Prequels - Why Did the Separatists Seperate?

Re: Prequels - Why Did the Separatists Seperate?

Postby BigJKU316 » Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:48 am

Mikey wrote:
Tyyr wrote:That's the point of the thread, what is the reason they secede per the movies? The result seems to be...

"Because that's the plot damn it!" -Lucas

Like I mentioned to Mark in the SW "Random Musings" thread... that is all there is, because the movies aren't meant to be essays in literacy. The main - read "only" - point is supposed to be the melodrama and the action. While that's not an IU reason, it does preclude the makers feeling the need for one.

But it also contributes to the overall feeling with the movies that they are not real. You can't have drama or audience involvement in the action if we don't understand the fundamental reason behind it. I have seen professional wrestlers who had a turn to a heel that involved more drama for the audience than the prequels did.

The civil war makes no sense. That is why the EU get so silly some time is trying to paper over this logical mess. There is no fundamental reason for powers that want to be independent to leave a government that quite obviously has no ability to control them anyway.
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Re: Prequels - Why Did the Separatists Seperate?

Postby Tyyr » Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:45 am

I'm not talking about a 20 minute manifesto by Dooku. You don't need to devote that much time to it. A few lines of dialogue between Padme and Anakin at the start of AotC could have easily set up why the whole thing is happening. Two or three minutes of screen time tops in the midst of a movie trilogy, especially one with a run time of seven hours, isn't going to kill the thing. Less than 1% of the screen time could have done more for the prequels than the ENTIRE first movie.

It's hard to take anything about the second two movies seriously when the entire plot centers around having a cabal of the people with the strongest vested interest in peace suddenly deciding to secede from the millenia old Republic seemingly because they had nothing better to do that day.
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