Future events in the Abrahms timeline?

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Re: Future events in the Abrahms timeline?

Postby dagadget » Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:40 pm

Teaos wrote:He could help with what he knows, and what he doesn't know he can just say what he does know, and tell them what area they should focus on, saving them time studying useless areas they otherwise might have followed.

Well Spock could help with some things like shields and possibly computer tech after all he is highly rated at that technology. But I suspect that he is mostly working on making New Vulcan strong and safe for the Vulcans. Back on USS Enterprise when are we going to see Spock and Lt have a baby? The Abrams 1701 should have a nursery for the 5 year voyage :D This also brings up the Carol Marcus and Captain Kirk relationship too. Is there going to be a David on Enterprise? The New timeline Carol's life is different than it was in the original...... Going to be interesting to see what happens next.
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Re: Future events in the Abrahms timeline?

Postby sunnyside » Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:29 pm

Tsukiyumi wrote:Exactly. The time travel used in the new Trek films is based on modern understanding of alternate universes and time travel. You can't "fix the timeline" or "reset the timeline"; all you would do is spawn yet another alternate universe. Frankly, I'm glad they went with that approach; Trek time travel was always asinine.

Did they ever actually establish that? It isn't the impression I got. Actually, my impression is that they're just inconsistent. Though maybe there are different sorts of time travel technologies with different consequences?

Tinadrin Chelnor wrote:The Borg should already be alerted to the existence of Humanity, and the future "threat" they pose to the Collective, as the future Sphere should already have attempted to halt first contact with the Vulcans, and the Enterprise episode with the Arctic drones would also have occurred (didn't see too much of Enterprise, so I don't know the full details).

Although the impetus for those are events that haven't happened yet. It depends on how the whole time travel thing unravels.

Actually that might go for a LOT of the stuff we see in Trek. From the wormhole prophets to 31st century temporal agents.

I suppose I like the idea of different sorts of time travel with different sorts of consequences. Where maybe the Abramsverse slides along parrallel to the timeline we know.
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