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service history
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Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 2.7 Episode : 41
First Aired : 13 May 1996 Stardate : 49690.1
Director : Alexander Singer Year : 2372
Writers : Jeri Taylor Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Bahni Turpin as Powell
Bahni Turpin as Ensign Swinn
Simon Billig as Ensign Hogan
Susan Diol as Doctor Denara Pel
YATI : Why didn't the transporter's biofilter remove the virus from Janeway and Chakotay?

When the storm blows up on the planet, why don't Janeway and Chakotay just go hide out in the shuttle? Those things are pretty strong, and I imagine you could put the shields up and be even safer. For that matter you could just take off and fly somewhere sunny till things blow over.

Body Count : Zero.


Janeway and Chakotay, having contracted a deadly disease which will kill them if they leave the surface on an alien planet, are left behind by Voyager. But while they decide just how close their relationship should be, Harry Kim leads a mutiny against Captain Tuvok - and gets away with it.
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