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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby stitch626 » Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:33 pm

Man if only we could watch these battles on a 55" screen. :)

Nice writing. Very good dialog. And nice use of the poor fighters.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mark » Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:03 am


You sure can spin a battle scene together, my friend.!
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:40 am

Nickswitz-Thank you. :) I figured they'd begin earning respect from one another. This is the time to stand together, or die. Sneak attack... well, you'll see what happens. ;)

stitch626-Aww, not that good. But thank you. :) I legit appreciate it.

Mark-Also, thanks. :) I try, at least.

Here we go!

Lusa's lightsaber spun around, sending back a flurry silvery Borg disruptor bolts. Her lightsaber hummed and screeched as it cut through the air, leaving an afterimage to anyone who glanced at the blade.
Next to her, Commander Data's TR-116 rifle targeted the advancing drones and blew neat holes into their chests, sending out small bits of shrapnel with each impact. "We should retreat," he said.

Lusa shrugged. "It's Master Skywalker's call, sir. He's down here for something, but-" She suddenly upholstered a type-two phaser pistol, aimed it and fired, killing a drone that was advancing on Zekk from behind. "He's after something here. And what it is, I don't know."

Zekk glanced over at the Chironian science officer and threw her a salute before turning back to the other half-dozen drones around him and Jaina. "How many is this?" he shouted.

Jaina turned her brown eyes to him. "I lost count. You think they'd give up by now."

A blur to her left attracted her attention. It quickly resolved itself into Taran'atar, wrestling with an assimilated Wookiee. "The Borg understand warfare better than I thought, young Jaina. They know the sacrifice of a few is nothing if the goal is achieved." He pushed the furry drone off, pulled out his disruptor pistol and fired a half-dozen rounds at the huge, gangly drone. The whitish polaron bolts hit the Borg's shields and, after a few rounds, penetrated and ripped through the armor beneath. Taran'atar nodded before hefting his battle ax once more and plunging into the fray.

In the back, Jag knelt behind a rock next to Hox. The former drone suddenly grabbed Hox's arm. "Let me help! I can be useful!" he half-shouted, his eyes wide.

The Suliban's eyes narrowed. "And I should trust you why?"

Jag's head suddenly darted to the right. "Look out!" he shouted.

Hox turned and, in one smooth motion, brought up his TR-116 rifle and shot a drone just before the drone killed him. The drone fell back, sparks shooting from the holes bore into it. Hox's lipless mouth narrowed even more. He then unholstered a phaser pistol and placed it in Jag's trembling hands. "This has an IFF transponder, kid. If you aim for any of my men or the Jedi, then this pistol doesn't work." He grabbed Jag by the shoulder and brought him gas mask-to-gas mask. "And if you do that, I will kill you myself. Get it?"

Jag nodded. "Got it, sir."

Near the center of the semi-circle, Luke and Kyle stood together, back to back and lightsabers held out. A pack of drones attacked Kyle, lightsabers thrusting from all directions and humming. He parried the first few stabs, getting inside the guard of one and skewering it on the end of his plasma blade. The grizzled Jedi Master then turned to the others, but his danger sense flared.

He spared a glance over at Luke and saw him telekinetically pushing one drone away while dueling with three others simultaneously. His green plasma blade was a neon blur as he thrust, parried and swung faster than even Kyle could keep track of.

One of the drones stepped in front of Luke, getting itself skewered on the plasma blade. Before Luke could react, one of the other drones stepped around and extended its prosthetic-replaced right arm nanoprobe injection tubules snaking out. Luke pushed it away-but the tubules writhed and snaked out even further, piercing Luke's skin just below his right ear.

The Jedi Master let out a bloodcurdling scream as the nanoprobes raced through his bloodstream. His ice-blue eyes widened as his heart raced. He half-closed his eyes and held out his hand, telekinetically shoving the other drones away from him while reaching for the armband with the other. He pressed the green button-but the unit sparked and shuddered before the indicator lights died.

Lusa looked over and pulled out her tricorder. With one deft motion, she activated it and scanned the Jedi Master. Her blood turned ice-cold as she read the analysis. "The antivenin injectors have been fused." Her face took on a look of stark horror before she dropped the tricorder and her lightsaber and grabbed the sides of her head.

A scream shot from her, Tenel Ka, Jacen, Jaina, Zekk, Lowie and Kyle at about the same time that the first implant sprouted from Luke's skin
Ten Minutes Earlier at the Coruscant Battle Zone
Raynar looked around the room he and his friends stood in, not entirely sure what was going on. He, Tahiri, Sannah and Tionne stood in the Skywalker's Coruscant apartment in a circle. "So, why are we here?" Raynar asked while running his fingers through his spiky blond hair.

Tionne pointed to the ceiling-and the battle being fought above. "They need our help, Raynar. The Borg's hive mind enables them to work in total harmony with one another. Jedi battle meditation can help our side in the fight."

The four linked hands and minds. Tionne closed her silvery eyes and tilted her head up. "Reach out and lend them a hand. Bridge the gap between their minds!"

Tahiri nodded. "It's the least we can do, Raynar. Even though there's so much more " She trailed off and glanced to the floor, her eyes half-closing.

Sannah's grip tightened. "He'll be all right, Tahiri. Anakin's too stubborn to let the Borg do anything to him."

Tahiri grinned at the Melodie. "Thanks!" she said before her mouth straightened and her brows furrowed. "Let's do this."

Raynar squelched a feeling of worry over Lusa and closed his eyes, reaching out to the space battle above. He felt bravery, anger, fear and death. His heartbeat increased and his palms sweated, but he concentrated on the disparate minds and on letting them meet each other. Work together. Fight together. Live together.
Kyp sent his X-wing into a spiraling climb, throwing off the aim of the Borg sphere and allowing him to line up a shot of his own at the starfighter. He triggered the quad lasers and blew several chunks of the grayish hull off, reducing the sphere to a crescent shape. He contacted the three members of his flight. "Ganner, Miko, Wurth, form up in diamond formation. "There's an assimilated Sacheen-class near one of the Golan Arms stations, and I think we can do some damage."

The voices of the three Jedi Knights, all once apprentices to him, came over.

"On it, Master."

"They won't know what hit them."

"My dazzling good looks will blind their sensors."

Kyp stifled a chuckle at the last one as three X-wings formed up behind him. Wurth and Ganner took their places on port and starboard respectively while Miko hung back on his six. The four X-wings moved as one, slicing through Borg sphere squadrons and taking a few of them out along the way.

After a few minutes of dogfight, they finally came upon the Sacheen-or what had become of it. Green armor plating and pulsing conduits covered the once-clean lines of the 375-meter long escort cruiser. Two tractor beams were coming from the bow and had drained off a portion of the platform's shields. Turbolaser bolts were hammering the Sacheen, but its shields were holding-even as they turned from white to yellow with every impact of the blood-red plasma bolts.

Kyp flipped a switch on his flight stick and readied the X-wings' proton torpedoes. Aim for the tractor beam emitter, he said through the Force. He waited until he was within five kilometers before thumbing the trigger, firing the torpedoes.

Two sapphire orbs shot from the underside of his X-wing, followed by six more. They hit the bow of the cruiser, burrowing through and exploding inside the armor plating, warping the bow before chunks of it blew off in fiery conflagrations.

The Golan Arms locked a dozen ion cannons onto the Sacheen and fired, followed by a volley of proton torpedoes. The bow subsequently disintegrated into a metallic mist.
Near the fore of the Borg armada, the Falcon weaved and bobbed, drawing fire while taking out weapons and tractor beam emitters with pinpoint precision. Leia glanced out the main viewport-and five seconds later, she slumped back in her chair and her brown eyes rolled into the back of her head. "No, no NONONONONO!" she suddenly screamed, grabbing her head and convulsing.

Han's blood turned ice-cold. "Chewie, take the controls!"

The Wookiee nodded as he flipped several switches, transferring control over to his station while Han unbuckled his crash webbing and went over to his wife. "Sweetheart, what is it? What-" He suddenly got a bad, bad, bad feeling. He tapped his headset and spoke. "Anakin? Mara?? Anyone?" He scowled and turned to Chewie. "Watch her."

Chewie nodded. [I shall with my life, honor brother.]

Han bolted from the cockpit and double-timed down the corridor to the access tube for the quad lasers. He oriented himself and climbed to the dorsal laser.

Anakin lay on the turret's deck plating, the young man's blue eyes squeezed shut and his face a mask of pain. "Dad, it hurts. Why did they take him?" he cried out.

Han grabbed a hold of Anakin's shoulders and shook him a bit. "Anakin, what's going on? Why did who take who?"

Anakin's eyes slowly peeled open. "Uncle Luke, Dad. The Borg assimilated Uncle Luke."

Han's breath hitched in his throat. His hands clenched and his jaw slid to the side a bit. "Are you all right?"

Anakin placed a hand on his father's forearm and spoke. "I'm fine, but Aunt Mara "

Han didn't wait. The former smuggler exited the gunwale, grabbed hold of the ladder and slid down. He landed with a thud next to Mara-who was on the ground, curled up in the fetal position. Sobs wracked her body and tears streamed from her bloodshot eyes. "Why, why? My soul is gone my soul is gone MY SOUL IS GONE!"

Han grabbed her and patted her. "It's gonna be all right, Red." What the hell do I do?

The Falcon suddenly shook, pitching beneath his feet. Chewie's voice came over his headset. [Several Borg spheres are attacking! We need weapons!]

Han sighed. "Sorry, Mara. I'll be right back." He stepped over her and reached the seat for the quad laser.

Before he could even power it up, a Starfleet shuttle swept in, phasers blasting. "This is Lieutenant Commander Thomas Paris of the Starfleet shuttle Delta Flyer. Are you in need of assistance?"

The former smuggled leaned back in the seat. "We have injured crewmembers, but nothing we can't handle." A lopsided grin crossed his face for a moment. "I owe you, Mister Paris."

Han could hear the grin on Paris' face as he replied "How's about a race when this is all over?"

Han grabbed hold of the control sticks as the entire assembly swung around,, targeting grids lighting up. He fried at an incoming sphere, sending out a steady stream of laser bolts, eventually collapsing its shields and ripping it apart. "Sure thing, Flyer. Let's just get through-" His words were cut off when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Han glanced back over his shoulder. "Mara?"

Mara stared down at him, green eyes dead and lifeless. "Resistance... is futile," she choked out. She clenched her hand and Han floated out of the chair, flying up and over to the bulkhead in back.

Han impacted, stars bursting in his vision and his breath leaving his body. "Mara, what the... hell..." he grunted. His arms tensed and his legs kicked, but he remained pinned to the bulkhead like a fly.

Mara walked over to him and held up her hand. She extended her index and middle finger and her arm shot out, the digits jabbing at his neck. He shuddered before his eyes closed and his head slumped forward.
Chewie's right hand gripped the controls as he sent the Falcon into a dive while his left hand jabbed at the intercom. [Honor Brother, why aren't you firing? How are the Cub and-] He stopped as he saw Leia stand back up. [Are you all right?]

Leia looked down at him with dead eyes. "You will be assimilated," she intoned, touching her old friend on the temple with two fingers. She paused slightly as he slumped over before sitting in the copilot's chair.

She glanced up as Anakin stepped into the cockpit, his face a mask. He walked over to Chewie and, with a single twist, unbuckled him from his crash webbing. The young Jedi held out his hand and the Wookiee floated out of his chair, trailing behind him.
Hox's combadge beeped. "Sir, this is Richardson. Did Skywalker just get assimilated?"

Hox tapped his combadge as he watched the Jedi collapse. "Yeah, that's affirmative."

One of the MACOs nodded and reloaded his rifle. "Well, sir. Would you say we're simply screwed, or royally screwed?"

The Suliban turned back and saw the Borg halt their advance. As one, they looked to the sky. "We know you are there, Defiant," one of them said.

Hox swore and tapped his combadge again. "Defiant, this is Hox. We need extraction NOW!"
On the bridge of the Defiant, Tenmei turned around in her seat and addressed Admiral Sisko. "Sir, should we tell them?"

Sisko clasped his fingers together and leaned back in his chair even as twelve Borg cubes surrounded his ship. "I will, Lieutenant." He cleared his throat. "Lieutenant Hox, we're in a bit of a situation."
On the planet, Hox's head dropped. "Understood, Defiant." He then hefted his TR-116 at the advancing drones. "Make every shot count, people!" He targeted a drone and fired, but the drone easily held up both plasma blades, deflecting away the slug. It then broke out into a run.

Hox snarled and pulled out a knife, but a single phaser beam caught the drone in the chest, sending it crumbling to the ground. The MACO's head turned slowly to the left, and his slit eyes saw a very shaky, very angry Jagged Fel, his right arm extended and was trembling, but his aim was true. "Thanks."

The other MACOs stood up and shuffled back, firing their rifles at the advancing drones. A few went down, but most of them were able to either deflect or dodge the incoming fire.

Near the Jedi, Luke stood up. His normally healthy-looking skin was ashen-gray. Both eyes were little more than blank orbs. Several implants had already sprouted on his body and bluish veins were snaking out from the initial assimilation point.

Kyle hefted himself to his knees and crawled on all fours to Luke. The rugged Jedi grabbed Luke's lags and shook him. "Luke, snap out of it! Fight them, Luke! Think of Leia, of Mara!"

The drone once known as Luke slowly tilted his head down and stared Kyle in the eyes, the internal struggle reflected for him to see.
Luke held his lightsaber up and sliced a Borg in half, then telekinetically shoved another dozen away. His blue eyes looked about the black area he stood in. Dozens of red laser scanners focused on his chest, sent by dozens of Borg drones surrounding him. He felt despair and nervousness creeping through his soul. He couldn't take all of them on at once! He dropped down to his knees as they closed in on him...

A brilliant light from above shone down, illuminating Luke and driving away the darkness. "Jump, Luke!" a familiar voice called out.

The Jedi Master nodded and tensed his legs before leaping, easily clearing the grasping drones. He flew up, up up... before his legs jerked, solid ground forming under him. He looked around in the blue haze. "Ben?" he shouted. "Ben!"

Two figures appeared in front, one his first teacher and the other in an old-style uniform. Obi-Wan Kenobi smiled and let out a shaky breath. "Good to see you're all right," he said. He motioned to the other man. "This is James Kirk, a friend of mine and former Starfleet captain."

Luke nodded as he and Jim shook hands. "Ben, is this..." He trailed off, almost afraid to voice his concerns."Am I dead?"

Jim shook his head. "Far from it. Your spirit is safe, although..."

Luke reached out and grabbed Kirk by the shoulder. "How bad?"

Jim and Ben exchanged a glance before the former held out his hand. "The Borg are using your body as a transmitter, for lack of a better term." The blue haze swirled around near his hand, parting to reveal an image of Luke's body as it sprouted implants and the Jedi around him screamed.

Luke's mouth opened, but no sound came out for a few moments. "No," he finally whispered. He finally turned to Ben and grabbed the spirit by both shoulders. "Ben, you've gotta get me back to my body so I can stop this!" he half-shouted.

"That would be unwise," a voice from behind said. Luke turned as a woman approached, gloved hand clutching a metallic staff. "If you return to your body, the Borg's reach would extend far beyond what they can already control. You must have patience, Master Skywalker."

Luke regarded her as a sense of familiarity washed over him. "I see..." He trailed off, eyebrow arching.

A mysterious smile crossed her lips. "Call me Setsuna. In another time, another life we would've already been good friends." She turned her head and locked eyes with Jim. "You will be all right?"

Jim half-smiled, took her hand and kissed it lightly. "Of course," he said before turning back to Luke. "Believe me, Luke. I know how it is to have to wait. But you have to wait for the right moment, or the Borg will dominate both galaxies."

"I know," Luke said, nodding. He suddenly rubbed his forehead and grimaced. "Mara... Leia... NO!" he shouted, eyes widening. He took a step forward, but found Jim standing there. "I have to help!"

"And you will," Ben interjected, walking over. He flashed Luke a sympathetic smile. "I know how hard it is to wait. I had to do it for nineteen years while you and Leia grew up. But sometimes-"

"I get it," Luke finally said. He sighed and looked back to the image. "But there must be
something I can do!"

"There is," Setsuna said from behind. She waited until Luke turned fully before speaking with her ancient voice. "Keep vigilant. Watch over the living and be prepared. The moment to strike will come." He head tilted to the side and she nodded. "I must leave." She smiled at Jim before her body began fading.

"Wait!" Luke shouted, holding out a hand. "How will I know the moment?"

"You will know..." her voice echoed, reverberating around the land of the dead before also fading into the mists.

Jim held out a hand and a small chair appeared in the mists. He took Luke by the arm and led him over. "Even ghosts need to rest," he explained. "And floating around for eternity can get boring." He motioned to the chair. "Come on, Luke. You can't be on edge all the time."

The Jedi Master sighed, running his fingers through his tousled hair before sitting. He leaned forward as Ben walked over. "Ben, is there any chance..."

The aged Jedi nodded, smiling softly. "Yes, Luke. Anakin and Padme should be along soon. They're anxious to see you."

Luke leaned back in the chair before stopping. "Wait. Who's Padme?"

Lusa grunted and staggered, her tricorder slipping from her hand. Trembling fingers reached into a satchel slung around her torso and she pulled out a small beeping armband. Trillions of voices assaulted her consciousness, driving her mind-driving her soul-back into a small corner of her mind as she fumbled with the device. "Help!" she cried out.

Two strong arms grabbed her. "We got you!" Richardson shouted from her left. He took the armband from Lusa and looked it over. "What do I do?"

"Attach to arm and... resistance... turn on... futile... hurry... hurry... You will be..." Her words slurred together and a greenish haze descended over her vision. A small part of her felt the elastic slip over her hand and up her arm...

A gasp escaped her lips as Richardson pressed a small button on it, the voices suddenly silenced. She knelt down and scooped her tricorder up. "Thanks," she said, activating the scanner and running it over her. "Good. The link was severed."

"Link?" the Tellarite private to her right asked. "What link? What is that thing?"

"It projects a skintight force field mimicking ysalamiri Force bubbles," Lusa explained, digging into her satchel and pulling out another armband. "I had a feeling the Borg might try and Gamorreanback something through the Force if any of us were assimilated." She looked around, quickly locating the next closest Jedi. "Tenel Ka!" she shouted, breaking out into a gallop.

She skidded to a halt right next to the Hapan princess. Sweat poured down Tenel Ka's forehead and her eyes had rolled into the back of her head. "Futile... futile... Assimilation..." she muttered, clawing the air with her hands.

Lusa grabbed one of her flailing limbs and slipped an armband around her fingers, sliding it up to right above the attachment point of her friend's prosthetic. It flicked on and Tenel Ka's eyes cleared. "Lusa, my friend?" she asked, letting the Chironian help her to her feet. "What did you do? She asked, stumbling slightly.

Lusa swallowed. "I sorta blocked us from accessing the Force. But on the bright side, we won't be hijacked by the Collective through Master Skywalker." She looked around and gasped, digging into her satchel for more armbands and pulling out a few. "Come on!"

Tenel Ka blinked before glancing about, her hair bouncing a bit behind her. "What are they doing?" she asked, pointing to the other Jedi.

Jacen, Jaina, Zekk, Lowie and Kyle walked to Luke, drones forming a protective semi-circle around them. Several of the MACOs aimed their weapons, but a single gesture from Hox had them lower and safety them.

Luke's blank eyes swept across the group as he and the Jedi were enveloped by columns of greenish transporter beams. When the columns faded, they were gone.

Hox tapped his combadge. "Defiant, status?"
Sisko swiveled around in his seat to the tactical station. "Bowers?"

Bowers looked over his screens. "The cubes and other assimilated ships are holding position. Their power systems seem to be... in flux." He shook his head. "Probably as good a time as any to get the hell out of here."

Sisko's eyes half-closed his eyes and leaned back. "Yes... the only time. Transporter room!" he barked. "Lock on and beam them out of there."
The MACOs gathered around, rifles at the ready as drones milled about, not attacking but not letting them advance. Rifles were raised, but Hox raised a gloved hand. "Don't," he ordered. "They might not see us as a threat if we don't fire. And we can get out of here with no further trouble"

Tenel Ka glanced at him, her eyes ablaze. "Leave? But what about Jaina, Zekk or Jacen? We can't just-"

"We have no choice!" Hox barked, his slitted eyes narrowing. "We leave now or we never leave. It's hard but it's true." He abruptly straightened. "Prepare for transport."

Tenel Ka surged forward, but two MACOs grabbed her, keeping her among the Starfleet personnel. "No, nonononono!" she shouted, clawing at the air. "Let me go I have to save him LET ME GO!" she continued, even as her body was disassembled at the quantum level and beamed aboard the Defiant.

A few moments later, the small ship pirouetted on its axis, impulse engines flaring. Several assimilated ships moved into its path, but the ship's nose tilted 'up' relative to its flight axis, a stream of quantum torpedoes firing at the Frankenstein mash-ups of Defense Force hulls and Borg technology. A Carrack caught two of the cerulean missiles square in the bow, shields dropping with the first hit and the second striking hull.

A small explosion flared amongst the green and glowing Borg-implanted hull, slowing it down long enough for the Defiant's warp grids to flash, sending it into warp and relative safety.

Please read and review. Up!

Small nit fixed as per Nickswitz's eye.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Nickswitz » Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:45 pm

Wait, if the field mimicked the Ysalimari, then how did she use the force to pick up the tricorder?

Besides that I liked it, that just confused me. I want Q back to make fun of the borg, oooo, or the borg invading the force ghosts... hmm... how would that work though.

I'll get back to you on that
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mark » Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:19 am

Ok.....my first real critique. The conversation between Luke, Obi-Wan, and Kirk just didn't do it for me. It didn't "flow" if you know what I mean. I had a very hard time imagining the characters in my head with that exact dialoge which doesn't
match the character personality. Obi-Wan "speaks" with proper and complete words. Kirk USUALLY refers to people by last name, with only one real exception I can remember. I'd have an easier time with Kirk calling him Master Kenobi, or even Mister Kenobi.....plus Kirk seems to have lost a bit of his fire. Luke just seems a bit too "farmboy-ish" in this chapter.

Otherwise, when the Borg started to access the Force, I got chicken skin :mrgreen:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:42 am

MickSwitz :doh: Can't believe I missed that. Corrected. I don't think Q's gonna be back for a while, though.

Mark-Fair enough, dude. :) I freely admit I write Luke as a framboy too often. :P As for Kirk... he has been dead for close to a decade, now.

Short post this time, sorry. Thus ends part two!

Here we go!

Coruscant, Shield Station 47-Beta
Technicians and other workers milled about inside the cavernous control center inside one of the forty-eight shield projectors on Coruscant. A Duros stopped in front of a holo-projector mounted on a desk. "Borg cubes are approaching our sector," he announced. "Make sure all capacitors are charged and power reserves stable. I want-"

A silver-haired humanoid appeared next to him, arm outstretched. "Resistance is futile," Tionne said, telekinetically shoving him several meters back and skidding across the durasteel floor.

The Duros stopped near a pair of security personnel. "Hey!" one shouted, raising her BlasTech E-15 blaster rifle. "What's-" She never finished her sentence, as a lithe blond crept up behind her and touched her and her partner on the back of the neck.

"Main guard force on outer perimeter taken out," she reported. "Raynar inbound."

A few moments later, a pewter-colored plasma blade stabbed through a durasteel wall, slicing a circular plug in it. The plug shot out, impacting and skidding across the floor for several meters, leaving a trough in it. Raynar stepped through the hole, dead eyes surveying the interior. He strode up to Tionne and Tahiri, nodding once.

The trio turned to the technicians still inside the shield generator and began advancing, lightsabers ignited. The technicians scattered, running and screaming.

Tionne sat down at a console and her fingers danced over the controls. Instructions and diagrams flowed across her eyes, telling her exactly how to power down the shield generator and lock it out from outside interference. The machinery around her powered down, humming and rattling subsiding. A hologram appeared in front of her, hovering above the console. "Warning: Shield failure."

Tionne stood back up and faced Raynar and Tahiri. All three disappeared in a swirl of green energy, transported away.
Home One, Coruscant battle zone
"All ships, fall back into range of planet-based turbolasers!" Ackbar barked. His eyes swiveled around, taking in two screens at once. "The Borg are advancing along-"

"Sir, planetary shield failure above the imperial palace and transporter activity detected!" a sensor officer suddenly shouted from aft. He turned from his station, eyes wide.

Ackbar's chair swiveled around, mouth agape. "How?" One eye locked onto a communications officer. "Get me the Enterprise!"

A half-second later, a static-laced image of Picard appeared in front of Ackbar. Slight bits of smoke curled about, but for the most part the bridge looked intact. "Admiral," he said, "I assume you're calling about the transporter activity. Three people were beamed off Coruscant to one of the cubes."

Ackbar nodded. "Yes, Captain. Although we weren't aware of that bit. Tell me, do you have any insight into what the Borg are going to do?"

Picard glanced to the side and closed his eyes. "Retreat," he finally said. "No, not retreat. Withdrawal." His eyes flew open again. "They will withdraw-for now. I suggest you do not follow, though. Your forces are no match for them at the moment."

A sigh escaped Ackbar's mouth. "The tide is rough, and our hulls are weak. Very well." He motioned for the connection to be cut. "All ships, stand firm and get into formation alpha-gamma one. I repeat, alpha-gamma-one."

The Defense Force vessels broke off from their engagements, turning as their ion engines fired, sending them back to Coruscant. The cubes and other assimilated vessels floated in the void for a moment before they moved off.

One unassimilated freighter and two X-wing fighters flew into the Borg's midst. The Millennium Falcon, Kyp Durron's X-wing and Ganner Rhysode's X-wing approached the side of one cube, matching speed and course. A comparatively tiny hatch opened up, allowing the three ships to enter. Two X-wings danced around on the extreme edge of the Borg fleet before breaking off, their maneuvers sharp and almost angry.

A few minutes later, the Borg armada vanished into transwarp, its mission complete.
War zone between Federation and Romulan territory
The Titan bucked and heaved. "Evasive maneuvers!" Riker barked. He glanced to his right. "Anything?"

Deanna's eyes widened. "Aili!" she half-shouted. "Full impulse ahead!"

The Selkie nodded, the motion somewhat obscured by the helmet she wore. "Aye," she said, hands inputting commands.

The Titan shot forward, phasers and torpedoes firing. One approached, attempting to lock on a shield-draining tractor beam but missing completely. One phaser beam carved a long, shallow trench in the hull. Quantum torpedoes hit the rent in the armor, detonating internally and ripping out huge chunks of hull.

"Nice call," Aili said, smiling.

Deanna nodded, but suddenly stopped. Her eyes grew wide and she shot to her feet. "Master Skywalker, no!" she yelled. The Betazoid Jedi stumbled forward, tapping her neck below the carotid artery.

Christine Vale grabbed her arm. "Sit down, Will," she said as she spied her captain out of the corner of her eye. "The ship needs you and the fleet needs the Titan."

Deanna breathed through her nose, letting it out through her mouth. "She's right," she said, shoulders sagging. "That was... intense."

Admiral Ross stepped away from the tactical console. "Commander, what about Master Skywalker?"

"He's been assimilated," she said, turning to face him. "And there's more. Several other Jedi seem to be... infected with the Collective's hive mind, for lack of a better term."

Riker stood up in alarm. "What about you?" he asked, crossing the distance in two long strides. He placed a hand on his wife's forearm. Imzadi?"

"Not me," she assured him. "Besides, you'd know through our link." Deanna straightened up and smoothed out her uniform. "Although perhaps it'd be best if I refrain from using-Aili, full stop!"

The ship lurched slightly as braking thrusters kicked in, the inertial dampers slightly behind. The Titan hung in space, relatively motionless.

Borg cubes and assimilated ships suddenly halted their advances, stopping in mid-fight. Several were destroyed, but the rest suddenly reversed course, retreating back into Romulan territory.

Ross stood there with his mouth hanging open. "What's going on?" He looked to Tuvok. "Get me the rest of the fleet commanders. This changes everything!"
USS Johnston, near Galorndon Core
Captain Sito Fora gripped his command seat's armrests as the Saber-class ship trembled, warp core pushed beyond the limits. "Status?" the middle-aged Bajoran shouted above the din.

"Leonidas has just been destroyed," his first officer reported, reading from a PADD. Sparks flew from a station and smoke drifted in the air, but she continued as if it was normal operations. "The IKS Koj and WoBa are moving in to seal the gap, but both of them are damaged themselves. The Eisenhower, the Chiune Sugihara and the Eugeniusz Plawski are holding position near the far side of the system, and are tied up with a group of cubes, but they're holding the line. The Gambier Bay is moving off under its own power, recovering fighters and runabouts." She suddenly swore. "Now cubes moving in on Bay's position!"

"Move to cover," Fora ordered. "Draw their fire from Gambier Bay."

The first officer looked over at him for a moment before nodding. "Aye, sir," she said. "Sir, it's been an honor."

Fora grinned slightly. "And with you."

The Johnston wheeled about, stumpy nacelles flashing as it warped across the system, covering light-minutes in seconds. It slowed to a comparative crawl as Borg cubes loomed, one almost casually destroying a crippled Ambassador-class starship.

"Ready all phasers and quantum torpedoes," Fora barked. "All power to shields and stand by for-"

"Sir!" the tactical officer barked from his station at aft starboard, "Borg ships are retreating!"


The image changed to show the small group of Borg cubes. They halted their advance before suddenly moving off in the other direction. The image flickered and changed to a shot of Galorndon Core from the 'north', showing Borg cubes leaving the system and warping back across the Neutral Zone.

For a slowly climbed out of his chair and stood, jaw slack and eyes wide. "By the Prophets," he muttered. "They're getting away!"
The ISS Chimaera shuddered as three Borg cubes approached the battered star destroyer. One to port, one to starboard and one directly in front of the dagger-like bow. An assimilated Strike-class cruiser hung overhead, energy-draining tractor beam latched onto the last protection the Chimaera had-her dorsal energy shields.

Pellaeon stood on the bridge, hunched over and looking out the main viewport. The screams of the dying echoed from the crew pits and all around as his beloved ship shuddered. Smoke curled in the air and sparks shot from various panels and consoles. He turned and spat out a mouthful of blood before speaking. "Ready ramming speed," he said, his voice raw.

The Chimaera suddenly stopped shaking, save for occasional course adjustments that the overstressed inertial dampers couldn't compensate for. "What's going on?" he asked, looking around blearily.

Captain Dorja emerged from the crew pit, one arm bandaged and hanging limply by her side. "According to the last sensor technician, the Borg are moving off, pulling out from Bastion and back to their conquered territory."

Pellaeon turned bleary eyes to the main viewport. He stumbled over as the three cubes and assimilated chip broke off, moving away and warping out of the Bastion System. "Contact Yaga Minor and get me a situation report," he said. "And then contact Coruscant."
Chaos reigned in the Collective as half-buried subroutines and programs, buried under code and directives for five millennia resurfaced. That which the Collective had been searching for, which superseded the Omega Molecule, assimilation and their drive for perfection had been found.

New directives were written, overriding everything in the Collective. The new captures were given priority over everything else. The Unicomplex-heart of the Collective and the closest thing to a capital-was readied.

One Borg sat, her mission so close to completion. She wore a black, form-fitting bodysuit with armored plating, accenting rather than hiding her figure. Her left arm was still clearly organic, augmented with external servos, armor plating and micro-shield generators. Her right arm below the elbow was a bulky, grasping claw with a short disruptor barrel peeking out between the pincers. Long, brown hair with onyx-black cables laced through trailed down to the small of her back. The exposed skin on her face, neck and collarbone was pale, with greenish mottling showing the effects of the nanoprobes in her body. A single scanner covered her right eye, with metallic tendrils branching out down her cheek and over her otherwise unblemished left eye.

Queen Jaina, the true Queen of the Borg Collective, rose from her throne, cables detaching from her spinal column and snaking back into the chair. She cocked her head to the side. "Yes, yes. Bring them all here. It has been so long since I've seen my family." She nodded twice. "And continue assimilation of Species 15673. They will enhance the Collective and add to our perfection..."


Part three, 'Doppleganger' begins next.

Please read and review. :)
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby stitch626 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:31 am

Crap this is getting bad (for everyone involved I mean, not your writing). I for-see a very long and tedious battle (or slew of battles).
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:14 am

stitch626-lol, thanks. :) This is 'ESB' of the trilogy. ;)

And now, part three begins. Hopefully this might answer any questions.

Here we go!

Part Three: Doppleganger


"We are... I am the Borg. I am the one, She who commands and lead the Collective. All flow through me. All ARE me.

"For over five thousand years, I have brought perfection and peace to the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Now, I extend my hand out to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, bringing that which you will ultimately desire and crave. My reach extends even to the newly-discovered galaxy and the New Republic, Imperial Remnant and Hapes Consortium, among others. The Chiss Ascendancy already knows of me, and welcomes me.

"But that which I have longed for has now arrived. That which I want-I NEED is within my grasp. And they are MINE. As all of you shall be mine! Both galaxies shall fall before me, assimilated and bent to my will. Resistance is futile. All shall be assimilated.

"And the galaxy shall finally know peace."

Chapter One: Regrouping
Captain's log, stardate 58387.9. It has been one week since the Borg halted their advance upon New Republic, Imperial Remnant and Alpha/Beta Quadrant powers in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Enterprise has been holding station in Coruscant orbit while the Borg have soldified their hold not only on the Corellia System, but other systems in the Corellia Sector. With the assimilation of Master Skywalker and the other Jedi, I fear the Borg's power might prove too much for us.
Captain Picard rubbed his forehead as he looked over a PADD, the contents of the personal access display device blurring together as he finished his latest report to Starfleet Command. I thought we were past the era of the bureaucracy, he thought to himself. His head dipped low and his eyes half-shut, but the door chime sent his head snapping back up. "Enter," he said.

The door slid open, allowing Tenel Ka Djo to enter. The Hapan princess nodded curtly as she strode up to his desk. "Captain," she said. "Thank you for letting me stay here. The Solo estate is a bit... empty at the moment."

Picard nodded and motioned to a seat. He noted she wore a simple red shirt and pants instead of her usual lizard-hide armor. "I am sorry for your losses," he said sincerely.

Tenel Ka sighed and slouched in the chair. "Thank you. Tell me, what has been decided of a rescue mission?"

Picard's brow furrowed. "I'm sorry?"

Tenel Ka sat back up straight. "Yes, a rescue mission. Surely we shall go after Jacen and the rest." Her gray eyes widened slightly and both her hands clenched on her lap. "You do not intend a rescue mission?"

The captain sighed and put his hands on his desk. "Tenel Ka, when someone is captured by the Borg... it's not a pleasant experience." His right hand went up and the tips of his fingers brushed down his cheek. "They assimilate you, modifying you body to integrate you into the Collective. It is... difficult at best to rescue someone."

There was a pause before Tenel Ka nodded. "Yes, but possible. You were rescued. Seven of Nine and Hugh were both split from the Collective." She leaned forward. "He-they-are out there, Captain. I can feel that it's not too late."

Picard sighed and motioned to her left arm. "Can you, really?"

A low growl came from the princess' throat. "Have you ever been in love, Captain?" she asked, continuing without waiting for an answer. "I have known Jacen since I met him at his uncle's wedding when I was twelve. He tried to make me laugh. He tried for four more years before the walls tumbled." Her prosthetic hand clenched. "He proposed to me before the mission. I cannot touch the Force, but I know he is alive and can be saved."

Picard eyed her for a moment. "I have... been in love, Tenel Ka. I may seem like a stuffy old man on occasion... but I like to think I have known love in my day." His eyes lost their focus for a moment before his gaze once more hardened. "Besides, it is not my call to make. Command has us waiting, so for the moment, we shall wait."

Tenel Ka's eyebrow arched. "So says the man who went to Earth to stop the cube in 2373, against orders if I remember."

A grunt escaped Picard's lips. He stood up and walked to the replicator. "Tea, early gray. Hot." While a cup of hot tea appeared in the slot in the wall, he glanced at the princess. "I heard voices, then. The voices of the Collective," he said as he walked back.

"And now?"

"Nothing at the moment," he confirmed. A sigh escaped Picard's lips. "Your loyalty to your friends is commendable, but sometimes you must let them go to regain them. That is what Will did to me and for me in 2367."

"I... see," Tenel Ka said. She rose and bowed her head. "Thank you for your time, Captain," she said before turning and leaving.

Picard sighed as the young woman left. "May you find what you seek," he said, "but do not mourn too deeply if you do find it."

He lifted a PADD again, but his work was interrupted by the chirp of the comm. "Sir," Tirsek said over the speaker, "Admiral Ackbar is contacting you."

Picard looked up and nodded. He tapped his combadge and spoke. "Put it through," he said. He reached out and moved a small desk-mounted viewscreen around for better viewing. "Admiral?"

Ackbar's bulbous head appeared. His eyes swiveled around before he spoke. "Captain, I've just conferred with Admiral Ross and you've received new orders. I'll be beaming aboard in an hour, where you'll fly to the Bilbringi Shipyards."

The captain leaned forward, rubbing his chin. "I'm sorry?"

Ackbar blinked. "I shall have the orders for you when I arrive, Captain. Be strong, my friend. The tide is rough, but the lighthouse is shining brightly through the fog." And with that, the link was cut. The image changed from Ackbar to the Starfleet chevron and some text scrolling along the bottom.

Picard sat there for a moment. "There's something rotten on Coruscant..." he muttered before leaning back and tapping commands into the console mounted below the viewscreen.
Tenel Ka left the ready room. She walked along the bridge's perimeter and reached the turbolift, but she paused before entering when she saw who was at the aft science station. "Lusa, my friend," she said, crossing the aft of the bridge.

Lusa turned from the station and half-smiled. She bowed her head to the Hapan princess. "How are you?" she asked, brown eyes shining.

"My heart is heavy," Tenel Ka said, sighing. She looked to the main viewscreen as it showed a holographic image of Coruscant and orbit. No civilian ships could be seen as Defense Force warships moved back and forth amongst Golan Arms battle stations, hospital ships, supply tugs and the like as they shored up against the almost-inevitable Borg assault. "He is out there," she continued. "I know it. Even without the Force, I know it."

Lieutenant Commander Tirsek stood up from his seat in the central command area. The blue-skinned Andorian looked at Tenel Ka with inquisitive eyes. "I'm curious, Princess How do you 'know' Jacen Solo is all right?"

Tenel Ka looked at her, eyebrows furrowing. "How-how did you know I meant him?" she asked, voice betraying her surprise.

Tirsek shrugged. "I saw your interaction with Jacen when the Enterprise first entered your dimension. I saw your heart and love for him. And his for you. Your souls are connected."

Tenel Ka half-smiled. "Then you know why I believe him to be fine."

The Andorian inclined her head, her antennae flattening. "Yes, but Tenel Ka... the Borg will not wait. I don't wish to cause you pain, but Jacen will not be left unscathed. The Borg will alter him, assimilate him into the Collective."

Tenel Ka's gray eyes glanced to the door to Picard's ready room. "If that is so... then there is still hope for him." She turned back and patted Lusa on the shoulder before walking to the turbolift alcove and leaving the bridge.

Tirsek snorted, shaking her head. "Hope, but little of it. Especially against the foe we face now."

Lusa nodded. "The foe we face is precisely why we need hope, Lieutenant Commander. Without it, why even bother fighting the Collective?"

Tirsek flashed a smirk and her eyes glinted. "Because it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees, Lieutenant."

Lusa swallowed and backed up slightly, her flank brushing against the console behind her equine body. "I... disagree, sir. With life, there is hope and a chance to win. With death, there is nothing."

Tirsek's eyebrows quirked. "I thought there was no death, only the Force."

A small smile crossed Lusa's face. "That is correct, but there's still little we could do against the Borg in such a state."

Any response from Tirsek was cut off as Picard emerged from his ready room. "Tirsek, we'll be going to the Bilbringi shipyards in one hour. I want the Enterprise ready for warp by then."

Tirsek turned to him, her antennae straightening. "It shall be so, sir." She turned to the helm station, but paused. "Bilbringi?" she asked, mouth twitching. "What in the Federation is in Bilbringi... sir," she finished, snapping to attention.

The captain smiled weakly. "You and I shall both find out," he said before walking to the turbolift alcove. "In any event, it should prove fascinating to see what the Defense Force and Starfleet have stashed there," he said as the lift doors closed.

Tirsek opened her mouth, then stopped. "The Defense Force and Starfleet?' she asked. She turned to Lusa. "Do you have-"

"Sorry," Lusa said, interrupting. "I'm a Chironian, not a fly on the windowsill."
"That's wall," Tirsek corrected, smirking. "Learn the Earth terms if you're going to use them."
Hold of the Millennium Falcon, somewhere in the Delta Quadrant
[Honor Brother, it's been six hours.]

Han Solo's eyes snapped open. He sat up, stretching as the fog of sleep quickly dissipated. "Any change?" he asked, standing up.

Chewie walked over, a glass of water in his furry hand. [Nothing,] he sadly crooned. He motioned to the hatch that lead to the cockpit, sealed off behind a door and force field. [No one's come out or said anything over the intercom.]

Han walked over, his hands on his hips. He picked up a tool laying about and tossed it at the door. It hit the force field, producing a green ripple of energy as it bounced off. "The room service is severely lacking!" he shouted. He turned back to the hold. "Any progress?"

Chewie shook his head. [Even with the parts, all I've been able to do is get the outside cameras working.] He walked over to the dejarik game board, where the holo-emitter mounted in the middle projected a soft-blue image of the Falcon and a few surrounding meters. The big Wookiee looked to the side of the little gaming table and bared his fangs. [Thank you for the use of the parts, Threepio.]

See-Threepio waved his right arm around, his photo-receptors shining. "Oh, it was my pleasure, Master Chewbacca!" He motioned to his right leg, stripped down to the endoskeleton. "If you need anything else, just ask. These awful Borg are quite rude. I do hope Mistress Jade, Master Anakin and Mistress Leia are all right."

Han half-smiled. "So do I, Goldenrod. And thanks." He walked over and patted the protocol droid on the shoulder. "You're not half-bad, you know?"

Threepio seemed to beam, but just then the force field around the main hatch shut down and the door slid into the bulkhead. Han made a move for it, but an invisible wall sprang up, forcing him back. Chewie scrambled over, but was also stopped.

Anakin, Leia and Mara emerged from the short hallway. "We have arrived," Leia stated, her voice toneless and without any sort of inflection. She looked down toward the floor, not meeting anyone's gaze as she continued. "Repair the protocol droid. He is required."

Han banged on the telekinetic barrier, teeth bared. "Let my family go, you bastards!" he shouted, eyes wide. "I'll kill every single one of you! I'll free you and-Whoa!' he shouted as he was flung back, landing in a heap.

Mara spoke. "The outer hatch will open for you in ten minutes. You will leave the Millennium Falcon at that time." And with that, she, Anakin and Leia walked back and out of the main cabin.

Han swallowed. "I've got a very, very bad feeling about that."
The Borg cube carrying the Falcon exited transwarp, seeming to slide into existence with a bright yellow light outlining it. It flew on at warp speed to the Unicomplex, the twisted heart of the Borg Collective. Thousands of kilometers of superstructure lay sprawled out in a seemingly haphazard collection of geometric shapes, each one slate-gray with the odd green light amongst it. Thousands of Borg cubes and spheres flew about, some returning, others readying to disembark on missions.

The cube docked with a rectangular section, drawing close. A docking tube seemed to grow out of the superstructure, connecting with the cube. It thickened, eventually taking up a quarter of the cube face.

Inside, Han, Chewie and Threepio disembarked from the Falcon. Han looked around, wiping his brow with his sleeve. "Hot," he muttered.

Threepio looked around. His leg has been mostly repaired, but was missing a shin plate. "The humidity is ninety-two percent, temperature is at 39.1 degrees Celsius. Not the most pleasant environment for humanoids." His optics brightened in the dim interior. "What a dismal place," he commented.

The Falcon was parked on a platform, with a gangway connecting it with the interior. Drones walked around, occasionally pausing and performing maintenance. None spoke, none made any noise besides the whirring of their limbs as they performed their tasks. Their feet drummed out a tempo of despair and imprisoned souls. Han couldn't recognize any of the species, could barely mark out physiological differences among the humanoid drones. He shivered and rubbed his arm.

Two drones approached. Both were wearing heavy armor and had both arms replaced with disruptor cannons and their four eyes each with targeting scopes. "You will come with us," the first one announced.

Chewie bared his fangs. [And if we don't?]

"Resistance is futile," it continued. "You will comply, as per our Queen's orders."

Han held up a hand. "Wait, Chewie. Let's go see what her highness wants. I have a way with authority figures, after all," he half-joked.

The first drone turned and the second walked around to the back of the group. They quickly marched on, leading the group through a maze of gangplanks, corridors and across chasms. Han licked his lips. "Got any refreshments?" he quipped, flashing them his famous smile.

"Nourishment will be provided when we arrive at your destination," the first drone said.

[Will it be infested with nanoprobes?] Chewie asked, growling.

"I doubt it," Han said. "If they wanted to, they'd have already plugged us by now."

After an interminable time, they arrived in a large room. A single throne-like chair dominated the room, with several hatches in the bulkheads. Han walked around the room, eyes taking in everything. "The heart of the beast," he said.

Some of the hatches suddenly opened. Han gasped, Chewie roared and Threepio exclaimed, "Oh, my!" as Luke, Mara, Leia, Anakin, Tahiri, Jacen, Jaina, Zekk, Tionne, Raynar, Ganner, Kyp, and Kyle entered, standing at attention. They all wore black, form-fitting bodysuits similar to what Borg drones wore, each one clinging tightly.

Han walked up to them, mouth open. "Jacen?" he said, grabbing his youngest son by the shoulders and shaking him. "Wake up, son," he cried, tears forming in his eyes. He walked to Leia, touching her cheek. "Come on, say something! Call me a nerf-herder, for Force sake!"

Chewie walked up to Luke and moaned. [Honor Brother,] he said, motioning to the implants on Luke's face.

Han stalked over to Luke. "Damn it," he shouted. "Kid, come on! Don't let those bastards get you down!"

"They cannot hear you," a voice from nowhere suddenly said, echoing around. "Or rather, they cannot respond. I control them."

Han looked around, fists clenched. "Show yourself!"

A hatch near the back opened and a smaller female stepped through. "Very well," Queen Jaina said. She walked up to Han, a smile on her face.

Han regarded her with horror and confusion. He looked to the stupefied Jaina standing next to Zekk, blank expression and back at the smiling drone wearing his daughter's face. "Who the hell are you? No, what the hell are you?"

Queen Jaina's smile widened and she spread her arms wide. "I am your daughter, returned to you after five thousand years. Now, in the heart of my domain we shall reunite. All of us..." she said, trailing off. She suddenly scowled. "Except for Tenel Ka and Lusa, but they shall be mine as well. All shall be mine in the Collective!" She laughed for a half-minute before stopping. "Would you like some refreshments? The replicator can make an excellent julaberry torte."

Han swallowed. He held a hand up and took a step back. "Wait, a-a torte?" He looked to Chewie, eyes wide and mouth agape. "Chewie..."

Chewie shook his head, eyes almost as wide as Han's. [I don't know what she's talking about!]

Queen Jaina sighed. Her claw arm twitched slightly. "I am talking about refreshments, Chewie. Or did Serndipal flatten you too much?" Queen Jaina suddenly laughed, her mouth contorting. She clutched at her stomach with her left hand, almost bending over before tears began streaming down her face. The Borg Queen suddenly straightened. She raised her arms and shook her hand and claw. "You shall not die here! The Vong don't exist here!"

Han held his hands up and shouted, "Whoa, whoa! What the hell are the Vong? And who are you?"

Queen Jaina focused on him. She stepped forward up to her 'father' and tilted her head to the side. There was an audible whirring from her temple as her prosthetic eye adjusted. "I am your daughter, Han Solo. And yet... not your daughter." A small smile lit her pale, green-tinged features. "It's complicated." She turned and walked back to the throne, sitting down with a flourish. "I come from a parallel existence to your own-a mirror universe, if you will. I was traveling in hyperspace and intersected the Maw, entering an unplanned transwarp slingshot. The resulting verteron wormhole threw me into this dimension, with chroniton particles drawing me to a point in time five thousand years in what is now our past."

There was muted silence for a moment before Han shrugged, smiling crookedly. "Transwarp, verterons... of course!" he half-shouted, throwing up his arms. "It all makes sense." His facade crumbled. "Is there something in the Milky Way that makes it impossible for people to use simple words and non-jargon that belongs in a science book?!"

Queen Jaina half-smiled. She leaned her cheek on her gloved and armored left hand. "A wonder you were able to reverse-engineer Rakata technology," she murmured before standing up. She waved her hand and a hologram flashed to life between her and Han, Chewie and Threepio.

Several translucent-blue globes appeared, floating. Thin lines of white light connected a few of them, with flashes of... something going off. "This is the multiverse," Queen Jaina said. "It is the sum total of all creation. Every universe, every dimension, every quantum reality is contained within. There is literally nothing else."

She motioned to Jaina, standing next to Zekk. "She and I are quantum clones of one another. I am from a different quantum reality than she is, but we are both Jaina Solo. I simply have upgraded myself."

Chewie growled and shook his head. [That doesn't make any sense!]

Queen Jaina chuckled. "You're from a different universe than this one, Chewie! How can it not make sense to you!" She began pacing. "Every action, every motion of the very quarks of our bodies that can happen will happen, in one of the nigh-infinite realities out there." Her open hand suddenly clenched. "And the Borg shall bring order to every single one of them!"

Queen Jaina suddenly smiled. "So, that torte?"

Han nodded, forcing his face into an expression of happiness while simultaneously clamping onto his thoughts. "Sure!" he said. He pointed his thumb at Chewie. "Got something for the Wook, too?"

"Of course," Queen Jaina said. She glanced to the ceiling and nodded. "Refreshments shall be here shortly."

Han nodded before walking to Chewie and Threepio. "The food's probably safe," he explained. "If she wanted us as drones, she'd have her goons stick us with those tubes and pump us with nanoprobes. Better keep our strength up, especially here," he said, wiping his forehead with his sleeve.

Threepio's photo-receptors brightened somewhat. "Captain Solo, I believe I have a theory."

Chewie slapped him on the back, nearly sending the protocol droid stumbling. [Tell us!]

Threepio straightened, upgraded gyro-stabilizers and hydraulics enabling him to withstand the blow. "I am bringing up a file I downloaded concerning Starfleet encounters with alternate realities, one in particular concerning the Constitution-class Enterprise. It seems that in 2267, several bridge officers were involved in a transporter accident, arriving in some barbaric version of the Federation."

Han suddenly snapped his fingers. "Scotty told me about this when we were working on the Falcon! It was the Terran Empire and everyone there was the same, but evil!" he glanced over his shoulder at Queen Jaina, who was standing and staring off to the side.

She walked over to Jacen and reached out, stroking his cheek. "I'll make it right this time," she whispered. "You won't die by my hand. You won't kill Aunt Mara. Anakin won't die. Mom's legs won't be crushed. You and Tenel Ka can be together for real this time."

Han paled as he listened to her speaking. "I've got to get her talking." he looked back to Threepio and Chewie. "We've all got to get her talking. We need information, and quickly."

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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby stitch626 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:49 am

Nice. I love the technobabble bit from the Queen.

And the Vong being gone... :D
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:58 am

Stitch626-LOL, thanks. ;) I don't like the Vong.

*Looks around* Anyone else?

Here we go!

Captain's log, suppletmental. The Enterprise is en route to Bilbringi with Admiral Ackbar aboard. He's asked for a meeting of my senior staff and I've obliged my friend, wanting answers.

The Enterprise's conference room behind the bridge quickly filled up, with Admiral Ackbar sitting at the head of the table and in front of a large bulkhead-mounted viewscreen. Picard and Data flanked him, with Spock, Tirsek and Geordi sitting farther down.

Ackbar cleared his throat. He pulled a small isolinear chip from his pocket and slid the small rectangular piece of plastic into a slot on the table. "Two months after contact between the Federation and the New Republic, plans were drawn up for a new type of warship, one combining the best of our respective technology. Designing an new ship from scratch, would be difficult at best, so we decided to begin stripping down and rebuilding several old MC-90 cruisers."

As he spoke, a small disc-shaped holo-emitter mounted in the table glowed, projecting the image of one of the bulbous, almost organic starships. Tirsek leaned forward. "I recognize that design," she said. She looked up to Ackbar, antennae twitching. "Isn't that your old flagship, the Galactic Voyager?"

Ackbar's mouth opened in a lipless smile as one of his eyes swiveled to focus on the tactical officer. "Indeed. An excellent eye, Lieutenant Commander. You'd do well in a storm."

Tirsek chuckled. "Not on my home planet. An icy moon in orbit of a gas giant."

Data spoke up. "What sort of modifications, Admiral?"

Ackbar looked to the Enterprise's first officer, recently returned from the Defiant. "It has eighty-five turbolaser batteries along with type-XII phasers. Several of the turbolaser mounts have been retrofitted with an additional barrel-an ion cannon battery." He pressed a button and the hologram zoomed in on one battery, a boxy cannon with two distinct barrels attached. "A nasty surprise for the Borg," he said. "Warp nacelles have been implanted into the wing portions of the hull, along with quantum and transphasic torpedo launchers. In addition, there is a hollowed-out area in the ventral section for a Sovereign-class starship and one dorsally for a Defiant-class starship to dock. This will be one of the most heavily-armed and well protected ships of either fleet."

Spock nodded, his right eyebrow arching. "Logical modification, Admiral."

Picard spoke up. "An impressive vessel, but what, pray tell, will you be doing with such a craft?"

Ackbar's right eye turned to him. "An excellent question." He leaned forward. "High Command does not believe that Master Skywalker and the others are... assimilated. We believe that a rescue missions should be attempted and their importance to the Borg ascertained. Therefore, we shall take the Kenobi through the inter-dimensional gateway to the Milky Way Galaxy and to the Unicompolex in the Delta Quadrant."

"What?" Picard blurted out. "A rescue mission into the heart of the Collective?" He leaned forward, eyes wide. "Admiral, I hold nothing but respect for you, but this missions is doomed to failure before it begins!" He slammed his fist into the table, his face slightly flush. "I will not put my crew at risk for such a-a foolhardy endeavor!"

Ackbar focused both eyes on Picard, waiting for the Captain to finish. "I am afraid, Captain, there is little choice in the matter. Besides, it's not as hopeless as you make it out to be." His eyes turned to the rest of the senior staff. "Your thoughts?"

Tirsek grunted. "Captain Picard is right, sir. Skywalker and those taken are undoubtedly already drones. I wouldn't be surprised to see Force-sensitive drones the nest time we meet them." She leaned back and crossed her arms.

Ackbar shook his head. "I highly doubt that. Besides, this isn't just a rescue mission." He looked around, his eyes moving more than his head. "There are... questions as to how the Collective was able to seemingly 'hijack' certain Jedi and not others."

Picard's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

Ackbar looked at him. "Jedi Troi-Riker felt Luke's assimilation, yet was not affected by it. Master Spock sat on the Enterprise's bridge, yet those on the planet, as well as in space were assimilated-by-proxy. Why is that? In many ways, Spock is more powerful than Tionne, yet he was not taken?"

Picard opened his mouth, but paused. He leaned back and his brow furrowed. "A mystery indeed," he muttered. Intelligent eyes darted back and forth as his mind began working on the problem. "Computer," he finally said. "List all Jedi declared missing after the Borg Attack on Coruscant."

The computer triple-beeped and the viewscreen behind Ackbar's head lit up. "Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila, Jaina Solo, Zekk of Ennth, Ganner Rhysode, Kyp Durron, Jacen Solo, Lowbacca, Tionne, Raynar Thul, Kyle Katarn." As the computer spoke in its vaguely-feminine voice, an image of the person appeared on the viewscreen.

"All of them are related to Skywalker in some form or another," Tirsek observed. She leaned forward and rubbed her chin. "Well, except for Rhysode, Tionne and Katarn."

Data shook his head. "That is incorrect. Tionne and Kyle Katarn were both students under Master Skywalker when he began the Academy 11 ABY. Ganner Rhysode was Kyp Durron's Apprentice until one year, seven months ago when he graduated and was recognized as a full Jedi Knight." His head tilted to the side. "For him, though, the connection would be tenuous at best."

Picard nodded. "And of course, Han Solo, Chewbacca and See-Threepio were aboard the Falcon when it was taken. I highly doubt that was a coincidence."

Ackbar nodded. "All the more reason to see what the Borg are up to, Captain. And if possible, save some good people from a fate worse than death."

Picard sighed. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and nodded. "A good point, Admiral." He looked down the table to Geordi. "Geordi, ETA at Bilbringi?"

The chief engineer thought for a moment. "Current speed, forty-eight hours. I could push it a bit..."

The Captain waved him off. "No, Geordi, Better to arrive in one piece than not at all. If there's nothing else?" he asked Ackbar. At the shake of the Mon Cal's head, he simply said, "Dismissed."

The senior staff stood up and moved out, leaving Picard alone for a moment with Ackbar. "I apologize for my earlier outburst," Picard said. He glanced to the table. "With the Borg, my feelings are often... irrational."

Ackbar shook his somewhat bulbous head. "None necessary, Captain. With the Borg, harsh feelings are often at the fore. General Antilles has been a bit... recalcitrant since Skywalker's assimilation."

Picard sighed before rising from his seat. He tugged down on his shirt before walking off. "I fear we might all suffer from that particular malady before the end of this. If we're lucky, we'll live to regret our harsh words."

"I didn't think you believed in luck," Ackbar observed.

The Captain stopped at the edge of the door and looked back. "In my time in Starfleet, I've learned to believe in just about anything."
The darkness. It was almost all she had left. Tenel Ka sat in her guest quarters, looking up at the ceiling. The lights were on low, hiding what she did not have-her friends, her family. Lusa is on duty, she thought. She has something to occupy her time. I have... nothing.

She held up her right hand and the gort eggshell necklace it held. She stared at the luminescent shell bits on the string, blinking furiously to shore up the dam against the tears. Except for this, her rancor-tooth lightsaber and a spare set of armor, she had nothing else of hers aboard the mighty Sovereign­-class battle cruiser.

A sudden beeping interrupted her reverie. She looked down at a shadowy corner of the room. Her gray eyes narrowed and she gasped. "Artoo-Detoo, how did-what-why are you here?" she exclaimed, sitting up.

The astromech droid lit up, domed head swiveling around. He beeped and rocked a bit. [Hey, Tenel Ka,] he tootled. [The quarters they gave me were a bit... large. So I figured I'd come over and see how you were doing.]

Tenel Ka smiled, glad she could understand him. The fingers of her prosthetic hand brushed the combadge fixed to her armor. "I am... not well, and that is a fact,"she admitted. She looked to the carpeted deckplates and blinked again. "I feel empty and ache inside. My friends... my friends and second family are gone. Lusa is still here, but I was never as close to her as the others." She swallowed. "I am not as good a friend to her as I should be."

Artoo's dome swiveled around. [You can't be as close to all of them as you are to Jacen. I want to see Whistler sometimes, but he's off with Corran or helping out on the Errant Venture or something. Same with you and Lusa. She's on the Enterprise, in Starfleet. And you're on Hapes. It's no one's fault you took such different career paths. I don't see Threepio as much as I want to, either.] A low whistle came out of him. [He was on the Falcon when it got captured. If anything happened to him, they'll rue the day! Who else can I needle, after all?]

Tenel Ka nodded. She reached out and placed her arms around Artoo, leaning her head against his dome. This time the tears fell freely. "I miss them as well, friend Artoo."
The Enterprise dropped out of warp, approaching the Bilbringi System. Asteroids choked the area around the system's primary. No planets orbited, only slightly larger asteroids along with comparatively tiny shipyards and drydock facilities.

On the ship's bridge, Ackbar stood beside Tirsek at the aft tactical console. His webbed fingers tapped several buttons on the glossy black touch-sensitive screen. "My apologies for invading your work area," he said, chin barbs twitching. "But without these access codes, we'd never get to the Kenobi."

Tirsek shrugged, a smirk playing at the edge of her mouth. "Better than being denied access to this ship, Admiral."

A voice came over the comm system. "USS Enterprise, please follow these coordinates to the Kenobi," a vaguely male voice said before a chirp indicated the link being cut.

The helm officer spoke up. "Receiving coordinates now, sir. They'll take us into the heart of the shipyard."

Picard nodded. "Take us in, Lieutenant."

The Enterprise's impulse engines mounted in the saucer section glowed a bright-red, pushing the ship forward through the asteroid field. It passed numerous drydocks and mining operations as asteroids were stripped and chopped up, providing raw materials for new ships. Numerous ships of both New Republic and Starfleet design flew by on patrol patterns. Agave-class pickets of the Defense Force and Akira-class destroyers of Starfleet flew in tandem, protecting the inner secrets of Bilbringi.

The Enterprise eventually came upon a group of five large docks, each one containing an old-style MC-90 cruiser. Four of the five were in various states of rebuild, their hulls open in some places while tugs maneuvered large sections of hull into place. The fifth, though, was intact. Spotlights highlighted sections of the hull, including phaser strips torpedo launchers recessed into the sleek, organic-looking hull.

Picard's brow wrinkled as he spotted one section of hull. A spotlight shone on the symbol of the New Republic-a stylized phoenix rising from the ashes. But inside the red phoenix was a stylized arrowhead-the Starfleet 'Cochrane Delta', as it was known. He turned to Ackbar as the Admiral made his was to the command section of the bridge. "An interesting choice of symbols, Ackbar. I suppose we are a true band of brothers, now."

The comm system sounded again and the male voice came over again. "Enterprise, your ship will be unable to dock with the Kenobi until the ship has left drydock. Would you like us to send a shuttle for a brief tour?"

Picard shook his head. "Time is of the essence. We'll beam aboard." He tapped his combadge. "Ambassador Spock, please report to transporter room three." He motioned to the turbolift doors. "Admiral?"
RSS Kenobi, transporter room two
Defense Force Captain Logk paced slightly, more hopping from one foot to the other as he awaited his guests. "All set?" he asked the transporter officer.

The transporter officer, a Wookiee, nodded and growled. [They are energizing,] she growled.

Four columns of silvery light appeared on the transporter pad, resolving themselves into Captain Picard, Admiral Ackbar, Ambassador Spock and Commander Data. Ackbar patted his midsection. "No matter how many times I do that..." he muttered before stepping off the platform and down a few steps to face Logk. He held up a flippered hand to his head in a salute. "Captain?"

Logk snapped to attention, his boots clicking together. "Admiral," he said. He looked to Picard, Spock and Data as they stepped off. "An honor to meet you all."

Data nodded to him. "An honor to meet you as well, Captain. I downloaded your file into my memory. A most impressive career," the android said, smiling and slapping Logk on the arm-hard.

Logk winced and rubbed his arm, already feeling a welt. "Thank you," he squeaked out. He turned and walked to the door. "The Defiant has already arrived and is in the dorsal docking station."

Spock's eyebrow arched as they left the transporter room for the corridor beyond. "We did not observe the Defiant docked with the Kenobi while on approach," he observed.

Logk smiled tightly. "Armored doors closed over the ship while tow cables and a docking tube keep the ship in place. The same thing will happen with the Enterprise once we leave drydock."

Spock nodded. "A most logical solution and employment of the 'Trojan Horse' ploy." He suddenly stopped in midstride, stepping to the side. The Jedi Master steepled his fingers and his brow furrowed in concentration. "I sense a tremor in the Force... another Jedi is here. And she is approaching rapidly."

Picard and Ackbar looked around, but Data's head snapped around as a humanoid female in Starfleet uniform rounded the corner. "Deanna!" he exclaimed, walking up to her with hand extended. "I am very glad to see you! How is Will?"

Deanna Troi-Riker returned both smile and handshake. "He sends his regards, Data, and wishes he was here." She broke the handshake and stepped to the side as Picard, Ackbar, Logk and Spock approached. "Captains," she said, nodding formally.

Picard grinned. He stepped forward and patted Deanna on her shoulders. "Deanna," he said, grinning even wider. "It's good to see you!" The smile suddenly vanished. "Wait, why are you here?"

A wry grin crossed Deanna's face. She held up a PADD and handed the slim data storage device to Picard. "Transfer from the Titan," she said. "For the duration of the mission to Borg Space."

Picard skimmed the PADD's display screen before touching the bottom of it. He slipped it through a small elastic band on his belt and smiled. "It's good to have you here, Deanna."

The half-Betazoid, half-human nodded before looking to Spock. She bowed at the waist to him. "Master Spock," she intoned. "It is an honor."

The elder Jedi Master returned the bow before straightening and holding up his right hand in the Vulcan salute. "The honor is mine, Knight Troi-Riker. Tell me, how did you go about getting transferred to the Enterprise?"

Deanna's face fell. "A tremor in the Force," she explained, right hand straying to the cylinder clipped to her belt. "I felt it necessary to come here. Command agreed, so here I am." She spread her arms wide. "Here to serve the will of the Force."

Spock nodded. "Yes, but be mindful of your actions. It is only logical that Jedi must partake in a symbiotic relationship with the Force. We obey its commands, but it also answers to our will."

Picard held his hands up. "As much as I would love to have a philosophical discussion of the Force, I'm afraid time is short." He turned to Logk. "Captain, ETA for the Kenobi to leave drydock?"

Logk's eyes narrowed slightly. "Twenty-four hours, but the way that insane chief engineer is working the crew, twelve or less."

Spock's eyebrow arched. "'Insane engineer'?" he repeated. He rubbed his chin. "I have a theory as to his identity."

Logk snorted. "I bet. He's been running the crew ragged, yet I can't argue with the results!" He tossed his hands into the air. "No one else seems to be able to merge Defense Force and Starfleet technology like he can."

Picard and Spock exchanged a glance. "I believe I know who he's talking about," Picard said."

Spock pursed his lips and nodded. "Indeed, Captain." He looked off down the corridor. "If you will excuse me, I sense Doctor McCoy's presence above us. I shall attend to him." And with that, he turned and walked down the corridor, disappearing down an intersection.

Picard turned back to Logk. "I suppose I should go and see about this engineer... try and convince him not to run your crew too ragged." He motioned down the corridor. "After you."
Five minutes later
Picard stepped out of the turbolift and walked down a short distance before turning a corner. He came upon a rather large chamber, dominated by a large warp core in the center. Technicians and other crewmembers scurried about, some working on exposed panels and others carrying equipment to and fro. The tall, cylindrical warp core pulsed silently, the constriction coils lighting up in time to the pulse as deuterium and anti-hydrogen were fed into the main dilithium chamber.

Data motioned to two rather large pieces of equipment bolted to the deck plating, flanking the warp core. "Hyperdrives?" he asked.

Logk nodded. "We have a multiplier of .9. We'll be able to make it to the gateway in three days and to the Delta Quadrant in a week. And we're not only fast, but we have teeth," he said, baring his teeth in a predatory smile.

Picard nodded. He clapped his hands together. "So, this engineer. Who is-"

"Ye bogus frat! Dinna' they teach ye anything in that fancy-pants engineering school of yours?"

Picard's eyes widened as Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott stormed out of a hatch, hands clutching an isolinear circuit board. His mustache twitched as he walked up to Logk. "Captain, it would take more miracles than I got left ta' put this ship together properly!"

A Duros in a coverall followed Scotty out of the same hatch. "Captain, please, what did I do wrong?" he asked, large red eyes pleading. His long, green-skinned fingers were laced together. "I followed the specifications exactly!"

Scotty turned, wheeling around on the ball of his foot. "Laddie, specs are good and all, but did it feel right ta' yah?" He stepped forward. "Did it, Lieutenant Taral?"

Taral glanced to the room he had just left with large, sad eyes. "I... don't know?"

The engineer sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Laddie, in my day, I could feel the speed of the ship by the vibration of tha deck plates." He placed a hand on Taral's shoulder. "Come with me, lad," he said before walking off a side corridor.

Taral glanced at Logk before following Scotty, hands wringing.
Ten minutes later
The shuttlecraft Figma shot from the Kenobi, making a hard turn out of the hangar and traveling in a straight line for a while before thrusters kicked in, slowing the small craft to a dead stop.

Taral, at the controls, turned to Scotty as he stood in the main cabin right behind. "Are you sure about this?" he asked, confusion in his voice.

Scotty smiled and adjusted the blindfold over his eyes. "Do it lad."

Taral sighed and turned back. He programmed in a straight course with a speed of warp 2. The shuttle lurched slightly as it quickly began traveling at roughly ten times the speed of light.

Scotty's head cocked to the side. "Warp 5?" he said, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Taral's red eyes widened. He pressed some more buttons and increased speed to warp five. "Now what?" he asked.

The chief engineer chuckled. "Warp 5, laddie. Try some decimal places!"

Taral snorted with the tiny slits in his face and put in warp 3.5. He won't get this one.

Scotty paused for a second. "3.4?" He shook his head. "No, 3.5!"

Taral shut down the warp drive and turned to face the engineer, a single word on his lips. "How?"

Scotty removed the blindfold and walked over. He sat in the copilot's chair and sighed. "Taral, I like you. And I know I have a funny way of showing it," he said, holding up a hand. "But sometimes ye need a little coaching in tha' right direction." He glanced out the main viewport, his shoulders sagging. "The crew depends on its captain, but do yah know who the captain depends on?"

"The chief engineer?" Taral responded.

A smile played over Scotty's lips. "Aye, lad." He held up his other hand, fingers clenching. "It's not just about diagnostics and testing. They're useful, don't get me wrong. But there's only so much they can tell ye. It's about gut feeling, about knowing in yer heart and head if tha' ship's all right!"

Taral nodded. "I... think I see." He glanced out the viewport, following Scott's line of sight. "We should get back."

The smile on Scotty's lips turned full-blown as he settled into the chair. "Aye, lad. That we should. We have friends and comrades to rescue."

The Figma's tiny little warp nacelles flashed, sending it back to the Kenobi and the work still needed to bring the mighty ship to life.

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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby stitch626 » Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:58 am

I like the interchange with Scotty and the Duros.

I don't get though why the ship would have warp and a hyperdrive. Please explain...
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Vic » Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:03 am

It seems to me that Hyper Drive is faster than Warp but not very accurate, it would be good for strategic movement i.e. galactic level movement. Warp Drive is good for tactical movement i.e. solar system or between adjacent solar system movement. One has to calculate ones destination very accurately with Hyper Drive, yet not with Warp Drive (or so it seems).

Oh yeah and Striker........SCOTTY!!!!!
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:59 pm

Sticth626-Vic has it right, basically. Warp drive is more accurate and a lot more forgiving in some instances. Hyperdrive is faster. Glad you liked that. :)

Vic-Thanks. And lol, yes. Scotty.

*Looks around* Hello?

*Aehm* Here we go!

Spock moved down the corridors of the Kenobi, nodding and acknowledging everyone he saw. Beings in both Starfleet and Defense Force uniforms passed him by, some stopping and staring briefly as they saw his lightsaber-or recognized him from history class.

He rode a turbolift up to the dorsal docking bay, little more than a hollow shell with the Defiant suspended inside by cables and a sturdy docking tube. He traveled the pressurized corridor over to the warship, using both the Force and memorized deck plans. Within moments, he arrived at the lone science lab.

Spock paused outside the door as he sensed three people inside, two of them familiar and the other one strange. He pressed a button on the access panel and waited for acknowledgement before stepping forward enough for the sensors to register his presence and open the door.

Admiral Leonard 'Bones' McCoy sat at a science station, his filmy eyes looking over an obscured monitor. "About time you showed up," he groused, upper lip quivering. He looked up at Spock and waved a thin arm at the rest of the lab. "Come on in, you pointy-eared hobgoblin!"

The other two occupants of the room looked up from their tasks as Spock entered. Lieutenant Lusa stood and saluted. "Captain-Master... " She paused and scratched her head, jostling some of her thick, chestnut-colored hair. "I mean-"

"Captain will do," he said to her. "We are both Starfleet here. To use Jedi titles would be illogical." he walked over to Bones' station and looked down over the elderly doctor's shoulder. "Nanoprobe antivenin, Doctor?"

Bones nodded, his shoulders moving as well. "Lusa came up with an idea to see how much we could concentrate it. The last injection system had only enough for three doses. Any more in its current level might prove cumbersome to the wearer." He sighed. "So we have to improve efficiency. Bigger bang for the credit, as they say."

Spock nodded. He rubbed his chin and his eyebrow arched. "Intriguing ideas," he remarked. "Have you tested any of them out?"

"No," Bones remarked. "The only way would be to use them on a drone, and right now we're suffering a dearth of them aboard the Defiant."

The fourth occupant of the room spoke up. "I offered to let Doctor McCoy test it out on me," Jagged Fel said. "He declined, though."

Bones sighed and pointed a bony finger at Jag. "Listen, boy! We just saved you from those soul-sucking cybernetic bastards. You think I'm gonna take any chances of you getting hurt?"

Jag glanced down at the deck plating. "What you and Lusa did for me, Doctor, I can never repay. My body and soul were saved by you." He clutched his hand into a fist and tapped his chest lightly with it. "If testing the antivenin on my body would gain you any knowledge into-"

Bones rose and waved a hand at him, eyes widening. "If we do, Jag, your remaining implants might be damaged and you'd die!" he rasped out, accent thickening. "I won't take that risk with you!"

Jag's green eyes flashed. "But Doctor, if I can be useful in such a manner, isn't the risk worth it?"

Lusa's head shook violently. She trotted over ands grabbed Jag by his left shoulder. With one tug, she had him facing her. "No!" she half-shouted. "That's the way the Borg work, but it's not our way!" She placed two hands on his shoulders and locked eyes with him. "One life for billions or even trillions is not worth it."

Jag smiled and placed a hand over Lusa's. "Thank you," he said. "I am glad for your words."

Spock nodded to Lusa. "Excellent, Lusa. Your words reflect the Jedi Code and Starfleet well."

Bones chuckled. "Of course, Spock. She's got me for a mentor!"

Spock's lips twisted slightly. "And her ability to overcome that obstacle is a miracle unto itself."

The elderly doctor slowly stood, turning around to face Spock even as the Vulcan Jedi backed up. "why you arrogant, pigheaded computer! You think you've got room to talk?"

An almost imperceptible sigh escaped Spock. "Please, Doctor. Flattery will get you nowhere."

Jag glanced from Bones to Spock, and then back again. "Aren't' they... I thought they were friends," he whispered to Lusa.

Lusa nodded and smirked. "Oh, they are. They only do this on occasion... like every time they meet."
Eleven hours later
The Kenobi's engines flared to full power, sending a powerful thrum throughout the ship. Docking tubes and maintenance platforms from the surrounding drydock facility retracted, giving the rebuilt MC-90 cruiser ample room to move. Impulse engines flared to life, pushing the Kenobi out of the comparatively-spindly drydock and into open space for the first time in over three years.

Captain Logk stood on the bridge, a smile on his face. He looked over his shoulder as Ackbar approached. "All systems functional," he reported.

Ackbar nodded. "Good work," he said. He placed his hands on his hips. "Is the order given?"

Logk stepped around and looked back at the comm officer. "Contact Enterprise and inform them that docking is a go."

The comm officer nodded and adjusted his headpiece. "Kenobi to Enterprise. You may go ahead with docking. I repeat: you may go ahead with docking."

The Enterprise approached the Kenobi ventrally, both ships parallel to the other. Maneuvering thrusters mounted on the saucer section and nacelles fired, turning the Sovereign-class warship and lining her up with retracting panels on the underbelly of the Kenobi.

There was mild tension on the Enterprise's bridge as the helm officer activated ventral thrusters, sending the ship 'up' to the now-open docking bay. "Steady," Picard said.

The Enterprise slid into the docking bay, hovering for a moment. On either side of the bay, small turrets swiveled into position. Each one was tipped with a fusion grapnel, able to weld to any surface on the molecular level. The port and starboard ones fired at once, computers controlling the accuracy of each launch to the Enterprise wouldn't be drawn into a collision with the interior of the Kenobi.

The turrets fired, attaching boxy fusion grapnels at the saucer section, the engineering section and the nacelles. Docking tubes also extended, connecting at airlocks along the ventral hull of the saucer and the midpoint of the engineering hull. Within minutes, the Enterprise had been secured inside the MC-90 cruiser.

The Kenobi's ventral doors slid closed, the plates telescoping from the edge and sliding together. When the final armor plates locked into place, it looked like an ordinary MC-90 cruiser-albeit one with warp field grilles in the wing section, phaser strips and double-barreled turbolaser turrets with an ion cannon barrel in place of one of the turbolasers.

Logk let out a breath before sitting down in his command chair. "Helm, set course for out of the Bilbringi System," he commanded. "Once we hit the edge of the gravity well, go to hyperspace. Course is for Waypoint Station on the edge of the Gateway."

"Aye, sir," the Mon Cal helm officer said. Flippered hands grasped controls and pressed buttons, steering the behemoth away and pointing the bow 'north'.

The Kenobi rotated almost ninety degrees before her impulse engines fired again, sending the ship away from the asteroid-choked Bilbringi System. Within moments, she cleared the asteroids and the gravity well. There was a flicker of pseudo-motion before the ship lurched forward, bow stretching to infinity before the aft 'snapped' forward, the entire ship vanishing in a flash of light.

Chapter Two: Haunting
Pain, pain nothing but pain. No, not pain. An absence of pain of... half of her. He was gone, taken from her... taken by her. Her hand, stained with her twin's blood.

Jaina Solo's gloved hand clenched and she slammed it into the side of her X-wing's cockpit. Tears streamed down her cheeks from closed eyes as her tiny snubfighter rocketed through hyperspace.

Where was she going? Why was she fleeing? Did it really matter? Aboard a ship named for her dead younger brother, she had slain Jacen. His weapon was holstered and he was calling out to Tenel Ka and Allana-and she butchered him, cut him almost in two with her own lightsaber.

Mom and Dad had called out to her, but she fled, taking her X-wing and setting course for... where?" She looked down at the strong of coordinates and smiled.
The Maw, she thought. [i]Of course.

[i]She licked dry lips, wondering what had happened to Jag-and not caring. She reached out for Zekk, the one who loved her unconditionally and had pushed away. He too, was gone. Not dead, just... gone. Tears started anew and Jaina reached up, trying to wipe them away but hitting her hand on her helmet's visor. "Damn it!" she cried, throwing the helmet off and into the back of the cockpit, right behind the transparisteel canopy.

Proximity alarms sounded and warning lights flashed. Jaina glanced down at indicators, seeing the hyperdrive cutoff flashing. She rolled her bloodshot eyes and flipped a switch, killing the alarms. "I have enough of a headache," she muttered, making sure the override was on. She looked up and out of the canopy, marveling at the reddish smear of hyperspace. She felt wonder sweep over her as a faint smile crossed her lips...

The smear broke apart and the X-wing bucked and heaved, shattering her reverie. Jaina instinctively grabbed the flight stick, pulling back and to starboard on it. The X-wing whined and heaved as the Maw loomed, a cluster of rents in the very fabric of space.

Great whirlpools of death lay before Jaina and self-preservation kicked in.
I want to live! She thought as she pulled back, using the Force and opening herself up to it. The whirlpools to hell receded slightly, stopping, starting, coming closer...
"Hey, you're coming to! Come on, wake up!"

Jaina's eyes fluttered open. She bolted up-and collapsed back down onto the bed. Ugh," she groaned, massaging her temple. "Where am I?"

A humanoid male sat next to her, a goofy grin on his face. "Hey, you're awake!" he said.

Jaina's eyes moved slightly and she looked him over. He was male, about her age from first appearance. His right eye was covered by some sort of sensor apparatus with wires trailing down and connecting to an implant in his chest. His left eye was-of course-bright green, with black hair that had obviously never seen a comb. His clothes were rumpled, but clean. And his right arm was augmented with a hydraulic servo seemingly bolted into the joints, whirring as he moved it. Otherwise, he looked human.

"Who are you?" she asked. "Where am I?"

"My name's Zekyag," he said, placing his hand on his chest. He then motioned to the rather cramped room they were in. "And this is my apartment here on Haru."

Jaina sat back up, resting on her elbows. She was still clad in her flight suit, thank the Force. "You saved my life," she croaked out.

Zekyag reached behind him and grabbed a glass of water. "Your ship crashed outside the city," he explained. "I pulled you out before the security forces arrived."

Jaina coughed slightly as she took a sip of water from the proffered glass. Her eyes half-closed and she did a brief examination of herself through the Force. "No major injuries," she stated.

"Zekyag tilted his head to the side. "How'd you know that?"

A smile crossed Jaina's lips. "The Force," she said. "I'm a Jedi Knight." A derisive chuckle escaped her. "I'm actually Jaina Solo."

Zekyag's brow furrowed. "What's a 'Jedi Knight'?" he asked, voice tinged with confusion.

Jaina's mouth opened slightly. She felt no subterfuge from the young man, only confusion. "You-you don't know what a Jedi is?"

"Should I?"

Jaina slid her legs over, letting them drape over the side of the bed as she sat up straight. Her eyes widened slightly. "What part of the galaxy am I in?" she finally asked, voice small.

Zaekyag breathed out slightly. He stood up and walked over to a desk half-buried in electronic equipment and various detritus. He pulled out a rectangular piece of plastic with a small screen and keypad embedded in it. He stared at the screen for a second before handing the datapad over to Jaina. "You're here."

Jaina looked over the map of the galaxy. A bright blue dot was situated about halfway from the core, in the upper left quadrant. There were various political lines drawn throughout, none of them familiar to her. "We're in the Cyber League?"

Zekyag nodded. He pointed to the prosthetic over his eye, flexing his right arm and showing off the servo bolted on. "All citizens are upgraded for maximum efficiency... well, as much as their credit cards can afford." He looked Jaina over. "Do you... have any implants?"

Jaina felt simultaneous relief and embarrassment at his question. "I don't," she said, holding up her arms. "Do I
have to get augmented?"

A sigh escaped his lips. "Yeah," he admitted. "Even if it's a simple neural implant for interfacing with computers."

"Like what you did with this datapad," Jaina exclaimed. She looked at it and rubbed her chin. "How difficult is it to get a neural implant?"
Jaina gasped slightly as a she felt a slight pinch on the back of her neck. Then... nothing. She reached back, brushing aside her long and now-clean hair. "That was it?" she asked.

The doctor nodded. "It might take you a day or two to adjust to the information flow, but beyond that you're all set." He glanced between Jaina and Zekyag, who sat next to her. "Who do I bill?"

Zekyag groaned and his eyes half-closed. His eyelids fluttered before they popped back up. "All paid," he groused.

The doctor nodded before standing up. He slipped off his gloves and deposited them into a container mounted on the wall. "The nurse will show you out," he said before leaving the operating room.

Jaina slid off the table. "I'll pay you back," she said. "I'll find a job and pay you back."

Zekyag waved her off as a nurse entered and led them out into the main part of the office. "No rush," he said, waving her off. The pair stepped out into the bright sun and Zekyag breathed in deeply. "Damn, that air smells good!"

Jaina chuckled as they walked down the street to a mag-lev train station. "How can I find a job?" she asked as they entered a line. "What sort of skills does the Cyber League want or need?" She suddenly paused. "Zekyag, what do you do?"

"I filter data and check the mainframe for viruses from the comfort of my own home," he replied. A train pulled up and the line moved forward. Zekyag's eyelids fluttered again as they approached a check station before boarding the train. "What can you do?" he asked as they sat down. "What skills does a Jedi have?"

Jaina opened her mouth, but hesitated. "I'm a good pilot, and can work wonders with machines. And-" She suddenly gasped as images flashed in front of her eyes. She clutched her temple and screwed her eyes shut. "What the hell?"

Zekyag grabbed her shoulders. "Relax, relax!" he said. He leaned in close. "Focus on me, on my voice. Let the information flow, Jaina. Don't let it control you. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth."

Jaina's breath slowed slightly and she drew upon the Force to block some of the flow. "Damn, that kriffin' sucks," she muttered. The images slowed down and...

A connection a link like the Colony like the Hive it's so wonderful and I want it again and why can't I have that bond and...

Jaina blinked as the link retreated back into the dark corners of her subconscious."Sorry," she said, blushing slightly. "I wasn't prepared for that."

"I'm not sure anyone is, at first," Zekyag said, shrugging. He swallowed and leaned in close. "Are you all right?"

Jaina nodded. "I think so, thanks." She felt his breath on her skin, but pushed such thoughts away.
He's not them. He's not for me.
"Security, open up!" a male shouted from behind a door, pounding on it. "You are in violation of the Mental Protection Act!"

Jaina paid him no mind as a datapad floated over into her grasp. She pressed several buttons on it before letting go of it and sending it back across to the table. Lines of code and maps of the Cyber League flashed before her eyes, one organic and the other a prosthetic. He right arm, now terminating in a computer jack, plugged into a slot on a bulky piece of hardware in front of her. "Calm down," she muttered.

The door suddenly slid open and five men in armor entered, each one with a laser rifle in hand and at the ready. The officer in charge approached Jaina. "You are under arrest," he said. "Step away from the computer."

Jaina snorted. She raised her arm and
pushed, sending all five flying into the wall. "No," she said. "I want this. I need this..." She twisted the jack and grinned. "Now it is mine!"

The five men screamed, clutching their heads. Their bodies spasmed as access codes and new programs were inserted directly into their minds, overriding their conscious mind. The screams died down and they slowly stood, their weapons dropping to the ground. "We have been assimilated," the officer intoned.

Jaina smiled. She rose, stretching slightly. Instead of her pilot's uniform, she now wore black armor. Her skin was paler and mottled slightly from implants. "yes, you will," she said, walking over to the new drones. "Not the first, and not the last," she muttered before looking over to a corner of the room. "Isn't that right, my darling?'

Zekyag emerged from the darkness, wearing similar armor to Jaina, with more implants. He was shaved bald, his organic eye now a dull green. "You are correct, my Queen," he said dully.

Jaina gasped and placed a hand on her chest?" Me? A queen?" She sneered and looked back to the soldiers. "Bow before your ruler, Queen Jaina!"

The soldiers took to one knee, their shin and kneepads creaking. Jaina-Queen Jaina placed a hand on her hip."Resistance was futile, gentle-beings. Don't be sad, though. You'll be joined soon enough by the entire galaxy."

Han stood in the throne room, mouth slightly agape at the tale told by the Queen. "How... how did... the Vong, and then these Killiks and Jacen..." he looked to his oldest son, standing there in the formfitting Borg armor and shook his head. "No, NO! He could never do that to Mara, or this Ben or Nelani or-"

"And yet he did," Queen Jaina interrupted from her throne. "He did all of it. The galaxy burned. Civilization effectively fell. Dreams died to be replaced by ash and nightmare." She walked over to Han, looking up slightly at him. "Chewie, Anakin, Lusa, Lyric, Ganner, Aunt Mara, Ben's innocence were all killed."

Chewie growled slightly from the back, near Lowie. [Do you hate us?] he asked, sniffling.

Queen Jaina focused on him. Her features softened slightly. "No," she half-whispered. "I envy you for your life, for being happy, but I don't hate you." A strange smile crossed her features. "That would be of the Dark Side."

She turned and walked over to where Jaina stood in the corner, hidden by shadow. "Her, though..." She snarled and raised her disruptor-arm. "I hate her for her weakness, for not going through my hell! How dare she be happy with Zekk and not have Jacen's blood on her hands!"

Han ran forward, but a force field sprung up around him. He hit the energy barrier, sending up a greenish pulse as he stumbled back. "No!" he shouted, getting back to his feet. He banged on the field. "Please, don't do anything to her!"

Queen Jaina glanced back. She turned and walked over, confusion on her face. "Why would I?" she asked. She looked back. "Lusa and Tenel Ka aren't here. Don't you see? We all have to be together!"

Han breathed out. "I see," he said. He backed up a few paces. "So... now what?"

Queen Jaina's head tilted slightly. "There are Collective matters I must attend to." She nodded to Han, Chewie and Threepio before turning and walking out of a hatch.

Han placed a hand on his chest as Chewie and Threepio approached. "So, we're dealing with someone who lost just about everything, had to commit fratricide and has spent five thousand years trying to take over the Milky Way Galaxy to..." He trailed off and looked at his two companions. "Any ideas?"

Threepio shook his head. "Not a one, Captain Solo. I have no psychological programming or training, but I daresay Queen Jaina is... insane."

Chewie nodded. [Threepio is right, Honor Brother. The question is, what do we do?]

Han turned back and looked at the hatch Queen Jaina exited. His gaze drifted to Leia and he walked over to her. "Sweetheart?" he said. "What do I do? How can I stop her, or even help her? Is there a way?"

Leia's eyes twitched and her mouth puckered slightly. Han grabbed her by the shoulders. "Come on, your highness! Fight your way out! There's no way some Collective has more willpower than you! You tamed me, after all! Fight!"

Leia quivered slightly before her lips relaxed again and she stared straight ahead into infinity. Han sighed and walked back to Chewie and Threepio. "I won't give up," he stated.

Chewie cocked his head to the side and whined. [What are you going to do?]

The smuggler shrugged. "Talk to Jaina, try and bring her out. Deep inside, under those implants and armor is a scared little girl who's been hurt and had her entire universe ripped apart. If I can just reach her," he said, holding up his hands, "then maybe I can do what no one eles has done."

Threepio's optics brightened. "And that is?"

For the first time in a while, Han flashed his roguish grin. "Find the heart of the Collective and bring it into the Light."

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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby stitch626 » Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:48 am

Bones chuckled. "Of course, Spock. She's got me for a mentor!"

Spock's lips twisted slightly. "And her ability to overcome that obstacle is a miracle unto itself."

This made me laugh... perfect Spock comeback. :D
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Sonic Glitch » Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:12 am

Lusa's head shook violently. She trotted over ands grabbed Jag by his left shoulder. With one tug, she had him facing her. "No!" she half-shouted. "That's the way the Borg work, but it's not our way!" She placed two hands on his shoulders and locked eyes with him. "One life for billions or even trillions is not worth it."

Jag smiled and placed a hand over Lusa's. "Thank you," he said. "I am glad for your words."

Spock nodded to Lusa. "Excellent, Lusa. Your words reflect the Jedi Code and Starfleet well."

I only have 1 issue with this: Wasn't it Spock himself who said "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few; or the one."?
"All this has happened before --"
"But it doesn't have to happen again. Not if we make up our minds to change. Take a different path. Right here, right now."
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