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Renaissance Man


Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 7.6 Episode : 170
First Aired : 16 May 2001 Stardate : 54890.7
Director : Mike Vejar Year : 2377
Writers : Andrew Shepard Price, Mark Gaberman Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Alexander Enberg as Vorik
Andy Milder as Nar
David Sparrow as Alien/Doctor
J. R. Quinonez as Overlooker/Doctor
Tarik Ergin as Tactical
Wayne Thomas Yorke as Zet
YATI : When boasting about how he can do many things at once, the EMH claims to be taking holo images of the nebula. How is he doing this without using his camera? And if he doesn't need a camera, why has he always used one to take holo images with before?
Great Moment : The EMH's "deathbed" confessions to the crew, followed by his huge embarrassment when B'Elanna casually announces that she's fixed his program.
Body Count : Zero.
Factoid : Andy Milder also played Boq'ta in DS9's "Empok Nor".


When the EMH and Janeway return from an away mission, the Captain declares that a powerful alien race has ordered Voyager to surrender its warp core to them or face destruction. Much to Chakotay's amazement she has decided to comply, giving up Voyager's journey home and settling on a nearby planet. Even more erratic behaviour makes it clear that the captain is actually an impostor, with a most unusual agenda...
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