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The Void


Series : Voyager Rating : 5
Disc No : 7.4 Episode : 161
First Aired : 14 Feb 2001 Stardate : 54553.4
Director : Mike Vejar Year : 2377
Writers : Kenneth Biller, Raf Green Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Jonathan Del Arco as Fantome
Michael Shamus Wiles as Bosaal
Paul Willson as Loquar
Robin Sachs as Valen
Scott Lawrence as Garon
YATI : In this episode Tom Paris wonders why people have to steal Deuterium when you can find it "anywhere". Hmm, back in the episode "Demon" Voyager had to land on a massively dangerous planet because they were running out of deuterium and couldn't find it anywhere! For those interested, deuterium is indeed very common and it is this episode which is correct.
Great Moment : Seven chiding Paris for wanting to put salt on the meal she has cooked.
Body Count : There are various battles, some of which probably cause deaths, but none is seen on screen.
Factoid : Robin Sachs also played the evil Sarris in the brilliant spoof "Galaxy Quest".


When Voyager is pulled into an anomaly, Janeway finds herself trapped in a region of subspace with dozens of other ships. There are no resources and no apparent way out of the area, and the dozens of ships trapped there have fallen into a pattern of constant raids on one another to steal supplies. Despite the odds being stacked against them, the Captain is determined to stick to her principles and build a new alliance to escape.


I really love this episode, its message is Star Trek at its finest.
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