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SIMM extract

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Just an extract from something I helped write for a SIMM.


The Naussican threw the first punch, straight at McClintock.

Ancipating this standard straight-on attack McClintock dodged the clumsy swing, and now free to attack instantly grabbed the offending Naussican's arm and promptly twisted it, causing a loud snap of his elbow to ring out, and as he howled in pain McClintock delivered a knee-punch to his gut completely winding him and clocking him with a right-handed hook to the jaw. He eyed another one coming for him head-on as usual seeing his intimidating posture and before he was bowled over by him he deftly threw a full kick to his knee killing his momentum, leaving him clutching his leg in agony but adding to McClintock's as he threw his toned weight behind a one-two punch to his midsection.

Moore quickly joined the fray smashing an empty bottle that had been left on the side against the lead Naussican's head. He followed up with a couple of puches before backing up a little to give him room to kick out. Just before he launched his kick another Naussican dived into him pushing them both along the top of the bar.

The andorian shook his head and leaped into action, performing a "flying kick" into the two Naussicans. "Chah!" was his kiyup. He downed one and immediately came up with his wrist, hand pointing down, buckling the second in the chin, knocking them both out cold with two blows. Humans long ago would have thought he was a "ninja".

But alas, he wasn't perfect. Another pig-headed one slammed a back-handed fist the andorian's head, knocking him a few feet back. Rarely did he miss a block, but this one rang true. "Urg," he merely said and dove at the man with his two fists pointing straight ahead.

Seeing his new comrade on the floor being tackled by another unruly Naussican McClintock came up behind grabbing one, hauling him off Moore with a meaty armlock around his neck and delivering a combination of punches to his lower back, finishing him off by throughly smashing his head open against the bartop. Turning around he offered his steady hand to Moore still struggling off the ground.

"I imagine it's a wee bit sticky doon' there pal wi' all the beer, nae' to mention the blood stains." McClintock groused his full accent in flow owing to the adrenaline, with one eye suddenly turned to the strange-looking Andorian taking care of business.

"Yeah, thanks." His eyes widened. He pushed McClintock out of his way and delivered one final kick to the last Naussican who had been sneaking up on them. The Naussican collapsed.

"Hm, now I guess we're even pal. For now. Is that Andorian wi' you guys?" Surprised by the fighting skills of the crew witnessed so far, his eyes had been preoccupied observing the Andorian, unsure whether to intercede and finish the outclassed Naussican. Every Marine needs an extra pair of eyes to cover his six.

The Andorian made quick work of the ugly beast, knocking him out cold with a few swift blows. The blue one stood up and walked over to the group, dusting off his hands and stretching his back out a bit. There was a lick of blood on his lower lip. "Don't mention it," he said arrogantly as he went to the bar. "Drinks are on me, including our furry friends here."

The bartender looked strangely at the Andorian but obliged. "Coming right up..."
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