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And the Children Shall Lead


Series : The Original Series Rating : 1
Disc No : 3.1 Episode : 61
First Aired : 11 Oct 1968 Stardate : 5029.5
Director : Marvin Chomsky Year : 2268
Writers : Edward J. Lakso Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Brian Tochi as Ray Tsing Tao
Caesar Belli as Steve O'Connel
Craig Hundley as Tommy Starnes
Dick Dial as Technician #2
Eddie Paskey as Lieutenant Leslie
James Wellman as Professor Starnes
Lou Elias as 1st Technician
Majel Barrett as Christine Chapel
Mark Robert Brown as Don Linden
Melvin Belli as Gorgan
Pamelyn Ferdin as Mary Janowski
Paul Baxley as Ensign Freeman
Stunts :
Jay Jones as Crew stunt double
Moral :
Dishonesty : Dishonesty can mislead a child, but they will never really forget what is important
YATI : At one point, Spock and Kirk take a trip in a turbolift. Strangely, neither one ever specifies a destination.
Body Count : Kirk beams two men into space accidentally. The alien bad guy may or may not be killed at the end, it's hard to say for sure.
Factoid : The Enterprise abandons two security guards on a planet in this episode, and apparently never returns to pick them up!


Investigating a remote outpost, the Enterprise finds a a group of children alive among the dead bodies of their parents. As the ship leaves it becomes clear that there is more to the children than meets the eye.
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