SIM "Funeral for Heroes"-Alpha SIM

SIM "Funeral for Heroes"-Alpha SIM

Postby Mark » Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:28 pm

:::Cardassian President Akon steps up to the podium:::

We have come together from around the galaxy to pay tribute to our honored dead. This quadrant, and all of those races represented here, have a great many differences. In the way we fight, we eat, we sleep, we mate, we look, we live, and we worship. The one thing I have found in my years is one of the few commonalities we have, is honoring our fallen heroes.

The crew of the CSS Galor lived and died as heroes. No species here can deny the innate nobility of giving your life in service to, and in defense of, your home and loved ones. The crew of the Galor did this and more. They pursued a ship that hopelessly outclassed them, already suffering from battle damage, knowing that if not stopped, that enemy had the capability to kill untold numbers of innocent men, women, and children.

They knowingly gave their lives in exchange for theirs, dooming themselves to a slow and lingering death, all alone in the depths of space. As true warriors and soldiers, these sons and daughters of Cardassia met the end with courage and dignity, at their posts until the very last breath was drawn into their lungs.

The nobility and sacrifice of these "Heroes of the Union" will not go unnoticed or forgotten. The CSS Galor herself will be refurbished after decommissioning, and remain in a place of honor on Cardassia Prime where she will continue to serve her people as a museum and a memorial to her gallant crew.

We are honored that so many of our distinguished neighboring powers have sent representatives. At this time, we would ask that those representatives, who wish to say a few words in honor of the noble dead, to come forward at this time.

:::President Akon steps back from podium and takes a seat:::
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Re: SIM "Funeral for Heroes"

Postby Reliant121 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:22 am

-Turei Religious figure stands with a heavy white cloak about him- If I may.

-Walks to podium-

Heroes. All of the representatives here have them in bounds. The Praetor, Kahless, Zephram Cochrane are just a small collection of these. Every empire is forged upon the back is forged from faith in these individuals, whether they be mythical or they be real. Ever since the first of our races crawled from the festering ditches of their homeworlds, a hero has been something to rally around. And the crew of the Galor are no different.

The ship is exactly the ship we value. Dependable and simply engineered, this vessel survived long before she should have fallen. Outclassed, and outgunned by many of her opponents, she beat all odds to survive as long a she did. The ship itself, is an icon. Is a Hero. Is something that represents the fire in the heart of the Cardassian people. Truly, it shall be cherished.

But it is the Crew that catches our eye. Any crew that can look in the face of death time and time again deserves distinction, but any crew who is willing to die for their cause must be honoured in greatest glory. And any man or woman who can willingly throw themselves into the depths of hell, knowing, their death would be slow and painful without any comfort; surely deserves the highest respect. The views of the Union may have disagreed, the Galor itself was put at war with many of the powers represented here. But that changes nothing. We must honour them all in death, and may they pass to the everlasting heavens of our many peoples. For my part, they shall pass to their heaven with glory, honour and they shall be at peace.

-take a long bow- May they find that peace.

-stands and returns to seat-
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