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Postby Captain Seafort » Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:33 pm

So the new season has begun, and Melbourne is overall, a good result. My thoughts on the highlights of the weekend, in no particular order:

    Alonso in the gravel yesterday. :lol:
    Good job from both Button and Hamilton, better from the former, although Hamilton was a bit unlucky that Vettel got past him by pitting and bypassing the safety car zone.
    Looks like Massa has finally chosen someone other than Hamilton to drive into. :lol:

Thoughts on the season overall are that the McLarens have got a definite early edge, and if they can keep the Red Bulls behind them in quali they should be able to keep them behind in the races. Basically do what Vettel was doing all through last season. The problems will be on race day, as both RB and Ferrari are showing shades of McLaren last season, with poor quali pace being partially compensated for with good race pace.
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