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Series : The Next Generation Rating : 5
Disc No : 4.1 Episode : 75
First Aired : 1 Oct 1990 Stardate : 44012.3
Director : Les Landau Year : 2367
Writers : Ronald D. Moore Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Carl David Burks as Russell
Colm Meaney as Miles Edward O'Brien
David Tristan Birkin as Rene Picard
Dennis Creaghan as Louis
Doug Wert as Jack Crusher
Georgia Brown as Helena Rozhenko
Jeremy Kemp as Robert Picard
Samantha Eggar as Marie Picard
Theodore Bikel as Sergey Rozhenko
Moral :
Family : You may like them, you may not. But they are yours, and you are theirs, and you will always need each other.
YATI : When Wesley starts up the message from his father, there is no communicator pin on his uniform. Yet a few moments later one magically appears between changes of shot. Why would Crusher have edited the pin from some parts of the program?

We see the constellation of Orion in the sky at the end of the episode, but the three stars in the belt are in a straight line. In the real Orion, one of the stars is offset from the others. Perhaps the T'Kon Empire moved the star!
Great Moment : Picard's fight with his brother, followed by their getting roaring drunk.
Body Count : None.
Factoid : This was the first episode in Next Generation history which did not have a scene set on the bridge.

The episode started life when Michael Piller began trying to persuade the Executive Producers that having Picard be back to normal one episode after his de-assimilation would not make any sense. He suggested that showing Picard wrestling with his experience whilst the Enterprise was in orbit being repaired could make for a good character piece. At first, Rick Berman insisted that a sci-fi sub-plot be added. Suggestions included a child stowaway on the ship, or a wormhole that caused crewmembers to vanish. The latter of these ideas would, of course, be recycled into the main plot of "Remember Me". Berman finally accepted that the show should be about family relationships, and so subplots about Worf and his parents and Wesley and his father were added. The resulting episode was well thought of once completed.

Pillar found that Jack Crusher's message to Wesley hit home with him, as he had recently had a daughter himself.

Jack Crusher's message originally revealed that Wesley's middle name was Robert. He also mentioned an ancestor who was a horse thief on Nimbus III, the 'Planet of Galactic Peace' seen in Star Trek V, another who fought for the Confederacy at Bull Run, and one who died at Space Station Salem-One, Pearl Harbor-type disaster mentioned by Picard.

Brent Spiner is not in the episode, the only Next Generation episode he ever missed.

O'Brien's rank notoriously changed around in early TNG. This episode firmly established the he is a Chief Petty Officer, and that his full name is Miles Edward O'Brien. These aspects of the character would remain fixed from then on. Making him an enlisted man was Ron Moore's idea, as he thought it would broaden the show.

Director Les Landau considers this one of the best episodes of Star Trek ever made.


As the Enterprise undergoes repairs, the crew get to spend some time with their families. Picard struggles to come to terms with his participation in the borg onslaught while mending some fences with his brother.
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