Public Warning : Thorin and Mikey

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Public Warning : Thorin and Mikey

Postby Graham Kennedy » Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:47 pm

As a consequence of the Variable Geometry thread issue; the other part of that particular posting rule reads "...and those who keep such things running will be disciplined."

It's clear from reading the thread that both Mikey and Thorin were getting at one another throughout a lot of that thread. It's my opinion that whilst Thorin was the one to push it over into open abuse, Mikey did his fair share of provocation. It's not the specific language used which is the problem, but rather the attitude of repeatedly making posts in large part simply to insult.

We all use sarcasm and insults from time to time, but when the insults become the norm then it's gone too far. Both Mikey and Thorin crossed that line in my opinion, and can consider themselves both officially warned for their actions.

I hope not to see that kind of stuff here again. If you two must trade insults, please do it in private. If this continues in public, the person or persons doing so will be suspended for one week. If it continues after that, they will no longer be welcome here.

I hope this brings the matter to a close.
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