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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Tsukiyumi » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:24 pm

Still awesome, Jon. :)
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:25 pm

stitch-Still waiting on the review. ;) Glad you liked that bit, at least. :)

Vic-Well, yeah. It's Scotty. :D

Tsuki-Thanks. :)

Short post tonight.

Here we go!

Chapter Seven: The Dark Tunnel
Sisko looked down and to his right. "Now!" he barked, gripping his chair's armrests.

Prinn stabbed the 'execute' button on her console, powering up the thrusters and engines. The image on the viewscreen tilted and pitched as the Defiant turned to starboard and flew 'down' relative to its former orientation.

The nimble little ship flew past a group of cubes, narrowly avoiding several tractor beams. The pulse phasers mounted on the end of the nacelle cowlings fired, spitting out orange spheres at an outcropping of the Unicomplex. The phaser pulses hit, blowing through the shields and armor plating of the slate-gray superstructure. The outcropping bent and twisted from the kinetic impact, finally severing.

The Defiant sped through the widening gap, going deeper into the Unicomplex structure. The cubes following halted, unable to pass through such a narrow gap. As the Defiant flew on, tractor beams shot from the recessed emitters in the Unicomplex, the greenish beams washing over the shields and draining power with each pass.

Lieutenant Bowers glanced over from her station. "Shields at 89% and dropping with each hit." The ship shuddered. "Got another rabbit, Admiral?"

Sisko glanced up from a control panel on his armrest as he tapped out a coded message to the Kenobi. "We fly straight along this path. We'll be all right."

The ship rocked again, this time worse than before. "Hope the Prophets aren't stringing you along," Ezri mumbled.

Sisko grunted. "Not just the Prophets, Old Man. Sometimes you have to go with your gut more than incorporeal energy beings residing out of the space/time continuum. I'll have to Ask Luke how he deals with Force ghosts when this is all over."

The intercom chirped. "Bridge, this is sickbay. You mind not shaking the place up so much? Jag, that EMH and I have enough problems!"

Bowers stabbed a control and a transphasic torpedo shot out, hitting an outcropping and obliterating it. "Don't anger him, Admiral. He's got more clout than just about anyone in Starfleet."

Sisko shrugged and looked to Ezri. "If I get in trouble, I'll ask the Old Man here what to do."

Ezri snorted as the bridge lights flickered. "Sorry, Benjamin. That was Emony and a much... " She suddenly blushed. "Oh, wow."

Sisko groaned. "Prinn?"

Prinn grimaced slightly as she inputted directions and thrust vectors into her board. "We'll get there... wherever 'there' is."
The Kenobi's turbolasers and ion cannons sent out withering sheets of plasma and ion energy from all sides. Nearby, the Enterprise moved closer, adding its own firepower with transphasic torpedoes and phaser beams. Space around the two starships quickly became clogged with the wrecked hulls of Borg cubes.

Logk and Ackbar sat themselves down in their command chairs just as the firefight began. "I need all power to shields and weapons!" Logk shouted. "Get us to the Enterprise!" He tapped his headset and glanced to Ackbar. "Defiant is moving off as a diversion. Sisko has a... plan."

A tactical officer looked up from her console. "Borg ships are tractoring away the debris and moving in. Energy-draining tractor beams from multiple sources and," she suddenly banged the side of her console, "I can't get the backups on!"

The Zabrak captain snarled. "By Psusan!" he growled. Logk tapped a button on his armrest and adjusted his headset. "Scotty, we need more power!"

There was a pause before a panicked voice came over his headset's earphones. "Sir, Scotty's incapacitated and is in sickbay! This be Lieutenant Taral!"

Logk closed his eyes and counted to five before speaking. "Taral, you have five minutes to get the backup shield generators online or we're dead."

"But sir, I canna' change the laws o' physics!"

Ackbar spoke up. "You can and you will, Lieutenant. Scotty believes in you, so I believe in you."
"... So I believe in you."

Taral's already large eyes eyes widened. "Aye," he said before turning from the warp core. He ran over to the master display, a giant map of the Kenobi mounted in a bulkhead near the chief engineer's office. "Rich, lock down those power surges! Ikjh, get a repair team on those conduits on deck eleven! Joswqu, I need those taps locked down!" he shouted along the way at various engineers.

The Duros looked over the large board, his nimble fingers clenching and unclenching. "Come on, come on..."

The 2-1B droids placed Scotty on the anti-grav stretcher, a rebreather mask over his face. "Captain Scott has suffered minor radiation poisoning," one of the droids intoned. "Not deadly, but it will be debilitating."

Scotty held out his hand and motioned to Taral. He slid the mask off and gasped. "Ye can do it, lad," he wheezed. "Just feel, and ye'll be all right."

The droid nearest Scotty's head slid the mask back on before they pushed him out, leaving Taral alone...

Taral's eyes snapped into focus and he turned. His legs tensed for a fraction of a second before he ran. "Make a hole!" he shouted.

Several engineers and technicians dove out of his way as he rounded a corner. He grabbed a toolkit before running and diving at a Jeffries Tube, his arms extending above his head. He landed with a muffled thud inside the crawlspace and began crawling along the corridor.

Taral stopped in front of a panel and slid it up and out, setting it down. He opened up the toolkit and pulled out several devices, flipping them on and plunging them into the nest of wires, circuits and conduits. He disconnected several bundles, splicing them together and sending out the occasional spark. Ozone wafted by as the Kenobi shuddered.

Almost there, almost there... There was a shower of sparks, followed by a triple-beep and a thrumming. "Captain Logk, full power!"
A cheer went up through the bridge. "Fire all weapons!" Logk shouted.

A sensor officer near one of the aft bulkheads gasped. "Captain, we have multiple tachyon emissions from near the transwarp hub we exited!" The Gotal looked down at his console. "They're ships, sir! Starfleet, Defense Force, Klingon..."

Logk bolted from his chair and ran for the aft holo-emitter, Ackbar close behind. "Tactical view!" he yelled, skidding to a halt at the edge of the large concave emitter. The large hologram of the Kenobi and surrounding space faded and was replaced by empty space... which quickly filled up with hundreds, then thousands of ships.

Logk's mouth dropped. "Contact the Enterprise."
Captain Picard stood up from his chair and walked to the main viewscreen as it showed the fleet decloaking. "Merde." He turned his head around and looked to the tactical console. "Tirsek?"

Tirsek grinned. "Admiral Jellico on the Sputnik is contacting you."

Picard snorted. "Onscreen."

The image flickered and Admiral Jellico appeared, sitting on the Sputnik's bridge. "Evening, Captain. Thought I'd fly out and say hi."

Picard half-smiled. "I thought we said twelve hours," he teased.

The admiral shrugged. "You know me. Patience isn't one of my strong suits." He leaned forward. "Status?"

Picard glanced back as Data strode forward, his pale yellow eyes darting about. "Moderate damage to some parts of the Unicomplex. We have eleven MACO teams aboard, not counting Ambassador Spock and Commander Deanna Troi-Riker. The disposition of the Jedi is unknown, but we have seen the True Queen. It is an alternate-reality version of Jaina Solo."

Jellico clicked his jaw to the side. "Well... okay. Well, sit tight, Jean-Luc. We'll get the rabble off your back." His head looked to the side, but the image changed before he spoke.

Tirsek's antennae rose. "Just in the nick of time." She glanced down at her console and inputted several commands, targeting the nearest cubes. "Gonna press insubordination charges?"

Picard grinned and chuckled slightly as he turned and made his way back to his chair. He sat down as the Sovereign-class battlecruiser trembled. "I think not, Lieutenant. I value my health too much."
Queen Jaina sat back down as the allied fleet uncloaked, surrounding the Unicomplex. "If they think they can stop me, they're sadly mistaken." Her eyes darted back and forth as she sent out commands to the various ships and drones in the area. "There's more than enough forces in the Delta Quadrant alone to squash this fleet like a bug."

Han approached the throne and held his hands up. "Whoa, Jaina. Calm down here. There's a good opportunity for you to do the right thing and-"

Queen Jaina glanced at him and he stopped in his tracks, halted by her telekinesis. "Oh, please. With Tenel Ka and Lusa here, I can complete my family. And then nothing shall stop me from bringing order to both galaxies!"
Luke glanced to Ben. "Did you plan that line?"

Ben and Jim exchanged a glance. "Sometimes drama adds the right line." he motioned to the window to the living. "Go, now. This is the best time for you."

Luke nodded and smiled briefly, reaching out and patting his old mentor on the arm. He looked back to the former Starfleet captain and tossed him a salute before looking at the scene playing out before him. He half-closed his eyes and focused on the people in his life, those that connected him to the galaxy.
Leia, Han, Chewie, Mara, Jacen...
Luke's body spasmed and he sucked in a deep breath and looked around. All around, his friends and family woke up, looking around. He suddenly felt a vice-like grip on his right arm. "Took you long enough," Leia said, smiling.

Luke returned the smile, but an anguished cry grabbed his attention. He looked to the throne as Queen Jaina clenched her hand and shook it. "No!" she yelled. "How can you resist me?"

Luke slid his arm out of his sister's grip and walked to the throne. Part of his mind was focused on the alternate version of his niece, while the other searched out for something taken from him.

Queen Jaina stood up and stepped away from her throne even as the other Jedi staggered forward. She looked around with both her organic and prosthetic eye. "You can't beat me," she stated, straightening up. "I have the entirety of the Collective to draw upon, not to mention I am over five thousand years old!" She held up her right arm and a violet plasma blade extended from the thick gauntlet. "And I am not unarmed, either."

Kyle groaned and cracked his knuckles. "I've taken down tougher, lady," he said, circling around to her back. "Ever hear of Jerec?"

Queen Jaina rolled her eye and motioned with her left hand. Kyle suddenly stopped and was enveloped by a green transporter field. The field disappeared as he was disassembled on the quantum level and removed from the throne room.

Luke half-closed his eyes and concentrated, reaching out and sensing his friend's location. He gasped slightly as he felt the cold of space and he pushed, sending the stream of energy further onward, to a place with heat and atmosphere. Still the Unicomplex, but better than deep space.
Kyle rematerialized and dropped onto the cold, hard deck plating with a thud. He quickly sprang to his feet and brushed at the jumpsuit clinging to his body. He looked around as a pair of drones stepped out of their alcoves, walking to him with right arms extended..

The Jedi Master ducked low, dodging the first volley of disruptor blasts. He dove forward, using the Force to add a bit of spring to his leap. He tackled the first drone in the midsection, sending both the Borg and he flying back a few meters. Kyle grabbed the right arm and twisted, wrenching it off with an earsplitting screech.

The drone's face twisted in agony for a moment before resuming its stoic mien. Kyle looked over the severed prosthetic before pulling off the disruptor mounted on it, along with a wire and power pack. He looked himself over before groaning. "No belts, nothing to hook this onto. Just kriffin' great." He stood up and pressed a small button on the disruptor, sending out a silvery plasma bolt that blew a small hole in the drone beneath him.

He suddenly ducked-narrowly missing the other drone swiping a blade-tipped arm at the back of his head. He spun around and pressed the firing stud again, blowing the other drone away. He looked at the emitter before aiming it at a panel and firing. The bolt blew a hole through the duranium, charring the circuitry beneath. "They can't adapt to their own weaponry," he observed.

The slow march of boots on deck plating drew his attention. Kyle turned just as several dozen drones appeared in the corridor, targeting lasers powered up and arm weapons raised. "This just isn't my day," he mumbled as he dove to the side, narrowly avoiding a dozen disruptor bolts...
Queen Jaina chuckled. "Okay, you saved him. That's what you do. A shame it's only a temporary reprieve." She raised her blade. "Now, go back before I have to hurt you."

Tahiri ran over, fury etched on her normally happy face. She pulled back her thin arm and sent a balled-up fist flying, punching Queen Jaina squarely in the face. "You've already hurt us!" she shouted. The blond Jedi panted for several seconds before groaning in pain. She held up her hand, now red and throbbing. "What, do you have durasteel bones or something?"

Queen Jaina rubbed her mouth, the cut on her lips already healing. "Duranium, actually. Although truth be told it is the same metal." She held up her right arm and swished it back and forth, the hum from her lightsaber growing louder. "You can live without your right arm, right?"

She brought the blade down, but an emerald-colored lightsaber appeared from nowhere, blocking the blow. Queen Jaina gritted her teeth as the two blades screeched, throwing off sparks. Finally, the levitating blade pushed her off, allowing Tahiri to scramble out of the way.

The blade disengaged from the stumbling Queen Jaina and floated over into Luke's outstretched hand. He gripped the emitter and brought his lightsaber down in a classic guard position. "Are you all right, Tahiri?"

Tahiri nodded and wiped her sweat-slicked forehead. "Fine," she mumbled, relatively speechless for once.

Queen Jaina turned and faced Luke. "I won't be as merciful as before,' she said, blade slicing through the air.

Luke's free hand brushed against the cybernetic implants on his cheek and temple. "You've got a strange definition of mercy."

Leia stepped forward and held out a hand. "Jaina, please. We all know the hell you've gone through. And we're sorry... but that's no excuse. Please surrender. Please, do the right thing."

Queen Jaina lowered her weapon... before scowling, raising it once more and leaping at Luke, stabbing for his chest...

For the record...


Please read and review. Up!
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Vic » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:33 am

Scotty? Nothing a dunking in bacta can't fix. Err, something. :mrgreen:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby stitch626 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:17 pm

I can't wait for more. And sorry about the delay for my review... I have been rather busy. I hope to get to it, once I actually read that part...

Yeah, I read this last bit without reading the previous bit... sigh. :oops:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Wed May 05, 2010 11:51 pm

Vic-LOL, good point on him. :D He's a tough one.

stitch626-Meh, it's cool. Annihilating the Chakat was worth it. ;)

Here we go!

Five minutes earlier
Jacen stabbed and slashed at Tenel Ka, sparks flying each time his lightsaber met hers. She backed up, blocking each blow but not responding. Her breath came in ragged gasps and fogged up her faceplate. "Jacen, please don't do this. Jacen, you are my friend. You're my lover and fiance. We're to be married. Jacen PLEASE!"

Jacen paid her no mind, although each step took longer than the last. His blade twitched in his hand as he jabbed at her midsection. Each stab was deflected, parried off but not followed through.

On the other side of the vinculum, Mara and Theraq dueled. The Andorian MACO, a veteran of over a hundred battles, kept his ushaan up and his fingers locked around their grips. "Oh, you're good!" he said, smiling as his antennae bounced against his helmet. He jabbed, but Mara deflected the blow with her lightsaber. He cocked his head to the side. "Interesting... please, continue."

The redhead snarled. "How do you do that?" she asked as sparks shot up from their latest exchange.

Theraq backed up, taking small steps to avoid tripping over any obstacles. "My weapons contain baakonite, a mineral resistant to the plasma energy in your lightsabers." He held the twin crescent blades up near his faceplate. "An ancient weapon, resistant to your ancient weapon!"

One of the MACO's around the vinculum held up her TR-116. "Sir, I have a clear shot!"

Theraq shook his head as he blocked several more blows. "Negative, Lieutenant! She's not a drone, simply controlled. And I can handle her... for the moment." He blocked her blue blade with one ushaan and jabbed at her midsection with the other, but the lithe Mara moved her midsection out of the way while keeping contact with Theraq's ushaan.

Tenel Ka stepped back, finally finding herself backed up against a bulkhead. Her lightsaber wavered in her hands and she finally lowered it. She reached up with her left hand and twisted her helmet, breaking the seal with a slight whoosh. She leaned forward, letting it slide off into her hand. "I cannot fight you, and that is a fact. But I feel you cannot fight me, either." She let the helmet clatter to the deck plating and placed her hand on her stomach.

She took in a deep breath as Jacen stood there. "Jacen, I am pregnant. We have a child on the way. He or she will need us, Jacen. Please..."

Off to the side, Theraq's ushaan were knocked away and Mara slashed at him, grazing his spacesuit and slicing through his armor. He grunted and toppled back while the drones observed the battle. One MACO raised his rifle and aimed it at Mara as she hovered over Theraq. And Jacen remained absolutely still...

Both Jedi suddenly groaned and went slack for a second, their heads drooping forward. When Jacen's head moved up, he locked eyes with Tenel Ka. "Pregnant?" he said, eyes widening. "How?"

A growl came from Tenel Ka's throat. "I shall have Doctor Crusher explain to you when we get back to the-" She suddenly deactivated her rancor-tooth lightsaber, clipped it to her belt and surged forward, wrapping both arms around her beloved's neck and pulling him in for a long, lingering kiss. "You're back," she whispered, tears streaming from her eyes.

Jacen pulled away from the kiss and looked her over. His brow furrowed slightly. "I can't feel you, Tenel Ka. I see you, you're physically here, but..."

Tenel Ka stepped back a pace. She reached over with her right hand and squeezed her suit sleeve right above her ysalamiri armband. There was a muffled click, and suddenly the world felt alive again. She sucked in a breath as links, images and other sensations flooded her mind. Tenel Ka shut her eyes and cringed slightly, but felt a strong hand grip hers.

"I've got you," Jacen said. Tenel Ka gasped slightly as she felt him through their bond in the Force. It brightened, growing stronger. A small part of it 'broke off', threading its way to the child they had conceived. I can't believe it. Some of me, some of you. All the best, too.

A smile lit her lips. "I am glad you're back, Jacen."

On the other side of the vinculum, Mara knelt by Theraq. "Gods, are you all right?" she asked, scanning the Andorian through the Force. She held out a hand to him. "I didn't cut you, did I? Oh, Force..."

Theraq chuckled and accepted her hand, letting himself be pulled to his feet. "A nano-meter deeper, and I'd be dead." He looked her over. "All in all, it was a good thing you were controlled."

Mara's eyes narrowed slightly. "And why is that?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

The Andorian returned the stare and smirked. "If you weren't and fought with all your skills, I'd be dead."

The Jedi Master paused at that before nodding. "Thanks, I think." She looked over at the MACO who had targeted her. "If you had fired, I wouldn't have blamed you."

The MACO relaxed his position, but brought his rifle to bear and swung it around. "I think the drones don't care if we're near a vinculum or not," he said.

Jacen and Tenel Ka ran to the towering obelisk, situating themselves near the front with lightsabers ignited. "Good to have you at my side," Tenel Ka said, smiling.

Jacen blushed slightly. "Good to be at your side." He looked around at the drones as more appeared from adjacent corridors. "Okay, so what's the plan to get us out of here?" he asked, reaching out with his senses and shifting his stance to one of combat, with his feet spread apart.

Theraq retrieved his TR-116 from a subordinate and swung it around, disengaging its safety and squeezing off several rounds at the drones. The explosive-tipped rounds penetrated the armor of the drones, exploding and shredding their chests. The other MACO's joined in, and the air was soon filled with the buzzsaw of rounds being pumped into drones, blowing them back even as more arrived to take their place.

Several drones raised their arms and their eye prosthesis lit up. Silvery disruptor bolts flew from implants in their arms, but Jacen, Tenel Ka and Mara met the attack, deflecting most of the bolts away from the MACO contingent. "Like my nephew asked," Mara shouted, "what's the plan for getting us out?"

Theraq popped out his spent clip, slipped a new one in, chambered a round and brought his weapon up to his shoulder before squeezing the trigger, firing off several more rounds. "Plan? We were supposed to have a plan?" He chuckled and kept firing. "Someone forgot to fill me in on that part."

Explosions blossomed near the end of one corridor and several dozen drones were tossed into the air. Guttural shouts and the high-powered whine of mini-guns echoed through the chamber as over two dozen Klingon appeared, swarming into the vinculum chamber. They wore heavy armor, masks and wielded fairly large multi-barreled machine guns. The various warriors shouted challenges as they switched to melee weapons, slicing through the drones in savage combat.

A beqq with leader insignia on her collar stepped up to Theraq and thumped her chest. "I am Leader Wol of the IKS Gorkon," she said, removing her mask. She gestured to the other Klingons as they moved about, killing any drones not dead. "Our ships surround the Unicomplex, and our soldiers fight the dishonorable petaQs corridor by corridor." She looked around the room and bared her sharpened teeth in a savage grin. "You fought honorably, Captain."

Theraq removed his own helmet and nodded. "And so did you. Thank you, Leader." He turned as Mara approached. "I received an encrypted transmission when we fought. That's why I knew I had to stall for time."

Mara patted him on the shoulder and returned his smile. "Nice job, Captain. Nice job indeed."
Lusa jabbed at Raynar, forcing her best friend back. "Stop, stop stop stop!" she screamed. She moved forward, thrusting her lightsaber at Raynar. "Snap out of it! You're stronger than this Queen Jaina, Raynar." She stopped, tapping the deck plating with her left foreleg. "You're stronger than you know."

Raynar parried away Lusa's thrusts, widening his stance. His normally boyish face carried an intensity not normally seen. He grunted and reared back, slicing at Lusa's head with his pewter-colored blade.

Lusa brought her blade up and blocked his slice, pushing him back and sending him stumbling. "I'm still stronger than you, Raynar. Don't make me get too physical on you!"

A few meters away, Hox and the controlled Jaina dueled, the vinculum blocking them from Raynar and Lusa. Hox brought up his right tonfa, blocking her violet blade and jabbing at her midsection with his left. Jaina grunted in pain as the alloyed metal shaft bruised her ribcage, sending her back a pace.

Hox pushed her lightsaber off and sneered under his helmet. "Come on, kid! I'm barely breaking a sweat, if Suliban had sweat glands!" He swatted away a side slash and bounced on his heels. "I thought you were a Jedi, not a Pakled!"

Jaina roared and brought her blade down to chest level. She ran at Hox, who held his tonfas in front of his chest. At the last moment, he sidestepped her and brought his blades to the side in a cross. He locked Jaina's blade up and twisted, wrenching the emitter out of her hand and sending it skidding across the deck plating.

The Suliban brought his left tonfa up and hit it flat against Jaina, right at the collarbone. The Jedi stumbled back, falling to the deck plating. Hox breathed out and twirled the tonfa by its secondary handle. "If you weren't controlled, this would've been closer," he quipped. "But pride goes before the fall, Jaina." He looked to Lusa and Raynar. "Lieutenant, you all right!"

The Chironian blocked another clumsy stab, her muscles tensing. "Just fine, sir!' she shouted. She battered Raynar back, forcing him to stumble. She waited until there was a gap between her and Raynar before reaching behind her. "Raynar, please remember," she mumbled, clumsily undoing a small flap on her suit.

Raynar shook his head and blinked several times before advancing on Lusa again, but stopped as she pulled out a long strip of cloth woven with the yellow, purple, orange and scarlet colors of the Thul family.

"See this?" Lusa said, holding her lightsaber up with her other hand. "Recognize this, Raynar?" Her eyes widened slightly through the faceplate of her helmet. "Come on, fight this control!"

The young man gasped and his head lolled forward. His head then shot up and his already wide eyes grew even bigger. "Lusa..." he gasped out. He looked himself over and the tight bodysuit he wore. "Oh, this is..." His cheeks turned red and he swallowed. "Sorry."

Lusa belted out a laugh as she threw her free arm around Raynar, pulling him into a hug. "I'm so glad you're all right!" she said through tears.

Raynar wrapped his arm around her upper body and squeezed. "And I'm glad you're all right, I think." he pushed back and looked Lusa over. "Wait, I can't feel you. I mean I see and feel you, but in the Force, you're not there." He shook his head. "What's happened?"

The Chironian groaned. "Sorry, almost got used to this." She reached across her chest with her right arm and pressed against her sleeve, turning off the ysalamiri armband. She gasped as the Force returned, her link with the multiverse restored. She looked at Raynar and saw the bond she shared with him. "Imissed you so much," she whispered.

Raynar nodded. He held up his hands and clenched them. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do any of those things."

Lusa nodded and swallowed against the lump in her throat. "I know, I know."

Across the room, Hox stood at the ready as Jaina stood up. He held his tonfas up and at the ready. "Are you back to normal?"

Jaina held up her hand. "I am." She winced in pain and grabbed at her abdomen, wincing as she stood. "And stang, did you have to hit so hard?"

Hox lowered his tonfas. "Sorry, but I knew if I didn't go all-out, I knew you'd probably kill me." He slid one of his tonfas into a back holster and held his gloved and gauntleted hand out to her. "Sorry."

The young woman accepted his hand. "Not a problem." She suddenly turned as the drones began moving. "I think they're gonna be ignoring their orders about vinculums." She concentrated and her lightsaber landed in her hand, reigniting with a snap-hiss. "Might wanna get your soldiers ready."

Near the vinculum base, Richardson held up his rifle. "We're always ready," he said, raising the rifle to eye level and sighting the chest armor of one of the drones even as it raised its right arm. "Come on, come on..."

The drones suddenly stopped in their tracks. Those with mouths opened them,, letting loose with bloodcurdling screams. Appendages and prosthetics were clutched to heads or their bodies. Several drones stumbled back, banging repeatedly into walls.

Jaina lowered her blade and held her hand to her temple. "The Collective, the hive mind is going crazy!" She looked to Lusa. "Got anymore of those armbands?"

Lusa shook her head. Her left foreleg buckled and she knelt. "Can't... deal with the voices! They're all crying-" She gasped as she felt the armband being reactivated. The Force was gone, but quiet had returned. She looked to her left and saw Raynar, a grimace on his face. "Thanks."

Raynar stayed by her side, shivering slightly. "I'm close enough so the psychic screams aren't debilitating." He looked to Jaina. "Jaina, get over here!"

Jaina blinked and shook her head. She ran her fingers through her long hair and leaned forward. "No, Raynar. I can't. I'm getting... " She gasped. "Their identities!"

Hox looked to her, slitted eyes narrowing. "What, are they beginning to break free?" He tightened his grip on his tonfa. "Is there any danger?"

One of the drones suddenly raised its head, looking to the ceiling and shouting, "I am Drexl, of the Sargoi Republic! I am not Ten of Three Hundred-Fifty!" It looked around. "Where is my mate? What has happened?"

Several of the other drones began looking around. They began pawing at their black armor, trying to rip it off. One drone resembling an armored pillbug attempted to roll into a ball, but the armor prevented it from curling completely.

The MACO's relaxed their guard somewhat. "What in the name of the Great Bird is going on?" one soldier asked.

Jaina stood near the edge of the vinculum grating and smirked. "The beginning of the end of the Collective." She looked up at a point far beyond the ceiling and into the heart of the Unicomplex. "Queenie, welcome to your worst nightmare.
Five minutes earlier
Spock knelt beside the tall, gray obelisk and looked it over. "Artoo, what do your scanners tell you?"

Artoo wheeled over and a small sensor dish popped out of one of the panels on his dome. There was a slight whirring before he beeped. [Right here. Pop off the panel here,] he trilled, rocking slightly.

Spock reached into his robe and pulled out a tricorder and a hyperspanner. He scanned the panel and poked at the near-invisible seams, gently prying it off. Inside were circuit boards laced with green and cables hooked into seemingly random ports. The Vulcan put the hyperspanner back and pulled out a small computer jack. He unscrewed a small part of it off and placed it on one of the circuit boards while hooking the second one a hookup on his tricorder.

Deanna backed up, lightsaber held at the ready as she stared at the drones surrounding them and the vinculum. She glanced down at Spock and Artoo. "Is it working?"

Artoo's dome swiveled around and he stared at her with his photo-receptor. [It'll take time for the signal to be-] His head suddenly swiveled around and he beeped and whistled. [Holy shavit, Spock! How'd you do that?!]

Spock looked up from the exposed circuitry and arched an eyebrow. "I have maintained my A7 computer rating for a reason, Artoo." He clipped the tricorder to the rim of the panel and stood up, his robe billowing about. He looked down slightly at Deanna. "We should be prepared."

Deanna opened her mouth, but let out a sharp cry. Mental defenses sprang up and she let out a breath. She looked about at various drones as they collapsed where they stood or walked. "Is that the result of the jamming signal?"

Spock walked back and dropped to one knee. He checked the tricorder screen and his lips turned down a fraction of a millimeter. "It appears this is a central node of the hive mind. I was not aware of there being different types of vinculum, but it is logical for the ones in the Unicomplex to be more important."

Deanna held up her hand and gently Force-pushed a drone away as it stumbled toward her. "Can you stop it?" she asked, dark eyes wide.

The Jedi Master shook his head. "The signal was downloaded into the transmitter itself and propagated on subspace carrier waves across the Milky Way and the other galaxy, Deanna. That means the entire Collective is like this." he motioned at the drones collapsing all around. "We must aid them."

Deanna deactivated her lightsaber and clipped it to her belt. "You don't have to ask me twice." She turned and glanced down at the squat astromech. "Stay here," she said before stepping forward. She knelt down beside a moaning drone and placed a hand on its shoulder, letting the Force flow. "Focus on my voice..."

Chapter Eight: The Light, the Terrible Light
Luke waited until Queen Jaina's blade was sliding against his own before gently pushing her body, twirling about even as she landed hard on the deck plating. He stepped to his right and turned, facing her and extending his left hand. "It doesn't have to be like this," he said in soothing tones. "You can still turn back."

Queen Jaina looked around her throne room at the Jedi, Han, Chewie, Threepio and Em Teedee. A smile lit up her pale features as she straightened up and held her left arm up. "So, you think you can take me on? Or out?" She began unfurling her fingers. "I have the blood of Skywalker, so there's no advantage there. I have the full power of the Collective to draw upon, not to mention effectively unlimited drones." She sneered and chuckled. "Not to mention five thousand years of experience to draw upon."

Luke paced a bit, lightsaber wavering but not dipping. "But you're of the Dark Side, Jaina. You may have started with good intentions, but you've gone down a dark and brutal path of conquest and genocide. You must stop this."

A snort came from the High Queen of the Borg. "And you'll forgive me, just like that?"

Zekk spoke up from behind, sending her spinning around. "We won't forgive you, but we'll help you on the road to redemption." He waited until Queen Jaina had locked eyes with him and he continued. "Just like you helped me, back with the Shadow Academy."

Queen Jaina blinked and her hand clenched tightly, the armor creaking. "I remember that. I helped... my Zekk through that." She finally glanced away from his blazing eyes. "And then I turned away from you, to Kyp and then ultimately Jag."

Zekk half-smiled and took a step forward. "Jag's not too bad of a guy. He and I had some friendly chats on the Defiant when we went to Corellia." He glanced over Queen Jaina's shoulder at Kyp and shrugged. "Master Durron is a rather good fellow, too. Some nice hair, there." His hand went to his long hair tied in a ponytail and brushed it slightly. "A good look, too."

Queen Jaina held up a hand and a shimmering telekinetic barrier formed around her. "Not one step more," she said. She looked around at everyone. "I did this for you. For all of you!" She brought her arms up high and the air crackled. "I did this for you, for the Milky Way itself!"

Tionne shook her head. "How did you do all this," she asked, waving her hands around at the throne room, "for us?" Her silvery eyes blinked. "How would you even know or remember about us?"

Queen Jaina glanced at Tionne. "I had a vision, when I was first connected to the Cyber League's mainframe." She waved her lightsaber around at everyone. "I saw us all here, together again." her eye landed on Anakin and it began watering. "Even those who had passed away, back with me." Her lip trembled slightly. "I missed you so much, and I knew how far away I was. And it felt so good, the connections."

Anakin stepped forward. "I'm sorry, you suffered," he said, empathy in his words and aura in the Force, "but it still doesn't excuse this. Like Zekk said, stop this and we can work with you to get you back on the right path."

The High Queen snorted. "I have you here already. Soon, Tenel Ka and Lusa shall join us." She glanced at Luke and the scanner over her eye glowed. "Perhaps I should exert full control using those implants instead of the Force?"

Luke's face scrunched up and his arms dropped. He bit down on his lips, but a cry of pain still shot out. He dropped to his knees. "Stop... this..."

Leia placed her hand on Luke's shoulder and reached out with the Force. Her eyes fluttered shut for a moment as she connected with her brother, strengthening his resolve and willpower with her own. "You will not control him," she snarled, eyes opening up again. She stepped back as Luke stood up straight again. "Stand down, Jaina. You can't win here."

Queen Jaina's mouth dropped slightly. "Sit down," she commanded. She snarled. "Sit down!' she yelled, stomping the deck plating. "I ORDER YOU TO SIT!" she wailed, arms flailing. Tears streamed down her cheek from her left eye. "I want you to sit, to be here and not dead and sad and..." She trailed off, suddenly gasping. "Where are you?" She looked around. "Where are they?"

Han walked forward through the crowd of his friends and family. "We're here, Jaina." He spread his arms out. "What's wrong?"

Queen Jaina raised her hand and banged the side of her head. "The Collective! It's... it is disintegrating." She sank to her knees and hugged her torso, the telekinetic barrier around her fading. "All the voices... I'm all alone." She rocked back and forth on her feet. "They can't be gone. They can't be gone..."

Han knelt down and wrapped an arm around her. "I'm here for you, Jaina. I know how lonely you are. I know how bad it was for you back in you reality. And I know you started with good intentions... but the road to the Ninth Level is paved with good intentions." He paused and gathered his thoughts. "You can stop this, Jaina. Let go of the Collective. Free the drones and us. Surrender."

Queen Jaina's head shot up and she locked eyes with Han. Her scanner flashed. "It will... take time," she croaked out. "But I will comply." She slid her legs out from underneath and stood up. She looked around at everyone. "I surrender."
USS Sputnik
Jellico gripped his chair's armrests as the ship rocked. "Shields down to sixty percent!" the tactical officer hollered from behind and above. "The Cousteau and the Verity have been destroyed," he reported, glancing down at a large screen on his console. "Squadrons Six and Seven are moving to reinforce."

"Get the John Glenn and Yuri Gagarin into position near our flank," Jellico barked. He stood up and walked forward, keeping a sure footing even as the ship shuddered from enemy fire. He squinted at the main viewscreen and the tactical map of local space around the Unicomplex. "Contact the Thrawn and have Pellaeon send some ships to reinforce our left flank. That section's taking a pounding!"

The comm officer at one of the aft starboard stations leaned over his console and tapped several buttons. "Message away and acknowledged," he reported.
ISS Thrawn
Pellaeon groaned as the comm officer delivered the message. "And would Admiral Jellico like me to wave my magic wand and summon more ships from the ether?" he asked, twisting about in his command chair at the aft stations.

Captain Pryl glanced at him from her own chair next to him, a small smile gracing her normally hard features. "We do have the Invincible III and Strike Back with their squadrons. They haven't moved to engage yet."

The Old Man nodded and looked up at the main viewscreen, displaying the area around the Thrawn. "Contact the two ships and have their squadrons form up on our aft," he ordered, clenching a fist and pounding the armrest. "We're taking that Unicomplex section out!"

The Thrawn's ion engines flared, sending the modified star destroyer surging forward. Disruptor and turbolaser turrets swiveled about, firing in staggered rounds even as ion cannons sent out cerulean lightning at Borg cubes and fighters. Several cubes moved forward, energy-draining tractor beams lashing out and striking the Thrawn and Strike Back. Disruptor bolts erupted from recessed emitters in the gray hulls of the cubes, blowing the command tower off a Victory-class star destroyer clean off and puncturing the main hull.

Two Carracks were similarly destroyed, their slim hulls and oversized bridges destroyed. The rest of the attack force pressed on, however. A cube was struck from three sides by ion cannon fire, the electricity playing over the hull. The greenish light pervading the hulls faded and grew dark. Turbolaser and torpedoes struck the hull, ripping right through and blowing the cubes apart from the inside. Debris both mechanical and organic flew from the destroyed ships.

The imperial ships approached the tangles superstructure of the Unicomplex. The Unicomplex, deceptively strong, fired off cutting beams and shield-draining tractor beams large enough to envelop whole ships at once. The Invincible III's shields quickly changed from white to yellow before fading completely, leaving the ship vulnerable. Several cutting beams lanced out, striking the Imperial II-class star destroyer. The ion engines flared, sending the ship forward while ion cannons and turbolasers lashed out in a staggered firing pattern.

Several explosions bloomed on the Invincible III's white hull as turbloaser batteries were struck. The tractor beams solidified and the Invincible III slowed. The glow from the ion engines intensified, building until the exhaust suddenly stopped, the nozzles growing dark.

The Thrawn and Strike Back moved in, along with several other starships. A quartet of Strike-class cruisers, four hundred-fifty meter medium cruisers, approached the jutting superstructure of the unicomplex in pairs, ion cannons firing at the gray armor plating.

As the Strike-classes disrupted the power systems, the Thrawn and Strike Back opened up with withering fusillades of their main weapons. Several of the structures were outright turned to metallic vapor, while the larger ones were hulled. TIE defenders flew about, striking at parts of the Unicomplex unreachable while also harrying Borg fighters.

On the Thrawn, Pryl looked over a datapad handed to her. "Captain Gorched reports that the Invincible III will be underway within minutes. They weren't boarded by drones."

Pellaeon let out a sigh of relief and slumped slightly in his chair. "Good. Gorched is one of my best ship commanders." He glanced to the side as a small display mounted in his chair. "Contact Tschel and tell him to get back into formation!" he shouted. "He can't go off chasing comets and subspace oddities!"
RSS Lusanyka
"Keep firing!" Wedge yelled over the constant rumbling. "Don't let up and send them back to the Ninth Level!"

Wes glanced at him as he and Wedge stood at the forward viewports. "Shall I get you a megaphone, Wedge? I don't think the ones in the Alpha Quadrant quite heard you." He turned his head and looked out through the transparisteel. "Our shields are taking a pounding, but we're giving better than we're getting."

Tycho stumbled over from the command walkway. "Our ion cannons are overheating," he reported. "We keep this up and we'll run out of presents."

Wedge glanced back. "We have anymore transphasic torpedoes?"

Tycho sighed and shook his head. "We ran through our supply. Those things are hard to make!"

Wes' head shot up and he looked to his old friend. "Voyager made them while stranded in the Delta Quadrant! How hard can they be?!"

Tycho's blue eyes turned frosty. "Voyager made six of them. The rest were brought back from an alternate future timeline with an alternate version of Admiral Janeway. Not to mention it took them nearly three days!" He spread his arms. "We haven't had much time, and those plans are hard to replicate." He looked to Wedge. "We have to give the ion cannons a rest or else the turrets will melt!"

Wedge sighed and leaned to his left. "Turn off the ion cannons and pull back!" he shouted. "Move Task Forces Three and Four up to fill in the gap."

The Lusankya's forward thrusters fired, sending the Executor-class star destroyer back. Over two dozen ships moved forward. Nebula-class star cruisers and Defender-class star destroyers lead the formation, the area around each ship thick with energized plasma and torpedoes.

Energy-draining tractor beams lashed out from cubes as they moved in, surrounding the task forces. Starfighters darted about, some avoiding flak bursts from the cubes while others flew right at them and were immolated.

In the Lusankya's crew pit, a comm officer adjusted her headset and furrowed her brow. She pressed a button on her console and waited while Tycho climbed down a ladder and walked over. "Sir, we're getting some odd traffic from the Borg," she reported.

Tycho held out a hand and accepted her headset. He held it to his ear. "What the hell?"

"I am not a drone! I am of the Greet Clan of Market!"

"Where am I? Where is my family? What has happened to me?"

"Is this hell? What have I-"

Tycho handed the headset back and ran over to one of the hatches connecting the crew pits. He entered the port pit and half-ran to the nearest tactical officer, weaving through the crowd. "What are the cubes doing?"

The tactical officer, a Mon Cal, swiveled his eye and looked at the nearest screen. "Rate of fire has fallen off considerably," he reported, walking over to the console and the hologram hovering over. "Some of them are hanging motionless in space." He glanced back at Tycho. "What is going on?"

Tycho shook his head and patted the Mon Cal on the shoulder before climbing up the nearest ladder. He found Wedge, Wes and Hobbie standing over the edge. "The Collective's unraveling," he reported. "And they've stopped firing." He looked around at three of his oldest friends. "Any clue?"

Wedge shrugged, but anything he might've said was cut off as the comm officer climbed up from the starboard pit. "Sirs, message from the Queen!" she shouted. "Shall I put it on the main holo-projector?"

Wedge nodded. "Make it so," he said before he led his friends to the aft holo-projector. The large three-dimensional image of the are around Rogue Fleet faded and was replaced by the image of Queen Jaina surrounded by the Jedi.

A cheer went up among the bridge personnel as Han stepped forward. "This is a personal message from Queen Jaina," he said. He stepped back and nodded patted her on her armored shoulder. "Go ahead, kid."

The High Queen took one step forward. She cleared her throat and blinked her organic eye "I am... I was the Queen of the Borg Collective. I sought order from chaos, to bring perfection. But my order was that of the grave. And I brought misery and death." She breathed out and clenched her fist. "I surrender, and I free all drones."

There was silence before an engineering technician let out a whoop and pumped her fist into the air. Almost everyone else let out cheers and began clapping. Wedge raised his hands and shouted, "Okay, okay! We can celebrate later." He looked to Wes, Tycho and Hobbie. "Wes, contact the other fleet commanders and get a meeting arranged. Hobbie, start contacting our own ship captains and get casualty and damage reports. Tycho, start contacting the cubes and see what's going on over there." He looked around and clapped his gloved hands together. "We see the light, folks, but there's plenty of tunnel left."
Queen Jaina waited until the holo-projector shut off and then transmission ended. "They will kill me," she said, looking to Han. "The Quadrants will demand my blood, not to mention the drones. I shall be lucky to leave the Unicomplex alive."

Luke massaged his temple. "I doubt you'll have much difficulty. The drones... they're in a state of utter panic." He looked to one of the hatches, seeming to peer out to the corridors beyond. "I sense confusion and panic amongst them." He began striding forward, but stopped when he felt a firm hand on his arm. Luke glanced back and saw Kyp standing there, holding on. "Kyp?"

"We'd better stay put," he said. He glanced around with his intense green eyes before settling back on his former Master. "Not a good idea to get scattered about here."

Luke sucked a breath in and shook his head. "Kyp, I can feel their pain, their desolation. We're here, and we can help them!" He tugged his arm free and took a step forward. "Even if only one being at a time, if we can help them, we must!"

Tionne and Ganner approached. "I think... I agree with Kyp," Tionne said. Her silvery eyes went to the hatch behind the throne. "I feel it too, but right now we have to stay in one place. Besides, Starfleet is probably better for this than we are at the moment." She spread her arms out. "You're the only one with a lightsaber, even!"

Luke shook his head. He reached out to find Leia's position, then promptly shut it down. "We'll... discuss it further," he said, cheeks coloring slightly.
Leia pulled her mouth away from Han's only long enough to breathe before kissing him again. "I missed you," she said after finally breaking the kiss.

Han held her close, arms locked around her in a tight embrace. "So did I." He let the rest of the multiverse vanish as he held Leia tightly, feeling the warmth of her body. "Gods, I knew there was no way to keep you down."

A smile crossed Leia's face. "I had good motivation to come back." Slowly, she let her arms slide away from Han. She stepped back and turned to Han's left, where Chewie stood. "And you!" she half-shouted, the twinkle in her eye belying her tone. "Thanks for staying by his side," she said, smiling warmly.

Chewie reached out and picked Leia up, hugging her. [Someone had to keep him out of trouble,] he growled, winking. He set her down and patted the top of her head. [I'm just glad you're free. Honor Brother took a big risk with the Queen.]

Leia glanced back at Han and smirked. "He smooth-talked me into marriage. Queen Jaina...." She trailed off and turned around, looking at the alternate version of her daughter. "To Fall so far," she murmured.

Queen Jaina met her eyes and her organic left eye blazed. "Do not treat me with pity," she said, voice frosty. "I chose my own path to damnation, Mother."

Leia walked over to Queen Jaina, seeming to grow with each step. "Whether I choose to feel pity or not for you is my prerogative," she said, right eye twitching slightly. She finally stopped mere centimeters from Queen Jaina. "And yes, I do feel pity for you, Jaina. Your memories you shared with us..."

The Queen stood, rooted to the deck plating. "You're more like yourself than my mother was," she murmured. "Mine could not even speak when I said she wasn't a Jedi." Her optic implant dimmed slightly. "I felt pity for her, then."

Leia ran through a quick Jedi calming exercise before speaking. "I am not that Leia. And even if I was, we both completed our training and were Knighted by Luke." She placed her hands on her hips and leaned on her left leg, mouth turned down as she Glared at Queen Jaina. "And I never needed the Force to fight, either."

Any reply was swallowed by the sounds of transporter beams. Seven columns of whitish energy appeared near the far end of the throne room, coalescing into six MACO soldiers in full armor with TR-116 rifles drawn. Admiral Jellico stood in the middle of the MACO's, arms crossed. "Queen Jaina," he said, smirking.

Han and Luke approached the group. "And you are?" Han asked, stopping near the MACO's.

"Admiral Edward Jellico," Jellico said, walking forward. The MACO's broke from their circular formation and formed a wedge in front of him. "I've been appointed to accept the official surrender of Queen Jaina," he explained, his ego and smugness growing in the Force.

Luke held up a hand. "That's not necessary," he intoned.

Jellico paused and shook his head. "No... it is," he said. He focused his eyes on Luke. "Try that again, Skywalker. I dare you to."

"Only on the weak-minded," he said. He looked at the MACO's. "They aren't, though." The Jedi Master motioned to the hatch on the far side of the throne room. "And there are tens of thousands of drones who need help, Admiral." Luke held his hand to his forehead and massaged his temple, shoring up his mental defenses. "They're in agony at the moment, lost and confused. If you are Starfleet, then you'll help."

Jellico tapped his combadge. "This is Admiral Edward Jellico. I want all available ships to begin beaming over away teams to being assisting the former drones. Martok, Tomalak, Pellaeon, Wedge, I suggest you do the same." He spread his arms out. "I do have a heart, you know."

Luke tossed him a salute. He turned as another transporter whine filled the room. "Captain Picard," he whispered as four more transporter columns appeared.

Two MACO soldiers, also in full armor, Commander Data and Captain Picard materialized. The MACO's stepped to the side as Picard and Data walked forward. "It's good to see you," Picard said, half-smiling.

Data slipped through the Jedi and was by Han's side. "It is very good to see you," the android said, smiling and shaking Han's hand. "Are you well? Your respiration and heartbeat levels are elevated slightly."

Han chuckled as he shook Data's hand. "Just had a close encounter with Leia." He turned his head and broke the handshake as Anakin and Tahiri approached. "Hey, kid," he said, smile dropping away.

Anakin paused for a moment before holding his hand out. "Hey, Dad," he said, blinking back tears. He waited for his father to grab his hand before wrapping his left arm around Han's shoulder, pulling him in. "Thanks," he said, words muffled slightly by emotion.

Han blinked back tears, but quickly let them flow. "I'd never blame you," he said. "Never. I love you and am so proud to be your father."

Anakin smiled, then pulled away and turned to Chewie on his left. "Chewie, I-"

[Say no more, cub,] Chewie growled. [Not the worst way to go out, after all.] He leaned forward, close to Anakin's ear. [Just make sure not to get yourself killed if I ever have to do that,] he said in a low tone, baring his fangs and winking.

Anakin rolled his eyes. "Not funny, Chewie," he deadpanned.

The big Wookiee shrugged. [I was being serious,] he chuffed. He glanced over at Queen Jaina as Jellico and Picard approached her. [Now her... she lost her way.]
Jellico waited until Queen Jaina was a meter away before speaking. "High Queen Jaina Solo of the Borg Collective, I have been authorized by the allied fleet and by president Nanietta Bacco herself to accept your surrender."

Queen Jaina nodded. She held up her right arm. The MACO's in front of Jellico tensed, but she half-smiled. "I formally offer this," she said, grabbing the lightsaber inside the prosthetic and twisting it. It clicked before sliding out. "Here," she said, holding it out.

Jellico nodded and grabbed the emitter. "I accept your surrender," he said. He looked to Picard and nodded twice. "Good work out there, Picard. There's talk of making you rear-admiral for this."

Picard held up his right hand, waving Jellico off. "I'd prefer to stay as captain of the Enterprise, Admiral. It's where I do my best."

Jellico chuckled. "There's been talk of making the head of the flagship a commodore rank at least." he waved his hand over his admiral's uniform. "This would look quite good on you," he said before looking to Queen Jaina. "Now, then. Your drones are suffering."

Luke spoke up. "What can be done to help them? Mara feels their pain. We all feel their pain. You have more experience with this than just Captain Picard."

Picard sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "The physical and mental trauma of post-assimilation is difficult at best to deal with." He turned his head and locked eyes with Queen Jaina. "What you did to them is beyond the pale."

Queen Jaina returned his glare. "I know, Captain. There's probably a very cold place awaiting me when I die, but before then, I shall do my best for those I have hurt." She looked askance at the deck plating. Her optic implant flashed and she grunted. "I have sent a Collective-wide signal across transwarp carrier waves, independent of the hacked vinculum signals." She straightened and looked at the Frenchman. "All nanoprobes have now been either deactivated or will be deactivated, rendering them inert. No one will ever be assimilated again. It is the... least I can do."

Han walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder armor. He bit his lip and hesitated for a long second, but finally spoke. "Like Zekyag?"

Queen Jaina's body hitched and a sob escaped her. Tears fell from her eye as her face contorted. "Like... Zekyag," she choked out, turning to Han even as he hugged her.

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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

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Damnit man, I'm at work here!! (snif)
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

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I loved it... is this the end? :(
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

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Vic-Umm... sorry? :oops:

Stitch626-Thanks, and no. I still have about 75 pages or so left to put up.

I'm gonna try to finish posting this fic this week.

Here we go!

Captain's log, Stardate 58421.98. The war with the Borg is over, and the Federation stands. Acts of kindness and reaching out have triumphed where the guns failed. And although the immediate future is bright, the looming task of just what to do with the former drones and how best to help them bears down upon us.

Enterprise has also been tasked with transporting Queen Jaina back to Earth for trial. The ship is once more docked with the Kenobi, along with the Defiant, and we shall return together while Admiral Jellico's forces stay and assess the situation.

Still, closer to home, there are some people the
Enterprise is able to help.

Doctor Crusher ran her handheld scanner over Luke's face, checking the areas where implants had been removed. She looked over her tricorder's screen and nodded. "Looks like no lasting damage," she observed. "All the nanoprobes in your body have become inert matter and are even now breaking down even further." She flashed a smile at him. "I pronounce you cured of assimilation."

Luke smiled as he sat on the edge of the bio-bed. He raised his left hand and ran it along his face. "Thank you, Doctor Crusher," he said. He turned his senses inward, confirming her diagnosis. He turned to his right and the person gripping his right arm. "Looks like I'm all yours," he said, smiling.

Mara glanced at Crusher and extended her right hand. "Doc, thanks," she said, grinning broadly. "You're as good as Johnny says you are."

Crusher's lips twitched. "Thanks, I think." She glanced at Luke. "I'm releasing you, but make sure to be here tomorrow at 0800 hours. I'm not taking any chances with this."

Luke nodded. "I'll be here," he said, sliding off the bed and landing lightly on his feet. He and Mara exited sickbay, walking down the Enterprise's corridors. "Mara, I'm-"

He was interrupted as Mara spun around, grabbed him by the upper arms and kissed him full on the lips. A few crewmembers stopped and gawked, but subtle mental suggestions sent them on their way. After a minute, Mara broke the kiss, her eyes blazing. "Don't you dare apologize!" she shouted, her voice echoing down the corridor. "If Queen Jaina had hacked your spirit, the entire Order would have fallen, along with probably the entire galaxy." Her face softened. "So don't you apologize, Luke Skywalker," she choked out. "Don't you dare."

Luke stood there, shock playing over his face and through his aura. Finally, he sighed. "No arguing with you," he said. He turned and began walking down the corridor, Mara by his side. "Still, I just wonder how it became so bad over there." They approached a turbolift alcove and the double doors slid open, allowing them entrance. "Deck five, section thirty-three," Luke said.

His wife glanced to the car walls. "Well, I pushed everyone away, tried to kill my nephew and ended up dying from a trick I would've saw through in my days as a Hand-and actually saw through at the beginning of the year. My son was... " She trailed off and rolled her eyes. "Luke, we're not naming any child of ours Ben or after anyone else. It'll be nice and original. Okay?"

The doors slid open and they stepped off. "Okay," Luke said as they walked down the corridor. "And I neglected what was going on, sending Jaina on an assassination mission." His eyes clouded over. "It seems so unreal, but it happened... somewhere."

Mara shrugged as they approached a door. Her mouth turned up in a smile as she felt the happiness and warmth within. "Well, let's not talk about it," she said as she touched the control panel. A second later, the door slid open and they stepped inside VIP quarters assigned to several members of their family.

Leia and Han sat on chairs in the main living area, facing Tenel Ka and Jacen as they sat on a couch. Tenel Ka wore green pants a matching shirt, which was pulled up to show off her abdominal region. There was no outward sign of the month-old pregnancy, but Luke and Mara both felt the life inside. Anakin, Tahiri, Jaina and Zekk stood around the three, smiles on their faces.

"How are you?" Mara asked as she and her husband approached. She cocked her head to the side and grinned. "You look radiant," she said as chairs telekinetically slid over for her and Luke.

Tenel Ka looked up at Mara and swallowed. "I am... fine, thank you." She looked back down at Leia. "I won't be able to exercise as much?"

Leia chuckled. "When you get to your eighth and ninth month, nope." She waved her hand at Tenel Ka. "This is insane. I'm too young to be a grandmother!"

Han leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Maybe you are, but they're too young to be having kids." He rubbed his hands together. "Of course, now I'll be the doting grandfather can can spoil them rotten!"

Luke shook his head. "Han..."

"What? It's my right!" Han said. He glanced over at Jacen. "Problem, son?"

Jacen glanced up, his face pale. "The truth?"

A sigh escaped Han's lips and he motioned to his son. "Jacen, that wasn't you. And the circumstances are so different it's almost laughable!" The older man blinked and clasped his hands together, resting his arms on his legs, seeming to age before everyone's eyes. "Those days with Queen Jaina and the things I learned, what I did and how I treated you..." He suddenly rose to his feet. He reached out to Jacen and hauled his son to his feet, wrapping his arms around Jacen's shoulders and hugging him. "I love you," he said, tears stinging his eyes. "Don't ever forget it, you hear?"

Jacen's eyes widened slightly before he returned the hug, swallowing back tears. "I love you, too, Dad," he choked out. He broke the embrace and sat down, hand snaking out and grabbing Tenel Ka's. He looked over to her and breathed out. "I love you."

Tenel Ka leaned over and kissed him lightly on the mouth. "And I love you," she said. She looked around, but groaned. "Mother and Father... I haven't talked to them in nearly a month!"

Anakin looked over at Han and rubbed his chin. "Dad, you do realize you'll be related to Isolder when they wed, right?"

Han's mouth opened, then closed. "I..." He looked down at Tenel Ka chuckled nervously. "Your dad... great guy, you know? Is he invited to the wedding?"

Leia covered her mouth with her hand. "He is," she said, swatting at him. She glanced up at Jaina as she stood behind the couch. "Honey, are you all right?" she asked, rising to her feet.

Jaina sighed and her shoulders slumped. "I'm... not." She glanced to Zekk at her side and swallowed, shame coloring her aura in the Force. "I keep thinking about Queen Jaina and her hatred of me, for living while her Anakin died." She turned and faced her younger brother even as he looked to her. "If you died, I don't-"

"Don't think about it," Anakin said, waving her off. "She wasn't you, and you're not her. Just like our Jacen wasn't like that Sith Lord.... thing." He shuddered slightly. "Why did you turn Dark Side again?" he asked, glancing down at the couch.

Jacen blanched. "Because... everything Lumiya said was a lie?" He looked to Luke. "Uncle Luke?"

Luke leaned forward, the shadows covering his eyes. "While it's good to question, sometimes it leads to indecision and paralysis." he shook his head. "I'm just glad what happened there won't happen here."

"It won't," Zekk said. He reached out and touched Jaina's forearm. "I won't abandon you, ever. You fought for my soul at Yavin IV, when I was at my lowest. I'll be damned if I let you go, now."

Jaina turned to him, long hair trailing slightly behind her. She reached out and encircled his waist with her arms, pulling Zekk in for a hug. "Thanks," she said, smiling. A grunt from her right caused her to separate from Zekk. "Dad!" she half-shouted.

Han sat in his chair and crossed his arms, smirking. "Father's prerogative," he said. He locked eyes with Zekk. "Treat her right," he said, right eye twitching.

Zekk nodded and returned the stare. "I will," he said. He looked back to Jaina. "She deserves it, for putting up with me."

Jaina reached out and swatted his arm. "None of that!" she said, glaring at him and looking like a younger version of Leia. "You put up with me, too."

Zekk shrugged. "Yeah, but your family's here. So I'm outnumbered and can't make fun of you."

Leia rose from her chair and walked around the couch to Zekk. She extended a hand and smiled. "Zekk, Tahriri, Tenel Ka, please consider yourselves part of the family, too."

Zekk bobbed his head and took her hand, squeezing slightly. "Thanks," he said gruffly.

Tahiri wiped her eyes. "Thanks, Leia. I'm so glad to be here and not there, where I killed Admiral Pellaeon and did some other weird stuff." Her brow furrowed. "Have I ever met him? I don't think so. He seems like a nice enough guy, but I wonder why the gray hair. Does he like gray hair? Captain Picard's bald, but don't they have treatments for that? I would think-"

"So, got any names picked out?" Zekk half-shouted, leaning over Jacen and Tenel Ka. "Or a wedding date?"

Jacen and Tenel Ka shared a glance. "Not Allana, and that is a fact," Tenel Ka said, gray eyes flashing.

Jacen cocked his eyebrow. "No, not Allana. As for the wedding date, as soon as possible?"

Tenel Ka leaned over and kissed him. "That is a fact," she said, grinning.

Chapter Nine: Resolutions and Threads
The Kenobi broke formation from the allied fleet, thrusters firing and spinning the modified MC-90 cruiser around on its axis. The ion engines fired, sending it off towards the transwarp hub. A modified energy pulse shot from its deflector dish, activating the passage and allowing it to enter. There was a brief flash of orange, and it disappeared from normal space.

Captain Logk and Admiral Ackbar sat in a conference room adjacent to the bridge. Logk held up a datapad and shook his head as he scrolled through the contents. "We suffered casualties, but no deaths," he said. "Truly, Psusan was with us."

Ackbar nodded. His left eye swiveled to the door as it slid open, allowing Picard and Sisko to enter. "Smooth sailing to you," he said. "We have done far more than anyone hoped for."

Picard sat down across from Ackbar and half-smiled. "For you, too." He hesitated. "It also seems I owe you an apology for my protestations over the entire mission. I was wrong, and I'm also glad I was wrong."

Ackbar waved a flippered hand at him. "And you could also have been right. If not for Admiral Sisko's vision, if not for Han talking down Queen Jaina, if not for Admiral Jellico moving early, disaster would've happened."

Sisko grunted. "Each piece, moving in time to strike the final blow against the Collective. Now we can rest easier. Now... some ghosts can be laid to rest." He breathed through his nose and his mouth turned up slightly. "Now, onto the future."

Logk tilted his head to Sisko. "Any insights from the Prophets, Admiral? The Collective has been broken, and now we've got to clean up the pieces." A shadow fell over his face. "Corellia, the Chiss Ascendancy, your Romulan Empire and the Delta Quadrant itself."

Picard sat, stone-faced and staring at the bulkhead across the table. "The Collective has taken much. The Federation's territory was not seriously violated, but we were still dealt blows to Starfleet and our outposts. How much can we give? How much will be accepted? There will hopefully be no more new drones, but what about the ones free? Will they want the security back?" He sighed and shifted in his seat before noticing Logk, Sisko and Ackbar staring at him. "My apologies."

Sisko shook his head. "I'm just glad I won't have to decide those things, Captain. There's gonna be a lot of hard questions the next few weeks. And I'm not sure we'll like all the answers.
Lusa and Raynar meandered down the Enterprise's corridors, no destination in mind and nothing to do at the moment, their arms intertwined. Raynar looked up at his girlfriend and smiled. "Thanks."

Lusa's head turned slightly and she swallowed. "No way I was gonna leave you to the Collective, Raynar. History class at Betazed painted a rather... gruesome fate for those taken by them." She clenched her fist as they continued walking. "if it wasn't for Admiral McCoy and Master Spock, I'm not sure-" She suddenly stopped in mid-stride, eyes widening. "Admiral?" she whispered before breaking out into a gallop, leaving Raynar behind.

The young Jedi skidded around a corridor, hooves slamming into the deck plating as she raced to a turbolift near the end of the corridor. It opened with a bit of telekinetic assistance and she slid in. "Deck ten, VIP quarters!' she shouted.

The turbolift car shot down, moving laterally as well. It finally stopped and the double doors opened, allowing Lusa to bolt out full-tilt. "Make a hole!" she shouted, projecting with the Force.

Lusa slowed down and finally stopped. She shook her head as she felt a familiar presence behind the duranium. Master Spock? What are you doing here?

The voice of the Vulcan Jedi echoed in her head, tinged with the barest hint of emotion. Ah, Lusa. You have arrived just in time. I also feel that Jagged is there as well.

Lusa glanced to her side as Jag ran up, face red. "What's going on?" he puffed out. He tapped the side of his head. "I heard Master Spock's voice concerning Bones. Is he all right?"

Any reply the Chironian might have had was cut off as the door slid open. She stepped inside the darkened room, senses alert. She quickly located the aged McCoy, sitting in a chair in the main living room. "Admiral?" she half-whispered, eyes wide and wet.

Bones looked up from his chair and smiled through pain obvious to both the eye and the Force. "Hi," he said, shifting his bony frame in his seat. "I see we're all here," he observed, filmy eyes looking about.

Lusa looked around, seeing Spock in Jedi robes and Scotty next to him. "We are? Admiral, are you..." She trailed off as she felt his life ebbing away. "No!" she cried out. "You can't die, sir!"

Spock arched an eyebrow. "Why not, Lieutenant? It is his right." Spock turned his face to Bones, the left half engulfed in shadow. "He is strong in the Force, but not that strong. All things must end. It is only logical."

Lusa wiped her eyes as the tears fell freely. She barely noted Ranyar's presence as he walked into the room. Her shoulders heaved slightly as she felt him wrap his arms around her upper body. "It's not fair..."

Bones' head bobbed. "Don't cry, Lusa. It's been a long life, and I'm tired. I wanna see Tonia again. I wanna see Jim again, and Dad and Mom." He let out a rattling breath. "And I'm tired of... being tired." he looked up at her. "Can you respect that, at least?"

Lusa's sobbing died down as she shored up her self-control. She walked up to the chair and knelt before Bones. She blinked as he appeared blue for a second. "I can, but I'm not sure I'll like it," she said, smiling through tears.

Jag walked up next to her, the dim light playing off his remaining implants. "Admiral, I thank you," he said. "It was an honor to know you."

Bones smiled at him. "Not a problem, Jag. Thanks for the help on the Defiant." He chuckled as he seemed to feel Spock and Scotty by his side. "Well, you two got anything to say? Might wanna be quick about it, you two."

Scotty bit his lip. "I dinna know," he finally said. "I'll miss ye, but I'm glad you'll be goin' to a better place, lad." He placed a hand on Bones' paper-thin shoulder. "Second star to the right, sir."

Bones half-smiled. "Well, you green-blooded hobgoblin? Any final words?"

Spock bowed his head and knelt before Bones. "I have been, and always shall be your friend." He raised his hand and splayed the fingers open in the traditional Vulcan salute. "The usual saying has little meaning at this time, so therefore I will say that the Force will be with you, Bones."

The doctor smiled. He tilted his head back and his mouth opened. "Oh, my," he murmured. "What are you doing here?"

Everyone turned as the room brightened. A blue cloud of energy appeared, coalescing into a human wearing an old-style Starfleet uniform. "I couldn't stay away," Jim Kirk said, stepping forward. He held his arms out. "Welcome, old friend. I've missed you."

Bones' breathing slowed, finally stopping. His eyes stared out into infinity as his life finally disappeared. Jag gasped as his body faded, disappearing entirely. "He's gone!" he shouted, drawing everyone's attention to the empty clothes sagging in the seat.

The room brightened once more as another ghost appeared, this one of Bones in his mid-fifties. He patted himself down. "I don't believe it!" He looked around and grinned. "I haven't felt this good since 2310!"

Spock and Scotty stepped around the chair and approached the Force-ghosts. "I cannae' believe it, but there ye stand!" Scotty exclaimed. He looked to Spock. "Are they real?"

Spock nodded, his self-control on a razor's edge. "They are indeed, Mister Scott." He looked to Jim. "I have missed you, Captain. The galaxy has been quite dull with you gone."

Jim chuckled. "Sorry, Spock. Rules and regulations, you know? I can't just go appearing in any old place."

Spock arched an eyebrow. "Captain, you of all people would be the one ignoring such rules and regulations when the circumstances dictate. Or shall I remind you of Stardate-"

"Never mind, Spock," Jim said, cutting him off with a wave of his hand. He looked to Scotty and smiled. "Still keeping Starfleet running on spit and duct tape, Mister Scott?"

Scotty chuckled and wiped his eyes. "Aye, sir. Teaching tha' new ones the old tricks, too."

Jim smiled, then patted Bones on the shoulder. "Tonia's waiting for you, Bones. She misses you."

Bones grinned. "She is?" His grin suddenly fell away and he tilted his head to the side. "How's this gonna work, Jim? We're both ghosts, after all."

The former captain shook his head. "We're both ghosts and we're touching, Bones." He shrugged. "I'll tell you everything... later."

Bones turned to Spock, Scotty, Lusa, Jag and Raynar. "I'll miss you, but don't hurry after me, you hear? I don't wanna see any of you for a long time." He looked to Spock. "Sorry, looks like I'll be missing your next anniversary. Tell Nyota I said sorry."

Spock waved him off. "She will be disappointed," he said, voice rough. "She always loved your mint juleps."

Bones sighed. "Damn, and I always enjoyed making those for her." His body shifted slightly and he looked to Jim. "Do we have to go?"

Jim nodded. "Afraid so. Rules and regulations." He turned to the living and bowed. "My friends, I leave you in life. Don't be too hasty to follow, though." He looked to Scotty. "Keep the Federation running, Scotty." He then looked to Spock and held out his hand. "Good bye, old friend."

The Jedi Master shook his head. "Since I shall see you once more, it is illogical for me to wish you goodbye." He suddenly thrust his hand out. "Fortunately, I am half-human." He made contact with Jim's hand, and for a second, felt the familiar grip before it passed through the ether. "Fascinating." He looked up, but both Jim and Bones were gone.

Scotty let out a sigh. "Well, what are we all standin' around fer?" he exclaimed. "I dinna think Doctor McCoy would want a sad funeral, would he?"

Jag shook his head. "I shall be sad for him, Mister Scott. He was a good man who saved my humanity." His eyes drifted to the ceiling. "Goodbye."

Raynar opened his mouth, but hesitated before speaking. "So... any clue what we'll be telling Captain Picard?"

Spock arched an eyebrow. "A rather... logical question." He rubbed his chin. "Doctor McCoy has departed, but none of us know his destination."

Lusa reared back slightly. "A lie, sir?"

Spock shook his head. "An omission."
Two months later. Paris, Earth.
President Bacco stood in a large room, normally a conference room but refurbished into a courtroom. She looked about from her position in the center of a semicircular table positioned near the back, while rows of benches, chairs and seats for non-humanoid attendees were set up in the remainder of the room.

Martok and General Klag of the Klingon Empire sat to her immediate right, with the newly-appointed Praetor Tomalak of the Romulan Confederation. Farther down was Ambassador Worf, Fleet Admiral William Ross of Starfleet, Minister Gulaws and General Sslaag of the Gorn Hegemony.

To her left sat Chief of State Triebakk and Admiral Ackbar of the New Republic, Grand Admiral Pellaeon and Admiral Vana Dorja of the Imperial Remnant and Ambassador Formbi of the liberated Chiss Ascendancy. Other dignitaries and military officers sat on the benches, chairs and seats while soldiers from the various nations represented stood at the doors and strategic areas around the courtroom.

Bacco cleared her throat, getting everyone's attention. "I'd like to remind everyone, for the record, that everything that happens here stays here," she said, pointing to the floor. "We all agreed to it beforehand. So if there's any objections, say them now." She waited a heartbeat of silence before nodding to a pair of MACO's near the back door. "Let her in."

One of the MACO's pressed a button on the door's control panel and it slid open. Two Klingon beqqs walked in in full armor, a pair of Romulan uhlans trailing them. And between the two groups stood Queen Jaina.

She was stripped of her armor, wearing a simple gray jumpsuit. Her right arm now had a bio-synthetic replacement in place of her normal prosthetic. The monofilament fibers in her hair had been removed, leaving her with an almost crew-cut. Her skin was darker, no longer mottled from Borg nanoprobes. There were a few scars and residual implants, but for the most part, she was once more human.

The guards escorted her to stand in front of the table. Bacco picked up a PADD and looked the datascreen on it over. "Queen Jaina Solo, former High Queen of the Borg Collective. You stand charged with crimes against sapience itself. You have also waived off your right to a trial. Do you understand what that means?"

Queen Jaina bobbed her head. "A trial would be a waste of time, Nanietta Bacco." She raised her arm and swept the room with it. "All here know of my crimes. They are indefensible. So I offer none. Put me to death, and let the Borg die with me."

Martok bared his teeth in a savage grin. "Oh, no. You shall not get off that easily, Queen Jaina. I would love to see you disintegrated, but what President Bacco proposed is far better for you."

Bacco nodded at Martok. "Thank you, Chancellor." She looked back to Queen Jaina. "From what we understand, you kept your identity hidden. All records of your existence were purged from the hive mind. You used proxies, almost never leaving your throne room. And those who actually know the truth are easily sworn to secrecy."

The young-looking girl with ancient eye glanced about. "Then what will you have of me?"

Bacco cleared her throat. "If you died, then that'd be it. So, no. Your punishment, as it is, is to go out among the former drones and help them recover. Not as Queen Jaina Solo, but as Jane Smith. A former drone trying to help out those in need." She held out her thin hands at the silence. "Well, what do you think?"

The woman standing before the white-haired Federation president wrinkled her brow, causing a few implants to shift. Finally, she half-smiled. "You are far better to me than I would be to you, President Bacco," Jane Smith said.

Bacco chuckled before picking up a gavel and banging it on the table. "Court, as it is, is adjourned," she announced. She looked to the four guards still surrounding her. "Please escort her to transporter room five through the main doors," she said, gesturing to a set of double-doors on the opposite side of the room. "And she has some... visitors outside."

Any questions by the former queen were silenced as the two beqqs and two uhlans once more flanked her, leading her out of the courtroom. Tomalak shook his head as she exited through the doors. "Ten lifetimes would not be enough to erase her crimes."

Bacco shrugged. "Killing her would accomplish nothing. And at least now she can do some good." She looked to Tomalak and Martok. "While I have you both here, I'd like to extend an invitation to you for a summit at Hapes Prime in two weeks."

Martok's single eye focused on one of the few humans he truly respected. "I have no objections," he growled out. "But why Hapes Prime?" he asked, rubbing his bearded chin.

Tomalak arched an eyebrow. "An excellent question, Chancellor." He looked to Bacco. "I will attend such a conference, too. But as Chancellor Martok asked, why there?"

The older woman shrugged. "I got an invitation to a wedding between a Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo from the ruling Queen Mother. So I figured a working vacation was in order." She picked up the PADD from the table and tucked it under her arm. "If you'll excuse me," she said, bobbing her head to Tomalak and Martok before turning to others still in the room. "Triebakk, Formbi!"
Jane kept her head low as she and the guards exited the courtroom. A better fate than I deserve, she thought. It took a moment before the sound of her former name registered in her consciousness.

"Hey, Jaina! You awake?"

Jane's head snapped up. She looked around, seeing several familiar faces. "What-what are you doing here?" she finally stuttered out.

Han stepped forward as the guards separated from her. He, Chewie, Threepio, Luke, Jacen, Tenel Ka, Jaina and Zekk stood in the hallway. Han waved at one of the Klingons and smirked. "Okay, pal. I believe Madam President said a little time?"

The Klingon, almost as tall as Chewie and just as wide, nodded. "Be quick, though," he growled.

Han extended a hand. "For what it's worth... may the Force be with you," he said, the last few words somewhat mumbled.

Jane paused a moment before accepting his hand. "I thank you, and must inform you my name is not Jaina Solo anymore."

Jaina stepped forward and crossed her arms. "Oh? And what was it changed to?"

Jane regarded her quantum twin and smiled. She broke the handshake with Han and extended her bio-synthetic right hand to Jaina. "Jane Smith. Nice to meet you."

Jaina glanced down at the hand, apprehension playing over her face and in her aura. Finally, she clasped Jane's hand. "Nice to meet you, too. Tell me, does your work have to start right away?"

Before Jane could reply, Tenel Ka stepped forward. The Hapan princess was now showing her three-month old pregnancy and radiated happiness. "I will be married in two weeks," she stated, grinning. "I wish for you to attend, and that is a fact."

Jane looked her over, noting the baby bump and the blouse that was looser than normal for Tenel Ka. "Are you..." She abruptly broke off and shook her head. "I cannot believe this!" she half-shouted, stepping back. "I kidnap you, assimilate Luke," she said, motioning to the Jedi Master, "and yet... you invite me to your wedding?"

Chewie growled and roared. [Yes. Mercy is a virtue, Jane. It should not be wasted on petty things like revenge.]

Jacen cracked a grin. He walked up and stood beside his wife, hands clasped behind his back. "You're coming and that's the end of it. Resistance is futile."

A collective groan rippled through the people there. Jane barked a laugh and wiped her eyes. "I missed your jokes," she said between laughs. "I'm so glad..." The laughter quickly turned to tears. "I'm... so..."

Jacen approached her and took her hands. "No, don't. From what we learned... it was necessary to stop your Jacen. He was nuttier than an Earth fruitcake."

Jane glanced away from him. "Not that way. Not what way." She let out a shuddering breath and forced a smile. "I would be... honored to attend your wedding, Tenel Ka. If it's permissible, that is."

Han chuckled. "I think we might have a say in if you can attend." His grin dropped and he walked up to Jane, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and hugging her. "Stay safe, Jane. And write often."

Jane stood there for a moment before returning the hug. "I will," she said, voice somewhat muffled." She broke from the hug and approached Jaina. She noted Zekk standing a pace behind and half-smiled. "Stand by her side, Zekk. She needs someone like you."

Zekk nodded and tossed her a salute. "Oh, don't worry. I won't be running off anytime soon. I'd fear for my life if I did." He stepped forward and slid his arm around Jaina's. "She was there for me."

Luke stepped forward, his cape swirling about. He held up a gloved hand and an old lightsaber hilt. "I retrieved this from the Sputnik before the Kenobi left the Unicomplex."

Jane looked at it and held up her hand. "I'm not worthy of it."

The Jedi Master looked at her with his ice-blue eyes. "Not yet... but someday." And with that, his hand disappeared back inside the cape.

The two locked eyes for a moment before Jane turned away. "Perhaps." The guards formed up around her, and she walked off to her destiny.

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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

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"Dad, you do realize you'll be related to Isolder when they wed, right?"

:laughroll: This is my favorite kind of humor.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

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stitch626-Thanks. :) I've always found it... interesting how opposite Han and Isolder are.

Here we go!

Chapter Ten: Wedding Bells and Paperwork
Captain's log, Stardate 58497.54. It is with no small sense of honor that the Enterprise and her crew deliver President Bacco to Hapes Prime for what will hopefully be a landmark conference.

And on a more personal note, I and several members of my crew have been invited to the wedding of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo, along with Captain Riker and Councilor Troi-Riker from the
Titan. I look forward to seeing Will and Deanna once more.
Hapes Prime

Queen Mother Teneniel Djo stood in one of the numerous empty rooms of the Fountain Palace, her husband Prince Isolder by her side. Several guards in ceremonial armor and aides with datapads and comms stood around near the walls, looks of anticipation almost visible on their beautiful faces.

Teneniel cleared her throat, getting everyone's attention. "When the... transportation is complete, I wish for all of you to drop your guards and show your honest emotion." She looked around the room at everyone through the half-veil she wore. "This will be the first ever occurrence of the transportation on Hapes, and reactions to it must be measured."

An aide stepped forward and held out an ornate communicator. "Ta'a Chume, the Enterprise calls," she said, dropping to one knee.

Teneniel suppressed a sigh and took the communicator. "Yes?"

A vaguely male voice came over. "Fountain Palace, we are ready to transport on your signal."

The Queen Mother ran through a quick calming exercise Luke Skywalker had taught her before speaking. "Proceed." Her head shot up. Was that the proper command? Was it not along the lines of... energizing?

Her fears were allayed when four columns of silvery energy appeared, quickly fading into four humanoids and one equinoid. Federation President Nanietta Bacco stood in a blue dress, while Captain Picard, Commander Data and Lieutenant Lusa flanked her in Starfleet dress uniforms. And finally, Spock stood in Vulcan ambassadorial robes with a Starfleet combadge pinned to a flap and lightsaber hanging from his belt.

Bacco held out her thin, wrinkled hands and bowed. "I greet you, Queen Mother," she said in a commanding voice, confirming what Teneniel could feel through the Force.

Teneniel returned the bow, then extended her weathered hand to Bacco. "And I welcome you to Hapes and the Fountain Palace." She stepped back and looked Bacco over. "It... didn't hurt?"

The president blinked. "What didn't hurt?"

Teneniel waved a hand at her, Picard, Data, Spock and Lusa. "The transportation." She leaned forward. "Truth be told, this is the first such occurrence in the Hapes Consortium."

Bacco opened her mouth slightly and nodded. "Oh, no." She held up a hand and waved it at Teneniel. "You don't feel a thing."

Picard stepped forward. "If you'd like, I could arrange transporter demonstrations for you if you're curious." He smiled faintly. "Some Jedi have found it a rather enlightening experience, actually."

Teneniel paused before nodding. "I thank you, Captain, and shall consider it." She turned to Bacco once more. "The Fountain Palace is yours, President Bacco." She clapped her hands and a pair of servants approached, baskets of native fruits in hand.

Bacco's mouth opened and closed before she finally cleared her throat. "Perhaps later, when I've settled in a bit." She turned to the rest of the landing party. "Ambassador Spock and I would like a look of the conference room, please." She leaned back and pasted a smile on her face as she looked at the Vulcan. "Right?"

The Queen Mother inclined her head and turned to the door. "Of course." She waited for Bacco to stand by her side before the two women walked off.

Spock turned to Picard. "I take my leave of you, Captain. Thank you for the ride." He held his hand up and splayed the fingers in the traditional Vulcan Salute. "Peace and long life."

Picard held up his hand and returned the salute. "Live long and prosper," he said as Spock turned and followed Bacco and Teneniel out of the room. The Captain looked to the remainder of his landing party. "Well, it appears we must make do for a bit on our own."

At that, Isolder stepped forward. "If you would allow me, Captain," he said in a clipped accent. "I would be happy to show you around."

Picard bowed to the prince. "I would be honored, Prince Isolder. And on another note, I would like to thank you for sending those Battle Dragons and other ships along during the attack on the Unicomplex. I had an opportunity to speak to the fleet commander, an Admiral Advis. A somewhat... interesting man, considering your culture."

Isolder chuckled, causing wrinkles in his usually smooth face. "Uncle is an independent, headstrong man trying to forge his own destiny in the galaxy. Among Hapan males, that is somewhat rare." He stepped back and motioned to the door. "The wedding is in two hours, Captain. May I end the tour by showing you to the hall and seats?"

Picard nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Prince Isolder." He, Data and Lusa followed the prince out of the room, servants and guards trailing slightly behind. "I was wondering if any artifacts of the old Lorell Raiders survived, and if they were open to examination."

Isolder glanced at the Captain. "A bit of a historian?"

A rather large grin crossed Picard's face. "It's a passion of mine. A strong foundation must be built in order to move on."

Isolder nodded as they turned a corridor. "But one must not be looking back while moving forward all the time, unless you want to run into a wall." He stopped in his tracks and focused on Lusa. "Speaking of the future, I must give my thanks to a representative of it." He approached the young Starfleet officer and bowed at the waist. "Thank you for helping my precious daughter in one of her most difficult times. Neither Teneniel nor I could be there, but I'm glad someone was."

Lusa blushed slightly, but she went down on one foreleg and bowed her humanoid body, sweeping her arm out. "I was honored to aid a friend, Prince Isolder." She straightened up and smiled. "The Force... was with us."
Tenel Ka stared at herself in the mirror, not entirely sure what she was looking at. She rubbed her hands over the green wedding dress she wore, pausing over her belly and the 'baby bump' showing. She scanned the child, feeling the link it represented between her and Jacen. Will you be like him, or I? A combination of us?

Jaina walked over, adjusting the shoulder straps on her black bridesmaid's dress and stumbling slightly in her heels. "I hate heels. I hate heels," she mumbled. She finally stomped on the carpeted floor, breaking off the heels. "Much better!" she exclaimed, grinning. She looked up at Tenel Ka in the mirror and smiled warmly at her old friend. "You look beautiful."

Tenel Ka glanced over and returned the smile. "Thank you, friend Jaina." She looked back at the mirror and sighed. "I still cannot believe this day is upon me. Marriage to Jacen..." Her words drifted off and she looked to the high-arched ceiling.

Jaina looked at her, waving a gloved hand in front of Tenel Ka's blank face. "Tenel Ka? Hello, anyone in there?" She glanced around at the servants. "I think she blew a cyber-fuse or something."

Gray eyes blinked and Tenel Ka shook her head. "I am fine," she said, shaking her head. "And that is a fact." She suddenly looked to the door and smiled as it opened. "Mother!"

Queen Mother Teneniel Djo walked into the room, followed by Bacco and several aides. "My apologies," she said to the Federation president, "but I must attend to my daughter on this important day of hers." She glanced at an aide. "Show President Bacco to the wedding hall."

Bacco nodded. "Of course, Teneniel. I'd be disappointed if you didn't attend to this." She turned to the door, but stopped when she lay eyes on Tenel Ka. She stepped to the princess. "A green dress?"

Tenel Ka looked herself over. "Yes, President Bacco. It is to honor Jacen's Corellian heritage." She pointed to the carpet. "To honor his Alderaanian heritage, we'll be kneeling before the official."

Bacco nodded slowly. "And to honor your own heritage?"

A smirk crossed Tenel Ka's mouth. "To honor my Dathomiran heritage, he will be wearing a collar around his neck. And to honor my Hapan heritage, he has his left wrist tied up." She raised her right hand. "And to honor him, I shall be bound to him by the same length of rope."

Bacco smiled. "Something old, something new. Something borrowed and something blue."

Teneniel and Tenel Ka looked at her. "What?" Teneniel asked, face scrunching.

The president chuckled slightly. "Sorry, old Earth custom." She looked around the room, seeing Jaina. "Anyone else part of the wedding party?"

Tenel Ka shook her head. "Only one will stand by me, and only one will stand by Jacen when we wed. It's a galactic tradition among most human cultures." She held up her right hand. "Although like Earth, we'll have rings."

Bacco bowed slightly at the waist at Tenel Ka, then turned to Teneniel and bowed once more. "Thank you," she said before walking to the door. She motioned to her attending aide before following him out.
Jacen tugged on his tie, sighing. He traced the collar around his neck with his finger. "An hour and a half," he muttered. "I can't believe it." He turned around and looked over his shoulder at Anakin. "Can you?"

Anakin leaned against the far wall, smirking slightly. "Cold feet?"

Jacen swallowed and looked back to the mirror. His stomach flopped about and he turned once more to his younger brother. He walked over to Anakin. "Anakin... " He glanced down at the floor and blinked. "I still can't get it out of my mind. I don't think I'll ever get it out of my mind. The things he did, the people he killed."

The youngest of the Solo clan paused before nodding. "It'd be a waste of time to tell you not to think of the other Jacen." he reached over and patted Jacen on the shoulder. "And it's not a bad thing to avoid evil either," he said, winking. "Just don't let it rule your life and you'll be fine."

Jacen nodded, his smile returning. "Thanks, bro," he said, returning the pat. "And if I don't marry Tenel Ka, she'll probably kill me," he finished. "Or Aunt Mara will." He suddenly paused. "Force, I hope she'd kill me and not the other way..." He let out a growl and held his hands up, shaking his head. "Never mind, never mind!"

Anakin shrugged and waved his hand to the door. "Well, shall we make way to the hall so you may get married?"

Jacen held up his left hand and clenched it. He reached out with the Force, feeling his connection with Tenel Ka and blushing slightly. "Yeah. Let's go." He looked to the various servants around the room and waved. "Thank you for all your help."

The two brothers walked out of the room, Anakin slightly ahead. He looked back at his older brother. "So, any idea what to name the kid?"

Jacen paused in midstride, his head cocking to the side. He nodded slightly and smiled. "Yeah, good idea." He continued walking down the corridor, taking a left at the first intersection. "We were thinking of a name from Earth..."
Luke stood in his finest Jedi robes and black suit, staring out at the sea of people gathered to witness Jacen and Tenel Ka's wedding. He looked down at the front rows in front and focused, reaching out with the Force. "Commander Data?"

Data shot out of his seat, sliding along from his seat near the center to the aisle. He walked up to Luke at the dais. "Master Skywalker, what may I do for you?"

The Jedi Master motioned to the rows upon rows of spectators on the ground floor, the balconies, and lining the walls. He looked down at the immediate front rows and spoke up. "How many people are in attendance at the moment?"

Data scanned each face with his optics, recording each one. "There are currently nine hundred forty-seven sapient beings, not counting guards." He looked to Luke and grinned. "And when Jacen and Tenel Ka are married, they shall be observing you as well." He patted Luke on the shoulder somewhat hard, causing the Jedi Master to stumble. "Is that not exciting?"

Luke paled and swallowed. His eyes darted about and he reached up and wiped his brow, noticing sweat that wasn't there a moment ago. "Well, I think... perhaps..." His throat dried up and he blinked. "Perhaps-"

Mara appeared by his side, red dress hiked up around her ankles. "Luke, you all right?" she asked, concern plain on her face. She took his hand and patted it. "Don't worry, farmboy. The crowd will be focused on the two kids, not you."

Han rose from his seat in the front row and approached the dais. "Kid, you all right?" He crossed his arms and leaned forward. "If you need someone to hold you up, that's fine," he said, smirking.

Luke's lips twitched. "Very funny, Han." He glanced to Mara and his hand moved around, giving Mara's a quick squeeze. "Thanks for the actual support, hon," he said, eyes shining.

Han held up his right hand, palm out. "Okay, okay. In all seriousness, thanks for getting the one-day license and officiating the ceremony. Jacen and Tenel Ka were thrilled when you accepted their proposal to you." He looked off to the side and held up his arm, waving. "Hey, Lando!"

The handsome head of Tendrando Manufacturing and one of Han's oldest friends walked up. He flashed a dazzling smile, cape fluttering behind him. "Thanks for the invitation, Han," he said, smile dropping from his face. He looked away and scowled. "After what I did-or rather, didn't do-I'm surprised."

Han's brow wrinkled. "Lando... what are you talking about?" He groaned and rubbed his face. "Lando, you and Tendra were sort of cut off from the rest of the galaxy when the Borg took Corellia. You two had your hands full with three million refugees, for Force sake!" He reached over and patted his old friend on the back. "Nothing to worry about, Lando. You two had your hands full."

Lando's smile regained some of its sparkle. He returned the pat and nodded. "Thanks, old buddy," he said before turning and walking back to his seat.

Han chuckled. He suddenly checked his wrist chrono and followed, sitting next to a quietly crying Leia. Mara soon followed even as Isolder and Teneniel took their own places with the family.

The gathered masses quieted down and all turned to a huge set of double doors at the far end of the hall. The ornately-decorated doors slid open and Jacen and Tenel Ka entered, the strains of stringed instrumnets wafting through speakers embedded in the ceiling and walls. Jaina and Zekk followed behind and the doors closed.

Jacen and Tenel Ka approached the dais and knelt before Luke, their bond in the Force almost visible. They stopped before Luke and separated, facing each other before kneeling.

Luke looked down at the two and spread his arms out. "Love can hurt, love can heal. It can damn, and save. With these two, it healed and saved." He looked down at the smiling lovers and a grin slowly spread across his own face. "Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo kneel before you all, honoring their different heritages and sharing with you their love and commitment to each other. Now they make the commitment permanent."

The Jedi Master dropped to one knee as Jacen held up his left hand and a length of red ribbon tied around it. He took it even as Tenel Ka raised her right hand. "Tenel Ka wears Corellian wedding attire, while they kneel as Alderaanians do. Jacen wears a collar, like the males of Dathomir." He paused as a wave of laughter swept the audience. "And to honor her Hapan heritage, he is bound." He took a bit of string not wrapped around Jacen's hand and tied it around Tenel Ka's. "And Tenel Ka is bound as well, to honor him."

Luke stood back up and glanced to his right. Artoo rolled out and a small hatch opened on his squat, cylindrical body. A fine manipulator arm extended, the pincers clutching a small, velvet-covered box. Luke took the box and opened it, revealing two corusca-studded rings. "Rings are a symbol of commitment, in our galaxy and many cultures of the Milky Way. The two here will wear them now to symbolize their commitment and love." He stepped back and held out his hands. "Please rise."

Jacen and Tenel Ka stood up, Jacen groaning slightly as blood rushed back into his legs. He held up his free hand while Tenel Ka took one of the rings and, with both hands, slid it onto his ring finger. He swayed and stumbled a bit from his left hand being bound to Tenel Ka's, but kept his footing. He then took the other ring and slid it onto Tenel Ka's free hand. He locked eyes with her through her half-veil and swallowed. I love you.

I love you as well. Our child loves you.

Luke smiled. "If there is anyone who objects, speak now." He paused as silence descended, then continued. "Jacen Solo, do you take Tenel Ka Djo as your wife, in good and bad times, for as long as you live?"

Jacen nodded. "I do."

Luke turned to the Hapan princess. "Tenel Ka Djo, do you take Jacen Solo as your husband, in good and bad times, for as long as you live?"

Tenel Ka half-smiled and shook her head. "No, I take him as my husband even beyond death. If I go before him, then I shall welcome him into the Force. And if he goes before I do, then he shall not be lonely for long." The half-smile widened. "And that is a fact."

Luke chuckled. "Then by the power vested in me, by the Jedi Order and the New Republic Judicial System, I pronounce you man and wife." He glanced at them. "You may kiss the bride."

Jacen reached over and, with shaking hands, pulled Tenel Ka's veil up and over her head. He leaned forward, but Tenel Ka grabbed his shoulder with her untied hand, pulling him forward and locking lips with him. Their bond intensified, their thoughts of two people... yet one.

Tenel Ka broke the kiss, taking a deep breath. She and Jacen turned to the crowd as they stood up from their seats, clapping as the two walked down the aisle and out, to begin their life.
One hour later
Captain Picard tugged on his dress uniform and sighed. He adjusted the shoulders and scowled. "I think the replicator is malfunctioning. My uniform doesn't fit."

Will Riker turned to him and shook his head. "No, Jean-Luc. All Starfleet dress uniforms are designed to be not only ill-fitting, but hideous as well." He raised his glass of wine, letting it hide a bit of his smirk. "Wouldn't you agree?"

By his side, Deanna Troi-Riker nodded. She waved her hand over the starch-white overcoat with gold embroidery. "Fully, my dear." She brought her hand up and tossed a bit of her long, dark red hair. "Honestly, wearing this too long and I might become a Nightsister."

Riker's eyebrows shot up. "I don't think they're that bad, Imzadi." He reached over and picked at the gold trailing down the front. "Maybe a fallen Jedi, but I don't think you'll burst a blood vessel."

Deanna's hand went to her face and she brushed her cheek. "Maybe we'd better stop joking about this," she admitted, red coloring her cheek. She glanced around at everyone in the reception, feelings of love and happiness flooding through her. "Ah, the perfect antidote to such words." She raised her glass. "A toast to-"

"Excuse me, aren't you waiters supposed to be waiting on people?"

Deanna's head shot around. "Excuse me?" she blurted out, lips twisting. She eyed Wes Janson and Hobbie Kilvian as the two fighter pilots approached. "Do we look like waiters to you?"

Wes looked up and down, rubbing his chin. "Yes," he pronounced. "All three of you look like waiters." He turned his head to Hobbie. "Major, would you say these three fine upstanding Starfleet officers look like they should be serving drinks at the Twenty-third Hour?"

Hobbie nodded. "Serving drinks and busing tables." he held up his hand and snapped his fingers. "Chop chop, as they say on Earth! We need our drinks and little snacks with cheeses on them!"

Wedge approached from another angle, a look of exasperation on his face. "Sorry, Captain," he said. "I'm afraid those two have the mental age only slightly lower than their shoe sizes." He looked at the pair. "Don't you have some Hapans to flirt with?"

Wes smiled and saluted before he and Hobbie walked off, making a beeline for a pair of guards near a door.

Next to Wedge, his lovely wife Iella Wessiri-Antilles nodded, locks of her short, blond-brown hair sliding into her eyes. "Play nice, Wes," she said, calling after them. "I'm sure you wouldn't want your molecules scrambled during transport." She looked to Picard and smiled. "Sorry about that, Captain. How are you enjoying Hapes?"

Picard smiled slightly. He picked up a canape and nibbled on it. "The cuisine is quite rich. Fortunately, I'm used to it." He looked at Wedge and Iella, noticing their slumped shoulders and dark circles around their eyes. "What news of the Corellia Sector?"

Iella's eyes turned slightly glassy. "After the wedding and a briefing by Ackbar, we're taking an extended leave. All the sons and daughters of Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Talus and Tralus are converging to help. It won't be easy, and it won't be overnight, but she will be healed."

Picard lowered his glass and nodded. "If there is anything Starfleet can do, we shall. Our own wounds are nothing compared to what happened to other nations."

Iella smiled, though it failed to reach her eyes. "Thanks, but you've still got other concerns closer to home."

Wedge opened his mouth, but his eyes shot to the right, followed by his head. "Hey, who are-"

A young man in a brown pinstriped suit ran up to Picard, hand extended. "Are you Captain Jean-Luc Picard?" he bellowed, eyes flashing. "Are you? Oh, please say that you're the captain of the Enterprise!" His head darted around. "Ooh, you are him!"

Deanna's dark eyes widened and she tapped a spot right behind her right ear. "What-who are you?" she asked, hand straying down to the lightsaber at her belt.

"I'm the Doctor, and you don't need that," the 'Doctor' said, frowning slightly. He reached around Picard and grabbed a glass of wine. "Come on, it's a wedding. Weddings are fun!" He took a sip of the clear-colored wine and shuddered. "Ooh, Gallinore vintage! I haven't had that in a few hundred years." He looked over his shoulder and waved. "Rose, come on over! It's Captain Picard!"

Picard's brow furrowed and he crossed his arms. "Doctor... do I know you? And if not, how do you know me?"

The Doctor smiled. "Oh, ho! The paradox, Captain! Stardate 47988.0!" He patted Picard on the upper arms, the smile dropping away. "You saw time as it was, as it is and how it would be and you beat the Continuum."

Picard's mouth dropped. "That was classified above top secret, Doctor," he said, eyes narrowing. "So I ask again, how do you know me?"

Deanna cleared her throat. "Captain, you won't get any answers from him. He's beyond... us?" She cocked her head to the side as the Doctor's aura wavered, seeming to be there and also somewhere else. " She focused on him. "Are you a Traveler, Doctor?"

The Doctor turned to her and shook his head, smiling slightly. "Oh, no, Deanna. I'm not really beyond you." He glanced over his shoulder. "As for being from Tau Alpha C, nope." He waved his hand around his head. "Still got all my hair, after all." he looked over his shoulder. "Ah, there you are!" He stepped back as a blond-haired humanoid walked over, eight months pregnant and glowing. "This is my wife, Rose Tyler." He suddenly stepped over next to Picard. "Rose, this is him!"

Rose leaned back slightly, eyeing Picard. "What, him?" she said, pointing. "Come on, Doctor. You made him sound so impressive. He doesn't even have all his hair!"

The Doctor's mouth opened in an 'O' of shock. "Rose!" he scratched the side of his forehead. "Sorry, I'm so sorry."

Deanna covered her mouth with her hand, hiding her smirk. "She's actually kidding," she said.

Wedge held up a hand and cleared his throat. "Should Iella and I take off?" he asked, head bobbing slightly. "You folks seem to have your hands full here."

The Doctor looked over and stepped forward, taking Wedge and Iella by the hands. "No, nononononoNO! You two come on, come on!" He led them a few steps closer. "This is Rose. Rose, this is..."

"Wedge Antilles and Iella Wessiri-Antilles," Iella said, motioning to Wedge while introducing themselves. "So, Doctor. What's your field of study? Is it medicinal or some other field?"

Rose spoke up. "The Doctor here is the foremost expert on temporal mechanics and quantum string theory, along with alternate reality substrata." She suddenly frowned. "Did I just say that?" she asked out loud, cocking her head to the side.

The Doctor shoved his hands into his pockets and shrugged, his shoulders almost dislocating. "Hang around me long enough and you'd be most surprised at what you'd say. I almost had good old James talking like that before..." A cloud passed over him before he pasted a grin back on his face. "Well, anyway!" He reached over and picked up another glass of wine, holding it up. "To absent friends."

An air of solemnity descended. Riker, silent while the Doctor spoke, held his own glass of wine up. "To absent friends."

Picard, Deanna, Wedge and Iella also raised their glasses, nodding and murmuring .*****

Lusa approached the main table Jacen and Tenel Ka sat at and bowed, going to one foreleg. "Congratulations," she said, smiling broadly.

Jacen rose from his seat and held up his hand. "Oh, come on, Lusa!" he said, rolling his eyes. "You don't have to bow before me or anything like that. We're old friends, after all!"

Tenel Ka stood up as well. "That is a fact, friend Lusa." She placed her artificial left hand over her heart. "If it wasn't for you, I would've been enslaved by the Collective as well."

Jacen nodded, smiling. "And then there'd have been no hope at all." His eyes strayed to Lusa's collarbone and her rank pips. "Hey, did you get promoted?"

Lusa reached up and fingered the two solid-colored pips. "First-grade," she said, beaming. She looked to her left as Raynar walked over and took a proffered glass of juice. "Thank you," she said, sipping the ruby-red liquid.

Raynar held up his own glass. He was dressed rather conservatively, the colors of the Bornaryn House muted in color and hidden somewhat. He looked to Tenel Ka and Jacen and grinned, his blue eyes sparkling. "To the happy couple."

Jacen held up his own glass of fruit juice and took a rather large gulp, letting out a gasp. "Ooh, that's good," he said. He looked at Raynar and frowned slightly. "Problem?"

The younger man and future merchant shrugged. "I'll be heading to the Tradewyn next week. We'll be a big part of getting relief supplies to the liberated Chiss Ascendancy." His eyes narrowed and the grip on his juice glass tightened slightly. "I've seen preliminary reports and it's not pretty there."

Lusa's hand reached out and took Raynar's free hand, squeezing it tightly. "Be safe," she said. Her eyes fluttered close for a moment as she reached out with the Force. "It'll be dangerous," she murmured.

Raynar half-smiled and leaned over, kissing Lusa lightly on the mouth. He brushed his hand against her long, curly hair before pulling back from a blushing but beaming Lusa. "I'll be fine. I know the name of at least one ship that'll be sent there for escort duty." He rocked back and forth on his heels as he sensed her astonishment and happiness. "Of course, unless you'd like to be going to the Delta Quadrant..."

Lusa threw her arms around Raynar, hugging him tightly. She finally let go and eyed him, cocking an eyebrow. "Wait, you didn't try a mind trick on Captain Picard, did you?"

Tenel Ka snorted. "He did not, Lusa, and that is a fact." Her lips moved up slightly. "After all, he's still standing here."
Scotty raised his shot glass of Romulan ale high and leaned back, downing the electric-blue liquid with one gulp. He turned the glass over and placed it neatly on the greel-wood bar and smiled. "Your turn, laddie," he said, words on the barest edge of slurred.

Chancellor Martok grunted and blinked, shaking his head and tossing his shaggy hair about. He reached over and grabbed the shot glass, slowly bringing it up. He turned to a dozing Praetor Tomalak and scowled. "S-hut up," he said before sipping on the ale, finally tipping his head back and drinking it all.

Han patted Scotty on the arm. "You can do it, Scotty! Just a few more!"

Geordi nodded in agreement and looked Martok over with his cybernetic eyes, scanning the Klingon. "He's out on his feet, Scotty," he said, grinning.

Scotty took another glass of ale. He held it up and looked to the sky. "Here's to ye," he said before draining it dry. He turned it over and placed it on the bar. "Another round, Chancellor?" he asked, eyes twinkling.

Martok grabbed the shot glass with both hands. He slowly brought it up to his lips-and tilted back, sliding off his barstool. He glanced off Tomalak, hitting the floor with a crash and falling asleep.

Han and Geordi both let out whoops of triumph as an entourage of Klingons stood there in silence. Finally, General Klag thumped his chest. "Qap'la, Scotty," he said, bowing slightly. The rest followed suit.

Scotty tossed the Klingons a salute before getting off his barstool. He wavered slightly and blinked. "Aye, not as young as I used ta' be," he said, accepting Han and Geordi's arms. He leaned over and waved at Martok. "next time, laddie, we'll use real liquor and not this dressed-up milk." And with that, he turned and walked off.

Klag shook his head at Scotty. "They don't make humans like that anymore." he bent over and, with another Klingon's help, grabbed Martok and set him back onto the barstool, leaning him forward onto the bar itself. "Sleep well, Chancellor," he said, grinning.

Near one of the far corners, several guests clustered around, unseen by almost all. Bones waved his hand at the waiters. "Hey, you folks mind bringing me something to drink? Even ghosts get parched!" He sighed, more out of reflex than need. "Jim, you mind telling me why we're not conjuring drinks out of the ether like in the afterlife?"

Jim shrugged. He held his right hand up and gestured slightly. "We'd put out too much of a presence doing that on this plane of existence." A waiter walked over with a tray of drinks, face blank. The late Starfleet captain reached out and cupped the glasses, each one fading and turning translucent. He took each glass off and passed them around. "To marriage," he said, raising it high.

Bones and a younger-looking woman raised their glasses in response, clinking them together with Jim's. "And may it be a long and happy one," Tonia Barrow-McCoy said, smiling. She took a sip of her ghostly concoction, swishing it around in her mouth. "I don't believe I've drank this before. Is it from the New Republic?"

McCoy half-drained his glass, grimacing slightly. "I don't think so, dear. Might be one of those Romulan drinks now that the Neutral Zone is down." He grinned at her and slid his arm around hers. "Then again, I'm just an old country doctor who managed to marry above his station. What do I know from Romulan drinks?"

Tonia slid her own arm around McCoy's waist and squeezed. "Why I do declare I might just get the vapors!!" she exclaimed, fanning herself with her drink hand. "Is there a doctor in the house?"

Jim turned to his left and the fourth being there. "Ben... was all of this forbidden during your Order?" he asked, waving his ethereal hand around at the party. "I'm no expert, but it hardly seems of the Dark Side to me." He held up his free hand, palm out. "If I am wrong, though, please correct. Like I said, hardly an expert."

The Jedi Master's countenance wavered, shifting from his youthful self in the prime of his life to how he was at the twilight, wrinkles furrowing his brow and hair lightening. "You must understand, Jim. The Jedi had just come off one of the most destructive periods of war with the Sith until Palpatine. Many of us descended into barbarism and our enemy's own level. After that..." He sighed and spotted Tenel Ka and Jacen sitting at the head table, holding hands. His eyes lit upon her belly and their child. His gaze then flickered to Luke and Mara, standing off to the side and talking with Han and Leia. "Still, sometimes love can conquer all."

McCoy looked around. "Speaking of which, Jim. Where's that Setsuna you introduced me to when I came over?I know she's probably a busy lady, but being master of time should leave her able to stop by when her beau has an important date."

Jim rubbed his chin and sighed, looking almost pensive. "She'll be along. Some pressing matters had to be attended to first..."
I am sorry, Usagi and Jaina. I shall be gone before you return from your destiny.

A blue cloud faded into view, coalescing and focusing into that of Setsuna. She smiled at Jim and took his hand. "All finished," she said. She held out her hand and an ornate staff appeared. She tapped it on the ground. "Q!"

A flash of light heralded the arrival of the trickster godling. He stared at the translucent Setsuna and his eyes narrowed slightly. "You're a lot more powerful than before," he observed. His metaphorical Adam's apple bobbed slightly. "The preparations are complete. But are you sure about this? I'm calling in a lot of favors here."

The guardian of time nodded, scarlet eyes flashing. "I'm sure, Q. A little gift for those who saved the galaxy is a small thing for beings like us." She cocked her head to the side and glanced over at Luke. "So different, and so the same."
Picard approached Luke and Mara. "It's good to see you two," he said, smiling. "Are you well, Master Skywalker?"

Luke extended his gloved hand, shaking Picard's own and nodding. "Doctor Crusher performed her usual miracles and has declared me 'cured' of the physical aspects of assimilation." His hand brushed past a few new scars and lines on his face. "Although the mental effects are still difficult to deal with." He glanced to his right and Mara by his side. "Fortunately, I have help."

Mara squeezed his hand. "It's been rough. Luke's had... bad dreams about the whole experience." She turned her head and studied a painting on the far side of the cavernous ballroom. "He's not the only one," she admitted, her cheeks blushing.

A sigh escaped the Captain's lips. "Mara, there is no shame in 'bad dreams' with the Borg. The Collective was a blight upon the Milky Way for over five thousand years. Now is the time for healing, for reaching across and-" A high-pitched whine suddenly filled the room. Picard and Luke suddenly vanished in a flash of white light, disappearing from this plane of existence.

Mara's eyes bugged out. "LUKE!" she shouted, drawing the attention of several partiers close by. She cast her senses out, searching for the link she shared with Luke... and finding it blocked. Not cut, but as if an impenetrable wall had sprung up between them.

Deanna and Beverly ran up. Deanna took Mara's hand, projecting soothing thoughts through the physical contact. "Mara, what's going on?" she asked, locking eyes with the distraught redhead.

Mara blinked and rocked slightly, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. "Luke and Johnny were standing here," she said slowly, pacing around. "There was a bright flash of light and then they disappeared." Her head shot up. "Well, come on! Get out your tricorders and start scanning, Deanna! Some hostile force has just beamed away Luke Skywalker and Jean-Luc Picard!"

Beverly shook her head. "Bright light? Was it a flash that seemed to radiate from a central point before vanishing abruptly?"

The Jedi Master blinked. "Yeah," she mumbled.

Beverly and Deanna locked eyes with each other and groaned. "Q."
Picard and Luke appeared in a large, stone chamber. Benches lined one wall, while large banners were draped across the otherwise bare walls, flanking an ornate doorway set flush into the wall. Picard's eyes narrowed and his jaw set. "Q!" he barked, walking up to the doorway. "What is it this time, Q? Why are Luke and I here in this courtroom?"

Luke stepped forward, beside Picard. "Where are we? Who or what is 'Q'?" His eyes narrowed. "Jean-Luc, I'm sensing a bit of anger from you."

A flash of light drew their attention to the opposite side of the courtroom. Q strode forward, wearing a flag officer's uniform. "Have to hand it to you, mon capitan," he said, smiling. "A lesser being would have condemned Queen Jaina and the entire Collective to oblivion. Instead, you speak of forgiveness. How almost Q-like." He glanced to Luke and chuckled. "Oh, please. In maybe a million years. But now? You're an overly-developed amoeba trying to understand life outside the petri dish."

The Jedi rubbed his forehead, pushing his sandy-blond bangs away from his eyes. "You're right," he admitted. He flashed a grin. "Still, can't blame me for trying."

The double doors of the gate swung open, an ethereal fog billowing out. A tall, long-legged woman with tanned skin and scarlet eyes emerged, clad in a dark-green miniskirt and white top. She held a long staff topped by a blood-red, glowing orb. She stepped to the side as more figures appeared in the fog. "For those who have given much," Setsuna intoned, half-smiling. "You are owed this... Q!" she suddenly barked, snarling. "Where is Leia?"

Q's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. "Sorry," he said, chuckling nervously. He snapped his fingers and Leia appeared next to Luke. "Better?"

"-this Q sounds dangerous. Maybe-" Leia suddenly dropped to one knee. Her hand went to her thigh as the slit exposed a holdout blaster strapped to her toned leg. She pulled it out and held it up, waving it about. "What the hell happened?"

Luke placed a hand on Leia's shoulder. "Easy, sis," he said. "It seems we're among friends." He eyed Setsuna as she stared back. "Right?"

A sad smile crossed Setsuna's face. "In another time and place, yes." She broke eye contact and motioned to the gate as two beings emerged. "First, though, a little reunion."

Luke gasped as Anakin and Padme walked out. Anakin was his younger self, a cocky smirk on his face and wild, unkempt hair. Padme wore a simple dress, with her long hair tied up in braids. "I don't believe it," he murmured.

Yoda emerged, almost completely enshrouded by the fog. "And yet, you succeed," he said, tapping his cane on the stone floor. He waited until Luke was a meter away before smiling. "And a fine job you did, Luke. Restore the Order, and your father."

Anakin smirked. "He's his father's son, after all." He and Padme walked up to Luke and wrapped their arms around him, enveloping him in a hug. "Thank you, Luke," Anakin said, voice hoarse.

Leia approached the group, mouth agape. "This can't be real!" she said, holstering her blaster. She held her hand up to Padme, fingers twitching. "Mom?" she finally asked.

Padme broke her embrace with Luke and swallowed. She stepped forward, arms out. "You're so beautiful, Leia. I missed you so much."

Leia blinked and looked away, swallowing as her throat threatened to close up. "I..." She stopped speaking as Padme hugged her, tears streaming from her eyes. "I can't believe this! How?"

Padme smiled through her own tears. "A little gift, for everything you've done." She stepped back and looked Leia over. "You have your father's spirit-and that's a compliment!" she blurted out, noticing Leia's scowl.

"Yes, Mother," Leia muttered, a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Padme looked over and caught Picard's eye. She strode over, smiling. "My thanks, Captain," she said. "You saved my children from one of the worse fates out there."

Picard held up a hand. "No thanks are necessary, Misses Skywalker. It is the duty of a Starfleet officer to aid those in need."

Q snapped his fingers and disappeared, reappearing right next to Picard. He threw his left arm around Picard's shoulders and hugged him. "Oh, so modest! So heroic! So bland." He let go and motioned to the gate. "But do not worry, good sir. Luke and Leia aren't the only ones to see some faces from the past."

An older man emerged, dressed in a brown coat and pants. His lower lip stuck out slightly and he squinted at Picard. "Well, well," Robert Picard said, smiling slightly. He walked over to the astonished Captain and held out his hand. "I'm sorry to have saddened you like that, Jean-Luc."

Picard's facade crumbled. "Robert!" he cried out, hugging his departed brother and rocking him back and forth. "Robert, I missed you so much!" Tears streamed from his eyes and a smile lit his features. "Oh, this is so wonderful!"

A younger man walked out of the gate, his face not yet lined and his head full of curly brown hair. "Hello, Uncle," Rene Picard said, walking up to Robert and Jean-Luc Picard.

Picard slowly let go of his brother and approached his nephew. He breathed deeply and centered himself before speaking. "Rene," he breathed out, the single word laden with emotion.

Rene clasped his uncle's outstretched hand and shook it, smiling. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to go into space," the younger man said, his smile faltering. "And I'm sorry you were in such pain, Uncle. But please don't be sad. Father and I are fine."

Picard squeezed Rene's hand and smiled. "Thank you, Rene. I'll... try not to be sad."

Padme shook her head at Picard and chuckled. "So none of the Jedi in the room say it, Captain, do or do not. There is no try."

Picard glanced to his side at the young woman. "I'm sorry?" he asked, brow furrowing. "How does that work, precisely?" He let go of Rene's hand and advanced upon Padme, rubbing his chin. "If you do something, then you're automatically trying to do it, are you not?"

Padme glanced to the side. "I... suppose? " She shrugged. "Sorry, Captain. I was merely a senator for Naboo, and before that its queen."

"The queen?" he asked, jaw working slightly. He bowed slightly at the waist. "My apologies then, your majesty. It must've been rough for you to take the reins at such a young age."

Padme sighed and nodded. "Yes, it was. To be elected at the tender age of fourteen, not to-"

"I'm sorry, what?"

There was a pause before Padme continued. "To be elected at fourteen?"

Picard's mouth opened slightly before he spoke. "You were... elected queen of a planet at the age of fourteen?" His right eyebrow quirked upward. "That is a rather... young age to be ruling a planet."

Robert frowned slightly. "Jean-Luc, don't be starting anything with the young mademoiselle. It's their system of government and it seems to work fine for them."

Padme held up her hand at Robert. "Don't worry, Mister Picard. I think I can hold my own here." She focused on the younger brother and cracked her knuckles. "I may have been elected young, but I spent a long time in the political trenches beforehand."

Picard snorted. "A mere babe in the woods, I'm afraid. Real leadership takes more than being able to hold mock debates. All I knew at your age was that I wanted to go into space. I hadn't even settled on Starfleet by then."

While Picard and Padme started in, Q slipped up to Setsuna. "He'll be at that for hours," he groused.

Setsuna blinked and turned her head enough to acknowledge his presence. "And your point?" She waved her hand at the group. Leia was approaching Anakin, while Ben Kenobi and Jim Kirk had emerged from the gate. "I will send Jean-Luc and Luke back to two minutes after they left. No harm shall be done, Q."

Q crossed his arms and glared at the guardian of time. "It's my head if this ends badly."

Setsuna smiled faintly. "So you'll lose the part you've used the least since the First Great Expansion. Not much of a loss there, old friend."

Chapter Eleven: Moving on, Moving up and Moving backwards
The next day
President Bacco and Fleet Admiral Ross walked down a rather nondescript corridor, a pair of MACO's in front a a pair in back. Bacco held up a PADD and looked it over. "We were damned lucky," she commented. "I almost want to thank the Dominion for their war, as sick as it sounds. We needed that kick to the butt to get us out of our complacency." They turned a corner and approached a door at the end of the corridor with two Hapan guards flanking it. "Only six months to replace our losses?"

Ross nodded, glancing over Bacco's shoulder at the PADD. "We never went back to pre-war levels of manufacturing and recruitment. There's a move to have those levels increased again."

One of the Hapan guards held out a flat sheet of plastic. First Bacco, then Ross placed their hand on the palmprint scanner. A beam of light swept across the plastic's face, checking their fingerprints and DNA. One of the guards nodded and pressed a series of buttons on a control panel mounted next to the door and it slid open, allowing the sextet entrance into the conference room..

It was a rather large room, dominated by a large circular table in the middle and chairs set up at regular intervals. A large holo-emitter was mounted into the center of the table, while a pair of viewscreens were mounted on the walls opposite each other. A long table ran along one wall, laden with food and drink from various worlds. Servants bustled about, placing silverware and glasses in front of the various chairs arrayed around the table.

Queen Mother Teneniel Djo and an older man were already sitting. The older man, dressed in a Hapan military uniform with flag officer ranks on his shoulder,s had steel-gray hair and a small scar on his weathered right cheek. He looked Bacco and Ross over with bright, inquisitive eyes and inclined his head slightly. "You're early," Fleet Admiral Remmis Advis said.

Ross pulled out the nearest chair for Bacco to sit in before taking his own seat. "Better early than late," he said. He looked around, then turned around completely as the door once more slid open, allowing Martok and General Goluk of the Klingon Defense Force to enter with a pair of beqqs. "Chancellor," he said, smiling.

Martok waved him off and stumbled to the nearest seat. He banged the side of his head before dropping down into the nearest seat. Goluk simply walked over and sat, grinning all the while. "Apologies," the Klingon said. "Chancellor One-Eye had a rough night."

"A... rough night?" Bacco echoed, blinking. She leaned over and looked across Ross to Martok, but before she could speak, the door opened once more and Tomalak and two uhlans walked in. The Praetor stumbled slightly, glassy-eyed. "Praetor?!"

Tomalak and Martok both winced. "Not so loud!" Tomalak whispered, waving her off. "I had a rough night at the reception."

Ross' right eyebrow quirked. "A rough night? What in heaven's name did you two do?"

Martok grunted. "Drinking contest with Captain Scott," he said through clenched teeth and buttoned lips. He rubbed his forehead crest. "The first time I've lost a drinking contest, too."

Bacco nodded in understanding. "I'm surprised you two made it to the meeting," she confessed.

Goluk barked a short laugh. "So am I, Madame President. Against almost anyone else, Martok and Tomalak would be shamed. Against Scotty, though, it was honorable to last as long as they did!" He slapped Martok on the back. "Right, Chancellor?"

Martok groaned and held up his hand. "Right. Now remove your hand, Goluk. For I shall be sober and dangerous in an hour!" He looked across at Bacco and smiled through the pain. "For a Klingon, this is little more than an inconvenience." He looked around and bared his filed teeth in a grin. "And I see Goluk and I were still able to arrive before some of our more sober guests." He grabbed a cup of water placed in front of him and drank it, sloshing water on his armor and cloak of office.

Chief of State Triebakk and Admiral Ackbar of the New Republic entered next, followed by Grand Admiral Pellaeon and Admiral Vana Dorja. Minister Gulaws and General Sslaag of the Gorn Hegemony followed, the reptiloids eschewing chairs and instead leaning back on their muscular tails, all accompanied by ceremonial guards. Finally, Ambassador Formbi of the Chiss Ascendancy walked in, his eyes darting back and forth. He sat down and massaged his scarred forehead, swallowing.

Bacco waited a moment before standing up. She cleared her throat, getting everyone in the room to focus on the eighty-nine year old woman with white hair and shaky hands. "I'd like to thank our hosts," she began, motioning to Teneniel and Remmis, "for the lovely food and drink." Her smile tightened and her eyes hardened. "Now, then. Bottom of the ninth, but we pulled out a fly ball to center field. The Borg Collective is gone, but the hardest part is to come."

Tomalak spoke up. "The rebuilding, you refer to?"

Bacco inclined her head to him and smiled. "Precisely. Both galaxies have suffered. Grievous wounds have been inflicted. It would be easy, almost expected to fall apart." She held her hands up and clasped them together. "But now is the time to come together, to help our neighbors."

She held her hand out to Tomalak. "The first meeting between Earth and Romulus was war. We fought and bled each other dry. Some people would laugh at your misfortune and say it served you right. I am not one of those people. What the Federation can do to help, it will."

Tomalak stood up and slowly walked over to Bacco. He looked down at her outstretched arm before slowly raising his own and clasping the thin hand and shaking it. "My people are dominated by pride," he said. "It is admittedly difficult to accept your offer, but the alternative is extinction. 'Pride goes before the fall' is the human saying, am I correct?"

The Federation president nodded. "Good work, Praetor."

Martok suddenly bolted from his seat, the chair sliding out and tipping back. He turned to Tomalak and Bacco, thumping his armored chest with his fist. "You honored us by fighting side by side in battle, Tomalak. For a Klingon, there is no greater bond than that forged in battle." He bared his teeth in a savage grin. "I'm not sure what the future holds-I'm not a Jedi, after all-but I know that for the moment, we are allies."

Goluk stood up and thumped his chest as well. "Martok speaks for all of us. My own ship was saved by a pair of Romulan warbirds during the Borg attack. They fought well."

Tomalak broke the handshake with Bacco and turned to the pair of Klingons. He tapped his padded jacket with his hand and bowed slightly. "My thanks, Chancellor and General. Perhaps now a new age can dawn in our part of the Milky Way."

Triebakk roared and growled from his own chair. [I feel inadequate following that,] he said, his Shyriiwook translated by a universal translator mounted onto his baldric, [but I offer the same pledge to Formbi here.] He waved his long, furry arms around. [What we can spare is yours.]

Formbi sighed and seemed to shrink into his seat. "Thank you," he said. "I was a drone aboard a cube attacking Bastion. It was... horrifying." He closed his scarlet eyes for a moment before continuing. "The Ascendancy has been devastated. We were almost entirely assimilated. Our worlds have been torn up, our fleet destroyed and our people still drones. We have to tear everything down before we can even rebuild!"

Pellaeon leaned forward and clasped his hands together in front of his face. "Bastion and Yaga Minor suffered damage, but compared to you, it was minor. We'll rebuild our shipyards and buildings, but we'll aid you, old friend."

Bacco looked over from her little group. "I've already got a task force assembling that'll be there in a month, Ambassador. It'll be small, but we'll do what we can."

Pelleaon looked up at Bacco and smiled, his mustache twitching. "Thank you, Madam President." His smile widened into a grin. "You're most generous."

Bacco smirked. "Thanks, Grand Admiral."

The Old Man chuckled and held up a hand. "Please, call me Gilad."

"Only if you call me Nanietta," she rejoined.

Ackbar's eyes swiveled around. "If we could return to the task at hand," he growled out, chin barbels twitching.

Both Bacco and Pellaeon blushed slightly. "Sorry," Bacco mumbled, siting down.

[I'll never understand humans,] Triebakk rumbled. He looked around and smoothed out his facial fur. [Shall we get down to durasteel fasteners?]

Bacco sat back down, with Tomalak, Martok and Goluk also sitting. "Excellent idea," Bacco said. She pressed a set of controls mounted on the table and the holo-emitter flared to life. "Now, about the Ascendancy..."

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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Sonic Glitch » Mon May 10, 2010 8:08 pm

I like it. Most of all I enjoy the really nice character moments. I particularly enjoyed Bones' death (oxymoronic isn't it? Well I didn't "enjoy" it but you know what I mean!) in the previous part. Tell me, that's not the 10th Doctor making a sudden appearance now is it? :lol:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Vic » Tue May 11, 2010 7:43 am

Never mind me JK, just a sentimental old fool on the inside. (snif) Durn it, here we go again! (snif) :roll: :lol:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Tue May 11, 2010 11:53 pm

Sonic Glitch-I know what you mean. ;) Other readers on theforce.net felt the same way. And yeah, it's the Tenth Doctor crashing the wedding. :P

Vic-Ah, gotcha. *Hands over some tissues*

Okay, final post. Thanks to all for reading. This isn't the end of me and this particular 'verse, though. I've got more fics down the road.

Here we go!

Open Admiral's Log, Stardate 58499.34. I now take my place among the admiralty. It is with some trepidation, but being able to keep the Enterprise has lessened some of those feelings.

We depart for Stabase Babylon to pick up a new fist officer before heading back across the Gateway to Chiss territory. There we shall begin aiding them in rebuilding efforts. I shudder to think what we shall find there after the Borg's deprivations.

The newly-promoted Admiral Picard sighed and rubbed his forehead. He closed down the log recorder program and glanced about the ready room from his desk-soon to be Data's ready room. His personal effects had been moved to a new command center located near his quarters. Several items of Data's had been moved in, including a deerstalker hat and two of his paintings. Picard wondered for a moment if Spot would be brought in before dismissing the idea.

Picard rose and walked to the hatch. It slid open and he entered the bridge. He spied Data sitting in the captain's chair and smiled, noting the four pips on the android's uniform collar.

Data suddenly glanced up and to his left. "Admiral on the bridge!" he half-shouted, almost jumping out of his chair. The rest of the bridge crew turned to Picard, stiffening to attention.

Picard grinned and held up his hand, waving them off. "No need for that," he said. He fingered his own new rank insignia, a gold rectangle with three pips inside marking him as vice-admiral. He looked to the main viewsceen and the image of Hapes Prime on it. "Status?"

Data's head cocked slightly to the side. "All sections report green, sir. We are ready for departure." He rubbed his chin. "I am rather interested to see how Commander Kadohata handles herself as first officer."

Picard nodded and patted his old friend on the arm. "We shall see, Data. Well, time to get going?"

Data nodded. He turned and faced the viewscreen. "Helm, set course for exit out of the Hapes Nebula at warp five. When we leave, set course for the Gateway, warp seven."

The helmsman nodded and inputted commands. "Aye, sir," he said.

The captain sat down in his chair. He delayed ordering for seven-tenths of a second to allow his emotion chip a bit of pleasure at being captain. "Engage."

The Enterprise's main impulse engines flared, sending the battlecruiser out of orbit. Within seconds, the warp grilles mounted dorsally on the nacelles flared, sending the ship hurtling forward at faster-than-light speeds.

An hour later, the Enterprise reentered 'normal' space with a bright flash of light, approaching one of the few areas of non-ionized space in the Consortium. Hails and IDs were sent out to battle dragons and cruisers of the Hapan Navy, allowing the ship to cross through out of the nebula past Telkur Station. As soon as it left the bright-purple gasses behind, the Enterprise's nacelles flashed once more, sending it along its way to the next great adventure.
A small, battered police box flew through tunnels of space and time, spinning about. The TARDIS moved through the Void as easily as a car with flat tires down a rainy street at midnight.

In the control center, the tenth incarnation of the Doctor ran about, flipping switches and turning dials on the central control pedestal. "Well, that was fun!" he shouted. He paused and looked up at the other occupant of the room. "Thanks for the invite," he said to Setsuna, grinning and flashing his pearly-white teeth.

Setsuna took a step down, her Time Staff clutched in her gloved right hand. "I figured you and Rose needed a bit of a vacation after dealing with the Vong." Her scarlet eyes narrowed. "When I learned what Q had done I nearly had a fit!" She suddenly smiled. "But I'm all better now."

The Doctor's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. "Well... great." He looked over his shoulder to the door. "Well, no adventuring for a while. Rose is due and if Jackie misses this it'll be my hide." He paused and shuddered. "I'd rather face off against Davros than that."

Setsuna chuckled and shook her head. "You'll make it, Doctor. And it'll be a lovely child."

The Doctor waggled a finger at her. "Ah, ah! No peeking into the future." He let out a sigh and leaned on the console. "A father. I wonder... nah!" he muttered, waving his left hand. He looked up again and past Setsuna. "Well, where is it?" he asked, pointing.

The guardian of time furrowed her brow. "Where's what?"

"The Time Gate," The Doctor finished. He stood up straight and wobbled a bit on his heels. "You don't need it anymore, do you?" He pointed behind Setsuna. "The Time Gate. You don't need it anymore to travel. That's some upgrade."

Setsuna shrugged. "It has some advantages over being tethered to one place for most of the time." Her gaze flickered to the high-arched ceiling and she sighed. "And now even I must leave. One with my power has great responsibility, after all." She looked up to the door and smiled. "Enjoy your son, Doctor."

The Doctor groaned. "Aw, come on, Setsuna! No good ruining the surprise! That's a rule even for you!"

A mysterious smile crossed her face. "Sorry, Doctor. I just love teasing my grandfather. Good bye." A bright light suddenly enveloped her and, when it faded, so did Setsuna.

The Doctor nodded and chuckled, walking around the control console. "Well, of course. Who doesn't love... teasing..." He suddenly stopped, his spine stiffening. He looked back to where Setsuna had stood. "Setsuna?" he whispered, walking forward to where she stood. "Susan?"
A shuttle dropped out of hyperspace, flashing into existence and quickly inserting itself into orbit. In the passenger compartment, Borsk Fey'lya smoothed out the fur on his cheeks, pacing back and forth. "It was necessary," he repeated, waving his free hand around. "Just in case the Borg won. Someone had to be ready to form a government-in-exile!"

The comm system crackled and the pilot's voice came over. "Senator, the RSS Ralroost is approaching. Orders?"

Fey'lya swallowed and his fur rippled. "Hail them," he croaked out, sitting down.

Traest Kre'fey's voice came over, anger laced through. "Stand down and prepare to enter the Ralroost's shuttle bay, Borsk. If you don't comply, we'll blast your shuttle out of the sky. Out." The comm clicked, going dead.
The shuttle touched down on the shuttle bay's deck plates, gas venting from several ports. A platoon of Defense Force soldiers approached the main hatch, blaster rifles in their hands. Traest stood at the end of the line, hands on hips and teeth bared. "Come out!' he shouted.

The main hatch slid open with a hiss, the landing ramp simultaneously extending. A human male in a pilot suit stumbled out, hands up. He walked down the ramp, eyes wide with fear.

Traest held a hand up. "Lieutenant Desw, according to records you weren't aware of Fey'lya's treachery and were acting under what you believed to be his lawful orders. There will be a hearing, but I'm fairly sure you'll be all right." He motioned to the aft of the bay. "Report to the deck chief."

Desw straightened up and saluted before walking off. Traest glanced at him as he left before turning his violet eyes back to the shuttle, his white fur almost on end. "Come out and face your punishment, Borsk. Don't make me drag you're kriffin' carcass off of it."

Fey'lya peeked his head around the edge of the hatch. "What's my guarantee of safety?" he sqeeked out.

"Don't shoot and we won't," Traest responded. He motioned to the soldiers. "They'll only fire on my command."

Fey'lya ducked his head back. A second later his hand appeared, a Merr-Sonn 'Quick Six' sporting blaster dangling from his clawed fingers. "Don't shoot!" he shouted, dropping it to the landing ramp with a clatter. He stepped out into full view, hands out. "I surrender," he muttered, walking down to Traest.

Traest held his hand out and one of the soldiers handed him a pair of stun cuffs. He slapped them onto Fey'lya's wrists. "You are under arrest for violation of military orders and violating a no-fly zone."

Fey'lya chuckled and bared his fangs. "So, Triebakk finally has a half-decent excuse to get rid of me, eh?" He leaned forward. "Let me go and I promise you power, Traest. More power than you could possibly dream of!"

The Bothan general chuckled. "Gaining power for yourself is one thing, but doing it at the expense of the group is another. I am not you." He stepped back and looked to the soldiers. "Take him away."
A cold wind blew across the remnants of Coronet, the Corellia System's capital city. Borg machinery littered the landscape and hung from the buildings, depowered and lifeless. The air was gray and thick with carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases, clouds of it hanging low in the sky.

Iella Wessiri-Antilles choked back tears, willing herself not to cry. With her helmet on and sealed up, any tears would simply blur her vision and cause discomfort. "It's all gone," she murmured, staring down the streets from her shuttle's ramp. She stepped off and walked up to a regeneration alcove on the sidewalk. "This will take forever."

Wedge stepped off the shuttle, a group of engineers, scientists and soldiers following. One of the scientists held up a scanner and waved it around, staring at the screen. "No one take off your helmet," she said. "There's enough poison in the atmosphere to choke a Hutt." Her brow furrowed. "Don't Borg need to breathe?"

"Apparently not," Wedge replied. He walked up to Iella and the alcove. He pulled a laser torch from his suit's belt and ignited it, sending a low blue flame from the nozzle. "Come on!" he shouted as he began cutting through the alcove's exterior plating. "We've got nine class-four industrial replicators from the Federation just waiting for raw material to convert."

Iella suddenly banged the side of her helmet and pulled out her own laser torch. She stepped to the opposite side and began cutting through the Borg technology. "One step at a time," she said, shutting off her torch. She grabbed a chunk of the metal and tore if off, sending it to the ground.
Star destroyer Errant Venture, Corellian orbit
Corran Horn, former Rogue Squadron pilot and Jedi Master, ran through a third relaxation exercise in ten minutes as he looked over a hologram of his homeworld. "I should've been there," he said, clasping his hands together. He looked around the Errant Venture's bridge as he felt two familiar presences approach.

Booster Terrick and Mirax Terrick-Horn walked up. Corran glanced up at them, his brow furrowing at the grizzled old man. "Booster?" he asked.

Booster chuckled and held his hand up, brushing his left cheek and the new bio-synthetic implant replacing his older model photo-receptor. "A little bit of a change too much for you, CorSec?" he barked out, smiling. He looked to his daughter. "I thought he had some brains, Mirax."

Mirax elbowed her father in the ribs before hugging Corran and kissing him lightly on the mouth. "I'll let Dad explain," she said, winking.

Corran looked to booster over Mirax's shoulder. "Well?"

Booster looked to the deck plating. "When we first arrived," he began haltingly, "we did our best with the assimilated. But when they saw me and my prosthetic, a lot of them recoiled in terror." He looked back up and locked eyes with Corran. "To my enemies, I'll show no mercy. But to people who have been through this?" He closed his eyes and shook his head. "I'm hard, but I have a heart."

Corran slowly slid his arms away from Mirax's waist and took a step to the right, extending his hand. "Never doubted that for a moment," he said, smiling. "Now it's time for Corellia's children to help her heal. Up for the task?"

Booster's face twisted in a grin as he clasped Corran's hand. "All the Five Brothers need our help." He let go of Corran's hand and walked up to the hologram of Corellia, rotating above the console. He leaned forward and let out a breath. "It takes a lot to frighten me. This... frightens me. The Borg frightened me."

Corran hesitated before placing a hand on Booster's shoulder. "They frightened me, too. I wish I could've done something-anything to stop them!" He wiped his eyes. "Valin and Jysella, Force they were here visiting family-" He slammed his hand on the console, tears streaming down his face. "I don't even know if Rostek's alive or not!"

Mirax wrapped an arm around Corran's shoulders and pulled him into an embrace. "Well find him," she half-whispered, rocking him back and forth. "We'll find him and we'll help him restart his garden."

Shivers ran through Corran's body as he felt the link he shared with Mirax and the love she had for him. He breathed out, closing his eyes and focusing not only on her, but Booster as well. After a few minutes, he let himself let go of Mirax. "Thanks." He glanced back at the hologram once more. "No more time for tears. No more time for anything but healing and helping."
Jane Smith ran a fusion torch along the icy-cold walls of the former hangar, slicing away at Borg circuitry. She picked up a simple crowbar and thrust it into the crack she had made, prying away the nanoprobe-constructed material from the bare rock wall.

She took a moment to glance around at the rest of the hangar, site of the last stand of the Ascendancy before the Collective had conquered it. She closed her eyes as the memories flooded her mind, memories from the drones once under her control. A growl escaped her throat. Not anymore. I must... I must repent. I must do this for them, for all I hurt...

"Excuse me, are you all right?"

Jane's eyes snapped open as Jagged Fel walked up. Her mouth dried at his sight. I didn't even sense him, she thought, chuckling internally. I must be out of it. "I'm fine, thank you," she said, waving him off. Like him but not like him and why did I send him away? What's my Jag doing now? She turned back to the wall, but stopped as she felt his presence still behind her. "May I help you?" she asked over her shoulder, jabbing at the seam where Borg technology met rock wall with the crowbar and prying more away.

Jag shook his head. "Forgive me. It's just you seem... familiar." he extended a hand. "My name's Jagged Fel. What's yours?"

There was a pause before Jane turned around. She glanced down at his hand, then back up at his face and the lingering prosthetics still implanted. "Jane Smith," she said, grabbing his hand for a half-second before letting go.

Jag's brow furrowed, shifting the small band of metal right above his left eye. "Jane Smith? That's an unusual name. Where are you from?" He rubbed his chin. "I don't recall seeing you anywhere, although you do look like my friend Jaina Solo."

Jane snorted and waved him off, buying her time to organize her thoughts. "Brown hair and eyes? Oh, yeah. So rare." She forced a chuckle, then schooled her expression into one of neutrality. "Jane Smith is an Earth name," she provided, letting him fill in the blanks.

Jag snapped his fingers. "Ah, Starfleet?"

"Military, yes," she confirmed, sticking to the truth. "I was assimilated early on. My family is gone, so I'm just helping out where I can." She pointed to the Borg technology all around, the gray-hued pieces that seemed to leech light from their surroundings. "It's all I can do."

Any response was cut off by the earsplitting screams of an elderly Chiss dropping to his knees, screwing his weathered and gloved hands over his surgically-reconstructed ears and shutting his eyes. "The voices!" he screamed. "I can't hear the voices!"

Jag and Jane were by his side in an instant. Jane placed a hand on the old man's quivering shoulder, letting the touch carry a bit of the Force with it. "You don't need the voices," she said in a soothing voice. "They'll only hurt you. You're stronger than that."

A pair of medics in green jumpsuits with scanners and other equipment raced over, but Jag held up a hand, stopping them dead in their tracks. "I think she's onto something," he said, half-smiling. "Let's let her continue for a bit."

The Chiss tilted his head and looked up at Jaina as she stood over his shoulder. His red eyes focused slightly and he opened his mouth slightly before finally speaking. "I... I am?" he half-whispered.

Jane nodded and smiled. "You are. You all are. The Collective's gone, sir. But you're not alone." She motioned to Jag and the medics standing off to the side with one hand and held out her other to him. "We're here for you."

The Chiss swallowed and wiped his eyes. He accepted Jane's hand and slowly stood up. "Thank you." He looked to the medics and swallowed, licking his lips. "I think I might have to lie down," he muttered, his blue cheeks turning purple.

The medics led him away while Jag walked up to Jane. "Nicely handled," he commented, half-smiling. "Do you have experience in this sort of thing?"

Jane shook her head. She glanced off to the side, her eyes darting back and forth. "I just remember what it's like to be a drone and my recovery. I'm simply channeling it through my words." She turned back to the wall and began walking forward, but stopped when she felt Jag's hand on her shoulder. She spun around on her heel, the touch electric even through her heavy coat. "What?"

Jag hesistated a moment before speaking. "I..." He dropped his hand from her shoulder and scratched the side of his head. "Would you care to get something to eat from the cafeteria? I hear the protein resequencers from the Sojourner are set up and you can almost think it's not regurgitated nutrient paste."

Jane blinked. She scanned him lightly in with the Force, not detecting any deceit but sensing earnestness about him. She looked away and shook her head. "Sorry, no. I have work to do." She turned away, but soon felt him grab her arm. She snaked it out, spinning out of his reach. "We've got work to do!' she half-shouted.

Jag reached for her again, walking forward and keeping pace with her. "Yes, we do!" he said after her. "But we can't work all the time, Jane. All work and no play, as your people say." He pasted a bitter smile on his face. "Drones never had a vacation, after all."
Jane speared a chunk of rubbery, brownish meat and brought it to her lips. She took a bite, gnawing it off. After a minute, she swallowed it, washing it down with some water. "And we don't have proper replicators why?" she asked, wrinkling her nose.

Jag shrugged. "Takes up too much power, I think." He speared an odd-looking orange vegetable and nibbled on it. "Not too bad." He grabbed his glass and raised it at Jane. "To the future."

Jane paused and looked at him. Feelings of love and self-hatred and loathing and lust waged in her soul before she merely picked the glass up next to her elbow and nodded at him. "To the future."

Five years later, 2386. ISS Chimaera, en route to Earth
Gilad Pellaeon looked himself over in the mirror, smoothing his shock-white hair back and adjusting the medals and rank cylinders on his old dress uniform. He coughed into his hand and smiled. "Hello, Nanietta," he rehearsed, bowing slightly. The door chime to his VIP quarters sounded. "Come in."

The door slid open and a younger man in a pilot's uniform stepped in. Mynar Devis walked over to his father, smiling and flashing a toothy grin. "Looks like you're ready for a night on the town," he said, looking Pellaeon over. He picked at the shoulders. "I think you missed a dust molecule, Dad."

Pellaeon growled and his mustache bristled, but his eyes twinkled. He looked back into the mirror and sighed. "How precisely did it come to this?" he asked his reflection. "Some harmless flirting at the Hapan Accords, and now a date at a..." He paused and wrinkled his brow. "What was it again?"

"Baseball," Mynar supplied. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. "Come on, Dad. You've been dating President Bacco for how long and you still can't keep that game straight?"

Pellaeon turned and locked eyes with his son. "You fell asleep during the first explanation." He turned back and frowned slightly. "Are you... all right with this?" he said, words catching in his mouth.

Mynar scratched his head, ruffling his short, jet-black hair. "Dad, Mom's been gone a long time." He tapped his respirator, right over his heart. "I think she wouldn't want you to be lonely for the rest of your life."

The Old Man glanced over his son. "When did you grow up?"

A laugh escaped Mynar's lips. "Probably about the time I said 'I do' to Vana."

Pellaeon grunted. "I do believe the elder Dorja nearly had a coronary when he learned his darling daughter was marrying a TIE jockey." He paused as the deck shifted beneath his feet. "Bridge, status?"

The intercom crackled slightly before a gruff male voice came over. "We've just exited hyperspace and are approaching Earth, Admiral. We were just about to contact you."

A sigh escaped Pellaeon's mouth. "Maybe I've been in space too long," he muttered before clearing his throat and speaking up. "Send out greetings to Starfleet and the Federation Council. And for the love of the Force, make sure the weapons are on cold standby. I don't want my ship blasted to dust before the third inning."
Paris, Palais de Concorde
Federation president Nanietta Bacco adjusted her dress and fluffed her hair slightly, groaning. "It's just an informal meeting between two figures in a setting that will produce meaningful talk."

Behind her, Chief of Staff Esperanza Piniero rolled her eyes. "You're worse than a teenager," she groused, pacing back and forth behind the head of the most powerful nation-state in half the Milky Way Galaxy. "It's a baseball game, Nan. You're going to see the Boston Red Sox face off against the Jalanda Pride. The only talking you'll get done is trying to explain obscure baseball references to Golad over the screams of eighty thousand baseball fans."

Bacco rolled her eyes. "He knows most of it," she countered.

The intercom sounded. "Madame President, the Chimarea has entered orbit and Grand Admiral Pellaeon is requesting permission to beam down."

"Permission granted," Bacco shouted, heading for the door and barely giving her MACO guards to form up around her and Esperanza. The quartet made their way down a corridor to one of several transporter rooms in the Palais. She nodded to the Benzite transporter operator. "Energize."

Four silvery columns of light appeared, coalescing into Pellaeon, Mynar and pair of Imperial Navy soldiers. Pellaeon patted himself down and looked himself over. "I've done that a hundred times and it still feels weird," he admitted. He looked at Bacco and swallowed, wiping his suddenly-slick forehead. "Madame President," he said, stepping off and bowing.

Bacco held out her hand and smiled as Pellaeon took it, kissing it lightly. "An honor to see you again," she said, smiling. She looked to her right at Mynar as he stepped forward. "Mynar, you're looking finer every day. Where's that lovely wife of yours?"

Mynar coughed into his hand. "She's off on maneuvers... somewhere. Classified, you know?" He looked around. "So, any holodecks around?"

Esperanza barked a laugh, bringing her hand up quickly to cover it. "Sorry, allergies," she said, blushing slightly. She motioned to the door. "I'll give you a brief tour of the place, Captain Devis. The lovebirds probably want to be left alone."

Bacco's head snapped around as Pellaeon's cheeks turned slightly red. "Esperanza!' she hissed, even as her old friend left. She turned back to Pellaeon and sighed. "Sorry about that, Gilad. She can be such a pain in the butt."

Pellaeon smiled and shook his head. "No, it's all right. I get the same thing from some of my command staff." He held his arm up and smiled. "Well, shall we?"

Bacco threaded her arm through his. "Well, hopefully Barrx Fedh knows when to switch up the pitchers, otherwise the Red Sox's lineup will be hitting homers past the green monster by the seventh inning stretch. And don't get me started on his decision to trade one of the best batters since Buck Bokai for a pair of infielders that can't catch a fly ball to save the quadrant!"

Pellaeon's brow furrowed. "I... see." He chuckled nervously. "Of course that would be a mistake. Anyone could see that." He tugged at his collar. Help me...
Hapes Prime

"Boom! Crash!" Sara Djo-Solo shouted out, waving about a toy X-wing and a TIE defender about. The five-year old jumped up and spun about her playroom, smiling and making whoosh sounds. "Don't worry! Rogue Squadron will save you!"

The door to the playroom slid open and a striking redhead with storm-gray eyes entered. "But who will save Rogue Squadron?" Princess Tenel Ka Djo-Solo said, grinning as she knelt down and scooped her daughter into her arms. She kissed Sara on the forehead. "And how are you?"

Sara dropped her toys as she was picked up by her mother, wrapping her arms around her mother's neck. "Mommy!" she cried out, smiling a gap-toothed grin. "I had fun today at school. I learned numbers and played in the mud and splattered the kids with it!" She paused and her tiny face scrunched up slightly. "The other kids weren't happy about it, but I don't know why. Playing in the mud is fun!"

Tenel Ka chuckled slightly. "Yes, but others aren't you, Sara. It's not nice to splatter other people with mud if they don't like it." Her eyes narrowed slightly. "I hope you apologized to them when the teacher told you to."

Sara squirmed slightly. "I did..."

A smile crossed Tenel Ka's face as she felt her daughter's sincerity. "Good. Now, what did you do with Robert, Ernest and Frederick today?"

Any answer was interrupted as both ladies turned their head back to the door. Jacen slid in, smiling. "Oh, she had a lot of fun with them, and the others." He slid up to Tenel Ka, sliding his left arm across her lower back and pulling her close to kiss her on the cheek. "Hello, love."

Tenel Ka returned the kiss, pecking him a bit closer to the mouth than he did to her. "Hello," she said, enraptured by what she felt from him through their bond. She shifted Sara in her arms. "Did you have fun with Daddy?"

Sara nodded. "Daddy took me outside and I played with my friends and had fun!"

Jacen shrugged. "Well, some fun." He noted worry from Tenel Ka and locked eyes with her. Nothing bad, Tenel Ka. Just a little rembunctious today.

With us as parents, rambunctious can be a bit misleading a term. We shall discuss this later.

Jacen swallowed. "Yes, dear."
Captain's log, stardate 63432.98. Voyager hangs near the edge of our neighboring galaxy's area called 'Known Space'. We await the RSS Qui-Gon Jinn and their passengers-Admiral Janeway and a scientist from the New Republic named Danni Quee. I'm anxious to find out our mission.

Captain Chakotay, Commander Thomas Paris and Lieutenant Commander Harry Kim stood in one of Voyager's transporter rooms, awaiting a signal from the Kenobi-class battlecruiser Qui-Gon Jinn. Chakotay scratched his cheek, right below his ceremonial tattoo. "They'd better hurry up," he said, looking to his first officer and chief tactical officer. "How long does it take for this Danni to get ready?"

Tom's brow wrinkled. "Maybe it's Admiral Janeway who needs the extra time?" He let out a sigh. "I hope whatever's going on happens."

Harry let out a chuckled and elbowed his best friend in the ribs. "Hot date with B'Elanna tonight?"

Tom's eyes narrowed and he placed his hands on his hips. "We do, actually. Holodeck three awaits us while Lieutenant Stone watches over Miral for us." He grinned slightly. "Drive-through theater, cheesy movie from the 1950's and a big bucket of popcorn."

Harry sighed and glanced to a bulkhead. "Lucky," he muttered.

Tom's response was cut short by the intercom's whistle. "Captain, the Qui-Gon Jinn apologizes for the delay. Admiral Janeway and Danni Quee are ready to beam aboard."

Chakotay nodded and glanced over his shoulder at the transporter operator. "Energize."

Two silvery columns of light appeared on the transporter pad, quickly resolving into Admiral Janeway in her admiral's uniform and a younger human female with blond hair and blue eyes wearing a pair of white pants and shirt. Janeway held a small valise and a smile on her face as she stepped off the pad, extending a hand to Chakotay. "Oh, it's good to see you again!' she said as she shook Chakotay's hand, then Tom and Harry.

"Glad to have you back, Admiral," Tom said, grinning. "All we need is Seven and the Doc and we'd have a grand reunion."

"Don't forget about Neelix or Kes," Harry said right after shaking Janeway's hand. He glanced up at Danni and his face suddenly flushed. "Umm, hello. Welcome to Voyager," he said, straightening up and tugging on the bottom of his uniform jacket.

Danni blinked. She patted herself down and looked herself over. "Wow," she whispered. She glanced up at Harry and smiled, showing off a toothy grin. "Thanks," she said, stepping off the pad. She looked around the room and shook her head. "I'm still wondering if I'm in the Qui-Gon Jinn's transporter room!"

Harry smiled back and leaned in slightly. "You've never been transported before? I thought it was getting more common in the New Republic."

Danni shook her head. "Not as common as you think..."

Janeway slapped her forehead lightly. "Sorry, Danni. I'd like to introduce you to Captain Chakotay, his first officer Tom Paris and the young man you're speaking with is Voyager's very capable tactical officer Harry Kim," she said, motioning to each person. She then waved her hand at Danni. "And this is Danni Quee, formerly of ExGal."

Tom's brow wrinkled. "ExGal? Weren't they involved in searching for life outside your galaxy?"

Danni snorted. "Yeah. Old shame, there. Nothing's coming our way for a long time from outside the galaxy. And the group disbanded after the Borg Invasions of 2381. However, it did prepare me for what we'll be doing."

Janeway looked to Chakotay. "Captain, while Danni's and my personal effects are transferred over, I'd like to give you a briefing before meeting with the senior staff. Call a meeting in an hour, please."

Chakotay nodded and tapped his combadge. "Senior officers, report to the briefing room in one hour."
One hour later
Chakotay looked around at the others seated in the briefing room. Some were old friends from their travels in the Delta Quadrant, while others were somewhat 'newer' but no less familiar. In addition to Tom and Harry, chief engineer B'Elanna Torres, ops officer Lyssa Campbell and alpha-shift navigator Lasren were in attendance. The doors slid open and Janeway and Danni entered. "Sorry for the mystery," the admiral said, holding up a hand and smiling.

B'Elanna looked up from a PADD and grinned. "About time," she said, smirking. She leaned forward as Janeway and Danni walked around the table. "So, why the big mystery? What's going on?"

Danni spoke up. "Actually, I'm why you're here." She leaned over Harry and pressed a few buttons on a control panel mounted into the table. A large viewscreen mounted behind Chakotay lit up, projecting an image of Danni's home galaxy. Political boundaries and scrolling text appeared, with major systems highlighted. She walked over to it and motioned to a section mostly blanked out, near the Chiss Acendancy. "This is the area the Collective established their beachhead in our dimension. It's mostly unexplored, with no safe hyperspace routes through."

Lasren raised a hand. "Unexplored? I thought you folks had mapped out every star in the galaxy."

Danni focused on the young Betazoid. "We've mapped them out, but Known Space is made up of only about two million worlds scattered across the galaxy like dust." She pressed an area on the viewscreen and one of the text boxes enlarged, slowing a list of numbers and letters. "Here's a list of the stars in the Unknown Regions. Thing is, we haven't even sent automated probes to them. We've no idea what's out there."

Tom's eyes widened. "And... we're going out there? Into the Unknown Regions? But we've only got warp drive!" he tossed his hand up. "It'd take years to get anywhere!"

Janeway shook her head. "Not really, Tom. Voyager's now got a type-one hyperdrive nestled besides its warp core."

Lasren's brow wrinkled. "But what good will that do?' he suddenly noted everyone's eyes on him and he swallowed, shifting in his seat. "Sorry."

Janeway held up a hand. "All right, Lasren. Good question there. There's no hyperspace routes through the Unknown Regions, but using a combination of warp and Starfleet sensors, we can chart a path through the wilderness, so to speak."

Harry suddenly snapped his fingers. "I get it! We use our sensors to map out paths through the Unknown Regions and then use the hyperdrive to go as far as we can before hitting any anomalies. Then we drop out and warp around until we find a path around." He smiled at her. "Quite clever, Miss Quee."

Danni returned the smile and bobbed her head. "Thanks, Harry!" She looked to B'Elanna. "I'll have to go over some specifics of the hyperdrive with you. It's pretty complicated."

B'Elanna snorted, her small forehead ridge bobbing slightly. "That thing? Please. After so much time around warp cores, something like that's a piece of cake."

Chakotay placed his hands on the table, leveraging himself to his feet. "Well, check it out with Danni anyway, B'Ellana. Lord knows we don't want to get stranded on the other side of this galaxy." He looked around the table. "Lyssa, check with the other department heads for readiness. Lasren, start looking over the navigational info we've got. Harry, schedule drills for our security and MACO teams. Any problems, bring to Tom. Any questions?" he looked around at everyone, then smiled. "All right, let's do it."

The senior staff and Danni filed out, but Chakotay and Janeway stayed behind. Chakotay looked across the table at her. "Well, interesting little mission you've got for us," he said, his smile not quite reaching his eyes.

Janeway held up a hand. "Sorry, Chakotay. I wish I had an alternative. But Ackbar and Kre'fey Wanted a mission like this. And sadly, Voyager fits the bill. We're Starfleet, so we're used to dealing with the unknown. Voyager's also fast even without hyperdrive and has an experienced crew. It all adds up." She spread her arms out and smiled sadly. "At least this time Starfleet Command knows where we are."

Chakotay let out a sigh and placed his hands on the table, leaning forward. "All good points." He looked up and smirked. "Do I have the admiral's permission not to like it too much?"

Janeway laughed and wiped her eyes. "Only if the admiral can not like it either." She shook her head and walked around to the map, tapping the Unknown Regions. "Thirty thousand years and they can't send out a probe. Now the Collective gets their butts in gear."

Chakotay straightened up. "A big chunk of territory, there."

The admiral nodded, then looked over, a twinkle in her eye. "Best to get started as soon as possible, then?"

A pair of heartbeats passed before Chakotay grinned. "Yes, ma'am."
Dawn broke over Dakhur Province, the sunlight brightening the landscape. Farmers were already up, tending to their crops. Merchants opened up shops in the cities. And up in a temple carved into the mountain, vedeks and ranjens readied themselves for the day.

One person approached the temple. Not for prayer or supplication, but for theft. She moved from shadow to shadow, avoiding the Bajorans clad in their orange robes in the edifice built before even her civilization had formed.

Darth Lumiya, last of the Sith, moved from the courtyard to the inner sanctum, down steps carved into the living rock until she came upon a small room in the lower levels. There was a single desk covered in books and scrolls, with one old Bajoran sitting there, hunched over and looking through a book with wrinkled pages. He looked up as she approached, frowning slightly. "Hello? Can I help you?"

Lumiya's mouth turned up in an approximation of a smile. She held up her hand and reached out with it and the Force. "Show me the last copy of the Book of the Kosst Amojan," she commanded.

The Bajoran stood up and shuffled to a door near the back, leading to a large room with shelves almost stuffed with books and scrolls. Lumiya stood near the entrance, using the Force to subtly deflect anyone away while she waited. Ten minutes later, her patience was rewarded when the old Bajoran emerged, carrying a large book with a seal locking the pages shut. He held it out with trembling hands. "The Book," he said with a wavering voice.

Lumiya snatched it from him. "You will remember nothing of this," she said, waving her cybernetic hand at him. She turned and walked off, cape trailing behind her.
The Fire Caves were dark, shadows inside shadows as Lumiya made her way to the bottom. All sounds were muted, the echoes ceasing before they even began. No bats or rats or anything else living occupied the Fire Caves, at least not for a long time.

Lumiya walked down a long stretch of cave, finally emerging into a large open cavern. She stood on the lip of a great precipice overlooking a wide chasm and held the Book out. She felt the raw hate and evil from the eldrich tome and channeled her powers of the Dark Side into it. Her hands glowed and electricity crackled around each metallic digit, her entire body trembling from the energy she summoned. "Open!"

The seal on the Book burst into flames, burning away into a fine ash that scattered on a wind that sprang out of the ether. The Book's pages fluttered, finally stopping on a blank page. A fine sheet of flame swept over the paper, burning ancient words into the sheet but leaving everything else intact.

The Sith looked at the words, suddenly comprehending what each one meant. "Tarna pur-ono ull-kess Pah-wran! Lano ka-la bo'shar lanu! Dorrah tolka bretri Pah-wran. Kosst Amojan, come to me!"

The entire cavern suddenly burst into flames from floor to ceiling. Motes of plasmatic flame danced about the upper edge, whirling about. Lumiya lowered the book and stepped forward, scarred mouth open in shock.

Several of the motes flew over to the precipice, flying around before converging and melding together. It expanded, quickly taking on humanoid form. The flames died down, revealing a Cardassian male with characteristic neck ridges and spoon-shaped depression in his gray-skinned forehead. He wore the black armor of their military and his eyes were blood-red. "Ah, we've been waiting for you!" he said, grinning.

Lumiya stared at him for several seconds before speaking. "Who-who are you?" she asked, breathing increasing slightly as she felt the raw power leaking from his body.

The Cardassian placed a hand over his abdominal armor and bowed slightly. "Gul Skrain Dukat of the Second Order. Well, in my former life." He motioned to the flames behind him. "I now serve our true masters, the Pah-wraiths."

Lumiya's brow wrinkled. "'Our' masters?" she repeated. She held up the Book with one hand and unclipped her lightwhip emitter with the other. "I serve-"

Dukat sighed and held up his hand. A stream of fire shot from it, striking Lumiya in the chest and blowing her back. The Book and emitter handle flew from her grip, the Book floating into Dukat's outstretched hand. "Yes, Lumiya. Our masters." He flipped through the book and nodded. "Hmm, good. With this in our possession, the good Admiral Sisko won't be able to close the door."

He looked over as Lumiya stumbled to her feet, clutching her ribcage. "Good. Now that we've established who is in charge, kneel before Them," he said, turning and dropping to one knee.

Lumiya plodded over, one arm over her ribcage as she induced a light healing trance. She slowly dropped to one knee beside Dukat, groaning. After a minute, both rose. She looked the Cardassian over. "Even if I'm on the bottom rung, I know we both want revenge against our enemies. I want the Jedi dead and you want the Federation conquered."

Dukat threw his head back and laughed. "Oh, my dear Lumiya!" he said, wiping his eyes. "How can you think so small?" He turned and motioned to the flames as several more motes separated themselves from the main flame. "the Jedi? The Federation? Try the whole GALAXY!" Flames engulfed his hand. "They will burn, burn... and both galaxies, both realities shall be no more."

The end... for now[b]

[b]Author notes

I'd like to thank everyone who read this fic and those who took the time to leave a review...

Mark, Tsukiyumi, Mikey, stitch626, Deepcrush, Nickswitz, Vic, bob,Sonic Glitch, JudgeKing.

*Striker bows his head in thanks*

To Boldly Go...
I first got into Star Trek Thanksgiving weekend, 1986. Saturday. My father flipped the television on at 8 PM to channel 50, WNDS. 'Balance of Terror' was airing. He looked to me. "Jon, have you ever seen Star Trek?" And thus... a fanboy was born.

I watched about 60 episodes until the premiere of 'The Next Generation' in 1987. By then I was hooked. And I still am. I own all six series and all eleven movies on DVD. Personally, I believe each one has done something... better than the others. TOS had some of the best single episodes of the franchise. TAS had some of the most interesting concepts... if slightly lacking in the presentation. :oops: TNG had some high-concept stuff that pushed even further than TOS, as well as some great acting. DSN had the best overall arc and journey, not to mention character development. VOY, for it's problems, did have great effects and some of the most 'alien' aliens. And ENT... I'm sorry, but from where I stand, and I know i'm gonna catch shit for it... had some legit great continuity with what came after and, to be blunt, I liked the theme song. :takecover:


I like Star trek because of the message, and because even though the road is long and the journey difficult, it shows that humanity can better itself. Honestly, there is no other franchise I'd prefer to live in. The federation? Hell, yeah!

The Force will be with you... always.
In June of 1987, my babysitter sat with me and turned on HBO, right at the beginning of 'Return of the Jedi'. I might have had exposure to Star Wars before, but that's my first concrete memory. I liked it... but was confused as all hell. Over the next eight years, I managed to watch about 75-80% of ANH-and not all in a row.

*Jon sits down and turns on TV to a scene in ANH* "Oh, cool!"

*15 minutes later* "Star Trek's on! *Changes channel* :P :lol:

Also, the last bit of ESB, from 'No, I am your father!" to the beginning of the ending credits, and ROTJ a few more times. By 1995, I... really had forgotten about most of it. I had other... problems too. I was living with an emotionally-abusive stepfather named Charlie. My family was... well, not middle-class let's just say. Charlie was unemployed and my mother... wasn't happy around him. :evil: He made her cry.

In 1995 I walked into the local Waldenbooks, just depressed as all hell. Not even Star Trek was really lifting my spirits. TNG had been canceled the year before and I was just... meh. I still liked Transformers, but Charlie felt they were for children. :bangwall: I browsed some books before my eyes lit upon a book called Heirs of the Force

My first thought... "Star Wars? Doesn't this have to do with that guy with asthma?"

HOTF is the first book of the YJK series. It provided... a sanctuary from Charlie. I wanted to live there on Yavin IV. I wanted to be Jacen Solo so badly it was pathetic. It was an oasis, where I could just... be happy. Anyway, I ate up the rest of the expanded universe and finally saw the entirety of the OT. And a lot of stuff made a lot more sense to me. :) In 1999, the first book of the NJO series came out, 'Vector Prime'. I got it the first day...

And I spent a half-hour after reading it cursing to the skies and almost weeping. WHat the hell was going on?

Well, to cut a long story short, the latest chronological book I bought was 'The Unseen Queen' in 2005. Then 'Shadows of Mindor' in 2008, which took place a few months after Endor. I'm not sure how 'appropriate' it'd be for me to go into why I hate the post-YJK books, but I'm also fairly sure most people know why I hate them. Anyway...

Crossing the Streams
Back in '95, after I got into the YJK, the inevitable happened. "I wonder how Jacen and Tenel Ka would fare in Star Trek?" I wrote, on notebook paper, 'The Crossover trilogy'. And oh GAWD it was awful. Yes, i inserted myself as a Gary Stu Starfleet fighter pilot/Jedi Knight who got the girl... who was 'based' on my then-current crush. :bangwall: I still have it, and one of these days I'm gonna do an MST version of it. But...

As for this one, I knew I could never do it as 'Federation vs. Empire', because to me that's boring, trite and just plain dumb. It's one-note. Where's the complexity there? Hell, no! So... here it is.

I ask that if you do the survey-and i hope many people do ;) - that you take it seriously. I use it to improve my writing.

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Thank you to all my readers. :)
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Vic » Wed May 12, 2010 9:33 am

1. Did you like this fic?
Yes......what, elaborate? Now you sound like my high school english teachers. :wink:

2. Was I able to effectively blend the two franchises together?
I believe that you did so quite succesfully.

3. Were my choices of 'exchange students' good one?
I(tried to shoot)you a message about finding similarities between the technologies, societies, personal abilities, etc. I'm not sure that it did get through though. I'm glad to see that you found ways to do so, bakkonite being like frik/cortosis weave, Fed races having force sensitivities, etc.

4. How was my action?
Good, not overwhelming, attached to the story, not the other way around.

5. How was my romance?
What? Romance? Not exactly my thing, just ask my wife. :P

6. How was my drama?
Not good in the drama department either, I will let some of the other more erudite members comment on that.

7. How was my humor?
Very nice, franchise specific where necessary.

8. Did Queen Jaina's fate seem appropriate to you?
In a way, although others might have wanted her to ripped apart by Rancors or Targs.

9. Please use this space to ask me a question about the fic.

10. What was your favorite scene(s)?
Anything TOS, it is after all my Star Trek! :wink:

11. What was your least favorite scene(s)?
None that I can think of.

12. Did the cameos from other franchises help or hinder?
They were good, although the Doctor threw me for a loop. I suppose that other franchises could be included at later times. BSG, Old or New could be, after all there are large portions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants not explored. Bab 5, Stargate and Firefly could be included with trans-dimensional travel, should be no problem since you are bending time and space. :P

13. Finally, why did you read this?
I like to see how authors handle crossovers IMO you did well.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Sonic Glitch » Wed May 12, 2010 10:59 pm

1. Did you like this fic?
I did indeed. In fact, I liked it so much I read it twice. When it was discontinued here, I googled around a bit and found the first version on the Star Wars forum you originally started on (I forget the name). IIRC the ending is slightly differentt, but I think I like this one better {not being able to remember the other :LOL:}
2. Was I able to effectively blend the two franchises together?
Yes, yes you were. My knowledge of the Star Wars EU is essentially limited to books surrounding the Thrawn trilogy, the Truce at Bakura (which I read a while ago) and dicussions I read here. I did not feel at all lost when it came to the characters interacting.
3. Were my choices of 'exchange students' good one?
I can only speak from the Star Trek side (see above) but I feel that yes, given what we know about the Starfleet characters and what I gleened about the SW characters, it worked extremely well.
4. How was my action?
Excellent. Clearly evident but at no point did it overwhelm the plot. You managed to develop a good atmosphere of dread when the reality of the attrition of the Borg sets in, as well as conveying the go-down-fighting attitudes of the characters concerned.
5. How was my romance?
Very nicely done -- it helps to be working within established romances ;) And do I see a budding romance between the Old Man of the Empire and the PotUFP? :)
6. How was my drama?
Again, excellent. You managed to balance the humor, drama and action very well. There were some really beautiful character moments in there i.e. McCoys death, the Skywalker family finally getting to meet.
7. How was my humor?
Very well done. I especially enjoyed the interaction of the "ghosts" if you will (Q, Kirk, Obi-Wan etc all on their Higher Plane)
8. Did Queen Jaina's fate seem appropriate to you?
9. Please use this space to ask me a question about the fic.
Hmm.. Do I smell a sequel what with Voyagers mission into the unknown regions, and the still unanswered question of how the Borg got there in the first place?
10. What was your favorite scene(s)?
They were all too good... Again, I enjoyed McCoys death, and any interaction of the Ascended Beings -- and the 10th Doctor showing up just for its sheer "Wait -- wtf?"-ness. Does he return?
11. What was your least favorite scene(s)?
It was thoroughly enjoyable
12. Did the cameos from other franchises help or hinder?
In my opinion helped -- despite my lack of knowledge of some of the other franchises. As soon as you thought you had the plot and characters figured out, a new one threw in a new twist.
13. Finally, why did you read this?
I was intrigued by the premise, a crossover fic that was truly a crossover and not a versus. I liked that it wasn't going to be "Gee I really want to see the Enterprise take on the Executor!" or Starbase 74 vs DSI or whatever. It seemed like (and was) a story where character truly counted.

A very nice job.
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