Space Tycoon style game?

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Space Tycoon style game?

Postby Coalition » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:27 pm

I found a set of rules for running a Space Tycoon style game. Each player gets money to start with that they can use to research rocket/ship designs, purchase factories, equip factories, and build their designs. Launching stuff into orbit costs money too. Every turn (year) the players get money as well (but not as much as at the beginning). Accomplishing more goals (first rocket into space, a rocket into space, manned rockets, aso) increase the money given to the players each turn.

There are also rockets for sale from other companies/national space programs, and several countries also have launch contracts that need to be filled. Solar Power is needed for disaster regions or places with little access to infrastructure, so launching solar power satellites can make you some money. You can also launch space laboratories to get money each turn for performing someone else's research, or advancing one of the players' research projects.

The game style is where every player does their turns at the same time, then the GM runs the turn and sends out the results. It is a turn-based player-simultaneous style game.

Would anyone be interested in participating, and if so, which forum should this go in?

(Already requested this be moved out of the Star Trek subboard, sorry for the confusion)
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