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Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 7.1 Episode : 149
First Aired : 18 Oct 2000 Stardate : 54096.6
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2377
Writers : Michael Taylor Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Brian George as O'Zaal
Chris Covics as Assistant
Cyia Batten as Irina
Patrick Kilpatrick as Assan
Robert Tyler as Joxom
YATI : This episode repeats a statement first made in "Fury", that ships at warp can only go in straight lines. Why the producers of Voyager have decided on this I can't imagine, but there are dozens - perhaps even hundreds - of examples of ships changing course whilst at warp. Indeed, "Encounter at Farpoint" shows the E-D doing a very tight 180 degree turn whilst at warp 9.7!
Great Moment : I'm not a huge relationshipper, but it's nice to see that Tom and B'Elanna finally have tied the knot.
Body Count : Jaxom is injured, but nobody dies in this one.
Factoid : Cyia Batten was the original actress who played Gul Dukat's daughter Ziyal on Deep Space Nine.


When Tom cancels a weekend with B'Elanna to enter the new Delta Flyer in a gruelling high speed race, she finally decides that their interests are so different that they have no future together. As if that wasn't enough for our intrepid pilot to content with, a saboteur is determined to wipe out the entire race, spectators Voyager and all...
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