What would YOU do to make Enterprise?


Re: What would YOU do to make Enterprise?

Postby Coalition » Sat May 09, 2009 11:25 am

Mark wrote:The Romulans disguised a telepathically manned drone ship with a holo emitter to disguise it as other ships.

Beyond 24th century capabilities, I believe.

What would have been better is if the holoship had moving components on its hull that would allow it to project a false subspace reading. So it can move the components around and look like other ships, making other empires fight each other. Enterprise is able to point out the one constant energy pattern in all of them, to show that it is a single ship. On the Romulan side you would have special effects of the pieces moving around, a display showing the changing energy pattern, with a side panel showing what they want it to look like.

Have it easily able to mimic other ships as it has had several decades/centuries to study them, but the Earth ships are too different and stupidly designed to mimic easily (have some Romulan pointing out how 'nobody designs their ships that way' for some reason).

Of course, the ship will need good shields, as once the moving components start getting shot off, its true nature will be exposed, and since it was designed for long-range raiding and scouting, the weaponry and defenses were reduced.

So it would be a pirate pretty much. It would attack weak/unarmed ships, blow them up, but make sure enough survivors got away to get a rough reading.

Once Reed gets on board though, he can shoot some of the equipment, causing it to deploy at the wrong angle and be stuck there, ruining the disguise.

Now an actual Romulan warship would be much more dangerous. None of the moving pieces junk, just stealth and firepower.
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Re: What would YOU do to make Enterprise?

Postby SomosFuga » Wed May 20, 2009 8:56 pm

for the war seasons:

Definitely no cloak but perhaps some kind of jammin tech that made very hard to detect and to aim at the romulan ships, and when humans figured out how to get through the jam, well that could be the turning point of the war.

The romulan troops have body armor similar to the clone army but more sinister and with an actual purpuse, that´s why even in the very few direct encounters, no human ever saw their faces (and survive) We should see reman soldiers too but with a different armor.
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