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Series : Voyager Rating : 4
Disc No : 5.2 Episode : 100
First Aired : 18 Nov 1998 Stardate : 52143.6
Director : LeVar Burton Year : 2375
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Rick Berman Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Christine Harnos as Tessa LeVar Burton as Captain Geordi LaForge
YATI : Chakotay says it looks like Voyager hit at half impulse. That's a sizeable fraction of lightspeed, an impact like that would have left a crater, not a wreck!
Great Moment : The crash, it's quite something to see everyone other than Harry Kim die!
Body Count : A future version of Chakotay and Kim and their friend and an alternative version of the entire Voyager crew.
Factoid : Director LaVar Burton is non other than TNG's Geordi LaForge, who also appears in the episode.

Timeless is Voyager's 100th broadcast episode.


Years after Voyagers only two survivors made it back to the Federation, they return to the spot where the ship lies entombed in a glacier on a frozen planet. Their plan is to correct a mistake that killed everybody on board - but Captain Geordi LaForge of the Starship Challenger has orders to stop them at any cost.
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