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Voyager 2.0

Postby Teaos » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:25 pm

With the free time I have on ship between shifts I have been watch Voyager from season 1 and I am almost finished.

As Voyager was the first trek series I ever followed from end to end when it was originally aired this brought back my original passion for trek. From this I worked back watching DS9 the TNG and finally TOS.

It might be because it was the first one I watched or maybe because it is the most “modern” in terms of styling and effects but I still like Voyager as a whole series.

However since I watched it rapidly from end to end I saw a lot of good in it I never noticed before but also a lot that can be improved upon.

So I have started the ambitious project of rewriting Voyager in an epic fan fiction that way it should have been.

I plan to follow the basic premises set out the creators. An Intrepid class ship set stranded in the Delta quadrant.

I have read old essays and reports from fans that were never a fan of this idea but I personally think it is a fantastic premise for trek. A new frontier that while far from home isn’t “impossibly” far from home.

However I will make their decision to go home more plausible, I will keep elements seen throughout the show but tweak them to my interpretation, some of them I will outright remove or change as they are… well, pathetic (Kazon).

I won’t fully rewrite every event; I’m going to skip the fluff episodes like the malfunctioning holodecks. Each “year” will probably have 5ish chapters to it.

There is no magic restart button, if the ship is damaged it has to be repaired to have reduced capacity. If someone dies, they bloody die.

Sector 001

He watched in shock as a single nacelle drifted detached across space, its connecting strut bare, its internal components left open and raw. A cluster of plasma distribution nodes hung lifeless not far by,

It looked as if a Klingon fleet has ripped through the core of the federation and ripped out its heart. Half a Nebula class saucer section sparked in the distance, its mission pod completely absent and its engineering section barely a lattice of raw bulkheads.

His small craft drifted through the hunks of hull and ship systems overwhelmed by the magnitude of what he was seeing.

Close to a dozen Defiant class ships hung in space, all in various states of fragmentation. Casting a broken shadow across the lot were two gleaming titans, dwarfing all but the distant Nebula , two Sovereign class vessels looked almost whole, there saucer sections spotless, he could even make out their names, USS Hood, USS Ventura, apart from the eviscerated engineering hull they would almost seem to be standing vigil over the scene bellow.

As he passed by what seemed to be a collection of dead warp cores the scene around him shifted, the nacelle which had seemed to be floating free and lifeless turned slightly showing the work bee which was guiding the nacelle down toward Capital row, off to be joined to the latest batch of Galaxy class ships. A warp core was being loaded into one of the Sovereigns as the finishing touches were put on the tactical cruises.

“Here we are Ensign” His pilot announced as they turned around a spacedock and could see the row of new intrepid class ships.

“How many?” He asked staring at the various unfinished hulls.

“Twelve in the first batch, once these are field tested and passed a three year trial, they’ll be added to the yearly turnover” He said as he guided him to the second ship in the row, both it, and the first ship looked fully functional, the third still missing its last nacelle, the other were significantly less complete.

“Docking arm is where we dock; most of the crew is arriving in the next two days so there is heavy traffic at the moment, can’t use the ships shuttle bay yet”

“How many so far?”

“Engineers mostly, I think most of the senior staff, I just dropped off the second officer this morning and the transporter chief two days ago” The dock worker said as he swung the small craft up over the port nacelle and glided towards the docking arm.

The docking port clasped with just a whisper and not even a hairs breath of deceleration

“Smooth, practice makes perfect I guess” The ensign said appreciatively.

“A 7 foot scratch down the hull of the USS Sovereign 14 hours before it was christened, and being sent back to basic flight school “makes perfect”” the pilot said with a mirthless smirk.

“Ouch” The new crew member said swinging his duffle bag over his shoulder and ducking through the hatchway.

With only final fittings and systems installation being done the ship was surprisingly empty, with less than a quarter of the crew present the ship still had its “Drydock” smell. Humidity set to zero, air temperature at only 14 degrees, the smell of plasma torches and freshly installed fittings. It took a few weeks for any ship to get that “Lived in” feel to it.

He’d heard the first time any new starship engaged its impulse and then warp drives was terrifying with every bulkhead and panel creaking and popping as it felt the pressures of space travel for the first time.

Stepping into the turbo lift and ordering the bridge his knees gave way as the turbo lift took off with considerably more acceleration than the norm, as he regained his footing he was sent stumbling again as the lift decelerated momentarily lifting him from his feet. He dropped to his knees as the doors opened.

“Ensign Kim I assume? Sorry about the lift, the fitters seems to has misaligned the speed controls”

Matching the face to the crew profiles he’d read he fought down a blush.

“Aye Captain”

Chapter 1

“We depart at 0900; we are forgoing the usual shakedown cruise until the completion of this mission. Entrance to the badlands is limited to Ships with class six sensor arrays or above, unfortunately there are no Galaxy Class or Nebula Class vessels available so Voyagers first ride will be a bumpy one. After this mission we will start the standard 6 month shakedown cruise around the Betazoid system” Janeway said to the assembled senior staff. Her hair loosely tied back into a ponytail she still held herself as someone new to command, not truly a captain, but no longer just a science officer. Not a vain woman by any means, she had done her hair half a dozen times that morning, ranging from an elaborate bun, to a French braid, even pig tails at her fiancé Marks prodding only to have him laugh himself silly at her over the video screen. Finally she settled for simple and hassle free, she’d let her actions speak for her, not the way she appeared.

“Commander Templeton will brief us on what we know about this specific Marquis cell”


“Thrusters only” Commander Templeton ordered from his seat next to the captain.

“Aye sir” Paris responded for the third time in as many minutes, Templeton seemed to be constantly giving him the simplest orders possible, as if he had no idea how to do the easiest tasks. He’d almost barked back when he’d been reminded to turn the inertial dampeners on before departing. It was impossible not to turn them on for Gods sake! Safety protocols wouldn’t let a thruster fire without dampeners on. Templeton seemed set on making everyone on the ship know how little he thought of him.

“One Quarter impulse until we clear Lunar orbit Lieutenant”

His hand trembled slightly as he held his tongue again, 4 more months in the rehabilitation facility… how bad could it be? He debated just telling him to screw himself and beaming back to the shipyard before they were out of range.


“Aye” He gritted out Punching in the command for one quarter impulse.

“Aye…? “ Templeton said regarding the conn officer in front of him with nothing less than disdain, he could feel the captains glance shift between the two of them but he wasn’t doing anything specifically out of order.

“Aye SIR, one quarter impulse, shall I increase to full impulse at five million kilometres once out of planetary orbital plane then proceed to warp 4 at 25 million kilometres, as per Startfleet Con regulation 16.2 ‘Starship departure from class 4 Planetary system?”

Harry had heard about their Conn officer within his first hour on board, the Doctor had filled him in when he reported for his initial medical scans. Apart from the briefing he had hardly seen Paris around; apparently he had been doing pre departure checks on their shuttle fleet before departure, choosing to stay away from the bridge it would seem. Now he could practically feel the tension in the air. From what he had seen of Commander Templeton he wasn’t a man to back down, a Starfleet brat through and through he seemed to take Paris’ presence as a personal insult. But somehow he doubted Paris was going to come off second best either.

“Nice to see you still up to speed Lieutenant, proceed. Commander, join me in my ready room” Janeway said defusing the situation before it could escalate. Suddenly 3 weeks seemed a hell of a long time…

<<Cardassian ship>>

“The Marquis vessel has entered the badlands, heading 231, right into a plasma vortex”

“Follow them in, stay within ten thousand kilometres. Lock on transporters as soon as possible” Gul Evack ordered.

“We cant get a lock in these conditions, the plasma vortexes are throwing up to much interference”

“Tractor Beam, pull them back out!” Evack yelled as they were struck by a vortex

“Tractor beam locked but that last hit damaged out starboard nacelle, we’re down to thrusters”

“Gul, we are detecting a massive energy wave heading towards us, dead ahead” A Cardassian yelled from the back of the bridge.

“The Marqui?” Evack barked watching the wave approach on the tactical screen.

“No, they’re trying to break free of our tractor beam, its origin is over half a parsec away”

“Get us out of her, full reverse”

“We’re not going to make it, impact in three, two…


“We’re picking up weapons signatures, Marqui and Cardassian, less than a hour old, they head off into the badlands” Harry said from his post.

“Plot a coarse in and follow them, theose plasma storms will scramble their trails before long I don’t wont to get to far behind. As fast as you can go Mr Paris”

“The trail ends abruptly eight million kilometres dead ahead. We’re picking up some anomalous sensor readings”

“Long range scan, check for either ship. They might have been driven further in” Janeway ordered watching the plasma storms spin around them.

“Captain we’re picking up an energy wave heading right for us, it matches the anomalous readings we were picking up”

“Shields, Hard about, full reverse, get us out of here!” Janeway ordered “Divert power from weapons to shields”

“We don’t have enough power, its gonna hit us-“
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Re: Voyager 2.0

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:05 pm

Teaos... good luck. Skimmed it so far but interesting in a good way.
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