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The Voyage Home


Architecture : Starfleet Command, Cetacean Institute, Cetacean Institute
People : Amanda Grayson, Bob Briggs, Admiral Cartwright, Christine Chapel, Doctor Gillian Taylor, Federation Council President Hiram Roth, Ambassador Kamarag, Madeline, Doctor Nichols, Pavel A. Chekov, Lieutenant Saavik, Sarek, Spock
Sci-tech : Arterial Repair Device, Neutron
Ship classes : Constitution Refit, Klingon Bird of Prey, USS Enterprise, Whale Probe
Ship internals : Refit Constitution Class Bridge #3, Bird of prey bridge #2, Miranda class bridge #2
Ship names : Constitution Refit :
NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise
Miranda Refit :
NCC 1867 USS Saratoga
Oberth Class :
NCC 623 USS Copernicus
USS Enterprise :
CVN-65 Enterprise
Species : Arcadian, Ariolo, Arkenite, Caitian, DITL Species #1048, Efrosian, Humpback Whale, Kasheeta, Tellarites, Xelatian, Zaranite
Temporal : The Voyage Home
Timeline : 2233, 2237, 2255, 2259, 2286
Weapons : M-16

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