Meet the Women of 'Star Trek'

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Meet the Women of 'Star Trek'

Postby Nutso » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:21 pm ... -audiences

Today, many of the women are reflecting on the 50-year-old legacy the iconic show has gained with audiences around the world, generation after generation.

Lee Meriwether guest starred as Losira, a creature who could kill with a simple touch, in 1969. She is now 81.

"It was just fortune," Meriwether said of getting the role. "Good fortune."

Celeste Yarnall played Yeoman Martha Landon, a blonde bombshell on the Starship Enterprise.

She told Inside Edition: "Having a guest starring role on the show was a six, seven day gig, that was a mortgage payment in those days."

Barbara Luna played Lt. Marlena Moreau, who was so popular that a doll was made out of her character.

"Most of the females had very powerful roles. Highly unusual,” she told Inside Edition. "I was the captain's woman! Don't forget it!"

There a video in the website.

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