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Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 7.1 Episode : 148
First Aired : 11 Oct 2000 Stardate : 54129.4
Director : David Livingston Year : 2377
Writers : Andre Bormanis Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Cody Wetherill as Rebi
Debbie Grattan as Wysanti
Kurt Wetherill as Azan
Manu Intiraymi as Icheb
Marley S. McClean as Mezoti
Michael McFall as Salvage Alien 1
YATI : Here we have yet another convenient Borg debris field, complete with dead drones. Whatever happened to the Borg coming after their dead? Even Voyager constantly says this will happen in the episodes, but so far I don't think we've ever seen the Borg come after their own dead in this series.
Great Moment : When Icheb came up with the transplant idea, I was sure they were going to kill him off in a big emotional ending. Amazingly, they went for a more subtle approach and let him live.
Body Count : None.
Factoid : Don't know any trivia for this episode.


Seven of Nine's life is threatened when a critical implant malfunctions. While Janeway and the crew race against time to find a replacement, Icheb comes up with a possible solution - one which could mean sacrificing his own life.
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