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Critical Care


Series : Voyager Rating : 4
Disc No : 7.2 Episode : 151
First Aired : 1 Nov 2000 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Terry Windell Year : 2377
Writers : Kenneth Biller, Robert Doherty Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Christinna Chauncey as Level Blue Nurse
Debi A. Monahan as Adultress
Dublin James as Tebbis
Gregory Itzin as Dysek
John Durbin as Alien Miner
John Franklin as Kipp
John Kassir as Gar
John O'Heir as Husband
Larry Drake as Chellick
Paul Scherrer as Voje
Stephen O'Mahoney as Med Tech
YATI : The EMH is supposed to be qualified to do away missions, so why doesn't he have any problem with breaking the prime directive?
Great Moment : Janeway's pretence that Tuvok was her boyfriend.
Body Count : One that we know of, possibly more in the background.
Factoid : Larry Drake, who plays Administrator Chellick, also starred on LA Law - as have several other Star Trek guest stars.


The EMH is stolen by a visiting alien and sold to the administrator of a planet so short of resources that all medical care is strictly rationed according to an individual's importance to society. Horrified, he attempts to bend the rules to help patients who might otherwise die - but with the bureaucracy determined to stamp out such actions, just how far is he willing to go for his patients?
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