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One Small Step


Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 6.2 Episode : 128
First Aired : 17 Nov 1999 Stardate : 53292.7
Director : Robert Picardo Year : 2376
Writers : Bryan Fuller, Jessica Scott, Mike Wollaeger Season : 6
Guest Cast :
Phil Morris as Lieutenant John Kelly
YATI : On hearing that the Delta Flyer crew will be exposed to radiation, the EMH prepares to inoculate them against it. But an inoculation shouldn't be able to protect you from radiation...
Great Moment : Lt. Kelly's funeral was a very moving scene.
Body Count : One old earth astronaut.
Factoid : Rick Sternbach's Aires IV design was inspired by proposed designed for a real NASA mission.


Voyager comes across a subspace anomaly which has been travelling the universe for billions of years sweeping up all kinds of objects. When they investigate the interior they discover the Aries, the first vessel Mankind sent to Mars, trapped in the ellipse for over three centuries.
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