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The Undiscovered Country

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Architecture :Camp Khitomer, Rura Pente, Starfleet Command by night
Battles :Khitomer Crisis
Food :Romulan Ale, Tea, DITL Food No. 597
People :Azetbur, Burke, Admiral Cartwright, General Chang, Pavel A. Chekov, Crewman Dax, Chancellor Gorkon, Ambassador Kamarag, Kerla, Rura Pente Commander Koth, Helmsman Lojur, Doctor David Marcus, Martia, Leonard H. McCoy, Ambassador Nanclus, Federation President Ra-ghoratreii, Samno, Sarek, Montgomery Scott, Admiral Bill Smillie, General Stex, Captain Styles, Hikaru Sulu, Lieutenant Valeris, Lieutenant Commander Dmitri Valtane, Colonel West, Colonel Worf
Planets :Khitomer, Morska, Praxis, Qo'noS, Rura Penthe
Sci-tech :Cloaking Device, Dilithium Crystals, Neutron, Subspace Shockwave
Ship classes :Constitution Class, Excelsior Class, K'T'Inga Class, Klingon Bird of Prey, VIP Shuttle
Ship internals :Constitution Class - Image 6, Constitution Class - Image 6, Constitution Class - Image 6, Excelsior Class - Image 3, Excelsior Variant 1 - Image 3, Excelsior Variant 2 - Image 3, Klingon Bird of Prey - Image 4, Constitution Class - Image 77, Constitution Class - Image 77, Constitution Class - Image 77, Constitution Class - Image 78, Constitution Class - Image 78, Constitution Class - Image 78
Ship names :Challenger Class :
NCC-2032 USS Challenger
Constellation Class :
NX/NCC 1974 USS Constellation
Constitution Class :
NCC 1895 USS Endeavour, NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise
Excelsior Class :
NCC 2000 USS Excelsior
K'T'Inga Class :
Qo'noS One
Korolev Class :
NCC 2014 USS Korolev
Oberth Class :
NCC 602 USS Oberth
Species :Chameloid, DITL Species No. 1006, DITL Species No. 1007, DITL Species No. 1016, DITL Species No. 1020, DITL Species No. 1021, DITL Species No. 1022, DITL Species No. 1023, DITL Species No. 1024, DITL Species No. 1025, DITL Species No. 1027, DITL Species No. 1028, DITL Species No. 258, DITL Species No. 259, DITL Species No. 261, DITL Species No. 856, Efrosian, Humans, Jackal Mastiff, Klingons, Tiberian Bat, Zeosians
Timeline :2284, 2286, 2290, 2293

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