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Romulans and Klingons Make Peace!

The Romulans and Klingons have negotiated peace to their latest border dispute. Terms have not yet been disclosed but it is believed the Romulan's gave at least 1/3rd of their territory in the process.
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Federation News Service- 2393 (June-December)

Coup On Romulus, Praetor Deposed and replaced by Military Offical

The Romulan Praetor was deposed when he initially accepted a Klingon offer that would have shorn from the empire nearly 1/3rd of its systems. The military vowed to fight on until a fair deal can be reached, or until death.

Little is known about the new Praetor except that he is beholden to the military and presumably the Tal Shiar.

Klingons Grind Through Romulan Defenses, Civilian Deaths in the Billions

In a blunt, direct and violent series of assaults the Klingon Defense Forces have seized at least five Romulan systems in the first half year of war. After an initial assault by well trained amphibious troops the Klingons and Romulans spend the next four months throwing nearly untrained conscripts at one another in a bloody series of battles that raged through Romulan space.

The Klingons committed over 130 million troops to a drive north through Romulan planets along the Federation border. The attacks kicked off when a large Klingon fleet arrived in system 129 and got the better of the large and hastily assembled militia forces the Romulans threw in front of them. This battle began in August and was wrapped up within two weeks.

Losses however were unexpectedly heavy as the Romulans simply dug in among their homes and cities and resisted to the last, presumably spurred on by propaganda depicting a brutal Klingon occupation.

The Romulans are believed to have lost 25-35 million soldiers in the battle for this system while the Klingon losses are believed to be about the same.

The Klingon force then moved on to system 129 where the commander in charge bungled the landing and was thrown back by the inexperienced Romulan defenders. A follow on assault would eventual crush all resistance but not before the Klingons lost another 35 million soliders in the process, with the Romulans again suffering similar losses. The exhausting battle lasted the whole of September, delaying the Klingon advance.

Finally the task force arrived at system 127 in November and launched yet another assault. This time the Romulans violently threw back the depleted and tired Klingon forces. Rumors are that the Romulan Guard was present at the battle and after the local militia chewed on the Klingon forces for a while it punched through to the landing area and precipitated a general retreat.

Total losses in this series of battles is estimated at 120 million Klingons dead and wounded, 70 million Romulans dead and wounded along with what is being estimated at 3 billion civilians possibly killed during the savage street battles.

At the end of nearly 6 months of constant warfare both sides find themselves exhausted and in need of fresh troops.

Romulans Strike QonoS! Massive Damage to Industrial Facilities! War with the Breen!

The Romulan fleet made its long await appearance in the war by launching a daring strike on QonoS at the beginning of August. The fleet reportedly arrived and ordered the Breen to vacated the space if they were truly neutral.

They then opened fire on the defensive emplacements in the system and when the Breen fired back they opened fire on them as well. Estimates are that nearly 1,000 top line Romulan ships participated in the attack against 400 smaller and weaker Breen defenders.

Final reports are sketchy as Klingon security has clamped down on all reports on the capital world but trades who frequent the system have reported that the massive shipyard facility, the starbase and the Breen fleet were wiped out.

The Romulan High Command held a press conference in which they released images of the Breen opening fire and the destruction of what appears to be shipyard and space station facilities. The attack is being hailed as one of the boldest in history.

Romulan losses are unknown but presumed to be heavy.

The Gorn, Romulan Allies?

In a surprising turn of events reports of a Gorn assault on Klingon border worlds are beginning to leak out from the border area between the two powers. The rumors began in October that a number of border worlds had been raided by the Gorn.

Things picked up a new urgency in November when, to hear many local traders tell the tale, a combined Romulan and Gorn fleet assaulted the Klingon system 160, inflicting unkown damage on the world.

The Gorn government loudly is denying these claims and no official word has been passed on from the Klingon High Council on the matter. The Romulans have declined to talk about active operations.

Breen Engage in Piracy against Cardassian Ships

In a stunning development a combined Cardassian and Federation operation has reportedly captured the pirates that plagued the trade route between the two powers. Details are sketchy at this time as neither power will divulge the details but traders report picking up readings of a short battle between the two forces.

The Federation then released a statement implicating the Breen as actively engaging in piracy against another power.

This stunning turn of events has implications beyond those three powers as the Klingons are engaged in a high difficult war with the Romulans and likely did not want the distraction at this time. Sources within the Klingon Empire indicate that the reaction to this news was one of simmering rage at their wayward ally.

Officially nothing has been stated beyond the initial statements by both the Federation and Breen on the matter. It is expected that behind the scenes negotiators are working to come to an arrangement that will suit all three powers involved and prevent war from spreading further.

The cost is expected to be high for the Breen, as piracy is a clear act of war when carried out by on sovereign power against another.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

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Peace Accords

Romulan and Klingon Delegates struck a peace agreement in the last hours of the year, averting what was expected to be a crushing Klingon offensive towards Romulus.

The agreement handed 9 worlds over to the Klingons while returning two worlds that had been conquered to the Romulans.

More analysis of this to follow as details are sorted out. It is believe no monetary reparations were paid by either side for the war.
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Details of Peace Emerge, New Border Drawn

The Romulans and Klingons reached an 11th hour deal bringing an end to a short but highly destructive war fought over the course of five months.

The Romulans have agreed to turn over control of 9 systems along the border region between the two powers. The citizens of those systems will be allowed to leave at their own or Romulan expense over the next six months per terms of the agreement. The Romulans have avoided paying any monetary damages to the Klingons for the time being.

For the Klingons it is believed that the new border will provide them with more security. The old border ran near to several major Klingon worlds and was somewhat near to the core worlds of the empire while the new one is much further from both the Romulan and Klingons core worlds. Analyst hope this will reduce tension between the two powers in the long run.

Several major problems exist for both major powers in completing the transaction. Systems 138, 137 and 136 that go over to the Klingons all saw hard fighting. The Romulans retain 129, 127 and 125 which saw some of the hardest fighting of the war. In the short run considerable expense will be incured by both powers as they try to stabalize the humanitarian situation in their respective worlds.

The Romulans will have the additional problem of large numbers of refugees from the turned over worlds that will need to be cared for and integrated into their remaining systems.

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Jane's Defense Consulting Instant Analysis- The Romulan/Klingon War

Synopsis: The Romulan-Klingon War was fought over a period of 5-months from July of 2393 until December of the same year. A particularly intense war it saw the deaths of some 200 million service men and nearly 5 billion mostly Romulan civilians. The following is an analysis put together through open source records and recent post-war briefings by the two governments designed to give an assessment of the overall conduct of the war and give a projection of the state of the two powers at the end of the war as it relates to the other entities in the conflict. It also includes subsections on Breen tactical performance at the Battle of QonoS.

Diplomatic Planning: Regardless of the events that directly precipitated the war the goals of the two powers were fairly clear through their statements and actions. The Klingon's wished to advance and take as much Romulan territory as possible while the Romulan's sought only to prevent this from occurring and to minimize the damage inflicted. These postures were very much reflective of the overall military weakness of the RSE when weighed against the KE.

The KE was high effective at isolating the RSE from any potential support at the outset. The only substantial support from the outside that was noted is the disputed attack by the Gorn on Klingon territory towards the close of the war. Additionally the KE was able to retain the support of the Breen actively and at least secure the neutrality of the Federation, which largely secured its position during the conflict.

Diplomatically the KE clearly held an advantage in the period leading up to the conflict.

Long-Range Military Planning: The power imbalance that manifested itself in this conflict was largely a result of the last 10 to 15 years of policy within the two Empires. It had long been rumored that the KE was re-arming from the Dominion War at a very quick pace while at the same time modernizing its frontline combat ships. This allowed the KE to deploy a large and formidable force against the Romulans, outnumbering them on all fronts by a margin of at least 2-1.

Romulan activity in this regard was largely unknown due to their secretive nature but given their actions during the war it is now theorized their fleet is significantly smaller than previously known and might number less than 2,500 total units with many of those being smaller scout types. Romulan commanders explicitly avoided direct confrontations with the Klingon Fleet during the whole war.

Again the KE was far more effective in this period. It dedicated more resources to rebuilding its military and used them more effectively.

Klingon Operational Planning: Having established advantages in overall military strength and having a dominant diplomatic position the KDF High Command did their best to throw those advantages away by simply trying to plow over the RSN (Romulan Star Navy) without giving much if any concern to potential enemy threats. Overall the ground campaign was an effective if blunt affair characterized by high casualties on both sides and the KDF more often than not ending up with what it wanted.

However the same can't be said of the naval campaign. Given overwhelming strength and superiority of numbers the KDF failed to maintain enough defensive depth to respond in time to protect critical targets, including its Capitol System, from Romulan attacks and due to its tight attachment to the troops was unable to locate and engage the majority of the RSN in a decisive battle that likely would have ended the war.

High Command failed to identify a high priority target that would force the Romulan Fleet to engage in a proper battle and failed to either heed or obtain adequate intelligence about the speed of the latest Romulan ships. The failure to leave ships in a position to recover and cover QonoS either by aggressive offensive action towards a priority Romulan target or allocating enough defensive depth so that the Klingon main body could recover to its core systems when notified of a Romulan incursion is a stunning failure of military planning.

Field commanders performed adequately enough, though the failure to obtain a decisive victory over the Romulan Fleet is likely to be a subject of concern. The focus on taking and holding planets bound the fleet to a rigid timetable dictated by the pace of ground advances. A more free-wheeling force might have had better results in locating a target for which the Romulans would have fought.

Romulan Operational Planning: Fighting at a disadvantage in both quantity and quality of units available Romulan High Command performed admirably in implementing a hit and run campaign by the RSN along with a delaying campaign headed by the army.

The most controversial, and indeed defining, decision of the war was the decision to go to QonoS and attempt to strike a blow that would force the Klingon's to the table, lest the cost of the war break them to a 2nd rate power.

The decision to couple this strike with a delaying campaign everywhere else was validated by the results with the KE taking only 9 worlds in negotiations rather than the 13 they wanted and leaving them far more distant from Romulan core worlds than they would have been through other negotiations. Additionally it is believed the Klingons set out looking to gain at least 1/3rd of the RSE and ended up negotiating for 1/5th.

The other major decision by Romulan High Command was to fight a defensive campaign on the ground, forcing the enemy to come in and dig their forces out from among civilians. This drastically slowed the Klingon advance and greatly raised the cost to them of doing so. However it inflicted huge losses among Romulan civilians who were caught in the crossfire.

Overall Romulan commanders utilized the few assets they had well during the conflict. However nothing they were able to accomplish changed the overall calculus of forces at hand. Eventually the KDF would have worn them down by sheer numbers and firepower.

Klingon Tactical Performance: The KDF performed well in early ground engagements but increasingly lost its edge as it moved forward with less experienced troops. Heavy losses among ill trained assault forces will likely force the KDF to re-evaluate its methods, despite its overall success.

The fleet saw little to no direct combat, so nothing can be inferred here. However the overall concept of not assisting ground forces with an orbital bombardment likely lead to heavy casualties for the assaulting force and given the Romulan dispositions did not really spare many civilians or infrastructure from damage.

The newer ships of the Vor'Cha upgrade and Hos'Hegh class proved strong enough that the Romulans elected to stay away from them. The older ships still provided useful service as well in their more limited roles.

Romulan Tactical Performance: The RSN delivered an above average performance at the Battle of QonoS. Despite out-gunning the Breen by a considerable margin the force did have to deal with a heavily armed space station. Both threats were handled competently which allowed the fleet to proceed with its mission against the shipyards. The Norexan and Praetor class ships (the Praetor is a smaller version of the Norexan, ending speculation on what type of project it was) comfortably outperformed their opponents and demonstrated a high warp speed in excess of warp 9.9 to accomplish their mission.

The Battle of System 160 had a different result. There the old D'Deridex class warbirds suffered heavily at the hands of a single station before overcoming that resistance along with a small Gorn contingent. Losses were far heavier than would normally be expected from such a large force taking on a single station. The slower speed of these vessels made them unsuited to hit and run style attacks and many were relegated to duty in rear areas.

Breen Tactical Performance: Breen ships were thoroughly outclassed by their Romulan opponents during the Battle of QonoS. Released sensor logs and footage from Romulan ships indicate that the latest Breen designs, designated Battle Cruisers by the Breen, we at best an even match for the Praetor Class which carries the designation of a destroyer in the RSN. The Breen Frigate remains a class that has its best strength in numbers and suffers badly when fighting on more even terms.

The standoff capability of the Romulan forces allowed them to open fire on the starbase from maximum range while the Breen were still cloaked and clustered close near the station and planet leaving them the option either try to move out under cloak or return fire immediately. The high volume of effective fire from the Romulans caused the Breen commander to engage instantly, lest he lose the 60% of his total firepower that the station represented before his ships could fire a shot.

In the running torpedo exchange as the two fleets closed the Romulans were able to generate a higher volume of fire and generated more losses among the Breen fleet, destroying a few dozen ships but damaging many more and reducing their combat effectiveness. Once the ships closed to weapons range the superior weight of Romulan fire continued to tell, with the Breen forces collapsing and falling apart before they could close within 50,000 KM.

Long Term Effects: For the RSE the effects of this war are obvious. Their population and tax base has shrunk and their defensive depth against the KE has been reduced. They suffered by far the largest loss of life and property of the two powers involved and it will take years to absorb the losses.

For the KE things are less clear. The empire was enlarged, but it will take some time to fully digest the new worlds to the point they contribute to the bottom line in a productive manner. More troubling are Romulan reports and sensor logs that show two shipyards as being total losses. The cost of replacing that infrastructure will range into the tens of millions of credits over the next three to six years depending on how hard the KE pushes to re-establish production at previous levels.

In the short term analyst estimate Klingon ship production has been reduced by anywhere from half to two-thirds from its previous high and rebuilding this infrastructure could take up to half of the empires annual budget according to analyst estimates.

Loss Analysis

~ means total is estimated rather than confirmed.

RSE- Losses are estimated as follows.

9 systems
~13 Billion Citizens over to the KE
~10 Billion Refugees
~3 Billion Civilians Dead
~70 Million Soldiers
~90 Norexan Class Ships
~100 Praetor Class Ships
~30 D'Deridex Class Ships
Two Type 375 Starbases

KE- Gains are estimated as follows
9 Systems
~13 Billion Citizens

Losses are estimated as follows
~130 Million Soldiers
2 Shipyards and associated ground facilities
~200 Hos'Hegh Battlecruisers destroyed while under construction
~350 Vor'Cha Battlecruisers destroyed while undergoing rebuild
~300 Breen Frigates
~35 Breen Battlecruisers
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Federation News Service 2393

Gorn Payoff Klingons

The Gorn have arranged for payment of 15 million credits to the Klingons as reperations for war damages allegedly inflicted by rouge Gorn ships at the close of the Romulan-Klingon War. This payment was facilitated by the sale of 100 nearly obsolete destroyers to the Ferengi Alliance, along with other technology sharing agreements between the two powers.

These funds are likely to be used, at least in part, to facilitate the rebuilding of the Klingon shipbuilding industry which was believed to have suffered hard blows during the recent war.

Arms sales pick up amid increasing tensions

Three major arms sales were completed in the past year that highlight the rising tensions in the area as many powers look to their own defense.

The Federation completed two different sales to its various allies. Early in the year a large number of surplus Starfleet ships were offloaded onto the Tholian Assembly for a sum of 5 million credits. The force, numbering around 200 ships mostly included older models but did include a small collection of more modern ships such at the Akira and Sabre class. While none of the ships are frontline models they certainly represent a major upgrade for the Tholian Navy.

Additionally the Federation completed a more complicated agreement with the Cardassian Union to provide them with Akira and Defiant class ships. Under the agreement the Cardassians are given the plans to build the Defiant class without restriction (though it is the original pre-cloaking device model). The Cardassians picked up the tab for the cost to upgrade the Akira class and will build some in its own yards while buying others from the Federation.

This arrangement is believed to have allowed upgrade work to occur on a class that would otherwise have been taken out of the construction pool in the next few years. Starfleet has not commented but it is expected that all Akira's will be upgraded to the new standard over time.

Finally the Ferengi purchased from the Gorn 100 obsolete destroyers for the astonishing price of 15 million credits. These ships are in most estimates vastly inferior in capability and value to those sold to the Tholians for 5 million credits, suggesting that the Tholians either got a great bargin or the Ferengi vastly overpaid for what they got.

Tax Revolt in Ferengi Alliance

A group of dis-enchanted business owners within the Ferengi Alliance has pledged to hold back their taxes until such time as the government can, in their words, "stop squandering profit". A long simmering movement it was recently spurred into action by the astonishing decision to spend 15 million credits on old Gorn ships.

This action promises to reduce income to the Ferengi government by 15% at least until such time as the taxpayer revolt stops. Indeed if the concerns of the various businesses are not met then such a revolt may lead to widespread strikes and violence.

Borg Sighted

An old enemy has emerged in the Delta Quadrant as the Borg have reportedly been sighted occupying a planet less than 50 light years from the wormhole exit. Official reports are sketchy at this time but a flurry of activity with ships assigned to the Anti-Borg Task Force as well as among the member governments lends credibility to reports emerging that the Borg are indeed on the move once again.

Breen Payoff Cardassians and Federation

Breen officials have reached an agreement with the Federation and Cardassian negotiators to end the crisis brought on by the Breen military engaging in acts of piracy.

The Breen agreed to the following terms.

-The Creation of a 3LY Neutral Zone back from the Current Breen Border
-The Removal of all cloaking technology from the Breen Fleet. To be verified by Three Parties
-The Repayment of the losses plus 5x in Punative damages for a total of 2,000,000 to the Cardassian Union and 400,000 to the United Federation of Planets all of which must be repayed within 6 years (an average of 400,000 a year)

These terms brought an end to yet another round of war fever within the Cardassian Union and UFP brought on by the Breen-Klingon Alliance and their actions. Analyst were split on the larger implications of the deal, though all found at least one point of agreement in deriding the Breen claims of looking for a secret Dominion facility as flimsy at best.

"Loigcally it makes little sense. Had they been caught elsewhere then it might be plausible, but this is one of the most high density trade routes in the quadrant...and it is within spitting distance of Deep Space 9....and a massive running battle was fought between Cardassia and Bajor. In short, if such a facility does exist it seems certain that it would not exist where they were looking," said one senior analyst. "However that does not make this a bad deal for the Cardassians in particular. It gives them a chance to continue building their strength which will strengthen the hand of the Cardassian-Federation alliance if and when a conflict occurs."

Another analyst offered up a different point of view.

"The continued appeasement of the Klingon-Breen Alliance will only encourage more behavior like this in the future. The more they see they can bully others and get what they want the more likely they are to continue to operate in that manner. The Klingons just started a war on flimsy pretense at best that led to six and a half billion deaths and no one bats an eye because they are terrified of them. They rip 9 systems out of the Romulan Empire and no one says a word," said the analyst. "The Breen openly engage in acts of war and MURDER Cardassian citizens in cold blood and they get off with a slap on the wrist. Look at the major conflicts of the past 3 years. The Klingon-Breen alliance is always at the center of it yet we are led to believe it is the Romulan's fault or the Gorn's fault or that there is some sort of extenuating circumstance that justfies their action."

The status of the Khitomer Accords continues to play a large role in the coming Federation elections. The Andorian Council member is emerging as the prime threat to re-election for the current president has repeatedly harped on the issue and had this to say at a recent campaign rally.

"So long as we embrace the farce of the Khitomer Accords we as the Federation have to acknowledge that some of the blood drawn by the Klingon and Breen actions rest in our hands. While we stand idle, our hands tied by the treaty, the Klingons initiated a war that killed billions. If they were attacked and their only interest was peace then why not ask for our assistance? Because this was a war about territorial gain and nothing more. Our hands were again tied when they threatened the Gorn with the same fate as those billions already dead. The Breen continue their insults to this very day, going so far as to murder citizens of our democratic Cardassian allies, confident that in our presidents seeming desperation to appease his Klingon masters we will cut a deal."

"A vote for me is not a vote for war as my opponent will say. It is a vote for the UFP to take a principled stand against aggression and annul the Khitomer Accords. If the Klingons wish to continue their agression against their smaller neighboors then let them do so without our tacit approval and support at the very least because when the day comes they are finished with the Romulans and the Gorn at least we will be able to say we did not help make the rope with which they will try to hang us."
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Anti-Borg Task Force Engages the Borg

The Borg made a long awaited appearance in the Delta Quadrant and were engaged by all ships of the ABTF that could be made ready for the engagement in time to meet the Borg in battle.

The Borg were initially detected at a world nearly 50 ly's from the Delta Quadrant terminus of the wormhole assimilating what was believed to be a Kazon planet. The decision was made by the commander of the ABTF to move aggressively to engage the Borg as far away from the anomaly as was possible and all ships that could make Warp 9.5 or better moved in on the Borg fleet, which consisted of 8 Tactical Type Cubes.

ABTF commanders achieved tactical surprise in moving forward to engage the Borg rather than waiting to receive their attack. The allied force was comprised of 864 vessels, with Starfleet comprising the major hitting power of the force. The majority could and did travel under cloak, which seems to have muted the initial Borg response.

Admiral Cilpats from Starfleet opened the engagement with the Klingon and Breen forces pushed forward in a screen under the command of the Klingon XO General Hsur'Cpeed. The general operational concept was to prevent the Borg from surging forward against the more powerful torpedo firing ships to the rear and in doing so to smother them in long-range fire.

Initial results were spotty as the fleet traded damaged cubes for dead alliance ships. As they continued to close the range the volume of fire eventually began to tell on the Borg.

Federation ships fired an astonishing 69,000 quantum torpedoes in the brief engagement, with each Sovereign Class ship firing an average of 500 projectiles. On the whole the fleet fired nearly 100,000 torpedoes of all types against the Borg.

"What happened at the Battle of System Delta 4 was a product of years of research and millions of credits invested into developing a long-range, standoff capability designed to overwhelm the Borg with sheer volumes of fire," said Admiral Cilpats.

The Borg, clearly expecting to make an orderly and linear advance through the fleet quickly abandoned their tactics as the battle evolved through its middle phase and their losses mounted. They instead attempted to close with the more exposed forward screen of the ABTF Fleet in an apparent effort to avoid the ongoing torpedo fire.

"Our heaviest losses were among the screening ships under General Hsur'Cpeed of the KDF. Once the Borg rushed forward we moved our forward reserve up as rapidly as possible in support, pushing the Defiant Class ships, along with various Cardassian and Tholian types, up into the active area of battle," said Cilpats.

Losses were heavy as the battle pressed to a close. The Borg, having already lost five cubes, lost another 4 and had their final cube heavily damaged in this phase of close combat. The ABTF suffered the majority of its losses during this phase as well.

Analyst looked at the battle as a revelation on many fronts. Most immediately in regards to the Borg many believe they may have reached a plateau as far as their development goes and that weapons development in the AQ has progressed to the point that it can inflict damage on a scale at which the Borg cannot simply adapt.

Deployments and Losses are as Follows


60 Sovereign Class Battle-Cruisers (0)
24 Alliance Class Heavy-Cruisers (0)
108 Prometheus Class Light-Cruisers (4 Destroyed, 6 Damaged)
175 Defiant Class Destroyers (10 Destroyed, 32 Damaged)

Cardassian Navy

4 Keldon Class Cruisers (0)
3 Excelsior Class Cruisers (1 Damaged)

Tholian Navy

50 Tur'Loc Class Heavy Destroyers (3 Destroyed, 7 Damaged)
200 Tholian Attack Ships (12 Destroyed, 26 Damaged)

Klingon Defence Force

30 Negh'Var Class Battleships (8 Destroyed, 12 Damaged)

Breen Navy

10 Breen Battlecruisers (4 Destroyed, 2 Damaged)
25 Breen Destroyers (3 Destroyed, 10 Damaged)
175 Breen Frigates (25 Destroyed, 54 Damaged)


8 Tactical Cubes (7 Destroyed, 1 Crippled)

Ships were deployed as follows into the various task groups.

Group 1 Number @ Start
Sovereign Class 20

Group 2 Number @ Start
Sovereign Class 20

Group 3 Number @ Start
Sovereign Class 20

Group 4 Number @ Start
Alliance Class 12

Group 5 Number @ Start
Alliance Class 12

Group 6 Number @ Start
Prometheus Class 27

Group 7 Number @ Start
Prometheus Class 27

Group 8 Number @ Start
Prometheus Class 27

Group 9 Number @ Start
Prometheus Class 27

Group 10 Number @ Start
Defiant 35

Group 11 Number @ Start
Defiant 35

Group 12 Number @ Start
Defiant 35

Group 13 Number @ Start
Defiant 35

Group 14 Number @ Start
Defiant 35

Group 15 Number @ Start
Keldon 4
Tur'Loc 25
Tholian Attack 100

Group 16 Number @ Start
Excelsior Mk II 3
Tur'Loc 25
Tholian Attack 100

Group 17 Number @ Start
Negh'Var 15
Breen BC 5

Group 18 Number @ Start
Negh'Var 15
Breen BC 5

Group 19 Number @ Start
Breen Frigates 35
Breen Destroyers 5

Group 20 Number @ Start
Breen Frigates 35
Breen Destroyers 5

Group 21 Number @ Start
Breen Frigates 35
Breen Destroyers 5

Group 22 Number @ Start
Breen Frigates 35
Breen Destroyers 5

Group 23 Number @ Start
Breen Frigates 35
Breen Destroyers 5




Borg fragment sues for Peace

At the conclusion of the Battle of System Delta 4 the final crippled Borg cube broadcast a message of submission to the commander of the Allied fleet. From this transmission emerged an agreement with the Borg near the Delta Quadrant terminus of the wormhole towards peace in exchange for transit through the anomaly into Borg space.

The commanders and executive officers would not discuss the exact terms of the transit but it is presumed great caution will be taken in isolating and moving the Borg through known space.

The Alpha Quadrant powers gained in this transaction information regarding Borg Nano-probe technology from which much medical advancement can be expected. Additionally most local powers are expected to start working on an immunization to prevent assimilation by the Borg in the future, now that detailed technical knowledge has been obtained about the devices.

Finally the ABTF commander was sent copious amounts of information on the potential threat posed by the Hur'q, a species which many years ago overran the Klingon Empire.

Tax Revolt Spreads to Workers in Ferengi Alliance

Dis-satisfaction among the rank and file Ferengi business owners spread to the workers of the alliance as the government made no particular move to address concerns that prompted last years tax revolt. The general strike (believed to be the first widespread strikes not violently struck down under strict Ferengi anti-strike laws) have stopped all military production and slowed civilian production to essential items.

The workers and business owners have aligned around three primary claims against the Nagus and are demanding he step down.

1. A flagrant violation of the third rule of acquisition in regards to the purchase of the Gorn ships for an astonishing 15 million credits of public funds.

2. A flagrant failure to follow many rules of acquisition in regards to failing to develop trade markets for Ferengi businesses and thus allowing nearly 4.6 million credits worth of trade items to sit unsold without markets.

3. A failure to capitalize on the 34th rule of acquisition during the recent hostilities.

The strikes are expected to cost the Ferengi economy upwards of 35% of their annual production and tax revenue.

Tholian Government Collapses

Incompetence and neglect have done in the Tholian government, which has collapsed of its own lethargy over the past year. A long simmering crisis finally reached a boil when the government was unable to submit to a budget to the various guilds that comprise the empires power structure for the second straight year.

Unable to come to an agreement on power sharing in the wake of the collapse the various caste of Tholian society finally agreed to petition the Gorn Hegemony for what amounts to a merger of the two governments under the governing structure of the Hegemony with the understanding that all treaties negotiated by the two powers will be annulled with a view towards re-negotiation in a manner that best fits the newly combined entity.

The thorny issue of domestic governance was largely set aside as the two groups agreed to exist under a common taxing authority and military command structure which each planet being free to determine its own domestic laws.

The Gorn Ambassador to the Federation issued the following announcement.
"The Gorn would like to announce the dissolution of the Tholian Assembly and its absorption into the Gorn Hegemony. The union was a voluntary action on both sides, the result of a massive public unrest in the Tholian Assembly and a referendum vote in both Empires. As a consequence of our political union, the Hegemony is withdrawing from its current treaties. We are however willing to renegotiate treaties on a case-by-case basis."
It is expected by most that the Gorn will move swiftly to re-affirm their commitments to both the ABTF structure and the Non-proliferation treaty structure in order to protect trade and play a role in the defence of the wormhole close to their territory. Other treaties are much more up in the air at this point.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Tue May 11, 2010 5:59 pm

Federation News Service- 2395

Borg transit completed without incident

Under heavy escort and accompanied by sub-space jamming equipment that rendered their sensors and communications inoperable the Borg ships have completed their transit out of the Delta Quadrant.

The route, which was heavily guarded and cleared of all civilian traffic, took the Borg ships well beyond the Coreward (southern) edges of the Klingon Empire. This Borg were escorted into deep space and the crews which did the onsite monitoring were then evacuated to ships standing by at the location.

Ferengi Alliance Stabilizes for now

The widespread general strikes and tax revolts ended as the central government cut taxes and began its first steps towards expanding trade opportunities for market hungry Ferengi traders.

Anger still simmers beneath the surface, but for the moment it appears to have subsided into a quite loathing of the central government rather than last years outright hatred. Continued progress by the government towards what the protestors call "traditional Ferengi ways" should eventually restore some sort of normalcy.

At the height of the crisis the government did raise 20,000 troops for which the purpose was not disclosed. Believed to be the first standing army in Ferengi history this move seems to have contributed to the general quieting of the protest movement against the government.

Twenty Years Since the End of The Dominion War

A series of events across the quadrant paid tribute to the end of the Dominion War which ended twenty years ago today with the surrender of Dominion and Breen forces to the Federation-Klingon-Romulan Alliance.

Across Starfleet and among the Federation government a moment of silence was held at the exact time the guns fell silent twenty years ago to commemorate the dead. Starfleet lost millions of people and thousands of ships during the conflict in what has widely been described as the most significant crisis for the organization since it was founded.

Within the Cardassian Union a temple to those that lost their lives in the Dominion bombardment at the wars end was dedicated. The war has long been a touchy subject within the Union due to the shame many feel over their involvement with the Dominion. However the long period of peace and alliance with the Federation has enabled the Cardassians to mourn their war dead, in particular the civilians killed more openly than they would have in the past.

Indeed the Federation ambassador was on hand for the dedication ceremony, something that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Sat May 15, 2010 7:07 pm

This year's edition introduces an order of battle system that gives the estimated total number of ships and classifies them through our patented universal ratings system, which is detailed as follows.

Battleship- Into this category would fall the Scimitar, the Dominion Dreadnaught and other such large ships that have existed in small numbers throughout the region. These ships generally are more than twice the mass of a typical battlecruiser (in excess of 8 million tons) and are more comprehensively armed and armoured than their smaller companions. Large enough to make no real compromises they are designed to stand up to and deal great amounts of punishment.

Battle Cruiser-The main heavy forces of most regional naval forces these are heavily armed and armoured and generally quite fast. These ships generally exhibit a bias towards either offensive of defensive action as their size generally inhibits the ability to do everything one would want with them. Still, the most capable of this breed are generally among the most well rounded ships you will find in the region.

Cruisers- Cruisers make up a large component of most naval forces in the region. Composed of ships that generally are well armed but often make trade offs of speed, defensive capability or armament to excel in one particular area. More rounded ships do exist in this area (such as the Ambassador Class which in its time would have been a battlecruiser) but have generally fallen out of favour with most naval forces as they move towards specialist ships like the Akira Class.

Frigates- We have chosen to utilize the traditional age of sail definition of a Frigate to distinguish between Frigates and Destroyers. Both occupy the same general mass ranges. However a Frigates mission is to be a well-rounded and generally speedy ship designed to be the eyes of the fleet and operate independently of other units. Generally lightly armed they are focused much more on range and speed.

Destroyer- Destroyers on the other hand are biased almost 100% towards combat. Heavily armed and generally short legged they operate most often in groups in support of larger ships during battle. Often slower than their Frigate counterparts they tend to be ships that hit above their weight.

Specialist Ships- Ships with a roll outside of the traditional naval force structure. These would include dedicated exploratory vessels, advance cloaked observation vessels, command ships and anything else that does not fall into the above categories.


Government: United Federation of Planets
Headquarters: Earth
Personnel: 17,274,507
Ships in Commission: 8,637 (aprox. 1,500 of those in reserve)
Major Installations: 30

General Overview: Starfleet has begun the process of removing older ships from its active ranks and placing them in reserve. This has allowed a manpower savings of nearly 5 million officers, crew and support personnel over the past several years.

Construction continues to be rapid but has been reduced to 300 or so ships a year with the goal of sustaining an overall fleet of around 15,000 ships (10,000 active, 5,000 reserve) with a 50-year average service life for each vessel.

Recent Developments and Operations: The exploratory mission, neglected for a time in light of the Dominion War and the resulting scarce numbers of ships in the post war period, has begun to ramp over the past years. Over 18% of Starfleet's active strength is devoted to scientific and exploration missions as older designs such as the Oberth are phased out for the Nova and Pulsar Class ships. The Etoil class has entered service as an eventual Nova replacement, boasting higher speed on a multi-mission configurable platform.

Starfleet recently had its most successful engagement with the Borg to date. In an engagement that featured eight Borg tactical cubes Starfleet vessels provided the bulk of the firepower for an alliance fleet that was capable of crushing the enemy.

This has caused us to revise upwards again its ratings for Starfleets latest ships. They demonstrated a particular capability to fire a very large volume of quantum torpedoes and sustain that fire over a considerable period of time.

Procurement Programs: Starfleet continue to procure the following ships; Sovereign, Prometheus, Defiant, Akira, Akron, Etoil, Intrepid, Alliance and Pulsar Classes.

Known R&D programs produced one new ship classes for service.

An offshoot of the Akron program, a joint program with the Cardassian Navy, produced an updated Akira model. Essentially the photon torpedoes were swapped out for Quantum torpedo launchers and other upgrades were made to the ships defensive and offensive weapons systems.

Initially slated for retirement over the next 20 years the Akira class was found to have sufficient hull life to serve well beyond that. Along with the newer Akron class these ships are slated to make up the core of Federation border patrol fleets for the foreseeable future.

The procurement of Defiant class ships will cease in the near future as Starfleet has almost finished replacing horrendous losses suffered by the Centaur, Miranda, New Orleans and Sabre classes which originally numbered over 2,400 ships before recent hostilities reduced their numbers to less than 1,000. A loss rate of 63% in this category was of major concern to Starfleet. Ships in the destroyer category accounted for nearly 80% of Starfleets losses during the Dominion War when cargo and science ships are excluded from the total so upgrading this category of ships was a high priority.

Other Equipment: Starfleet has continued to aggressively retire ships from service as new construction has allowed them to do so. Many are being sold with others just being scrapped rather than placed into reserve.

Ships by Class (Number in Service) ((EIS))

Ships are listed by suspected combat ability relative to others in their class.

Battlecruisers (1179)

Sovereign Class (662) ((2372))
Galaxy Class (114) ((2362))
Nebula Class (403) ((2355))

Cruisers (2,441)

Alliance Class (310) ((2380's))
Prometheus Class (1075) ((2375))
Akron Class (211) ((Mid 2380's))
Akira Class (737) ((2363))
Ambassador Class (15) ((2330))
Niagara Class (92) ((2336))
Excelsior Class (1) ((2287))

Frigates (783)

Intrepid Class (635) ((2371))
Norway Class (148) ((2360))

Destroyers (2,600)

Defiant Class (1907) ((2367))
Steamrunner Class (270) ((2342))
New Orleans Class (273) ((2364))
Saber Class (150) ((2343))

Specialist Ships (1,674)

Pulsar Class Deep Space Explorer (326) ((2380's))
Etoli Class Science Ship (26) ((2390's))
Nova Class Science Ship (667) ((2369))
Oberth Class Science Ship (537) ((2269))
Raven Class Survey Ship (118) ((2340))


Government: Klingon Empire
Headquarters: Qo'Nos
Personnel: 1.5 Billion est. (4 Million Naval, 125 Million Army, balance are support personel)
Ships in Commission: 4,900 est.
Major Installations: 15 est.

General Overview: The KDF was largely successful during the recent Romulan-Klingon War. Its ships performed well during the conflict. Of major concern was the loss of a large number of ships under construction and under conversion. This represents a large scale loss of potential strength for the KDF in the short term.

Much like Starfleet many of the older classes suffered most heavily during the war, so the balance of the fleet is gradually shifting towards more modern designs as the rebuilding of the fleet continues.

Klingon ships have gradually been slipping from some of the foremost combatants in the galaxy over the past 30-50 years. The Negh'Var class faired relatively poorly compared to the latest Starfleet models in the recent encounter with the Borg. However it has been rumoured that the Negh'Var project has largely been left alone by the KDF High Command in favour of a large Battlecruiser fleet.

The focus of the fleet is rumoured to be on upgrading existing combatants as much as it is on building new ones. This is suspected to be part of a strategy to remain relevant as their economy cannot support the same large scale R&D and building programs that Starfleet has undertaken.

The Hos'Hegh class was first sighted during the recent war with the Romulans and though it saw little direct combat action it is clearly a more capable ship than the Vor'Cha class vessels it replaced as the Romulans backed away from direct combat with ships of this class one can assume that it safely outgunned a Norexan Class Warbird.

The primary concern for the KDF has to be the age of its smaller ships. It is presumed a program to replace those ships has been considered but no details are known at this time.

None the less the Klingon fleet has a long tradition of aggressiveness and its ships are admirably designed to that purpose.

Recent Developments and Operations: The Klingons were quite successful in most phases of the Romulan-Klingon War. Operationally they moved forward and took the territory they wished. Driving the Romulan fleet back before them.

The main concern was the loss to shipbuilding facilities and in ships under construction. It is presumed that it would take 3 to 5 years to re-establish previous levels of construction. This, along with the lost conversion ships will leave the fleet short nearly 500 Battle Cruisers from where it would otherwise have been and it thought to be an object of major concern for the KDF.

Procurement Programs: Little is known about the specifics of the Klingon ship building program but analysis of material consumption, spending patters and other rumors would place the number of ships being built between 120 to 160 major combatants being constructed each year.

The Hos'Hegh class is now the known replacement and upgrade program for the Vor'Cha class. It improves the ships capability greatly achieving an estimated improvement of three to five times in terms of overall combat capability through a total teardown and rebuild of internal systems, as well as several structural additions to the design.

Other Equipment: The remainder of the KDF is largely a known quantity in the region. The venerable Bird of Prey design soldiers on as a light combatant to be reckoned with. The B'Rel Class provides a solid second line warship as well. The K'Tinga class is nearly obsolete but there is no end to its service life in sight, at least until the fleet recovers from its wartime losses.

Klingon ships generally hit above their weight with comparable Starfleet ships due to the higher energy output of their disruptors and their concentrated forward firepower. As a result their ships are generally smaller than Starfleet vessels despite filling the same roles in battle.

Battlecruisers (~1,775)

Hos'Hegh Class (~1,250)
Negh'Var Class (~25)
Vor'Cha Class (~500)

Cruisers (750)

B'Rel Class (750)

Destroyers (2,375)

Bird of Prey (1,675)
K'Tinga Class (700)


Government: Romulan Star Empire
Headquarters: Romulus
Personnel: 100,000,0005 est. (1.1 million Naval, 9 Million Army, balance are support personnel)
Ships in Commission: 3,500 est.
Major Installations: 12 est.

General Overview: The recent Romulan-Klingon War gave much additional insight into the state of the Romulan Navy little of it good.

In their efforts to avoid direct combat most have theorized that this in fact signals either a numeric of technological deficit in terms of strength when compared to the latest and best Klingon ships. Indeed it may mean both things at once.

Operationally the Navy performed well, but it is clear much investment is needed to restore it to a first class fighting force.

Recent Developments and Operations: While the Norexan was in its time a first class warship it has, in its original form, been passed by many of the newest and upgraded designs in the region. Presumably the Romulans having seen the situation in the recent war will move to upgrade this design, which has good fundamentals and should take such improvements well.

The Praetor program is one of great debate for other powers. It performed well during the war but opinion is still divided on if it is a small cruiser or large destroyer type. As a cruiser it would be woefully lacking in firepower. As a destroyer it is likely too big to be cost effective.

Procurement Programs: The Norexan Class is estimated to have been in serial production for some time with estimates on the numbers that have entered the fleet ranging between 700 and 800 ships total.

The Praetor was seen in nearly equal numbers during the recent war. It is suspected it is being built at a faster pace than the Norexan as it is a newer design but this is just a theory. Total numbers are estimated at 800-900 ships.

Other Equipment: The Romulan Scout and Science ships were pressed into extensive service during the Dominion War and the Romulan-Klingon war, but are considered inadequate combatants at best if faced with a Bird of Prey or even Miranda class ship. Both will continue to serve in large numbers simply to fill out the ranks of a fleet heavily biased towards larger ship designs.

The RSN is in desperate need of a first class destroyer that can compete with the Defiant and other designs in the region that fall into that category as the Praetor is simply too large to fit that roll.

The D'Deridex class remains a competitive contemporary to the Galaxy and Nebula classes fielded by Starfleet. The major question is just what the overall inventory is. Estimates range from 250 to 350 presently in service.

Battlecruisers (1000)

Norexan Class (750) ((2380's))
D'Deridex Class (250) ((2340's))

Cruisers (850)

Praetor Class (850) ((Late 2380's))

Frigates (1,650)

Romulan Scout (1,000) ((2350's))
Romulan Science Ship (650) ((2340's))


Government: Cardassian Union
Headquarters: Cardassia Prime
Personnel: 25 Million (400,000 shipboard, 1.85 Million Army, balance are support personnel)
Ships in Commission: 1230
Major Installations: 10

General Overview: The Cardassian Navy was gutted during the Dominion War and had all but fallen apart during the lean period afterwards for the Union. The new government and associated economic recovery promises renewed hope for this fleet and the recovery continues at a respectable clip. Overcoming the initial hurdles of restarting production with a dormant industrial base and litte R&D experience for nearly two decades proved a challenge but was offset by a large degree of cooperation with the Unions allies.

Recent Developments and Operations: The Cardassian Navy has been occupied almost entirely with the internal rebuilding going on within the Union. No major operations or deployments have been noted, though a limited number of older ships did deploy during the Borg Battle.

Procurement Programs: The rebuilding of the Navy has begun. The Zeutor Class, which is essentially an upgraded Keldon Type has been placed into service and is in low rate production. It is assumed most Keldon's will be updated to this standard.

The major procurement program for the Navy is known as the Prefect (formerly Prophet) Class. Believed to be a mix of purchased and developed technology this class is a true first line combatant ship and is being built in ever larger numbers for the Cardassian Navy and was designed in cooperation with the Ferengi and the Gorn.

Additionally the Union has obtained from the Federation plans for producing Akira and Defiant Class ships to bolster their security in the aftermath of the Breen piracy debacle. It is unknown how these ships compare with their Federation counterparts but even if they are cooled down export versions they represent a huge upgrade for the Cadassian Navy.

Other Equipment: The ships of the Cardassian Navy are well known to the other powers in the region. They are rugged combatants but have largely been left behind by developments of the past 15-20 years. Already long in the tooth at the outset of the Dominion War they are now verging on obsolete. Even the Zeutor is not a true first line ship.

The Prophet Class, Akira Class and Defiant Class promise to be the core of the new Cardassian Navy for the near term future.

Additionally 21 Excelsior type ships were purchased from the Federation to supplement the rebuilding of the fleet.

Battlecruisers (182)

Prefect Class (182) ((Late 2380's))

Cruisers (394)

Akira Class (97) ((2363))
Zeu'Tor Class (91) ((Late 2380's))
Keldon Class (185) ((2360's))
Excelsior Class (21) ((2287))

Frigates (308)

Hideki Class (308) ((2340's))

Destroyers (346)

Defiant Class (80) ((2367))
Galor Class (266) ((2340's))


Government: Breen
Headquarters: Breen
Personnel: 100 million est. (unknown composition)
Ships in Commission: 3,000 to 5,000
Major Installations: Unknown

General Overview: The Breen are a near unknown as far as open sources are concerned. Estimates on the size of the forces are based on extrapolation based on territorial extent of the empire and the number of ships committed to the Dominion cause during the war. Since the government is estimated to be something between a military dictatorship and a system of semi-independent clans it is nearly impossible to get a handle on just what resources are actually at the disposal of any one leader at any one time.

Recent Developments and Operations: They recently dispatched a large fleet towards Klingon territory. This force contained the first glimpse of a new and larger type of ship that has been designated a cruiser, though the Breen refer to it as a Battle Cruiser.

They dispatched additional forces to the Borg Battle, including a newer small type of warship designated a Destroyer by the Breen.

Procurement Programs: The proportion of the newer, larger ships to the smaller and older Frigates has allowed an educated guess at the extent of the Breen building program, which has been revised downward. If it were able to rapidly spin up then it seems unlikely that the vast majority of a deployed force would still consist of the older types seen.

There is some speculation that Breen have been dissatisfied with the performance of their Frigates in battle and are looking to replace them wholesale. It is unknown to what extent this has been implemented but it is highly unlikely they have been able to replace more than a small number of these vessels with the more capable destroyer design.

Other Equipment: No known outside purchase are known at this time.

Battlecruisers (0)

Cruisers (500)

Breen BC (500) ((2380's))

Frigates (2,500)

Breen Frigate (2,500) ((2350's))

Destroyers (500)

Breen Destroyer (500) ((2380's))


Government: Gorn/Tholian Hegemony
Headquarters: Gorn
Personnel: 200 million est.
Ships in Commission: ~3,500
Major Installations: 10

General Overview: The combination of the Gorn and Tholian Empires has been a boon to the defensive position of both powers. Their fleets play well to remedy the weaknesses off the other power, with the Tholians providing small attack ships that can serve as destroyers and screening vessels and the Gorn providing large capital ships to give the fleet staying power.

Recent Developments and Operations: Much was learned about Tholian ships during the recent Borg attack. The Tholian Attack Ship was demonstrably weak compared to other ships, but the Tur'Loc class showed well in the confrontation and is a suitable first line destroyer in most navies.

The one major headache for the combined power has been disposing of the many ex-starfleet vessels that had been procured by the Tholians for some reason or another. This ships are almost without exception obsolete. Many were traded away to the Ferengi but most will likely be scrapped.

Procurement Programs: It seems likely the Gorn/Tholian Hegemony will continue to produce a balanced fleet, though Tholian types are likely to take over as the screening ships for the larger Gorn vessels.

Other Equipment: Three main types are known with the Gorn Battleship being among the largest ship classes in service with any power in the region. The fleet is well designed to achieve its overall goals on the defensive. The primary deficiency is in the area of speed, with the ships trading high end top speeds for more weapons, shields and armor. The Gorn Cruiser and Destroyer both adequately fill the roles for which they are described.

The new 4th type is part of the Profit Class program between the Ferengi, Gorn and Cardassian.

Battleships (50)

Gorn Battleships (50) ((2350))

Battlecruisers (50)

Prophet Class (50) ((2380's))

Cruisers (247)

Gorn Cruiser (100) ((2360's))
Akira Class (18) ((2363))
Ambassador Class (16) ((2330))
Excelsior Class (123) ((2287))

Frigates (35)

Intrepid Class (35) ((2371))

Destroyers (2,561)

Tur'Loc Class (250) ((2380's))
Gorn Destroyer (250) ((2340))
Miranda Class (13) ((2200's))
Tholian Attack (2,000) ((2320's))
Sabre Class (37) ((2343))
Centaur Class (11) ((2280's))

Specialist Ships (575)

Oberth Class Science Ship (575) ((2269))


Government: Ferengi Alliance
Headquarters: Ferenginar
Personnel: 2 Million est.
Ships in Commission: 515
Major Installations: 10

General Overview: Primarily a trading fleet the role of the Ferengi Navy is simply to facilitate trade. Not a serious threat to any major power it is none the less potentially dangerous in defense of Ferengi interest in what is a remote region of space. While it could not stand up to a serious attempt against its territory the deployed force is more than sufficient to deter the Cardassians and the Federation seems to have no hostile intent towards its neighbor.

Recent Developments and Operations: Presumed anti-piracy activity in nearby space and the commitment of a mid-level force to the wormhole have kept what ships the Ferengi do have busy.

Procurement Programs: The Ferengi have developed the new Profit Class about which little is known. It is widely rumoured to be available for export sales.

Other Equipment: None

Battlecruisers (32)

Profit Class (32) ((Late 2380's))

Cruisers (313)

D'Kora (313) ((2350's))

Destroyers (170)

Gorn Destroyer (100) ((2340's))
Miranda Class (40) ((2200's))
Constellation Class (5) ((2280's))
Oberth Class (25) ((2240's))
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Wed May 19, 2010 6:42 pm

Federation News Service- 2396

Wormhole Trade Dropping

The depopulation of the Delta Quadrant continues after the rampage of the Borg and now the suspected advance of the Hur'q into the space in which highly profitable trade has been conducted in the region around the wormhole. Many suspect that this decrease will change the risk/reward calculations being made by the various galatic powers that have acess to the anomoly, though this can't be certain.

As a result of this depopulation the Federation Trade Ministry reported that trade volume was down by nearly 50% over the past year.

Vigil Class Enters Service

After eight years of development a new flagship class for Starfleet has entered service and will enter low rate production for the forseeable future. The Vigil Class represents a departure from Starfleets recent policy of building ships considerably smaller than the previous Galaxy Class types in larger numbers. Expected rates of construction would put only about 100 of these ships in service over the next 20 years.

"The Vigil Class will provide us with a top line platform for both defense and exploration. It represents to the next generation of ship development what the Sovereign Class did to this generation of development and the Galaxy Class did to the generation before that. While it was built in limited numbers the technology for the Galaxy Class spawned the Nebula, Akira, New Orleans and Intrepid Class ships that were built in numbers. The Sovereign Class has become the Excelsior Class of this century, acheiving an unmatched mix of firepower, speed and reasonable procurment cost while at the same time pushing many of the technologies that define the present generation of ships under construction. We expect the Vigil to be more of a technology driver in the vein of the Ambassador and Galaxy Class and to be the bedrock upon which this next generation of development occurs," said a written statement from Starfleet Command.

Exact details on the ship are sketchy at this time as it will not be formally unveiled until after this years shakedown cruise but it is expected that the ship comfortably exceeds all ships in Starfleet service in most areas.

Rumors persist that the USS Enterprise-E will eventually be renamed and assigned to a ship of the Vigil Class to serve in its role as fleet flagship, though Starfleet will neither confirm nor deny these rumors at this time.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Wed May 26, 2010 2:28 am

Federation News Service, 2397

Interest Rates Rise

Interest rates have begun to rise around the region for the first time in nearly two decades since the end of the Dominion War. Economist credit the rise to a mixture of positive economic indicators and higher sovereign debt rates along with the perceived instability of the Ferengi Alliance, the regions traditional lender of last resort.

"The primary driving factor here is that we have seen a delayed but significant spurt of internal economic growth in the major powers in the region as they emerged from the immediate post-war environment. This growth has put pressure on capital and lending markets around the region and driven up the price of borrowing both privately and for sovereign debt," said on analyst on Earth.

"In the same vein borrowers have seen increasing demand for sovereign debt issues. Borrowing has increased substantially as governments pushed forward with social projects and military expenses. This has contributed to the demand for financing throughout the region. With most governments there are not substantial concerns about repayment ability but a general strain on capital has driven rates even for very solvent governments into the 6-8% range."

Analyst were mostly quiet about the impact of the widespread perception of Ferengi instability but it is believed to have driven rates up by at least 1% if not more region wide.

"Traditionally when other powers cannot pay and cannot borrow internally the Ferengi have been the facilitators of workout deals. Their financing ensures the other owners of government debt get paid and their financing facilitates a debt restructure that allows powers to handle otherwise dangerous fluctuations in interest rates. That financing is less certain now than it was in the past and it has investors nervous."
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:30 am

Federation News Service, 2398

Romulan's Attempt to Hold Elections, Reformist Leader Killed as Current Praetor re-elected in a Landslide

In a continuation of what have been described as half-steps towards reform the current Romulan Praetor attempted to allow elections to the Senate with a free selection of representatives by the people for the first time in memory within the Romulan Star Empire. The new system conceded a great deal of power to the military, apparently in an attempt to have them control the Tal Shiar.

Initially several strong reformers emerged during the early phases of the election. However most withdrew after one of their leading members was killed in what was described as a shuttle accident and several of his top aids simply disappeared. As a consequence the vast majority of senators, in particular those strongly supportive of the Tal Shiar, ended up running without opposition.

Political analyst were critical from the outset of the attempt to inch into a more democratic structure slowly.

"Simply put nothing can be done in this regard without first dealing with the Tal Shiar. The government must either do so politically or co-opt the military into doing the heavy lifting in that regard but the Tal Shiar are entrenched enough in society that getting control of the situation will be bloody."

Federation, Cardassians and Breen Continue Bickering

In what has become a somewhat routine event the Federation and Cardassians are once again after the Breen publicly for yet another lie or partial truth, depending on whom one ask about the situation.

The issue this time revolves around a Federation/Cardassian discovery of a shipyard that built ships later sent to a finishing yard and depot that the Breen had already found. The information obtained by Starfleet indicated a large number of Dominion ships were likely present at the depot in Breen space. A fact that the Breen had omitted from their earlier claims first made after committing acts of piracy against Cardassian ships.

Once again tensions have been raised along a border that has long grown accustom to such things over the past several decades. Starfleet called the issue a diplomatic matter at this point and publicly claims not to have shifted dispositions. The Cardassian Navy had a similar comment.

As usual the Breen have said nothing at all publicly outside of their few diplomatic statements.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:38 pm

2399- January 1

War Declared!

The Tnzekethi government has, in response to statements by the Cardassian government that hostilities could no longer be avoided declared war on the Cardassian Union. More updates to come.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

Postby BigJKU316 » Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:22 pm

Federation News Service, 2399

Cardassians Annex Nearby Space, take control of Dominion Shipyard

The Cardassian Navy moved in its forces to take control of the deep space Dominion Shipyard recently found near its borders. The facility is believed to be one of the largest in the region with an annual capacity of nearly 300,000 tons per year.

Technically the facility has several drawbacks. Cost at the facility are somewhat higher than a normal facility due to the fact that resources must be transported from the nearest Cardassian world in order to facilitate production. Those supply lines must also be protected, along with the shipyard which falls outside of any planetary defence system.

The move expands Cardassian claimed space in a previously unclaimed region and moves their borders further towards the Breen with whom they just negotiated a neutral zone in recent years.

Cardassians Invade Tnzekethi Space

In response to what their leadership is calling a patter of aggression against Cardassians the Cardassian Navy launched an invasion of Tnzekethi space during the third quarter of 2399.

Initial actions were highlighted by Cardassian border forces repelling and destroying nearly 100 ships it was believed the Tnzekethi were detaching for commerce raiding in the area. The main field of battle soon moved to the Tzenkethi homeworld where a Cardassian Fleet pressed an action against the main enemy naval force.

The battle was broken off inconclusively as the Tzenkethi representative reached out to the Federation for negotiations. Witnesses say that it was apparent that the heavier weight of fire possess by the Cardassians would eventually win the day and that is what compelled the move towards settlement by the Tzenkethi.

International response has thus far been muted. The Cardassians have pulled their ships back to their territory awaiting a Federation response, which is believed to be forthcoming.

Romulan Reforms Abandoned

With the recent elections a shambles it has become increasingly clear that to the powers that be within the Romulan government that continued efforts in the direction of broader democracy were at this time futile.

With the collapse of backing by civilian government and the military many of the pro-democracy groups emerging within the empire have started to see their members disappear from the streets, never to be seen again.

Opinion is split on weather this was simply a bumbling attempt by the government or a coordinated action with the Tal Shiar to bring opponents of the regime out in the open so that they could be exterminated.

Kazon Destroy Ferengi Fleet; Nearly half of Ferengi Alliance pulls out of Government

In one of the more stunning developments in recent memory the commander of the small Ferengi force orbiting system 198 and keeping watch on the Kazon woke on the morning of December 7th to find that he had come under attack by 850 warships of Klingon origin.

The skies above the planet were filled with old Birds of Prey and B'Rel class ships that the Kazon had apparently purchased as military surplus from the KDF with the funds they had gained from selling a small number of their ships to the Ferengi.

The action began several days before with Kazon ships already in the system flooding the area with radiation to mask the approach of their newly purchased force. The Ferengi fleet was thus caught unaware and saw all 10 of their D'Kora class ships destroyed in short order.

Immediately following the action the following message was transmitted to the Ferengi government.

"Due to the illicit corruption, failure to make a profit, failure to provide a stable business environment and failure to conduct its affairs within the Rule of Acquisition the following worlds have declared independence from the Ferengi Alliance (191, 193, 192, 194, 196, 197, 198, 199 and 200). We hold the bonds of our government dissolved and request the immediate removal of all Ferengi Alliance officials from our territory."

The transmission was signed by the leaders of all the planets mentioned. Rumors are that a mixture bribes and blackmail were used by the Kazon to achieve this result. The Kazon will control all external affairs of the new government, which has styled itself the Ferengi-Kazon Imperium, with the exception of trade on which it will take a large tax.

The Ferengi government was rumoured to be in chaos in response to this action, though a formal statement is expected to be forthcoming. Analyst are split on if they are willing to go to war to force their wayward systems back into line.

Nearly 57 billion citizens inhabit the planets that have left the Alliance, comprising nearly 1/4th of the total population.
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Re: Federation News Service (Sim News)

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Ferengi Alliance Surrenders to Ferengi/Kazon Imperium

In a stunning turn of events the Ferengi Alliance government has surrendered to the Ferengi/Kazon Imperium after the FKI forces launched a lightening offensive and strike against the worlds that had remained loyal to the Ferengi Alliance. Most has expect the war to turn a different direction with the announcement that the Breen and Gorn Hegemony would be supplying forces to the Ferengi Alliance but the pace and breadth of the offensive ended the war before any help could arrive.

At the outset the following movements of forces was underway.


A larger Ferengi force departed the capitol world headed for system 189 where a meeting with the Breen and eventually Gorn Fleets was to occur. However the FKI forces got the jump on the enemy when they launched initial strikes against worlds 190 and 189, overwhelming the starbase there by ramming it with obsolete Kazon Raiders.

This action was intended by the FKI as a feint to draw Ferengi forces to that region of space, allowing a powerful right hook to sweep through the other side of the border. However the Ferengi Alliance had already obliged them by moving forces that way before the attacks even occurred.

Additionally the FKI set loose a small fleet of Birds of Prey to serve as scouts along likely routes between Ferenginar and system 189.


On the 10th of January the majority of the Klingon ships purchased by the FKI set off across the southern portion of their mutual border headed for a holding point above system 185 and awaiting reports from 6th Fleet, which controlled the Birds of Prey deployed as scouts.


The Ferengi commander attempted to recover his balance by dispatching ships to systems 187 and 186 and eventually onto system 185. However the scouting forces of Sixth Fleet reported this quickly to FKI High Command and the fleet, acting on contingency plans already established, dispatched forces to nearly every inhabited Ferengi world, destroying 4 starbases and bombarding several worlds.

FKI forces declined to press engagements at the three defended planets (186, 187 and Ferenginar).

After hitting major military targets on each planet a demand for immediate and unconditional surrender was broadcast to the government of the Ferengi Alliance who at first declined. FKI forces then initiated a bombardment of the general infrastructure of system 181, reducing the industrial and supply sources for the planet to rubble citing their military value and threatening to spread this bombardment to every world over which their ships now stood.

Facing at least one planet already devastated by bombardment and the threat of seeing the whole of Ferengi space turned into rubble the government agreed to the general surrender.
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