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First Contact


Battles :Sector 001, A Flagship Battle
I'm a doctor :EMH E-E
Food :Tequila
Nebulae :DITL Nebulae #51
People :Reginald Barclay, Zefram Cochrane, Daniels, Eiger, EMH E-E, Lieutenant Hawk, Admiral Hayes, Geordi LaForge, Ensign Lynch, Nicky the Nose, Alyssa Ogawa, Ensign Paul Porter, Borg Queen, William T. Riker, Ruby, Lily Sloane, Deanna Troi
Planets :Ivor Prime, Moon
Sci-tech :Chronometric particles, Emergency Medical Hologram, Engineering section, Escape pod, Fractal encryption, LCARS, Lifeboat, Nanoprobes, Safety protocols, Shields, VISOR, Warp Drive
Ship classes :Akira Class, Borg Cube, Borg Sphere, Defiant Class, Saber Class, Sovereign Class, Sovereign Class Escape Pod, Soyuz Class, Steamrunner Class, The Phoenix, Valiant Class
Ship internals :Sovereign Class - Image 1, Sovereign Class - Image 12, Sovereign Class - Image 8, Sovereign Class - Image 9, Sovereign Class - Image 10, Sovereign Class - Image 7, Borg Cube - Image 1, The Phoenix - Image 1, Sovereign Class - Image 11, Sovereign Class - Image 13, Sovereign Class - Image 14, Sovereign Class - Image 20
Ship names :Akira Class :
NCC 62497 USS Akira
Sovereign Class :
NCC 1701-E USS Enterprise
The Phoenix :
Species :Borg, Humans, Vulcans
Temporal :First Contact
Timeline :2053, 2063, 2113, 2371, 2372, 2373
Weapons :Calico M960, Thompson sub-machine gun

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