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Re: Archer's Best Command Decisions

Postby Graham Kennedy » Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:11 am

Nutso wrote:
but the fact is that the grand evil crime of the Vulcans was... not helping Earth enough for his liking

I just can't figure out where Berman and Braga were going with this. Are they implying that it's evil not to help someone conquer space travel? Bigotry is justified if the object of your hate doesn't give you what you want? Humans are little children who need daddy-Vulcans to give them space stuff?

Frankly I doubt they gave it a lot of thought. I would guess it went something like "Okay this is before the Vulcans and Humans are all pally in the Federation, so let's make it a bit more of an adversarial thing. The Vulcans can be all high and mighty "we won't help you too much", and Archer can be all angry at them for that. That way he'll have this kinda edgy and dangerous side to him. Women will lap that kind of crap up."

I know from my own occasional stabs at writing that It's actually kinda weird having to come up with a set of characters. It's terribly easy to slip into territory that is incredibly cliche ("I know... he'll have a terrible event in his past!"), and you often find that all you're really trying to do is make your characters different enough that people can tell them apart. ("This one can be angry... this one can be nice...")
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Re: Archer's Best Command Decisions

Postby SomosFuga » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:28 am

Ask for the MACOs
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