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Enterprise Reimagined

PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:22 am
by Graham Kennedy
So I recently stumbled on a series called Enterprise Reimagined on the alternate history forums. A guy decided to write his own spin on Enterprise, with his own version of the NX class, his own crew, and his own stories.

I must say, whilst it's not professional quality writing, it really is quite good. His aim was to be a little more true to the original timeline, whilst still retaining various elements of Enterprise. Off the top of my head...

His Enterprise has a pair of normal nacelles and a ring, akin to the Vulcan and SS Enterprise designs. I'm actually not sure I like this... the idea of a ring ship is fine, but I don't quite see having both ring and nacelles as a good idea. Still, I appreciate the thought.

His Enterprise is armed with laser weapons and atomic missiles. Just like Spock said for ships of this era. Yay.

An element from Enterprise - his Enterprise is the first Warp 5 ship too.

Also, many of the character names are kept from Enterprise - Mayweather, Forrest, Soval, Shran, T'Pol, they're all there. Although frequently the characters themselves are rather different.

The crew are rather more international than Enterprise's crew were. The Captain is Chinese, the comm officer is Indian, the Doctor is French (no Phlox), etc.

Some tips of the hat to TAS - a species that may well be Kzinti show up.

So do the little gold people from TOS, albeit briefly.

No temporal cold war!

No transporters!

And so on. You can find the stories here. A registration is required, but it's free and well worth it to read the stories. Hope you enjoy.