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service history
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Workforce, Part 2


Series : Voyager Rating : 4
Disc No : 7.5 Episode : 163
First Aired : 28 Feb 2001 Stardate : 54622.4
Director : Roxann Dawson Year : 2377
Writers : Bryan Fuller, Kenneth Biller Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Don Most as Kadan
James Read as Jaffen
Jay Harrington as Ravoc
John Aniston as Quarren Ambassador
John Tempoya as Kashimuro Nozawa
Michael Behrens as Coyote
Robert Joy as Yerid
Tom Virtue as Supervisor
YATI : The reactors on the Quarren planet really are something. Not only do they use the Tylium fuel that the Battlestar Galactica uses, they also have Borg technology in them - the plasma screens from Borg alcoves are built into each reactor!
Great Moment : The EMH and Kim, each competing with one another at outwitting the enemy.
Body Count : Again, a zero so far as onscreen deaths are concerned but there may have been casualties during the space battles.
Factoid : If you look closely at the purple headed aliens seen occasionally during this episode, you can see that they are actually Benzites coloured differently.


While Voyagers three remaining crewmembers try to reawaken B'Elanna's memories of her past life, Chakotay attempts to do the same for Janeway. Other Voyager crew are beginning to suspect the truth, and soon Voyager must once again battle the Quarren in an attempt to recover her people.
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