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Re: "TERMINATOR 6: Dark Fate" Trailer (2019)

Postby McAvoy » Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:20 am

Graham Kennedy wrote:
McAvoy wrote:I feel the same way. Eventually they will just say fuck it, and reboot it. Though I suspect it will fail not how Robocop did.

Robocop failed for alot of reasons. The original had a smart satrical script and direction with a basic premise. Jesus cop gets killed, resurrected as robot Jesus cop and cleans town.

The new Robocop didn't really have that. That and they made Robocop look nothing like the original except for that one scene before they went all black. Though they should have kept the silver suit. In the end it didn't feel like Robocop.

I think they actually did the right thing in making is less a parody and more a serious movie. All the things the original parodied are still around, so you'd just be telling the same jokes over. I mean, you could have the Hummer instead of the 6000-SUX but it's just the same joke about impractical big cars with shitty mileage. You're never going to out-Robocop Robocop, so don't try.

And there is a serious movie to be made about the proliferation of drones and robot soldiers, and how a corporation might essentially 'fake' a cyborg for PR purposes. It's just... well, this one wasn't really a good take on it.

I wasn't really saying they should have done satirical Modern Day Robocop.

But I do think it's PG-13 rating hurt it and the all black Robocop suit hurt it. Personally I hated the human hand too.

I think they could have done something more with Murphy overriding his programming. I do like how it was setup where they had to modify his brain to be more robotic but maybe extend it where Murphy was unconsciously fighting the program.

That and I feel the suit was damaged too easily. I always liked the feeling that Robocop was a walking tank and you needed serious firepower to hurt him. The original gave off that feeling. The new one didn't IMO.
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