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Where No Man Has Gone Before

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Mitchell : "Improving the breed, Doctor? Is that your line?"
Dehner : "I heard that's more your specialty, Commander, line included."
  People :  Doctor Elizabeth Dehner
"The first thing I ever heard from upperclassmen was 'watch out for Lieutenant Kirk. In his class, you either think or sink.'" - Mitchell to Kirk
Kirk : "You? Spinoza?"
Mitchell : "Once you get into him, he's rather simple though. Childish, almost. I don't agree with him at all."
  People :  Gary Mitchell
"No one's been hurt, have they? Don't you understand? A mutated superior man could also be a wonderful thing! The forerunner of a new and better kind of human being!" - Dehner to Kirk
"Did you hear him joke about compassion? Above all else a 'god' needs compassion!" - Kirk to Dehner; regarding Mitchell

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