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The Fight


Series : Voyager Rating : 0
Disc No : 5.5 Episode : 113
First Aired : 24 Mar 1999 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2375
Writers : Michael Taylor Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Carlos Palomino as The Boxer
Ned Romero as Great Grandfather
Ray Walston as Boothby
YATI : When the captain calls a red alert and orders Chakotay to the bridge he goes to his quarters and changes his clothes first.
Worst Moment : It's so hard to choose!
Body Count : The laws of physics and my patience.
Factoid : This episode could easily replace our current worst of trek for Voyager.

This episode is a nominee for the DITL "Worst of Trek" award.


When Voyager is trapped in "chaotic space" - a region in which the laws of physics are varying randomly - Chakotay begins to have strange hallucinations. Is he losing his mind, or is something more helpful going on?
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