EU: Perhaps I'm begging for trouble

Re: EU: Perhaps I'm begging for trouble

Postby Tyyr » Tue May 10, 2011 3:03 pm

They did give him a good reason but at the same time you've got book after book after book of him getting away from that character and then they just blow it all away in one shot. It's painful to lose a brother, horribly painful, but completely rolling two or three IC decades of personal growth? The guy turned his back on his kids, wife, and commitments all at once. I really liked Han for being a relatively regular guy able to hang with their zoo of weirdos that was the main cast and for his personal growth. To me it was one big character assassination for the sake of shaking things up.
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Re: EU: Perhaps I'm begging for trouble

Postby Coalition » Tue May 10, 2011 8:16 pm

Tyyr wrote:I didn't get out of books but I stopped reading SW. I had read EVERY Star Wars book up until the Vong. To me they ignored the biggest problem, the EU was still inexplicably shackled to Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie, and kept up with it while changing everything else up to and including core character traits. The original trilogy and the EU were one long bit of character development changing Han from the free wheeling smuggler of ANH to a respectable family man and leader. Then suddenly all that is thrown out to have him go all emo. They dropped a moon on Chewie to "shake things up," but the reality is that Chewie had been stagnant for two decades so knocking him out of the universe was easy as opposed to offing someone like Luke, Leia, or Han.

And the Vong, ugh. I really loathe bio-tech aliens. I don't mind some but when that's all they've got? f**k that. Coral skippers... ugh.

Agreed on the EU being Skywalker-verse. One of the comic series that I enjoyed for a while was about Lt Sunber. It started with him being an Imperial officer, trying to do the right thing, in spite of his superiors and equals backstabbing him. Often, the only reward he got was knowing that he had done the right thing, even after being demoted.

Unfortunately, it then revealed that he was one of Luke's childhood friends, and I gave up on the series.

For the Vong books, the idea was that they were different enough that everyone had to change their thinking.

Now what would have been interesting is a Light Side Empire that invades. They Know What Is Best, they know who you would be best married to, they know your best job, etc, and you will live as they decree. They also take care of you, they terraform planets so life is easier, they have higher tech, etc. Make it where the invaders have their good points, and some of the locals want to join them. Even some Jedi want to join them and learn, due to their knowledge of the Force, and the fact that it is easier living under them. The eventual reason for refusing to join them is that there is no freedom under their control.
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Re: EU: Perhaps I'm begging for trouble

Postby stitch626 » Tue May 10, 2011 8:56 pm

There is a reason I stick with the Old Republic Era. No Skywalkers... yet.
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Re: EU: Perhaps I'm begging for trouble

Postby Sonic Glitch » Tue May 10, 2011 9:57 pm

stitch626 wrote:There is a reason I stick with the Old Republic Era. No Skywalkers... yet.

That's why I stick to the Thrawn trilogy. Sets things up, and well written. Before everything went batshit. I think the only other SWEU books I've read are Truce at Bakura andi think Spectre of the Past. I can't remember if I actually read that one or merely thought about it.
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