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Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 5.7 Episode : 119
First Aired : 19 May 1999 Stardate : Unknown
Director : John Kretchmer Year : 2375
Writers : Brannon Braga Season : 5
Guest Cast :
McKenzie Westmore as Ensign Jenkins Steve Dennis as Onquanii
YATI : In "Gravity", the EMH reveals that he can undestand foreign languages because he has a built in universal translator. In this episode he uses his translator to understand the warheads computer language. So how come the Human's translators don't also work on it?
Great Moment : The final scenes of Kim arguing the warhead into not destroying its target.
Body Count : Lots of bombs.
Factoid : This is the second intelligent weapon system we've seen in Voyager, the first being the Cardassian Dreadnought.


Voyager tries to repair a damaged artificial intelligence, but the device turns out to be an incredibly sophisticated and powerful weapon which is grimly determined to do whatever to get to and destroy its target.
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