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service history
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The Final Frontier


Architecture :Paradise City
Food :Beans, Bourbon
Little bangs :Little bang #7, Little bang #79
People :Admiral Robert Bennett, Caithlin Dar, God, J'Onn, Captain Klaa, General Korrd, David McCoy, Sarek, Montgomery Scott, Sybok, St. John Talbot, Vixis
Planets :Nimbus III, Sha Ka Ree
Sci-tech :Binoculars, Shuttle bay, Telepathy, The Great Barrier, Warp Highways
Ship classes :Constitution Class
Ship internals :Klingon Bird of Prey - Image 3, Constitution Class - Image 5, Constitution Class - Image 73, Constitution Class - Image 74, Constitution Class - Image 75, Constitution Class - Image 72, Constitution Class - Image 76, Type 3 Shuttle - Image 1
Species :DITL Species #1017, DITL Species #1018, DITL Species #1019, DITL Species #989, Nimbus III Unicorn, Vulcans
Timeline :2224, 2230, 2267, 2286
Weapons :Pebble Gun, Pebble Machine Gun

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