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service history
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Series : Voyager Rating : 5
Disc No : 1.4 Episode : 14
First Aired : 8 May 1995 Stardate : 48784.2
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2371
Writers : Jonathan Glassner, Kenneth Biller Season : 1
Guest Cast :
Barton Tinapp as Talaxian
Brian Markinson as Peter Durst
Brian Markinson as Sulan
Rob LaBelle as Talaxian prisoner
YATI : B'Elanna whines and bitches so much about how much she hates to look Klingon, why hasn't she ever just had cosmetic surgery? This type of procedure is simple and quick in the Federation.
Body Count : Lieutenant Durst is killed for spares by the Vidiians.


The Vidiians use their advanced medical technology to split B'Elanna into two separate people, one Human and one Klingon. But while the Klingon half is determined to hit everyone in sight, the Human is convinced that she is a coward.
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