A stab at an indoor scene.

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A stab at an indoor scene.

Postby Graham Kennedy » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:38 am

So one thing I like to do on ship designs is put little rooms behind windows, generally with a person or two looking out. It's a nice way to add a sense of scale.

This is essentially that idea upscaled considerably in detail.

The walker suits are my own creation, and are basically intended to be a "mobile fishtank" for a squid-like alien. If you click to get the big image the one in the foreground is pretty clear. My blender skills aren't all that great when it comes to non-mechanical stuff, so it's probably for the best that you don't get TOO close a look!

And incidentally that's not water inside - it's liquid methane. It's surprisingly hard to find out what colour liquid methane is! The temperature in there is about 100 Kelvin, or -173C (-280F). So if a tank were to rupture, the critter inside would last about as long as you would in the middle of a fire.

The picture on the wall is a render of the Kororra class in front of a nebula. I actually have that exact picture for real, hanging on my wall - a christmas present from Ian!

The furniture isn't mine, and was found on a free download site. It was created by Carlos Folch.

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