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Series : The Next Generation Rating : 2
Disc No : 7.6 Episode : 173
First Aired : 2 May 1994 Stardate : 47829.1
Director : Jonathan West Year : 2370
Writers : Nick Sagan Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Amy Pietz as Lieutenant Sandra Rhodes
Carl David Burks as Russell
Ken Olandt as Jason Vigo
Lee Arenberg as DaiMon Bok
Lorine Mendell as Diana Giddings
Michelan Sisti as Tol
Peter Slutsker as DaiMon Birta
Tracee Lee Cocco as Lieutenant Jae
YATI : When Jason is beamed aboard, he is in a "climbing the rock-face" position with his hands up in the air. He assumes the same position and asks to be beamed back. Does he really expect the transporter to put him back into handholds and footholds? I mean, missing even by a few millimetres could send him plummeting to certain death!


Picard must fight to protect the son he never knew he had from those nasty Ferengi.


Some good scenes wrapped around a fairly daft plot.
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