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Hollow Pursuits

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"The idea of fitting in just repels me." - Guinan to LaForge
"I feel your confidence, your arrogant resolve. It excites me..." - HoloTroi to Barclay
"I look forward to your report, Mister Broccoli." Picard looks stricken as he realises what he just said. "Barclay." - Picard to Barclay
Geordi : "Maybe I'm not make myself clear, Guinan. Barclay, well, he's always late. The man's nervous. Nobody wants to be around this guy."
Guinan : "If I felt that nobody wanted to be around me, I'd probably be late and nervous too."
Geordi : "Guinan, that's not the point!"
Guinan : "Are you sure?"
  People :  Geordi LaForge, Guinan
Barclay : "Being afraid all the time, of forgetting somebody's name, not knowing what to do with your hands. I mean, I'm the guy who writes down things to remember to say when there's a party. And then when he finally get there, he winds up alone in the corner trying to look comfortable examining a potted plant."
Geordi : "You're just shy, Barclay!"
Barclay : "Just shy. Sounds like nothing serious, doesn't it? You can't know."
  People :  Reginald Barclay
Holo-Riker : "I warn you. It would be wise for you to put your affairs in final order before you meet him in combat. You challenge the greatest sword-"
Riker : "In all the holodeck!"
  People :  Holo-Riker
Holo-Troi : "I am the goddess of Empathy. Cast off your inhibitions and embrace love, truth, joy."
Geordi : "Oh... my... god..."
  People :  Holo-Troi

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