Killing Pandora

Re: Killing Pandora

Postby Tholian_Avenger » Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:53 am

Sorry, I haven't ever read the novels or played the game. The distortion in the avatar picture lends a resemblance to a card painting I saw.
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Re: Killing Pandora

Postby Monroe » Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:51 pm

Wow still no one has suggested what I think is the most common sense solution that I mentioned in the Saving Pandora thread.

Gather up your ships, bring the ones home who can make it safely and then send all ships with a military operation in mind. 12 x 350 = 4200. That's a lot of metric tons of war materials. Have at least one of them carrying a prefab factory and you could launch a reasonable conventional war. You land your troops, begin rebuilding the main base and resume mining operations to pay for the expedition as all 12 ships return to Sol to refit. Hopefully by then the fleet number would increase as 12 ships loaded with unobtanium will probably be a nice little shot in the arm of the corporation. Hopefully you can double the fleet size after two long carrying in more and more troops (and of course the miners and administration personnel but you can leave the whole science crew behind for the most part). A base started over with a war mind set instead of just providing security is the key to winning. Screw clearing back the forest for a kilometers you have a kill zone twenty kilometers out in all directions. If the Na'vi look like they'll be a threat you bombard the tree from orbit.

Also if you do the Agent Orange attack plan, if Pandora works like Planet from Alpha Centauri (Same solar system, odd) then by destroying vegetation you actually decrease the intelligence of Pandora. The more flora and animals you kill the less intelligent Pandora in theory could be. Right now Pandora is probably such a higher magnitude ahead of human intelligence it is still a large threat but if you destroy its tree and begin destroying vegetation then in theory the planet becomes dumber. People mentioned that Agent Orange is not good enough because of its poundage. That's exactly true. But what's the lightest biological killer? A virus or bacteria. You release those things into the atmosphere and you could do your Agent orange idea.

Personally I would rather see the conventional warfare choice out of those two I proposed. There is a lot of wealth on the planet outside of Unobtanium. Those two attack plans above are for option 2. Option 1 I really don't see it profitable to stay. Refuel and leave to do option 2.
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