Cyberpunk Timeline

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Cyberpunk Timeline

Postby Tyyr » Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:29 pm

I'm going to start writing out a timeline for a Cyberpunk idea. The general goal, take our modern world and mutate it to one where governmental power is nonexistant, extra national corporations control everything, and all the usual cyberpunk bleakness. Chime in on anything that you like.


2014 (Fall) - World Economic Collapse Begins.
Greece, Italy, and Spain’s economies implode when Germany and France deny bailout loans. US, Japan, and China deny as well.

2015 (Summer) - WEC Continues
Greece, Italy, and Spain go under. Mass riots and lawlessness as anger at the governments of those countries erupt. Their economic collapse drags down the Euro. EU meets to force them out before their failure drags down the Euro but infighting in the EU delays their withdrawal until world wide faith in the Euro evaporates.

2015 (Fall) - WEC Continues, Germany’s Withdrawal
As the Eurozone begins to fragment Germany suddenly pulls out and re-establishes the reichsmark as it’s currency. Euro is unofficially dead.

2015 (Winter) - WEC Continues, Eurozone Shatters
With Germany’s pull out the Euro collapses. With the Euro’s Collapse the European Union dies as a functional body. France’s pull out on Christmas Eve 2015 being seen as the final straw.

2016 (Summer) - European Depression Begins
Europe as a whole is sliding into a deep depression. Germany’s quick withdrawal from the Euro insulates it some from the implosion.

2016 (Winter) - Weakened US Economy Falters
With the economic destruction of Europe the faltering United States economy runs into a wall. Four straight years of modest but steady growth reverse quickly and the US economy heads back downard.

2017 (Spring) - Athens Riots
A lack of jobs, opportunities, or government assistance triggers mass rioting in Athens, Greece that lasts for six weeks before finally losing steam. The lawlessness included attacks on police and any public worker. Due to these attacks almost 20% of the city is destroyed in fires.

2017 (Fall) - Pacific Rim Economy Slows
The rapidly declining European and American markets hit the Pacific Rim hard and the first nations move from recession into depression. Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and South Korea all see their economies failing.

2018 (Spring) - Chinese Crash
With an economy buoyed up through subsidies and the hopes of constant growth outpacing the drain those subsidies place on it the Chinese economy violently implodes when all its major customers falter. In the span of two months almost one hundred and fifty million people find themselves out of work.

2018 (Summer) - Japanese Decline
With no major markets left the Japanese economy becomes one of the last to succumb to the global collapse.

2018 (Fall) - Russian Reversion
In a sudden turn of events hardline elements of Russia reclaim the government citing a state of emergency. While no official statement is made the status of Russian democracy is in question.

2018 (Winter) - India/Pakistan War
Due to long standing tension between the two war breaks out. The war begins conventionally and due to brilliant maneuvering on the part of the Pakistani commanders they gain control of the entirety of the Jammu and Kashmir regions. In a panic India detonated a 15 kiloton nuclear device at Gujranwala, a major Pakistani staging area. Pakistan retaliated with a 60 kiloton device aimed directly at the city of Jalandhar and it’s crossroads. India responded with a strike on Karachi with multiple 100kt class devices. Pakistan retaliated in kind with a strike on New Dehli. At this time both nations appeared to be ready to initiate general strategic attacks upon one another until a coup occurred within the Indian military. The commanders of India’s armed forces ignored commands from the civilian leadership and attempted to initiate contact directly with Pakistani commanders in an attempt to divert a general nuclear exchange. Pakistani leadership however feared that India was attempting to distract them while launching their own conventional and nuclear attacks against their forces and gave launch orders immediately. Upon detection of the incoming strikes India’s commanders fragmented, some attempting to initiate retaliatory strikes and other’s accepting their fates.

2019 (Spring) - Russian Invasion
The hardline elements of the Russian government exercise their new power. Stating that “dissident factions” in their former republics are behind a rash of terrorist incidents that shake the country in the first part of the year. While the “Stans” firmly reject this the Russians are insistent and in March launch simultaneous attacks on Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.

2019 (Spring) - India/Pakistan War Continues
The nuclear convulsion of India and Pakistan resulted in the destruction of the Pakistani cities of Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Bahawalpur with total casualties estimated at approximately ten million dead and another fifteen million injured. The India cities of New Dehli, Jalandhar, Mumbai, Surat, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and Jodhpur to the tune of sixteen million dead and thirty million injured. Neither side in the war was willing to accept defeat at this point. For the next six months both sides militaries threw themselves at each other but with their major command structures destroyed and most of their support base in their home countries destroyed neither was able to find and advantage and both ground each other up on the Kashmir border for little to no gain.

2019 (Fall) - India/Pakistan War Winds Down
With the last of the major maneuver units wasting themselves against each other in direct combat the India and Pakistan war entered a new phase as both countries found themselves in a stalemate on the Kashmir border with no way to move the front. Combat now was by small units in raids. What few heavy assets remained were kept far from the borders and fighting. Both sides are believed to still possess several nuclear weapons with the capacity to create more.

2019 (Winter) - Flare Up
Around the world the global economic downturn has left billions of disaffected citizens angry and looking for someone to blame. Numerous brushfire wars erupt as these tensions spill over.
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