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Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 3.2 Episode : 48
First Aired : 9 Oct 1996 Stardate : 50203.1
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2373
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Athena Massey as Jessen
Bruce Davison as Jareth
Charles Esten as Dathan
Eugene Roche as Jor Brel
Eve Brenner as Jora Mirell
Nancy Kaine as Sanric
Tina Reddington as Girl


While visiting the Enarans, B'Elanna begins to have extremely vivid dreams about their past. But as the dreams start to turn sinister she begins to suspect that they may convey real events.
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