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Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 5.3 Episode : 104
First Aired : 16 Dec 1998 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Les Landau Year : 2375
Writers : Michael Taylor Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Alexander Enberg as Vorik
Jake Sakson as Adar
Mark Harelik as Kashyk
Patrick McCormack as Prax
Randy Lowell as Torat
Randy Oglesby as Kir
YATI : It seems that Voyager was creeping past the array at impulse, not warp. But that makes little sense, impulse is far too slow to cross the 20 light year scan diameter of the array in any reasonable time.
Great Moment : The moment when Kashyk realises that he's been outwitted by Janeway.
Body Count : Zero, except for Kashyk's ego.
Factoid : This episode is listed as "The Refugee" in the Encyclopedia third edition.


Voyager must travese the territory of the Devore, a species with a pathological hatred of all telepaths. With the ship being regularly searched, the crew must hide both their own telepaths and a group of refugees they are helping. but things get complicated when the Devore's chief investigator requests asylum on board the ship.
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