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"You can't kill me" Staplic said with an odd smile on his face.

"Oh? And why is that?" replied Rochey as he brought the pistol to bear on the Whizkid's forehead.

"When I die, my consciousness will simply be downloaded into another body, lightyears from here. And I will tell them exactly where you are. All sins will be forgiven" he continued with his self-satisifed smile. Mark and Rochey shared a brief look before Rochey steadied himself.
"Yes, well ... we'll deal with that later." And he pulled the trigger. "Frakking toaster. ... "

Mark walked over to the flight console and asked "Is the FTL up and running?" Rochey walked over and gently shoved him out of the way.

"Easy rook, let someone who knows what they're doing sit there. And yes the FTL is up."

"Well let's spin it up and start jumping."

"Yes because that'll work. Do you have any idea just how big space really is?! Or if any of the Colonial Fleet is left?! You saw what they did to the Poseidon."

"I know," replied Mark, "but we've got to keep trying." Rochey sighed and nodded his assent.

"Alright, we'll jump to Ragnar and figure out where to go from there." The proceeded to lift the stealth raptor off of the planet and jumped to Ragnar.

Meanwhile, on a colony ...

Staplic awoke in a bath of Cylon resurrection gel. "Well." started an abrasive, sarcastic voice, "are they dead?" 'Staplic' turned to face the source of the voice, the man known to the humans as Cavil.

"Um. No ... No they are not..." he trailed off.

"YOU WERE FOUND OUT?!" exploded Cavil. "I give you one simple assignment, wipe out any colonial remnants should our nukes missed. And you fail!?" He turned to a striking blond model, "I hope your god is watching this, because if he his. I bet he's laughing his ass off." He turned back to Staplic, "What did you do? Kill them 1 by 1?"
Staplics hesitant stutter was enough of an answer. Cavil started to walk away muttering to himself "I don't even know why we keep them around. What with this and their failure on Galactica we might as well box the entire line..." Staplic, incensed, was motivated into speech again.

"I know where they are."

"Oh, 'he know where the--' you what?"

"I know where they are, I can take us there." Cavil regained his predatory smile.

"Than by all means..." He gestured to the data stream. The baseship jumped to the coordinates of the planet but no sign of them was found. A Raider was dispatched to do a ground search.

"Well," said Cavil. "failed again. I don't know why I let you get my hopes up."

"Don't worry." said another Cylon, who bore a striking resemblance to Major Glitch. "They can't go far in what they have. We'll find them."
"All this has happened before --"
"But it doesn't have to happen again. Not if we make up our minds to change. Take a different path. Right here, right now."
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