reports there still remains work to be done in sorting out the procurement programs from the militaries two constituent parts. A wide variety of ships continue to be produced, seemingly without much reference to any need or purpose.

The majority of ships being procured are lighter destroyers types.

Other Equipment: The Gorn continue to be rumoured as active buyers in the regional market for warships and warship designs. It is presumed they see this as the quickest way to remedy some of their shortcomings.

Battleships (50)

Gorn Battleships (50) ((2350))

Battlecruisers (150)

Prophet Class (150) ((2380's))

Cruisers (307)

Gorn Cruiser (150) ((2360's))
Akira Class (18) ((2363))
Ambassador Class (16) ((2330))
Excelsior Class (123) ((2287))

Frigates (35)

Intrepid Class (35) ((2371))

Destroyers (3,861)

Tur'Loc Class (1,000) ((2380's))
Gorn Destroyer (300) ((2340))
Miranda Class (13) ((2200's))
Tholian Attack (2,500) ((2320's))
Sabre Class (37) ((2343))
Centaur Class (11) ((2280's))


Government: Ferengi Alliance
Headquarters: Ferenginar
Personnel: 2.8 Million est.
Ships in Commission: 1,150
Major Installations: 10

General Overview: Primarily a trading fleet the role of the Ferengi Navy is simply to facilitate trade.

Recent Developments and Operations: Presumed anti-piracy activity in nearby space.

Procurement Programs: The Ferengi have developed the new Profit Class about which little is known. It is widely rumoured to be available for export sales. Several additional export programs have been rumoured to be getting off the ground as well.

Other Equipment: None

Battlecruisers (37)

Profit Class (37) ((Late 2380's))

Cruisers (313)

D'Kora (313) ((2350's))

Destroyers (800)

B'Rel Class (200)
Bird of Prey Class (600)


Government: Tueri Assembly
Headquarters: Unknown
Personnel: 20 Million est.
Ships in Commission: ~2,500
Major Installations: ~10

General Overview: While primarily a race of traders and merchants the Tueri Assembly does not disregard its security in the same manner as the Ferengi-Kazon seem content to do. The force initially present on their arrival to the regional scene was certainly not state of the art but it was large and well trained. Additionally several purchases have been made internationally that have bolstered the fleet capabilities of this newly announced power.

Recent Developments and Operations: The TA deployed forces in support of the blockade of Romulan space during the recent dispute over the NPT. They performed competently and then disappeared back into the Black Cluster.

Procurement Programs: The Tueri are known to be buyers of Profit Class Battlecruisers from the FKI through their own admission and are assumed to be buyers of a large number of Mogh Class destroyers from the Klingon Empire based on numerous reports.

Other Equipment: None

Battlecruisers (530)

Amazym Class (400) ((Late 2350's))
Profit Class (130) ((2380's))

Destroyers (1,850)

Kerazyme Class (1,500)
Mogh Class (350)


Government: Shelliak Corporate
Headquarters: Shelliak Prime
Personnel: 38 Million est.
Ships in Commission: 600 est.
Major Installations: 5

General Overview: Long a reclusive people the Shelliak are known to be buyers of high end weapons technology and relatively high technology ships given their small size in comparison with other powers. The navy is thought to be small but well equipped, though it is in the process of becoming somewhat dated.

Recent Developments and Operations: None Known.

Procurement Programs: They continue to procure domestic designs only, about which the outside world knows little. Two types have been sighted, a battlecruiser and a destroyer.

Other Equipment: None

Battlecruisers (200)

Alleigence Class (200) ((Late 2370's))

Destroyers (400)

Predator Class (400)
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:00 am

Federation News Service 2405

A joint team of scientist from most major regional powers working on the long known Genesis Wave principals have discovered a means to harness the same waves to increase the efficiency of traditional terra-forming procedures through a long duration application of the Genesis Wave.

This has opened up planets and systems formerly dismissed as unworthy dead rocks to colonization. Powers are racing to catch up with the new opportunity with many planing colonization missions to begin in 2407 as none are in a position to move quickly enough to take advantage of this situation in 2406.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:19 am

Federation News Service- 2406

Tueri Assembly crushed, Tueri Star Empire Rises

March, 2406

In a stunning turn of events a series of odd and contentious negotiations with the Federation led to the leader of the Tueri Assembly's most powerful spire declaring a state of marshal law and disbanding the democratic functions of the former government.

Early in the year the Assembly delivered to the Federation an oddly worded demand that they intended to colonize system 313 as it is known on star charts and were sending ships to secure the system regardless of the Federation response. The communication also invited negotiation on the issue, though from what basis given the previous statement was not clear.

After replying that they too had also wished to colonize the system the Federation and Tueri exchanged communications until the Federation made an offer of joint colonization followed by a vote of the people after 20 years to determine final disposition. The Tueri Assembly dithered and then refused.

Instead the shocking declaration came back that they were joining the Khitomer Accords.

This action, which many believed put in peril a great deal of trade and their much valued neutrality which until recently had been pushed loudly by their leader in public, led to a motion of recall by the various spires. The response of the executive was to call on the military, comprised almost 95% of soldiers from the dominant spire, to institute marshal law. When the other spires refused to bow to this sort of demand more direct methods were applied.

In a brief military action all dissent was squashed as the head of most of the spires in opposition were rounded up and ritually garroted. Their major points of organization were bombed from orbit and many millions died in the process. Shortly after this began the majority of the Tueri civilians associated with the trading and financial sectors that were able to do so fled on crowded transport ships and merchant vessels appropriated for the purpose. Nearly 5 billion made their way in the course of 6 months into Federation space as the military was occupied with asserting control.

Analyst refereed to the whole affair as one of the more baffling things they have seen in recent times.

Weapon of Mass Destruction Test Detected

December 20th, 2406

In a matter that quickly disappeared into the blackest portions of the Federations intelligence community several civilian observatories detected what they described as a massive energy release that first transformed and then largely destroyed system 314, which had been claimed by the Shelliak.

Most civilian observers theorized that this was a test of a weapon of mass destruction, though they lack any insight into its true origin. There has been no comment from official Federation sources though indications are that the defense committee has been meeting non-stop since the incident and that the whole council has been called back from winter recess to an emergency session on the issue.

The Cardassian government is also mum on the issue but is known to have entered into similar meetings, given the events of this past year.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:18 pm

Federation News Service- 2407

Tueri War Fleet Exterminates Billions

The recent drama surrounding the Restored Tueri Assembly was brought to an abrupt and gruesome end when a fleet of Tueri ships arrived in orbit and destroyed all signs of life on the newly established dissident government.

Upon arrival in orbit the fleet transmitted a general demand for immediate surrender. This was refused as the authorities on the ground stated they did not recognize the authority of the fleet commander to make such demands. This refusal was met with a general bombardment against the planets surface that by all reports left none alive and left the planet itself incapable of supporting further life.

The repercussions of such an act reverberated quickly through the Federation and Cardassian Union where such actions were roundly condemned. The attack stunned even seasoned analyst who participated in the Dominion War as they could find no comparable event to the one just witnessed with the possible exception of the attempted genocide against Cardassia during the last hours of the war.

The estimated loss of lives stands at 3 billion men, women and children who were unable to be evacuated. At the time of the attack the planet was still in the process of being resettled by the Tueri. Once word of it came many ships reversed course, taking off as many people as they could prior to the fleets arrival. It is believed that of the original 5 billion refugees only 2 billion remain alive at this time.

Those refugees have requested citizenship within the Federation and Cardassian space and have begun the process of resettlement. Though many vow to never give up the quest to return their government to power they are by and large being settled well away from the new Tueri Star Empire, both to protect them and to prevent and further incidents in an already tense situation.

No immediate comment was made by the executives of any of the major powers in the region, though most are expected to say something in the coming days.

Khaless the Second Passes

The cloned emperor and spiritual leader of the Klingon Empire has passed from apparent old age. While details on the death have been sketchy at best it had been known for some time that the emperor was not in good health.

Chancellor Martok has declared a year of mourning in respect for the fallen emperor. It is not known who if any Klingon would be qualified to sit on the throne as emperor. The position is largely ceremonial but it is known that a large body of Klingons continue to worship the emperor as an almost godlike figure and by all accounts they are intent upon his replacement by a successor of some sort.

Practically the matter has little impact on the Klingon government beyond its large social and religious impacts. The Chancellor has remained silent on the issue in the days immediately following the emperor's death but is expected to make a statement to the Klingon people at some point.

Economic Boom Continues

The rapid growth of economies has continued during the past several years with the trade adjusted GDP of most powers rising sharply as trade in both consumer good and weapons has driven production throughout the region.

The United Federation of Planets continues to lead the economic race with a GDP in excess of 60 million credits and an additional 6 million credits in trade income most years.

Making a surprising charge up the list in the past few years has been the Klingon Empire, which has driven its GDP to nearly 30 million credits while also increasing its trade income.

"This represents a major moment in the region. Up until now few powers could challenge the spending of the UFP. However the Klingons are able because of their government style to tax at a much higher rate than can the democratic UFP. This means their spending power is much more closely aligned than most realize," said the senior economic analyst at the Vulcan Science Institute.

The Ferengi-Kazon Imperium remains a bit of an economic riddle. The secretive nature of their business transactions makes it hard to get a handle on their overall GDP. However it is believed to be nearly as large as the Klingons, though without much ability to tax at a high level for very long. More directly the FKI is believed to be doing a healthy trade in weapons and other technology with many sources placing their sales in this year alone between 25 and 70 million credits.

"We don't comment on business affairs. Suffice it to say that these have been profitable times and we stand ready to lend money, engage in trade and provide what services are necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the regions economy," said the senior economic advisor to the Grand Nagus.

When asked what level of financing could be provided at this time the response was that the amount was "virtually unlimited" with some notice and into the mid 8 figure range on short notice. This represents a major change from the position of the FKI just a few years ago, when a liquidity crisis there impacted rates across the region.

Those three powers are followed by the Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union, Gorn Hegemony, Breen, Tueri and Shelliak in that order, though many of the numbers there are estimates that could be off by up to 100%.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:31 am

Federation News Service- 2408

Breen Launch Assault on Children of Tamar; Cardassian and Federation government vote for military action against Talarians

Pressed by the continued pressure of major powers several smaller powers find themselves centered in the sights of the two major alliances.

The Breen have launched an attack against the Children of Tamar, citing a repeated pattern of offense and aggression against the Breen people. Specifics on these aggressions are not known at this time but despite the best work of many linguist the response of the government of Tamar continues to baffle all those who hear it. The region is so remote that little in the way of details are getting out.

The Talarian situation is somewhat clearer. Both the Tzenkethi and Talarian governments were extended offers to join either the United Federation of Planets or Cardassian Union if they desired to do so. The Tzenkethi considered the offer and agreed to arrange for a referendum on the subject in 5 years time. They are widely expected to join the Federation after the actions of that government prevented them from being overrun by the Cardassian Union just a few years ago.

The Talarian's offered no response at all except to take action to seize trade passing near their borders. They managed to seize only three ships, two of which belong to the FKI in Federation space and one Cardassian Union ship in Cardassian space. They killed the crew in all cases, leaving on pilot to delivery a message demanding that the Federation and Cardassian Union recognize their sovereignty over their territory and several systems within the Federation that were previously disputed.

Known as a passion filled if not exceptionally bright race the Talarians seem to have gone gleefully to war despite the odds arrayed against them. They vowed to continue attacks on shipping until such time as they are recognized as the power they believe themselves to be.

Year of Mourning Ends

The year of mourning in the Klingon Empire has come to an end, opening speculation on who, if anyone might be selected as the new Emperor. There are no obvious successor through either family connection or through any other traditional means. To this point the Klingon government has been silent on this issue. No official statement is expected but it is the subject of much rumor throughout the Empire.

A fringe group of Klingons is gaining strength insisting that someone be installed as emperor and that the post not be left vacant for long.

Tueri Government Overthrown....Again

For those of you keeping score at home yet another regime has laid its hands upon the reigns of power in the Tueri Star Empire as the Praetor responsible for the assault on billions of civilians was replaced by another government official in a short and violent coup. In this case the violence seems to have been confined to a few loyal guards of the former leader who resisted the coup, which was believed to have been quite popular.

For the moment both the people within and diplomats outside of the Tueri Star Empire are awaiting more clarity on the future direction of the state. It is assumed by many within that the government will move back towards its former representative form. But this has not been confirmed by an official within the government.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:17 pm

Federation News Service- 2409

Breen Complete Conquest of Children of Tamar

The Breen, after a brief but at times intense campaign have completed their conquest of the Children of Tamar and have absorbed their territory into their own government. Details beyond the fleet battle are sketchy but it appears that the ground battle was brutal and violent, highlighted by a brief orbital bombardment and a rapid movement of troops to the surface.

Little has been heard from Tamarian territory since the assault began but rumors of re-settlement of the Tamarian civilians have escaped in one form or another since the end of the conquest in 2408. The present status of the territory is unknown as the Breen are not letting any foreign ships or aid workers into the region.

It is estimated that this conquest will have a considerably positive impact on the Breen overall as it will increase their territory substantially and the Tamarians were a fairly developed culture.

Cult of the Emperor Grows

What began as a fringe group of supporters pushing for the installation of a new Emperor of the Klingon Empire has slowly grown to the point where it is backed by a plurality if not a majority of the empires subjects. Though many have different thoughts about who should become emperor the likely canidate is Chancellor Martok, who has achieved unprecedented popularity and reverence among the average Klingon civilian.

Opinions among the leaders of the various houses are quite different than those of the people. While most support Martok generally they fear that a transition from the present system to one where the Emperor has actual authority could limit their access to power once Martok has passed. The primary fear seems to be that a heriditary system would be installed that would leave the great houses little more than puppets to the Empire.

However the Great Houses find themselves in a weak position generally. While many of their members serve in the KDF that service maintains a great personal loyalty to Martok, particularly among the enlisted Klingons. Analyst feel a civil war is unlikely, thought it remains an outside possibility.

Cardassians Invade Talarian Space

In a lightening campaign by the Cardassian military they have moved in and occupied Talarian space and all the worlds within. The Federation limited its military action to a blockade of the Talarian border but the Union responded to the recent attacks on shipping with a declaration of war.

A major fleet action was fought and the Cardassians emerged almost unscathed against the ancient technology possessed by the Talarians. When the time for invasion came the Talarians seem to have opted to fight a guerrilla campaign rather than oppose the landings directly.

Within weeks after the occupation a series of terrorist strikes began, starting with the kidnapping and murder of the first Cardassian governor and his Talarian counterpart. Both had boarded an air tram only to find that it had been rigged with a sleep inducing agent and programed to deliver them into the hands of the guerllia fighters. The Talarian conspirator as he was refered to by his captors was executed by a cleanly delivered shot to the head. Additional but unconfirmed reports say that his family was rounded up and shot as well.

The Cardassian governor was held for a period of 3 weeks while Union forces searched for him frantically. He was apparently tortured, forced to record tranmissions denoucning the occupation and eventually his body was dumped in the middle of the Talarian's national square, where the people have gathered in the past to cheer their former leaders. The pieces were sent back to his widow on Cardassia and given a state funeral.

Losses during the searches neared 300,000 troops as many fell victims to booby traps and short but sharp ambushes.

Additionally the Talarian people have taken to performing the B'Nar during their waking hours and are refusing to work. The constant noise coupled with the violence has driven away the few initial Cardassian civilians who attempted to settle these worlds. Cardassian troops have taken to wearing plugs in their ears to block the noise out, but this has left them even more vulnerable to ambushes as they often cannot hear the incoming fire before it is too late.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:31 pm

Federation News Service- 2410

Martok Delays Decision on taking role of Emperor; Challengers Emerge

Chancellor Martok has for the moment refused to bring before the council a popular movement that he be proclaimed Emperor of the Klingon Empire. Few outside of his inner circle know or understand his reasoning behind refusing to accept such an honor but the consequences of the delay in the face of an increasingly vocal public have already begun to be felt.

Councilor D'Klan has emerged from a fringe canidate for the position to become one of the highly influential movers in the Klingon Empire. In a recent speech in front of a large crowd he called for a return to traditional Klingon values.

"Our people have grown soft over the years and years of peace. One cannot be Klingon without war. Without war there is no chance for honor. Without honor there is no life. Long has our present leader sat and denied us the chance for glory and an honorable entrance to Stovokor. Let the Empire be led by a restored Emperor, and let this new era of Klingon history be inagurated by a war that will shake the heavens!"

"Long have we sat and gotten fat as a people. I say we follow the example set by our allies the Breen in dealing with the Tamar, who are now but slaves to their masters whips. Let us no more prostrate ourselves in front of the Federation and their allies. Let us make slaves of the humans, pets of the lizzard people and jewlery from the Tholian scum who dare to oppose us! They shall make fine trinkets for our women!"

Martok has remained silent on the affair so far, prefereing to remain in the background for the time being. Much of the support that wished to see Martok elevated is starting to listen more closely to D'Klan and his push for a violent expansion of the Klingon Empire.

The risk of a civil war, once remote, is now seen as quite high among various analyst. And the possiblity of such activity spilling over into nearby powers seems greater than ever as other challengers for the throne attempt to appeal to disaffected Klingons across the empire.

Cardassians Suffer Heavily in Occupation of Talarian Worlds

In a stunning attack by the terrorist resisting Cardassian occupatin the Talarian Resistance detonated a series of merculite warheads buried deep under the government section of the capitol city during a Cardassian moment of silence commemerating the anniversiary of the Rape of Cardassian by Dominion and Breen forces. The attack alone left as many as 300,000 Cardassian occupation personel dead as it burned out 1/3rd of the capitol city in seconds. In addition the new governor of the territory was killed less than one year into his tenure replacing the previously killed governor.

These attacks were followed in short order by a widespread series of attacks on all Cardassian outpost across the various worlds. The Cardassian troops won every engagement and lost no territory to their attacks, but the green troops being used did suffer heavily in over three months of the most sever fighting seen to date. Overall casualties for the Cardassians are unknown but believed likely to be into the 1-2 million range of killed and wounded.

Many more Talarians are thought to have died, including several millions who were killed in the explosions in the capitol city.

The mood on Cardassia is still one of resolution to bring an end to the violence. As yet no peace movement has emerged with any force but it is known that there were some grumblings about the cost of occupying worlds which not only puts many Cardassians at risk but also provides no current tangible benefit to the Union.

Starfleet surpasses the 10,000 ship mark, Klingons Close Behind

Starfleet, according to its most recent reports, has finally cracked the 10,000 ship mark as the long process of rebuilding the fleet from the Dominion War has continued. Once thought sure to take place many years ago the pace of technological advancement pushed many ships that still had useful hull lives out of service entierly. As a result the fleet is smaller but far more advanced that it otherwise might have been.

Building continues at a healthy but not frantic pace with the overall goal being to see an avaliable force of 15,000 starships within 15 years. This would restore the fleet to nearly double its pre-war numbers.

The KDF meanwhile is believed to have nearly 7,500 ships in service with almost all of them being dedicated warships. By most indications building within the Empire has slowed as well. This is thought to be the driving force behind continued Starfleet expansion in the near future.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:20 pm

Federation News Service- 2411

Martok Claims Throne, Slays Challenger in Single Combat

Former Chancellor Martok has claimed the vacant Emperor's throne after challenging his recent critic to armed combat and slaying him on the floor of the High Council.

The move was acclaimed by most Klinon civilians and the military as a welcome event as Martok is supremly popular among the average Klingon. Various houses were known to be skeptical of the move but are in no position to oppose it, such is the strength of Martok's hold over the average Klingon.

Official taking the title of Emperor Martok I many have already appeneded him with monikers such as Martok the Great, Martok the Destroyer and Martok the Immortal. It is unknown at this time if Martok intends to make the position of Emperor heriditary to his heirs or if he intends to see the position pass more as the chancellorship has in recent history. Much of the opinion and resistance of the various houses will ride on these decisions.

A heriditary title would effectively freeze out the other great Klingon families from power for the foreseeable future. Most think that if Martok goes down this path that many of the great families will be displeased. Martok is expected to address the issue in a formal address to his people at a later time.

Cardassians Re-Assert Control over Talarian Worlds

Union forces have re-asserted a measure of control over the newly acquired territories by continuing to poor ever more troops onto the planets. Casualties were down from the high level last year as a robust Cardassian presence allowed the dissidents little room to plan major operations.

This occurred against a background of Cardassian political drama as people lined up more and more against the continued occupation of territory that seems to offer them little. Some groups engaged in minor work slowdowns to call on the government to hold elections now, rather than wait until they are required by law in 3 years. It is widely thought that the party supporting expanionism will be roundly defeated in the next election. This is of crucial importance as they are a major component of the Cardassian government as it stands now.

The government has thus far held firm that elections will be held as proscribed by the constitution and no earlier. Cardassian law calls for elections every 7 years or as often as the government wishes if the present executive chooses to call for new elections.

It is thought that the current ruling coalition is hoping for a dramatic turnaround in their fortunes to allow it to retain its position in elections down the road, rather than holding them now when defeat is almost a certainty.

Gorn Collapse Wormhole

In a decision made for the safety of the region, and in cooperation with the ABTF, the Gorn have elected to close the wormhole to the Delta quadrant. After consultation with its allies and other members of the ABTF the decision was made in short order to keep the Hur'q threat from advancing down that route.

The operation was carried out without any apparent difficulty with much of the theoretical work that went into an attempt to close the Bajoran Wormhole being utilized to achieve the operation.

ISA Calls Up Reserves

In preperation for dealing with the Hur'q crisis the ISA instituted a first large scale call up of reserves. This represented the first full deployment of the fleets since the formation of the alliance and the first since Starfleet implemented a ready reserve system designed to reduce its operating cost and allow it to surge ships rapidly during a crisis.

For the most part the system operated without difficulty, though the economic effect throughout he ISA was felt as millions of reserve officers and crew were recalled to duty and shipped out ot mate up with their ships.

When a crisis did not materialize the ISA forces began the process of winding down their deployments. Overall it was thought to be a useful exercise, just to make sure everything was working as they thought, even though no real threat ever materialized.

New Tueri Government....Same as the Old Tueri Government

In the completion of a bizzar, baffling and sometime violent trip through no less than 3 different governments the Tueri Star Empire, formerly the Tueri Assembly and soon to be the Tueri High Republic, announced that it would be changing government types yet again.

A measure of what political scientist are calling "Government Change Fatigue" marked the nearly non-existant official responses to the event. The theory holds that other governments and entities have become so used to the chaos surrounding the governing authority there that they simply view it as normal and it no longer holds their interest.

Apprently the government will largely follow the previous merchant trade form it had when it first burst on the scene. Outsiders are watching skeptically as this process unfolds.

Neutral Alliance Forms

A so called "Neutral" alliance has formed among the Tueri Star Empire (formerly the Tueri Assembly and soon to be the Tueri High Republic), the Shelliak Corporate and the Romulan Star Confederation in a move that has baffled international theorist as to its purpose and goals.

A supposed copy of the treaty has been obtained by the Federation News Service and the analysis of it by experts in the field has done little to lift the veil of confusion. While it on its face is a treaty of military assistance such assistance is described as being at the discretion of the various signatories. Most believe this renders the agreement quite toothless.

Additionally many scholars on both sides of the ISA and KAA cannot comprehened what the Romulan designs were with this arrangement.

"They have tied themselves to two weaklings for no purpose. If those two powers get into trouble and are attack the Romulans will have a war they might not want. If the Romulans are attacked by the ISA or the KAA then those powers will be of little assistance. There seems to be much more downside risk for the Romulans than their is upside," said one analyst.

As more information emerged from the newly opened RSC it has become clear that not all within the RSC support the move. An aid to a senator indicated to the Federation News Service that many in his wing of the senate were nervous that this whole thing was a ploy that would end with the Tueri rushing back to the Khitomer Alliance as Klingon warships rampage through Romulan space. He cited various intel reports that verify the continued existance of a relationship between the Tueri and Klingons that makes many in the Confederation uncomfortable.

Regardless, the alliance will be a force to be recokned with. Its destruction is not beyodn the capabilities of either the ISA or the KAA, but doing so would likely leave them vulnerable to their rival, so the new alliance should be fairly secure in that regard.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:33 am

Federation News Service, 2412

Billions Dead, Martok and High Council Killed as Romulan Warbird Slams into Imperial City

A Norexan Class Warbird, penetrating Klingon space using a cloak made a shocking suicide attack on the Imperial City by ramming it at high speed and detonating its warp core just above the city as it crashed into the atmosphere. As it closed on the system it transmitted the message "We strike for the Tal Shiar and the Romulan's of the occupied territory."

The ship apparently penetrated the Klingon border by utilizing a cloaking device, which the Romulans were thought to have given up. The ship disengaged its cloak on final approach to the system and raised it shields. Making its final run as fast as the warp engines could carry it.

The KDF, given a matter of seconds to go from a peacetime patrol setting to firing on the onrushing threat responded. Reports are that a series of hits were made on the incoming target and it came in as a dead stick, being carried only by its momentum as it plowed through a thicket of torpedoes and mines.

The ship tumbled as it entered the atmosphere but the fire was unable to keep the ship from impact close enough to its presumed target to inflict debilitating damage.

It was apparent the course had been deliberately set from outside the system as it impacted within a few kilometers of the Imperial Palace and leveled a huge amount of highly built up space. The ship made a straight speed run in, ignoring all fire and using its weapons simple to clear a path through mine fields.

An estimated 13 billion Klingons perished in the assault along with all members of the High Council and Chancellor/Emperor Martok. It is unknown who, if anyone, will emerge to lead the Klingon Empire in the short term.

Cardassians Lose Two Space Stations to Talarian Terrorist

A pair of Cardassian stations along the Breen border were lost to terrorist attacks by Talarian Forces. Apparently taking of a pair of commercial freighters they were able to gain permission to dock with the stations by declaring emergencies and then detonating explosives they had housed on board.

Casualties were light as the stations died a slow death rather than exploding along with their attackers.

This is thought to be a matter of great concern for the CU as both of the stations were critical defense installations along the Breen border. It also represents a departure from the previous Talarian tactics of resistance on the ground alone. They have been unable to organize in the face of increasing numbers of Union troops deployed on their homeworld.

This escalation is thought to be an attempt to bring the war home to the Cardassian people and make them quit the occupation through political strife.
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