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Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-done! Survey on page 9

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:50 pm

I posted this a while ago, but it was rough at best. So, I'm gonna restart it and carry through.

Here we go!

He was dead. Of that much, he was certain.

James T. Kirk held up his hands, or at least the spiritual equivalent. They were now translucent and had an odd blue tinge to them. In a paradoxical way, he felt more alive than he ever had before.

He looked up just in time to see that Starfleet captain from the future. "Jean-Luc!" he yelled. "I'm not dead." He paused. "I can't be dead. I was supposed to die alone."

Just ahead, Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the late starship Enterprise, pulled a corpse out of a twisted metal framework. Kirk walked up to him and peered over his shoulder. No emotion was visible on his face as he stared into his own lifeless eyes.

Jean-Luc closed his eyes and made the sign of the cross. Merde. I'm sorry, Jim. I should have been able to defeat Soran and A tear ran down his cheek as he gathered up Jim's body. "I will see you get a proper burial. It's the least I can do."

Jean-Luc began walking straight towards Jim, who was only mildly surprised when the captain passed right through him. The ghost shivered at the experience. "I don't like that."

"It's not so bad, once you get used to it."

Jim spun around and instantly shifted into a standard Starfleet defensive stance. After about half a second, he remembered his intangibility. "Who are you?" he asked as he regarded at the man.

Like Jim, his body had a blue tinge to it and was translucent. Unlike Jim, who was still clad in his Starfleet uniform, he wore a simple gray shirt, white pants and a brown robe. His face was partially obscured by a hood.

Jim walked up to him. "My name is James T. Kirk, late of the starship Enterprise. I ask again: who are you?"

The man pulled down the hood, showing a weathered face and blue eyes that shone with amusement and wisdom. "I am to be your guide into what comes next. It will be confusing and perhaps a little frightening, but I can assure you it will be worth it in the end. Consider it the true 'final frontier'."

Jim turned around slowly and looked up. By now Jean-Luc was halfway up the mountain. "A friend of mine once said that I can take death, and turn it into a fighting chance." He shrugged his shoulders. "I guess my chances were all used up." He looked back at the man. "So, what force sent you here, the angels or the devils?"

A low chuckle escaped from the man's lips. "I wouldn't call all of them angels, but it is a force of the light that sent me." He walked up to Jim and, much to his surprise, placed a hand on Jim's shoulder. "You have done much good, James T. Kirk. It's now time for you to rest. Let the burden of saving the galaxy fall onto the next generation's shoulders."

For a second, he hesitated. Then a thought struck him. I'm dead. What good can come from hanging around this plane of existence when there's a new one just waiting? "All right, lead the way Mr. " He hesitated as a look of confusion swept his face. "By the way, what's your name?"

The man laughed. "I apologize." He bowed in a slightly exaggerated manner. "I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, but you can call me Ben." Ben put his arm around Jim's shoulders as he led Jim off into the light.

"Oh, Ben?"


"Call me Jim."

Chapter One: Crossing the Barrier
Captain's log: Stardate 53010.3. With the end of the Dominion Incursion, Starfleet hopes that diplomatic relations might be opened with the Romulans. We have been allowed to retrieve Ambassador Spock so he might address the Federation Council on the current state of the Romulan Empire.

Jean-Luc Picard stood at attention in transporter room three as a column of energy appeared on the transporter platform in front of him, coalescing into a humanoid form. Details quickly filled in, revealing the robed form of Ambassador Spock.

Spock stepped down from the platform and stood in front of Picard. The captain noted that Spock's face seemed to carry a few more wrinkles since last they met. Still, the Vulcan carried himself with a quiet dignity that few could match. He walked up to Picard and held up his hand. "Peace and long life," he said, spreading his fingers in the traditional Vulcan salute.

Picard nodded and returned the gesture. "Live long and prosper."

Spock nodded. "It is good to see you again, Captain."

Picard nodded, and the two walked out of the transporter room. "How is Romulus?"

Spock's right eyebrow arched. "The populace threw its full support behind the war once the Dominion's plans were leaked. It also led to a lot of the citizens getting involved in issues they might not have." He let out a breath as they continued down the corridor, passing several crewmembers. "The war has possibly done more good for the Romulans than bad. Illogical, but true."

Picard nodded. "War is the least logical course of action, but sometimes the most necessary." They entered a turbolift. "Deck eleven," Picard said.

Picard and Spock continued talking while the car traversed the tunnels connecting the various parts of the ship. "We have Ambassador Worf with us. Perhaps you two can-" Before Picard could continue, the turbo lift shuddered around them. Both men also felt their vision dim, as if the lights inside the car shorted out for a moment. Picard tapped his combadge. "Bridge, what just happened?"
Commander William Riker looked up from the science station in the Enterprise's bridge. "We're not sure, Captain. The ship dropped out of warp, and then everyone's vision went fuzzy for a moment. Frankly, I'm not sure what happened." He glanced up at the ops station, currently occupied by the ship's second officer Lieutenant Commander Data.

Data glanced up from various readoutsand shrugged. "I have no idea what is going on, sir."

Riker let out a groan and looked up at the large main viewscreen mounted at the front of the bridge. "Helm, check the position of the stars against our maps. Let's see where we are."

The main viewscreen flickered from a shot of space to a three-dimensional picture of local space on one side. Various maps of star clusters and sectors flashed on the other as the computer tried to match up where they were. The computer spoke after a full minute. "Unable to identify location."

Data turned back to Riker and smiled. "Well, we are explorers. It appears we can now do quite a bit of exploring."

Riker scowled and turned back to the science station. "Get to work on finding out what happened."

Data nodded and sat back down. "Aye, sir."

The aft turbolift door opened, allowing Picard and Spock to enter. "Report," Picard ordered.

Riker looked up and over. "We don't have any real answers, Captain. One moment we were going along at warp seven, and the next our visions dim and our sensors go offline."

Spock's right eyebrow arched. "I am afraid, Commander Riker, that that is often the case." He walked over to the station and leaned forward. His hands darted over the controls and his eyes narrowed slightly.

The first officer shrank back a bit and a bit of sweat broke out on his forehead at being in proximity of such a legend. It quickly passed as the half-Vulcan's hands continued to fly over the console, checking readings and sensor logs.

He straightened up and looked over to the ops station. "Mister Data, I am going to perform a quantum analysis. Would you assist me?"

The pale-skinned android cocked his cranium to the side and scratched his head. "I would be happy to, but what would be the point?"

A new voice spoke up before Spock could answer. "Captain, we have an unidentified ship entering sensor range."

Picard turned to the source of the voice, an Andorian tactical officer by the name of Tirsek. "Can you identify it?"

Tirsek snarled and shook her head, her shaggy white hair swishing about. "I can't, sir. It doesn't match any known configuration in our database." She looked up and let out a sigh. "Sorry, sir."

Picard waved her off and walked over to his chair. He sat down and looked up at the main viewscreen. "Let's put this new arrival onscreen." The image abruptly changed from space to a small but growing disk. "Magnify."

The disk grew into a larger one and details began showing. Two triangular prongs stuck out of the forward section and a large sensor dish jutted from the dorsal surface. Picard's trained eyes also picked out an obvious weapons emplacement at the top.

Tirsek spoke up. "Sir, we are being hailed Audio only."

The captain nodded. "Put it through."

A male's voice came through. "Ah, this is Han Solo of the Millennium Falcon. Are you people lost?"

Picard's eyebrow arched in a most Vulcan-like fashion. "Ah I believe so. I'm Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise. Can you please tell us our location?"

A short laugh came over. "Heh, that's a good one." There was a short pause before, "Wait, you really don't know?"

The turbolift doors opened again, allowing Ambassador Worf to exit. He wore black pants, a tunic and a robe laden with medals. Worf walked over to Picard's chair and looked over at the viewer. "I apologize for the delay, Captain. I was doing my calisthenics when it happened."

Picard nodded in understanding, then looked back to the viewscreen as he addressed Han Solo again. "I'm afraid not, Captain Solo. It appears we've accidentally crossed a large expanse of space in little time, throwing us into uncharted space. We'd appreciate any help."

On the Falcon, Han's brown eyes looked over the strange ship. He had to admit, it had some fine lines to it. "It looks like she's moving, even while standing still," he muttered.

Next to him, Chewie nodded. [I would give anything to look at that thing's engines,] the Wookiee growled.

Han leaned forward and toggled the com switch. "Captain, you're near the Yavin System. My brother runs the Jedi Academy on the fourth moon of the gas giant. If you'd like, I can escort you there."

Chewie looked over at Han, but he waved him off. "Don't worry, pal. I've got a good feeling about this."
Picard thought for a moment before speaking. "We'd be happy to take you up on your offer, Captain Solo. Picard out."

Tirsek closed the channel before speaking. "Captain, I think I know where this Solo fellow is talking about. There's a star system about two light years out, and sensors not only indicate a gas giant but one with several moons."

Picard nodded and organized his thoughts before speaking. "Mister Data, continue the quantum scan and coordinate with Ambassador Spock. I want a report by the time we hit this Yavin System." He stood up and turned to Worf. "Ambassador, we may need you once we get there."

Worf drew himself to his full height, his dark eyes piercing. "I am at your disposal, Captain."

The captain nodded and patted him on the arm. "Thank you." He turned to helm and spoke. "Set course for the Yavin System, warp seven."

The Enterprise's bow rose and the impulse engines fired, sending the Sovereign-class battle cruiser forward and past the Millennium Falcon. The comparatively tiny CEC YT-1300 freighter pirouetted on its axis and followed behind. The twin nacelles of the Enterprise flashed, creating a warp field and sending the ship hurtling forward at six-hundred fifty-six times the speed of light. The Falcon followed and, with a flash of light, entered hyperspace.

Please read and review?
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mark » Wed Mar 04, 2009 5:58 pm

I like it. The only suggestion I have is that all of it came about kind of fast. It looks like a whole chapter was condensed into a few paragraphs. A bit more in the way of detail and backstory would work well. Otherwise, I like it. :mrgreen:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:37 pm

Mark-Thanks. Thing is, I'm not too good with stretching stuff out. I don't know when too much info/exposition is being given and can bog down my fics.

Here we go!

Captain's log: Stardate 53015.7. The Enterprise is now in orbit around the fourth moon of a gas giant. Hopefully we might be able to contact someone in authority there. Meanwhile, Commander Data and Ambassador Spock have a theory on what has happened to us.
Observation lounge

Lieutenant Commander Data stood at the head of the table with a weird smile on his face. Picard, Riker, Worf, Spock, Tirsek, Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge and Councilor Deanna Troi all sat at the conference table and waited for Data to begin. "I believe Ambassador Spock and I have figured out what has happened. We have crossed over into an alternate reality through a tear in the space/time continuum. Our warp engines use continuum distortion propulsion, so the Enterprise was able to punch through fairly easily."

Worf massaged his forehead and sank down into his chair. "Not again " he muttered.

Data looked up and over at the ambassador. "I am afraid so, Ambassador. Fortunately, we should not be jumping realities."

Worf let out a breath. "For that, I am eternally grateful." A sudden thought crossed his mind. "Wait, what are we doing here? Shouldn't we head back before the hole closes?" he asked, sitting up.

Spock turned and looked over at the agitated Klingon. "The rift sealed immediately after we crossed over, Ambassador. It is entirely logical to assume that our warp engines will be more than sufficient to reopen it."

Data nodded in agreement and Worf shrugged, not entirely convinced but willing to wait.

Picard looked about. "I also think this is an unprecedented opportunity for exploration. Think about it-we're in another universe. And we have a fairly reliable means of getting back to Federation space." He slammed his hands on the table and pushed up into a vertical position. "Commander Tirsek, contact this Jedi Academy and see if they'd allow us to beam a small landing party down."

Tirsek nodded. "Yes, sir." She stood up and made a beeline for the door.

Riker called out before the doors opened and she exited. "And Tirsek, see if you can find out what a 'Jedi' is."

Tirsek paused and nodded once before leaving the conference room, her antennae twitching.
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master and resurrector of the Order, stood out on the landing field, blue eyes cast up at the sky. The gas giant of Yavin Prime dominated the sky, but if he enhanced his eyesight, he could just make out a small sliver of silver against the predominantly blue sky. Han and Chewie stood by him as well as a student of his, Tenel Ka Djo.

Tenel Ka looked up slightly at Luke, her cool-gray eyes betraying no emotion. "Master, may I ask why I am here?"

Luke kept his eyes on the ship but spoke to Tenel Ka. "You're a princess, Tenel Ka, and you've probably got more training in this sort of thing than most of us."

Tenel Ka blanched. "But Master, I have rejected most of the teachings of my grandmother and the royal court!"

The Jedi Master thought about the machinations and, in some cases, literally cutthroat politics of the Hapan court. "Then you are an even better choice than I thought." He turned to Han. "So, when are they coming down?"

Han shrugged and checked his wrist chrono. "Their captain said they'd be coming down in about five minutes." He looked to Chewie. "You got a comlink?"

The large Wookiee unclipped a small communicator from his baldric and handed it over to his honor brother. [Here you are.].

Han half-smiled before holding it up to his mouth and thumbed it on. "Enterprise, this is Han Solo. You planning on joining the welcome party anytime soon?"
On the Enterprise, Picard couldn't help but smile. "We'll be down shortly, Captain Solo." He turned to his handpicked landing party of Ambassadors Spock, Worf and Commander Data as they stood in transporter room three. Riker had protested, but the Captain felt that it was more appropriate for him to go down.

The quartet stepped up onto the raised platform and oriented themselves. "Coordinates are locked in, sir," the transporter operator said from behind a console.

Picard nodded. "Energize." His vision clouded over as his body was disassembled on the quantum level, transmitted down and reassembled. When Picard's vision cleared, he saw three humans and one large humanoid standing at the base of an ancient temple, similar to ancient Mayan structures on Earth.

"How the hell did you do that?" Han asked, his mouth open in shock.

Spock stepped forward and spread his fingers out in the Vulcan salute. "I apologize for our abrupt appearance. My name is-"

He was interrupted by Luke, who stepped forward. "Ambassador Spock, right?" He held up his right hand and spread out his fingers down the middle in an imitation of Spock's gesture. "I am Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. I welcome you to Yavin IV."

Spock's eyebrow arched. "Fascinating." He then motioned to Picard, Data and Worf. "This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data and Ambassador Worf. We are representatives of the United Federation of Planets."

Luke nodded and motioned to Han and Chewie. "You already know Han and Chewie."

Han half-smiled and waved while Chewie bared his fangs and roared a greeting. [Welcome!] His brown eyes fell on Worf and a low rumble came from his throat.

The Klingon bared his own fangs and let a return growl emanate forth from his throat.

Luke motioned to the fourth member of his welcoming committee. "And this is Tenel Ka, princess and heir to the Hapes Consortium."

Tenel Ka stepped forward, her flame-red hair trailing behind. "I greet you."

Worf glanced at her, clad in lizard-skin armor and with a missing left forearm She is a warrior born.

Spock looked into Luke's blue eyes, while Luke lightly probed Spock through the Force. His mental discipline is immense.

Spock's green eyes focused on Luke. "Master Skywalker, we have determined that the Enterprise has crossed into another universe."

Chewie's mouth dropped at that. [Really? How powerful are those engines of yours?] he asked, rubbing his chin.

Han shrugged. "Probably not as powerful as the Falcon's."

Spock's jaw worked for a bit before turning back to Luke. "Among my species, there is a technique known as the Vulcan mind meld. It can allow the transfer of a great deal of information over a short period of time. Would that be acceptable?"

Luke nodded. "It might be the best way. Go ahead, Ambassador."

The Vulcan raised his right hand, spread his fingers out and placed his hand on Luke's face. "My mind to your mind, your thoughts to my thoughts "

Tenel Ka gasped as she felt both Luke and Spock's mind intermingling and merging.

Luke shuddered. "The needs of the many "

"Outweigh the needs " Spock finished. He blinked. "The Force?"

Luke struggled to articulate. "The Jedi the Sith balance must be kept Sarek?"

Spock nodded, and his glassy eyes focused. "And Anakin " Words, images and feeling crossed the mental bridge between the two men until

Spock broke off the link. He shook his head while Data stepped forward. "Are you all right, Ambassador?"

Spock turned and let the faintest ghost of a smile cross his lips. "I am fine, Commander." He straightened his robes and looked over. "It was obviously the will of the Force that we arrive here."

Luke shook his head, sending his short blond hair swishing about. "No, Spock. It was only logical the tear in the space/time continuum happen so near a gravity well"

Worf looked up at Chewie. "Did he talk like that before the mind meld?"

The big Wookiee shrugged. [I'm not sure what to make of it either.]

Luke motioned to the Jedi Temple. "I'll contact Leia. I'm sure she'll want to meet you and possibly open up negotiations."

Spock turned his head around to Picard. "Luke's sister is Chief of State for the New Republic."

Picard sidled up to Spock and leaned close. "Are you all right?"

Spock shook his head and waved him off. "Yes, Captain. The mind meld was unusually intense due to Master Skywalker's powers. I found it quite fascinating."

Han patted Luke on the shoulder. "You okay?"

Luke's blue eyes focused on his brother-in-law. "Yeah. It was just strange."

The former smuggler nodded, although Luke could still feel concern radiating off his best friend. "Well, don't get all logical on me, okay? I don't want you sounding like an astromech, okay?"

A smile tugged at the corner of Luke's mouth, but he kept a serious expression in the end.

Picard tapped his combadge. "Enterprise, we have made successful first contact."

Riker's voice came over the embedded speaker grille, relief evident in his voice."Well, that's good." He paused for a moment. "When can we expect your return?"

Picard paused for a moment and turned to the quartet. "One moment, Number One." The good captain cleared his throat, attracting Han, Chewie, Tenel Ka and Luke. "Would any of you like a tour of the ship?"

Chewie let out a roar and ran over to Picard. [Yes, Captain! I do wish for a tour!] he bellowed, jumping up and down like a cub.

Tenel Ka let a ghost of a smile cross her lips. "Ah, aha. I also wish to take a tour of the ship."

Han and Luke exchanged a glance. "We gonna let them have all the fun?"

A big smile crossed Luke's mouth. "It might be neat."

All four walked over to the away team's position and Picard spoke again. "Bridge, we will be having four guests."

Han stood next to Data, brown eyes looking up at the sky. "Will this hurt?"

Data patted him on the shoulder. "I assure you, Captain, you will not feel a thing."

Han turned to him and nodded, but before he could say anything, a silvery cloud descended over his eyes. When it lifted a half-second later, Han found himself standing in a room on an elevated pedestal.

Worf, Spock, Picard and Data calmly stepped off, Picard turning back to the transporter platform. "That was our transporter. It converts matter to-" Picard stopped talking when he noticed none of the new arrivals moving.

Luke waved his hand about and flexed it. "That was incredible."

Han's hands were checking his midsection and he was mumbling. "Kidneys check. Lungs " He took in a deep lungful of air, "check." He blinked and focused on Data. "I can see." His shoulders sagged in relief. "I'm all here!" He stepped down and walked over to the transporter chief. "Hey, kid. How can I get one of these for my ship?"

Picard raised his hand, palm out. "Ah, Captain Solo? What about the tour?"

Han half-turned and waved him off. "Oh, I'll catch up."

Picard and Luke exchanged a glance, and Luke spoke up. "Han, Chewie might need a translator, and what about the Enterprise's engines?"

Han rolled his eyes and stood back up. "I'm coming, kid." Before he left, the former smuggler turned to the transporter chief. "I'll be back, though."

"You heard me, Jim. The Enterprise is in my reality. It crashed through something."

James T. Kirk let out a metaphorical sigh and grabbed Obi-Wan Kenobi by his ethereal shoulders, spinning the Jedi Master around. "They crossed into your dimension? Is that good?"

Ben shrugged. "See for yourself." He waved his hand and a small window into the world of the living appeared, the mists of the Force rolling back to reveal one of the many dimensions in the multiverse.

Jim's jaw dropped as he watched the Enterprise fly through the tear in space and meet up with the Falcon. "Not the best-maintained ship, is it?" he quipped.

Ben shot him a dirty look. "I think we know who's responsible."

Jim nodded. Both spirits turned and shouted, "Q!"

On cue, a flash of light heralded the arrival of the sometimes malevolent godlike being. "And what do you two pieces of consciousness want?" Q asked.

Jim motioned to the window. "Care explaining?"

Q shrugged. "Sorry, boys, but I've got an alibi this time."

Ben's mustache twitched. "Fight with the missus?"

The godling scowled. "Stop reading my mind! You're lucky I don't-"

"-Smite us or something. We know!" the former starship captain interrupted.

The trickster waved Jim off. "Oh, why don't you go talk another malfunctioning computer or pretender god into suicide?"

Jim rubbed his chin in thought. "Got a minute, Q?"

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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mark » Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:42 am

That was cool......I'm looking forward to the interaction between Chewie and Worf, Han and Riker (and Data, that should be fun), and Luke and well.....everybody. :mrgreen:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Tsukiyumi » Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:53 am

Yeah, this is really quite well done so far. I'm looking forward to the next part. :)
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mikey » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:09 pm

I already told you how much I like it. I actually went to sleep last night still thinking of Chewie hopping up and down at the chance of going to see the E-E. :lol:
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mark » Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:29 pm

I just had a vision of Chewie getting lodged in a Jeffery's tube.
They say that in the Army,
the women are mighty fine.
They look like Phyllis Diller,
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby stitch626 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:25 pm

This is awesome. If only you could legally publish it.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:41 pm

Mark-Thanks. I just hope I don't diappoint you. I find interaction to be... lacking in most crossovers.

Tsukiyumi-Thank you, too. :) I try, and sometimes I even succeed.

Mikey-LOL, that you did. Chewie's a tech head-what can I say? He'd have to be to work on the Falcon so long. ;)

Mark-LOL, maybe.

Stitch626-Ooh, not that good. :oops: But thanks for the kind words.

Here we go!

Chapter Two: Shock and Awe
" And this is the matter/antimatter reaction assembly. It powers the ship and allows us to exceed light speed while staying in the same universe." Geordi La Forge turned away from the large pulsating cylinder that powered the starship and to his guests. "What do you think?"

Han and Chewie looking up and down it with equal looks of awe and envy. "Controlled antimatter reaction " Han said in a hushed tone.

[This has been a dream of engineers for millennia,] Chewie finished for his friend.

Geordi chuckled at their enthusiasm and turned his cybernetic eyes back to the assembly and two conduits that shot to the aft nacelles. "Well, it's not that complex once you get down to the basics."

Han paid him no mind as he walked up to the main reaction chamber. His fingers reached out to it, barely brushing the door. "How do you regulate the flow of antimatter without blowing the ship up?" he asked.

Geordi reached over and patted the side of the chamber. "It's called dilithium crystal."

Han turned his brown eyes to Geordi and, with a trademark Solo grin, asked., "Any chance of getting a look at it?"

Chewie groaned and lightly tapped Han on his shoulder. [Honor Brother ]

Geordi looked over at Data with a pleading expression. The android nodded. "Captain Solo, would you and Chewbacca like to visit the hangar bay? We have a large complement of shuttles and other vehicles."

Han and Chewie exchanged a glance. "Okay, why not?"

Chewie stroked his chin. [That might be nice.]

Han motioned to Data. "Lead the way."

The android commander smiled and walked off while Han and Chewie followed. "Bye, Geordi," he said before disappearing down an intersection.

Geordi let out a sigh of relief. He had been playing tour guide for nearly three hours, and his engines needed him. He turned back to Main Engineering. "Okay, people!" he said, clapping his hands together. "Let's get that recalibration done!"
Tenel Ka and Worf sat in Ten-Forward, the Enterprise's watering hole. It was on deck ten, on the forward edge of the saucer section-hence the name.

"What is this drink you wish me to try?" Tenel Ka asked the Klingon as she sat at the bar.

Worf bared his fangs in a smile. "It is called prune juice. I shall say no more until you sample some."

An older woman approached with two mugs clasped in her hands. "Here you go, Worf."

Worf nodded. "Thank you, Guinan."

The bartender turned to Tenel Ka and smiled enigmatically. "So, I hear you're a princess?"

Tenel Ka nodded. "That is a fact. I am heir to the Hapes Consortium, sixty-three star systems near the Core Worlds." She raised the mug and took a sip of prune juice. Her storm-gray eyes widened. "This is a warrior's drink!" she exclaimed.

Worf laughed and held up his glass near Tenel Ka. She nodded and hit Worf's glass with her own. "Qapla', Tenel Ka."

The warrior princess tilted her head, but instead of asking Worf what that meant, she simply nodded. "Qapla', Worf."
Captain's log: Supplemental. Two starships have arrived in orbit of Yavin IV, the R.S.S. Headquarters Frigate from the New Republic and the I.S.S. Chimaera from the Imperial Remnant. Although the New Republic's presence here was expected and even welcome, the appearance of this 'star destroyer' has me slightly on edge. Meanwhile, Commander Data and Captain Solo have taken a shuttle to the approximate location of the continuum tear.
Spock, Worf, Picard and Luke stood in shuttle bay one and awaited the arrival of two shuttles. Worf scowled. "Why don't they let us use the transporters?"

Luke turned his head to his right. "Having the supreme commander of the Imperial Navy vanish off the bridge might be considered something of a threat."

The Klingon ambassador merely massaged the bridge of his nose as the two shuttles passed the outer force field that kept the atmosphere in and the occupants alive. The first shuttle was the [i]Alderaan
, the personal vehicle of Chief of State Organa Solo. The sleek, pearl-white vessel touched down with nary a thud. Worf picked out several gun turrets, but they were discrete and recessed.

The imperial shuttle, meanwhile, resembled an armored beetle with no legs-until the landing gear extended. Then the illusion was complete. Picard exchanged a glance with Luke. "Interesting contrast, wouldn't you say?"

Luke's ice-blue eyes glanced over the two craft. He held his hand up to his chin in thought. "Now that you mention it "

The Alderaan's main hatch opened, allowing Leia, Fleet Admiral Ackbar and two bodyguards to disembark. The imperial shuttle, meanwhile, disgorged a squad of stormtroopers. They lined up along either side of the main ramp in parade formation while a white-haired old man hobbled down with the aid of a cane.

He walked over to the quartet and stood at attention. "I am Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon of the Galactic Empire." He extended his hand forward. "A pleasure, Captain."

Picard waited for a pair of heartbeats before clasping his hand and pumping it twice. "And I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard, representing the United Federation of Planets." He motioned to the two ambassadors. "These are Ambassadors Spock and Worf."

Pellaeon nodded at them, then turned to Luke. "And how are you, Master Jedi?"

Luke shrugged. "I will admit, I'm surprised to see you here. The Enterprise has been here for little over a week and word of it has reached Bastion?"

Pellaeon's mustache twitched as he smiled. "Well, I do admit to keeping my ear to the ground on such matters. And Princess, I swear you look better each time I see you."

Leia walked up to the elderly admiral and smiled. "And you're still as sharp as ever, Admiral Pellaeon."

Ackbar's eyes swiveled around and locked onto the back of Pellaeon's head. "Be warned, Admiral. I shall not tolerate any aggressive action on your part. This is a diplomatic mission."

Pellaeon's right eye twitched at his words. "Then what are you doing here, Ackbar? You're the head of the military, not a diplomat."

The tendrils under Ackbar's wide mouth twitched, but he remained silent.

Spock spoke up. "It would appear that tensions still run high despite the truce between your two powers. I suggest we all convene in the conference room and discuss this."

Leia turned to the Vulcan and smiled, nodding once. "That's an excellent idea, Ambassador Spock." She looked back at Pellaeon. "After you, sir."

Pellaeon shook his head. "No, ladies first."

Worf rolled his eyes. Can't we just get on with this? he thought.

Luke sidled up to him and whispered, "Wait until we get up to the conference room, Worf. Then my sister will really unsheathe her claws."
Five minutes later
The group emerged from a rather crowded turbolift and onto the bridge. "I must say, your ship is most advanced for a culture only a little over two centuries old," Pellaeon commented. He ran his fingers along the nearest console and whistled. "These are very clean lines, but an odd user interface."

Ackbar's eyes focused on the science station. "I see nothing wrong with their interface, Pellaeon."

Picard and Spock exchanged a glance as they entered the conference room at the aft end of the bridge. Leia and Pellaeon sat at opposite sides of the table. Picard sat at the head while Luke, Spock, Worf and Ackbar surrounded it.

Leia cleared her throat. "Captain, the New Republic is a progressive, open society dedicated to peace among the varied species. An alliance between the Federation and the New Republic would be most beneficial."

Picard nodded. "Well, that certainly mirrors the Federation. We too are a community of diverse individuals."

Pellaeon raised a hand and spoke up. "Yes, but before long the Federation would cease to exist if you enter into an alliance with the New Republic. They'd absorb you."

Leia glanced over. "Hardly, Gilad. The New Republic doesn't conquer systems." She glanced down. "That was the Empire's job."

The Grand Admiral rolled his eyes and tossed his hand into the air. "Oh, please! That was Palpatine and his cronies, not the new Empire. Besides," he leaned forward, "talk of an alliance with either one of us is a bit premature. We still have to find out if travel through that little rupture in space/time is stable."

As if on cue, Spock walked over to the a wall-mounted viewscreen. "Actually, Admiral. That's what we're waiting on as well." He touched a button on the bottom and the computer beeped. "Commander Data, are you ready?"
Shuttlecraft Olsen, en route to the anomaly
" The clown can stay, but the Ferengi in the gorilla suit has to go!" Data said, laughing out loud. "Do you get it?" he asked Han, yellow eyes wide.

For his part, the former smuggler's face was beet-red from unsuccessfully trying to hold in his laughter. Finally, he slapped the console in front of him and doubled over as paroxysms overcame him. "Data, you have to teach my son that one!"

Data nodded. "Of course, Captain Solo! Shall I teach it to Jacen or Anakin?"

Han waved him off. "Oh, tell it to both of them. Jacen will be glad he's got another joke to tell Tenel Ka and Anakin will try to figure it out." His face took on a serious look for a moment. "And don't call me 'Captain Solo'. It's Han to you, okay?"

Data nodded. "Of course." He looked down at the pilot console in front of him. "We are now within two hundred thousand kilometers of the anomaly."

Han's fingers pressed several buttons on the console in front of him. "Hey, thanks for showing me how to run the shuttle." A half-smile crossed his lips. "I'll have to see if I can buy one of these from your government. I need a new project."

Data scanned the anomaly. A holographic image of a blue ovoid appeared on one of his screens. "The anomaly is emitting subspace radiation, but it is a steady stream."

Han glanced over at the readouts on Data's console. "Would that mean it's stable?"

Data merely shrugged. "That is what we are here to find out. I am launching the probe."

A large gray casing lay on the ventral surface of the shuttle, duranium bands strapping it to the shuttle. Magnetic clamps deactivated, allowing it to float away before its main thruster fired, sending the probe at the anomaly.

A beeping noise came from the speaker. "It is the Enterprise," Data said, opening the com channel.

Spock's voice came through loud and clear. "Commander Data, are you ready?"

Data automatically nodded, even though Spock couldn't see him. "The probe is set to emit warp field radiation matched to the Enterprise's main engines and then go through any resulting tear in the space/time continuum. Then it shall return."

A large ripple out in space formed, almost as if a wave had crested. The probe slipped through the crack in reality and disappeared. Information it collected still streamed into the shuttle's computers, however. Data's golden eyes assimilated the data and a smile blossomed on his face. Within seconds, he leapt from his chair and pumped his arm. "YES!" he shouted.

Han stood up in amazement. "What? What's gotten you so worked up?"

Data turned to him and calmed down. "The quantum signature of the reality the probe has entered matches the Enterprise's quantum signature." He noticed Han's blank stare and cleared his throat. "It is where we came from."

Han sat back in his chair. "Oh, well I knew that," he muttered, waving his hand a bit. "Quantum signature of course. All makes sense."

Data spoke. "Enterprise, did you copy?"
Back at the conference room, Spock turned back to the table. "We copy, Commander." He pressed a button and the channel closed. "And it appears that negotiations are now on."

Chapter Three: Negotiations
Captain's Log: Stardate 53020.1. The Enterprise has made contact with Starfleet Command. They are quite interested in our discovery of a stable inter-dimensional rift and have placed us on detached duty.

Ambassadors Spock and Worf have opened negotiations with the New Republic and the Empire. I am confident in their abilities to secure trade routes with both powers.

Picard rose from his desk in his ready room and walked over to the replicator. "Tea, earl gray, hot." A small tea cup filled with the brew materialized in the small matte-black slot in the wall. The captain walked slowly back to his desk, dreading the paperwork building up. He sat down and activated the small monitor on the desk, his eyes going over the reports from the department heads. So immersed was he, he didn't even hear the door chime for almost a minute.

Picard's head shot up at the third chime. "Enter!"

The door slid open, allowing Admiral Ackbar to walk in. "I apologize if I was disturbing you," he said in his gravelly voice.

Picard waved him off. "No, I am the one who should be sorry."

Ackbar sat down at the desk and his eyes looked over the monitor. "It appears some things don't change no matter what universe you're in."

The captain smiled and took a sip of tea. "Oh, did you want something to eat or drink?"

Ackbar's eyes swiveled a bit. "Thank you, yes." He looked around. "Got it hidden somewhere?"

Picard smiled and rose from his desk. "Let me show you the food replicator." He walked back and pointed to the slot in the wall. "Just ask for anything. We've used transporter technology to enable us to recreate most foodstuffs and other items. Although if you ask me, they leave something to be desired," he said, winking.

The Mon Cal cleared his throat. He rubbed his chin for a moment before speaking. "Computer, I wish for a meal consisting of fish, preferably raw and preferably something from Earth."

The computer beeped. "There are fifteen thousand dishes. Please specify."

Ackbar's right eye focused on Picard. "Any suggestions?"

Picard scrolled through the selections. "Computer, please replicate a plate of tuna-maguro sushi."

There was a small whirring and a dish of sushi appeared in a small whirlpool of light. Ackbar took one of the rolled-up pieces and popped it into his mouth. He turned to Picard and gave his best approximation of a human smile. "Not bad, Captain."

The two sat back down. "I'm curious, Admiral, as to why you objected so strongly to Pellaeon's presence at this meeting," Picard said as he tugged down on his jacket. "From what I understand, he was one of the principle architects of the current peace between your two governments."

Ackbar opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it and put his thoughts into order. "How much do you know of the history of my planet?" Picard's silence answered that for Ackbar, so he continued. "During the Clone Wars, we lost contact with the main government on Coruscant. After a few years, a Wilhuff Tarkin led a fleet to my planet and occupied it."

Ackbar paused, allowing Picard to fill in the rest. "Occupied in the name of the Galactic Empire, I'll assume."

Ackbar slowly nodded. "Before we drove them off, three of our cities were burnt to the bedrock and many of our people were taken as slaves including myself." Ackbar paused again, as if the act of recalling those memories were physically painful to him. "I have fought against the Empire for most of my life, and although I feel that I can trust Pellaeon, I am still wary of him. He is of the old guard and remembers the Empire at its height."

Picard's lips formed a thin line as he contemplated Ackbar's words. "Admiral, about one hundred years ago, Worf's people, the Klingons, were considered the mortal enemies of the Federation. James Kirk once said to 'let them die' when their homeworld was in danger. Now they are our most steadfast allies." He let the words sink in for a moment before continuing. "A bridge must be formed between your two governments, Ackbar."

The door chime sounded again. Picard leaned to the left and said, "Enter."

The door slid open, revealing Pellaeon. He glanced in and saw the two sitting at the desk. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll leave."

He stepped back, but before the door closed, Ackbar rose from his chair and reached out with a flippered hand. "Wait, Gilad! Please, come in. We're having tea and sushi."

The grand admiral stepped back in, grabbed a chair and sat down. "I'd love to. Say, does your universe have earl gray?"

Picard and Ackbar exchanged a glance. "I think this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship," Picard said, taking a sip of tea.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Tsukiyumi » Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:59 pm

Still great. :)

Do you have an idea of where this goes, or are you just sort of winging it?
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mark » Fri Apr 24, 2009 1:01 am

Data telling Han Solo jokes......DEAR GOD!!!!!!!
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mikey » Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:33 am

And Pallaeon drinking Earl Grey tea. Your tongue-in-cheek approach is what makes this so much fun.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby Mark » Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:37 am

Still waiting for the card game that I KNOW has to happen.
They say that in the Army,
the women are mighty fine.
They look like Phyllis Diller,
and walk like Frankenstein.
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

Postby RK_Striker_JK_5 » Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:46 pm

Tsuki-Actually, this is a rewrite of an earlier version. A version that I wrote before I learnt basic effin' grammar. I am rewriting it and posting it not only on this board but another one. The other posting is quite far ahead. To be honest, I'm reluctant to edit/rewirte it further due to it already being rewritten. So your expectations before it's all said and done will probably be dashed.

Mark-Yes,m but Han finds them funny. He's weird like that. :P And the card game will happen.

Mikey-And sitting down with Ackbar. Picard has a tendency to do that with people. In most SW/ST crossovers, they'd be shooting each other. I like to think I'm being original.

Here we go!

The Olsen approached the Enterprise's aft section, touching down in the saucer hangar. Data and Han exited the small craft and were quickly met by Commander Riker. "How did it go?" he asked, somewhat breathless.

Han looked back at the shuttle. "She's a good ship. Not as fast as the Falcon, but a few modifications should take care of that."

Riker smiled and his blue eyes flashed. "A bit of a pilot, Captain?"

Han smirked. "Oh, I've been around. You?"

Riker shrugged as the trio walked out of the hangar. "I've been behind the controls of a craft or two." He turned his head to Data. "The captain wants you to check over the duty roster for the next few days."

Data nodded. "I shall get right on it." He nodded to Han before taking a left at an intersection while Han and Riker took a right.

Before the android entered the next turbolift, Riker half-shouted, "The poker game's still on for tonight. 2000 hours at my quarters."

Data entered the car, turned around and spoke. "I will be there," he said just before the doors closed.

Han looked over at Riker. "Poker? What's that?"

Riker smiled. "It's an ancient card game from Earth. Interested in trying it out?"

The former smuggler shifted his stance a bit, leaning forward and rubbing his chin. "Oh, I'll give it a try. 2000 hours you said?"

Riker's eyes narrowed a bit as he detected a hint of challenge in Han's voice. "Well, be at deck seven. The computer can tell you the specific room." Riker turned around and went down another hallway, leaving Han by himself.

Han's brown eyes narrowed. I've never even heard of poker! he thought before waving himself off. Ah, how hard can it be. He suddenly looked about before grabbing the arm of a passing crewmember. "Ah, can you tell me how to get to Commander Data's quarters?
"So, who do you think will win?

"I only knew him for a short time, but I believe Han's got the edge. He's an unknown quantity to the others and can bluff with the best of them."

Q watched Jim and Ben as they watched the unfolding drama onboard the Enterprise. "Have Leia and Pellaeon kissed and made up?"

Jim turned and glared at him. "Do you really want me to start?" he asked, a feral glint in his eyes.

Q held up his hands and backed off. "Don't get snippy with me, Jimmy." He suddenly looked to their left and grinned. "Ah, Mace!" he shouted, holding his arms out to his side. He suddenly looked at his limbs and dropped them back to the side. "Oh, sorry," he said.

Jedi Master Mace Windu clenched his one fist and raised it to Q. His lips curled and even through the haze that surrounded his body, a vein could be seen on his forehead. "What are you doing talking to that charlatan?" he snarled, suddenly whirling to face Jim and Ben.

Jim's mouth opened slightly. "Sorry, I didn't think I needed your permission, Mace."

Ben cleared his throat. "Apologies, Master. But with Q, it's not like we have much of a choice." He glanced back at the entity. "Right, Q?"

Q chuckled. "Correct, Benny!" He turned back to Mace. "So, Lefty-oops, sorry. Still a bit of a sore subject?"

Mace's lips twitched. "I stay one-armed to remind myself what happens when you let your guard down, Q. And one thing I will
never do around you is-" He was interrupted as a bright flash of light enveloped him. When it faded, Mace was gone and a small dog was in his place, still barking.

"Q!" Ben shouted, eyes wide. He speed-walked over to the short-haired canine and knelt down. "Master, are you all right? Master?"

The dog barked some more before it was once more enveloped in light, transforming back into Mace. "And furthermore, I-" He paused and looked to Ben standing next to him. "Wait when did you get there?"

Ben sighed and patted Mace on the arm. "Perhaps you'd best conjure up a couch and lie down, Master Windu. It'd be better that way."

Mace growled slightly before turning back to Q. "I'll be back," he said before walking off, his ethereal body fading as he walked off

Jim shook his head. "That was low, Q."

Q nodded. "You're right. I should've changed him into a Doberman instead of a Springer spaniel."

" Technology exchanges might be beneficial in the short-term, but it curbs innovation. I'd love to see what Geordi or Data can do with a hyperdrive motivator," Leia said, shaking her head.

Pellaeon nodded. "I agree. Either one of those young men could probably turn a tramp freighter into a speed demon."

Spock looked over some notes as he sat at the head of the table, mediating the talks. They Pellaeon had talked with Picard and Ackbar and Leia went down to Yavin IV to visit with her children earlier in the day during a short recess. Both had returned and were making rapid progress toward a treaty with the Federation.

The chief of state spoke up, her brown eyes darting to the viewscreen behind Spock. "Oh, how could I forget?" She rose and walked over. "Computer, please display a map of the Federation and any surrounding nations."

The screen flickered to life and displayed the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the 'lower half' of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Federation appeared as a large blue mass, easily larger than any other power in the area. The Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire showed up to the 'right' of the Federation while the Cardassian Union and the Ferengi Trade Alliance showed up to the 'left'. And about a half-dozen smaller entities filled the rest of the map, with swaths of unexplored areas.

Leia rubbed her chin and spoke. "The space/time tear-and we need a better name for it, by the way-is about ten light-years inside your borders. Can these other nations have access to it?"

Spock turned and examined the map. "The Klingons and the Romulans are our allies. It would be illogical to deny them access. The Ferengi would find a way even if we barred them access and they would find great friends with the Hutt cartels."

Pellaeon's mustache waggled at that. "How do you know of the Hutts?"

Spock's eyebrow arched as he glanced over at him. "It was during a mind meld with Master Skywalker. I learned much of your state of affairs." He turned back to the map. "The Cardassians, however, will not be able to make use of the tear for many years. Their entire infrastructure was decimated during a recent war."

Leia shook her head. "It is the same no matter where you go. War will bring ruin to someone."

Pellaeon checked the time. "Oh, my. Have we been going at this for four hours?" He stood up and stretched, his back popping slightly. "This is more exhausting than working in my garden."

Spock's green eyes widened a bit. "A garden? Of what type?"

The grand admiral shrugged. "Oh, it's a simple flower garden. I haven't had much time to work with it for a bit."

Spock smoothed out his ceremonial robes while Pellaeon tugged down on the front of his dress shirt as they both rose from their seats. "I believe we may have something to discuss," Spock said.

Pellaeon regarded him. "Really? It'd be fascinating, Ambassador."

Leia shook her head. "Well, while you two play around in the dirt, I need to find Han." She looked to the ceiling. "Computer, has Han Solo returned to the Enterprise?"

The computer beeped before speaking. "Affirmative. Captain Solo is on deck nine."

A smirk crossed the princess' lips. "I think I'll send Threepio to get him."

Pellaeon's blue eyes widened. "You wouldn't be that cruel!" he said in an overly melodramatic tone.

Leia merely walked to the door, tossed the men a wave and left.

"She can be that cruel, actually," Spock remarked.
Data and Han walked down the corridor, talking about the upcoming poker game. "So, who else will be there?" Han asked.

Data cocked his head to the side and thought for a moment before responding. "Geordi, Doctor Crusher, Councilor Troi and Commander Tirsek are the other regulars. It is unknown if Worf will attend." He stopped in front of a door and pressed a button on the door control.

Riker's voice came through the speaker. "Come," before the door then slid open, allowing them entry.

Han stepped forward and noted the spacious living quarters and various personal items. His brown eyes slid over to a brass instrument. "You play?" he asked, pointing to it.

Riker glanced up from the table and over at Han. "Oh, yeah. It's called a trombone." A sly grin crossed his face. "I can play some jazz for you if you're interested."

The former smuggler waved him off as he sat down next to a striking redhead. He smiled and held out his hand. "Why, hello. I'm Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon."

She turned to him and gave the rogue a withering glare. "Ah, nice to meet you. I'm Beverly Crusher." She leaned in and whispered, "How's your wife?"

A chorus of 'ohs' echoed from everyone present. Data's yellow eyes flittered around. "Where is Worf?"

Riker let out a sigh as he handed out stacks of chips. "He said he was using the holodeck for calisthenics with what was her name? The red-haired woman."

Han looked over from his seat. "Tenel Ka?"

Riker nodded and snapped his fingers. "Yeah, that's her." He picked up the deck of cards and began shuffling them, but then looked up at Han. "Oh, since you're our guest, would you care to shuffle?"

Han nodded and accepted the deck His brown eyes flickered around while his hands automatically shuffled the deck. "Why, thank you, Will." A grin formed on his mouth as he saw Riker's eyes widen at his skill with the cards.

After seven shuffles, Han began passing out the cards. "Okay, we'll start out simple. This'll be draw poker, nothing wild." He passed five cards out to each player.

Tirsek, sitting next to Riker, spoke up. "Tell me something, Captain. Did you study up on the game beforehand?"

Han merely smiled and looked at his cards. "I bet twenty," he said, putting two chips into the pot. Beverly, Deanna, Data, Tirsek and Riker followed suit.

Deanna drew two cards from Han, took one look at her cards and sighed. "I'm out."

Beverly took a small stack of chips and placed them in the pot. "I bet fifty."

The remaining players followed suit. Han took a look at his cards and drew two from the deck. Riker looked over. "So, what type of card games do you have in your reality?"

Han studied his cards while talking to the commander. "My favorite's called sabacc. It's a bit more complicated than poker, but it requires more equipment. All you need here is a deck of cards and another person." He put another stack of chips in, larger than the first. "I now bet 100."

Data looked at his cards, calculated the odds of him winning against what he knew of Han, Riker, Tirsek, Geordi and Beverly and his shoulders slumped. "I fold," he muttered.

Riker smiled and put a stack of chips into the pile. Beverly, meanwhile, shook her head. "I fold."

Geordi's cybernetic eyes twitched. "I fold too."

Tirsek growled before slamming her cards on the table. "The cards are never with me!"

Han and Riker looked each other in the eye. "There's no way you'll beat me at this," Riker said. He laughed and put his cards on the table. "I've got a straight flush."

Everyone around shook their head at that. "You are unbeatable!" Geordi said.

Deanna patted him on the back even as he bent over to gather the chips up.

Han, however, stopped him. "Hey pal. I didn't lay my cards down yet." Riker backed down and Han placed his cards on the table. "I believe this is a royal flush. Am I right, Data?"

The android nodded in awe. "Yes, Han. It is."

Han laughed and scooped the chips up. "Oh, thank you!"
Two hours later
" And I contacted Iron Fist and told that fat slob to kiss my Wookiee," Han said, waving his hand as he recounted his fight with Warlord Zsinj.

Tirsek sat back in her chair and looked up at the ceiling. "Han you lead an inspired life."

The door chimed and Riker leaned over. "Come."

The door quietly slid open, allowing a golden-plated robot to shuffle in. "Oh there you are, Master Solo!"

Han's blood froze and his eyes widened. "Oh, no. Not now "

See-Threepio walked up to Han and patted him on the shoulder. "Mistress Leia has been worried about you and demands to know where you've been!"

Threepio's head jerked up, and he regarded everyone around, his optics flashing. "Oh, hello. I am See-Threepio, human/cyborg relations."

Data stood up and walked up to Threepio. "I am Data," he said, holding his hand out to shake the droid's hand.

Threepio accepted the proffered hand and shook. "Why, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Tirsek's mouth canted open. "I've never seen anything like you." She looked back down at Han. "Are artificial life-forms common in this reality?"

Han scowled. "He's not a 'life-form', Tirsek. He's a pain in the butt."

The protocol droid let out an synthetic sigh and waved his arms about. "Oh, sometimes I don't know why I even bother."

Han turned around in his seat. "Threepio, what do you want?" he barked out, his face flushing red.

Threepio looked down at him. "As I said before, Mistress Leia wishes for you to meet her at the shuttle in the main hangar deck."

Han slumped down in his seat. "Oh, why me?"

Threepio's expressionless face seemed to take on a look of confusion, even though that wasn't actually possible. "I would assume that since Mistress Leia is your mate, you are the one-"

Han shot out of his seat and turned to the droid. "Okay, okay, OKAY!"

Deanna's eyebrows shot up in surprise at Han's outburst. "Is there a problem, Captain?"

The former smuggler waved her off. "No, it's nothing. I just don't like being interrupted in the middle of a game by goldenrod here." He tugged down on his shirt and motioned to the door. "Lead the way."

Riker shrugged. "Well, it's a shame you have to go, but if the chief of state needs you "

Han scowled and leaned over, gathering up the chips he had won. "Oh, it's fine. After all, I've already cleaned you out this week's pay. I do want to leave you with something for next week."

Will smirked. "Oh, did you do that before or after I won your sidearm?"

Han pursed his lips and pointed at Riker. "I'll win that back." And with that, he looked around. "Anyone got something I can use to carry my winnings?"

Data rose from his seat and walked over to the replicator mounted in the wall. A few seconds later, he handed Han a small brown sack. "It was most enjoyable playing poker with you, Han," Data said.

Han smiled broadly and shook the android's hand. "Same here. And thanks for teaching me about the game." He walked to the door, followed by 3PO.

Riker frowned. "You taught him poker, Data? How could you?"

Data's right eyebrow arched. "I saw nothing wrong with that, Commander. I thought that it would be an interesting cultural exchange."

Deanna patted him Will the shoulder. "Oh, calm down. Obviously Captain Solo is highly adaptive and intelligent." Her dark eyes sparkled. "He's also quite handsome."

Riker sat up straight and turned to her. "Are you kidding me? He's cocky, insubordinate and full of himself."

Deanna rolled her eyes. "Please, Will. We're talking about Han, not you."

Data excused himself and quickly tracked down Han and Threepio. "Han, I wish to apologize for Commander Riker's behavior."

Han turned and waved the android off. "Oh, don't worry about it. Even I'll admit I can get under people's skins."

Data's yellow eyes drifted to the empty holster on his belt. "I must ask, why did you not simply trade your winnings for your weapon?"

Han shifted his stance as he thought about that. "Well he won it from me fair and square, so I feel like I have to win it back, you know?"

Data's head tilted to the side. "Hmm, I understand." He reached out and patted Han on the forearm. "Good luck with winning it back." He glanced at Threepio as he shuffled up to them. "Threepio, are your joints working properly?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

Threepio's head looked down at his legs and he threw up his arms in panic. "Oh, there's something wrong with my joints? Oh, no!"

Data's eyes widened a bit. "No, Threepio! I did not say that. I actually have no knowledge of the condition of your joints."

The droid seemed to hesitate for a moment. "Oh."

Data spoke to Han. "I am curious, Han. What is Threepio's legal status in the New Republic?"

Han glanced over at Threepio and shrugged. "Legal status? For a droid?" He shook his head and chuckled. "Data, droids don't have legal status. They're just machines!"

Data's yellow eyes widened in shock. "But Threepio is clearly sentient. Why does he have no legal status?"

Threepio stayed silent throughout the exchange, curious as to why Commander Data was talking about whether or not a droid had sentience. "Ah, excuse me, Commander, but why do you care about my 'sentience'? After all, I'm only a protocol droid."

Data shook his head. "I do not believe so. You exhibit several traits that indicate you are a sentient being."

Han's brown eyes flicked back and forth between the two. He finally held up his hand. "Data, Threepio was built to mimic humanoid reactions, but he's simply a collection of sub-processors, circuits and gold plating. He's no more sentient than the computer that runs this ship."

Data pursed his lips as the relatively familiar of anger emotion overcame him. "So because Threepio is a machine, he is not alive."

Han felt a prickly sensation creep up his spine as the conversation continued. "Well, yeah."

Data turned on his heel and stalked off, leaving behind a bewildered Han and a thoroughly confused Threepio. The captain hurried off after Data. "Wait, what's your problem?" he yelled, drawing more than a few stares from other crewmembers.

Data stopped and held up his right arm. He grabbed onto it with his left hand, twisted it and pulled, detaching it at the elbow joint. Han's mouth dropped in shock as he saw the fiber optic cable dangling from the stump. "I am an android, Captain Solo. Do you consider me alive?"

The android reattached his arm and waited for Han to speak, who was still in a bit of shock. "You're an android?" he finally sputtered out.

Data nodded. "I was found by Starfleet in 2338 and enrolled in the academy three years later. In 2365 it was determined that I have the right to make my own choices and that I am no one's property." He turned on his heel. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have duties to perform," he said before walking off to the nearest turbolift.

Han paused before racing down the corridor. "Wait!" he cried out, waving at Data. He skidded to a halt and looked around. "Oh, kriff it " He ran back to Threepio. "Threepio, tell Leia I'm sorry, but I might be a bit, all right?"

Threepio nodded. "Of course, sir. I shall do that right away." He watched as Han ran off once more. "Sir, he went the other way!" he shouted, raising his arm and pointing.
Ten minutes later
Han stopped in front of a nondescript door. He checked the nameplate before touching the call button next to the door. "Data? Data, it's me, Han. I'm-" He stopped and placed his hands on his hips, thinking on his next words. "I'm sorry."

The door slid open, causing Han to step back a bit in surprise. He stepped into Data's quarters, noting paintings hanging on a bulkhead and a couch and chairs. He saw two doors on opposite ends. "Data?" he called out, moving to the left.

He found the android. "Data, I'm what are you doing?" he asked, seeing Data standing in front of an easel, paintbrush and palette in hand. "Are you painting?"

Data nodded, keeping his eyes on the canvas as his hand made deft, precise strokes. "Yes. I am entering an abstract phase at the moment, but might return to cubism later." He paused before putting his paintbrush down. "Captain, I must apologize for storming off like that."

Han shook his head. "Nah, it's all right." He paused for a moment. "You're an android? And you're also the ship's second officer?"

Data nodded. "I was permitted to enter Starfleet Academy in 2341, graduating with honors in exobiology and probability mechanics. I have worked my way up to this position through hard work, trial and error."

Han glanced around the room. "And through catnaps," he said, walking over to the bed. He made a slow circuit of the room, looking about. "How long have you been painting?" he asked, kneeling beside several canvases leaned up against a bulkhead. He leafed through them, pulling out a headshot of a young woman with black hair that just came down her inquisitive face. "Who's this?"

Data slowly put down his paintbrush and palette before walking over. "That is-it is a portrait of my daughter, Lal," he said.

"Your daughter?" Han asked. "How " He paused. "You built her?"

"Yes," Data said, his breath catching a bit. "She was activated on stardate 43657.0 after I attended a-a conference on matrix transfer technology. I wished to know what it was like to have a family."

Han slowly smiled. "Data's, she's beautiful. What's she doing now?"

Data blinked twice. "She suffered cascade failure a short time after being activated, Han. Her neural net shut down due to highly-increased stress from awakened emotions."

Han's head turned sharply at Data's words?" She she died?"

Data nodded, his face contorting. His hands clenched and unclenched at his side as the memories replayed in his neural net. "Admiral Haftel wished to separate us and take her away for study, but she did not wish it. I did not wish it. And so "

Han patted Data on the shoulder, his face a mask. "I'm sorry," he finally said. "I've got three kids, and I don't know what I'd do if any of them died before me."

Data looked over. "Thank you, Han. I appreciate your kind words." He reached out, took the painting from Han and gently placed it back in the pile. "Han, would you tell me about your own children?"

A small smile crossed the former smuggler's face. "I'd be happy to, Data."
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Re: Where No Jedi Has Gone Before-restart

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More. More now. You have until next week.
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