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service history
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Final Mission


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 1
Disc No : 4.2 Episode : 82
First Aired : 19 Nov 1990 Stardate : 44307.3
Director : Corey Allen Year : 2367
Writers : Casey Arnold-Ince Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Joyce Robinson as Ensign Gates
Kim Hamilton as Chairman Songi
Mary Kohnert as Ensign Tess Allenby
Nick Tate as Dirgo
Tracee Lee Cocco as Ensign Jae
Moral :
Nerds : Nerdy, annoying young boys can sometimes save your life.
YATI : LaForge claims to have given the shuttle a full safety inspection, which it passed. So why after the crash do we find that it carried no emergency rations or supplies?

Picard claims that the water-cave is natural in origin. So natural processes carved that nice, smooth, regular rock staircase?
Great Moment : Being rid of Wesley!
Body Count : One, the miner guy who was plasti-wrapped.
Factoid : This episode was originally going to have Picard and Wesley crashland on an ice planet, but the powers that be decided that the ice planet set wouldn't look realistic enough and so moved it to a desert that they could shoot on location.


The crew of the Enterprise breathe sigh of relief as Wesley ships off to Starfleet academy after once again saving the day by his extreme nerdiness.
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